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									                                              LEASE-RENTAL AGREEMENT

STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA                                                                            SECURITY DEPOSIT ........                $ ___________
COUNTY OF RICHLAND                                                                                 KEY DEPOSIT ...................          $ ___________
WITNESSETH:                                                                                        RENT .................................   $ ___________
                                                                                                   TOTAL ...............................    $ ___________

For and in consideration of the sum ________________________________________ ($ _____________) paid to me

this ____ day of ______ 2008, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I, Steven Brown do assign and lease apartment

_______ located at_________________________________, Columbia, S. C. 29205 for $ ___________ per month

to __________________________________________, only, for a term of nine months beginning __________, 2008.

In the event that the Lessee holds over and remains in the premises after the end of the stated nine months’ term, the
tenancy shall thereafter be on a month-to-month basis, but with all of the terms, conditions and agreements contained in
this lease continuing to apply to the month-to-month tenancy.


1. The premises are to be used for normal residential purposes and not for noisy, dangerous, offensive, or unlawful purpose s.
2. The lessee shall not assign this lease or sublet or rent the whole or any part of the agreement. The lessee shall not al low anyone
to stay in the apartment overnight without the written consent of the Lessor.
3. All personal property placed in the apartment shall be at the risk of the Lessee and the Lessor shall not be liable for loss or
damage to said personal property. The Lessee shall be solely responsible for obtaining insurance coverage of personal proper ty to
protect against loss due to theft, fire or other casualty, and obtaining liability insurance to protect the Lessee from suit.
4. Rental checks payable to Steven Brown are due on the first day of the each month at 6748 Cary Lane, Columbia, S. C. 29206.
Checks should be mailed in time to arrive on the first day of the month. ($5/day late penalty after 3rd of month) "IF YOU DO NOT PAY
YOUR RENT ON TIME-This is your notice. If you do not pay your rent within five days of the due date, the landlord can start to have
you evicted. You will get no other notice as long as you live in this rental unit."
5. No painting shall be done, bolts or door chains added, or alterations made to any part of the building, nor shall there be any nailing,
boring, or screwing into woodwork or use of contact shelf paper, without the written consent of the Lessor.
6. The Lessee agrees not to allow any waste or damage to the apartment and shall not damage the premises or any of its contents
listed here:

________ range ________ refrigerator ________ dinette table ________ dinette chairs ________ table leaf ________ sofa ________ living room chair

________ end table ________ lamp ________ bed ________ mattress and springs ________bedside chests ________ carpet ________inside mat

________draperies and rods ________ interior window blinds _______ G. E. Heat/A. C. unit ________________________________________

7. No pets (animals) shall occupy the apartment nor shall animals be brought on the premises.
8. The Lessor may enter the apartment at reasonable times to make necessary inspections and to conduct necessary maintenance .
9. Waiver by the Lessor of any particular violation does not waive any other existing or any future violations of the same or of a
different nature.
10. The Lessee shall pay a security deposit of Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($450.00). This security deposit shall be used to cover
damages to, or cleaning of, the apartment and its contents or any unpaid late charges. Lessee may not apply security deposit to rent.
Refer to Check-Out Procedure for further information on security deposit. A deposit of $3.00 per key is required, said deposit to be
refunded, if all other moneys due have been paid, when keys are returned to the Lessor.
11. Also, it is further agreed that all furnishings, appliances, carpeting and interior of the apartment are clean and in excellent
condition with the exception of:


12. The Check-In Procedure and Check-Out Procedure on the back of this lease are an integral part of the lease.
13. The Lessee acknowledges that his/her apartment has window locking devices installed which may impede the use of the
windows as an emergency escape route and agrees to hold harmless Steven Brown, his heirs and assigns in connection with the use
of these locks.
14. The Lessee acknowledges that he/she has been informed that his/ her apartment is equipped with an electrically powered s moke
detector. The care and use of this detector has been fully explained and is understood by the Lessee .

       The undersigned Lessee acknowledges that he/ she has read and understands this agreement, which was
completely filled in prior to execution thereof and further, acknowledges receipt of a copy of this lease agreement. This
agreement made and concluded at Columbia, S. C. this _____________day of_________________2008.

                                                                Steven Brown, Owner 787-8636

                                                                Marshanna K. Brown, Agent
                                                      CHECK IN PROCEDURE

Lessee____________________________________________________________________Apartment __________

1.    Essentials - You will need access to the following items:

      A.      Vacuum cleaner                                         C.         Mattress pad
      B.      Outside doormat                                        D.         Cutting board

2.    Maintenance - Please notify us of any maintenance problem. Phone 787-8636

      A.      Smoke detectors should be tested periodically. If yours should fail the test, or the signal light is out, call us at 787-8636.
      B.      The heat-a/c filter should be cleaned every thirty days.
      C.      Cutoffs for water are under all sinks and the commode.
      D.      Be sure that your commode has stopped running before you leave the apartment.
      E.      If you hear water running in your building for an excessive length of time, call 787-8636 immediately.
      F.      Any problems in the Laundry Room, located in apt. D-2, should be reported immediately by calling 787-8636.

3.    General Information

      A.      All phones and T. V. cable are to be installed at one of the existing outlets.
      B.      Cable T. V. is available from Time Warner of Columbia. (252-2253) and phone service from Bell South (780-2355).
      C.      Contact S. C. E. & G. immediately (corner of Lady St and Marion St. 799-9000) to have electric service put in your name
      D.      Windows shall be kept closed at all times that the Lessee is away from the apartment.
      E.      Trash dumpster pick up is on Thursday. Please keep dumpster doors closed and do not block it with car. If dumpster is full, DO
              NOT put trash on the outside. Call 787-8636. Break down all boxes before disposing of in dumpster.
      F.      To receive your mail properly, use your exact address (apartment number and letter).
      G.      Do NOT park or drive on the grounds or the sidewalks. This will prevent damage to the sidewalks and underground utilities.
      H.      Rent checks are due on the first of each month. All checks not paid by the third must include a $5.00 per day late charge.
      I.      In case of an emergency notify:

              Name ________________________________________________________Phone ______________


              Lessee ________________________________________________________Date_______________

                                                    CHECK OUT PROCEDURE

      1.      Notify the Lessor at least fifteen days prior to vacating the apartment whether or not the vacancy occurs at the end of the scheduled
              lease period.

      2.      To insure receiving the full security deposit refund, the Lessee must not violate any terms of the lease , must have met
              all monetary obligations of this lease agreement, must leave the apartment clean, and must not have damaged the apartment or any of
              the contents.

      3.      Cleaning
              A. Stove -- spotless
                        1. oven
                        2. under the burners
                        3. rings around the burners -- fresh tin foil covering inserts
              B. Refrigerator – spotless--Do not turn off or unplug!
              C. Cabinets and drawers - emptied and wiped out
              D. Bath – clean all fixtures
              E. Floors - vacuumed/swept, scrubbed (not waxed)
              F. Storage room and terrace - emptied and swept
              G. Replace burned out light bulbs.

      4.      Telephone/Cable service - contact Bell South (780-2355) and Time Warner (252-2253) to discontinue service.

      5.      Mail - contact Five Points branch of Post Office and leave forwarding address.

      6.      Electricity - contact S. C. E. & G. (799-9000) to discontinue service. Leave service on until day after check out.

      7.      Contact Lessor two days prior to vacating apartment (787-8636).

      8.      DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE ON THE GROUNDS OR SIDEWALKS! This will prevent damage to sidewalks and underground utilities.

      9.      Place all trash inside the dumpster, making sure that the doors and lids are closed.

      Lessee ____________________________________________________________Date _______________

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