CIS REEFER LEASING company offers long term lease for different

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					Lease agreement
“ _______” 2006

The lease agreement was concluded between “CIS REEFER LEASING”, hereby and after the
Owner, and _______ , hereby and after the Lessee, on the following:
1. Terms of lease
  The Owner agrees to provide to the Lessee for lease _______, hereby and after the Equipment,
corresponding below mentioned requirements, for the below written lease payment and for ____
“CIS REEFER LEASING” is the supplier of the equipment, hereby and after the Supplier.
Date of delivery_________
Place for delivery________
   The Lessee has a right to use Equipment during all term of leasing, though do not has a right to
pass his rights, obligations on this agreement or appearing interests to third party without
Lesser’s written consent. In this case the Lessee must provide the Lesser data of that party in
form and in term, fixed by the Lesser.
  The Lesser has right to pass his rights or appearing interests fully or partly to a third party
without Lessee’s consent, noticing him on this.
2. Sum of lease payment
  The Lessee must to pay to the Lesser lease payment monthly in __________
  Lease payment pays in advance before beginning of a payable period. In case of delaying th
Lesser pays a fine of the delayed payment in _______.
3. Rights and obligations of the Lesser and the Lessee.
  The Lesser obliged:
1) to provide the Lessee certified copy of his Ustav.
2) To provide the Lessee other information on his financial status in form and term, fixed by the
    Lesser. The Lesser has a right to require repeatedly this information. In case of changing of
    the economical and financial status the Lesser must advise the Lessee about it.
3.2 The Lessee takes all risks, connected with demolition, loss, thieving, premature deterioration,
     damaging of the equipment, regardless on its amendability or not,.
3.3 At the end of this agreement’s term the Lessee must
        -   return the equipment to the Lesser
        -   resume the lease contract
        -   purchase leased equipment
        The Lessee must advise the Lesser on his choice no later than six months before the
        ending of this agreement.
4. Legal addresses of the parties

The Lesser: 125514, Moscow, Bazovskaya str, 24 g
The Lessee: ___________________

The Lesser                                                 The Lessee

________________                                           ___________________