An inquiry into by lifemate


									                                                 Who we are                                       Where we are in time and place                                    How we express ourselves                                             How the world works                                       How we organise ourselves                                           Sharing the planet
TRANSDICIPLINARY             An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and      An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal       An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express              An inquiry into the natural world and it’s laws; the       An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made
    THEMES                    values; personal, physical, mental, social and             histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries,          ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in       interaction between the natural world (physical and        systems and communities; the structure and function of       An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to
                              spiritual health; human relationships including      explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships       which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our          biological) and human societies; how humans use their                           organisations; societal                  share finite resources with other people and with other living
                            families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights     between and the interconnectedness of individuals and                          appreciation of the aesthetic.                        understanding of scientific principles; the impact of      decision-making; economic activities and their impact on   things; communities and the relationships within and between
                             and responsibilities; what it means to be human.             civilisations, from local to global perspectives.                                                                           scientific and technological advances on society and on the                             humankind                             them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              environment.                                              and the environment.                                               resolution.

                           Unit Title – All about me                               Unit Title – Let’s Remember                                    Unit Title – Once Upon a time                                       Unit Title – Materials                                         Unit Title – In and around school                          Unit Title – Living things

                           Central Idea Everyday I can learn about who I am        Central idea By finding out about our past we learn about      Central idea Stories provide enjoyment and help our                 Central Idea: The properties of materials help us decide       Central Idea: Our school is a place that is organised to   Central Idea: Living things have certain requirements in order
                           and what I can do.                                      who we are and where we’ve come from                           imaginations grow.                                                  how to use them.                                               help us learn and work together                            to grow and stay healthy.
              Yr 1

                           An inquiry into:                                        An Inquiry into:                                               An inquiry unto:                                                    An inquiry into:                                               An inquiry into:                                           An inquiry into:
                           - my physical characteristics                           - ways of documenting personal histories                       - What a story is                                                   - recognizing and naming different types of materials.         -the different places in our school                        - characteristics of living things
                           - what I can do                                         -personal change from birth to present self and family         - Different ways we communicate stories.                            - identifying the properties of materials.                     - the people who are in our school                         - our needs and the needs of other living things
                           - my feelings, likes and dislikes                       -reflecting on past experience                                 - How stories entertain us                                          - why we use different materials for different purposes        - how different people and places help us                  -our responsibility for the well-being of other living things

  Key                            Form, Function                                    Reflection                                                            Form, Perspective                                            Form, Function,                                                Function , Connection                                      Responsibility, Change
                           Unit Title – Let’s play                                 Unit Title:                                                    Unit Title – Stories from Different Cultures                                                                                       Unit Title – On the move                                   Unit Title – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
                           Central Idea People build relationships, learn and      Central Idea: Sources of evidence tell us about the past.      Central Idea All cultures have stories which explain beliefs                                                                       Central idea: People use different types of transport to   Central Idea: Systems can be designed to save the Earth’s

                           explore through play.                                                                                                  and traditions.                                                                                                                    get from one place to another.                             resources.
                                                                                   An inquiry into:
                           An inquiry into:

                                                                                   - how evidence tells us about the past.                        An Inquiry into:                                                                                                                   An inquiry into:                                           An inquiry intp:
                           - different kinds of play                               - how we judge whether something is true or not.               - Stories from different cultures                                                                                                  - the kinds of vehicles people use and why they choose     - Earth’s resources and the different ways we use them
                           -the social elements of play                            - people’s different points of view.                           - The different ways in which stories are told                                                                                     that type of transport                                     - systems and how they work
                           - games people play around the world                                                                                   - The similarities and differences between stories from                                                                            - how do different vehicles work                           - the personal choices we make and the impact they have
                                                                                                                                                  different cultures                                                                                                                 - what impact transport inventions have had on our lives   (positively and negatively) on the environment

  Key                     Function, Connection, Perspective                        Perspective, Reflection                                        Perspective, Causation                                              Change, Connection                                             Form, Function                                             Responsibility Connection
                           Unit Title – Rights and Responsibilities.               Unit Title – Legacies                                           Unit Title - A Celebration                                         Unit Title –Air                                                Unit Title – From Field to Table                           Unit Title - Water
                           Central Idea Children’s lives look different around     Central Idea Past technologies have had an impact on our       Central idea Communities recognise important personal and           Central Idea: Understanding the properties of air allows       Central Idea: Many foods need to be transported and /or    Central Idea – Water is an essential element of life and is a

                           the world but we all share a responsibility to help     lives today.                                                   cultural events through celebrations and traditions.                people to make practical applications                          processed before they reach our tables.                    limited resource for many people.

                                                                                   An Inquiry into:                                               An Inquiry into                                                     An Inquiry into:                                               An inquiry into:                                           An inquiry into:
                           An Inquiry into:                                        - How people in the past used technology                       - What and why we celebrate                                         - what air is                                                  - the foods we eat                                         - Sources, distribution and availability of water.
                           - children’s lives around the world                     - The influence of technology on the way we live               - What celebrations look. sound, smell taste and feel like          what air can do and how we can use it                          - the way foods are transported and processed              - How water is used and what happen to water after we have
                           - children’s rights and responsibilities                - The development of technology over time                      - Different ways in which people celebrate                          - the relationship between air, light and sound                - how foods are processed                                  used it
                           - ways of helping other children                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Responsibilities regarding water

  Key                      Perspective, Responsibility                             Change, Causation                                              Form, Connection, Perspective                                       Function, Causation                                            Connection, Change                                         Function, Responsibility
                           Unit Title –                                            Unit Title – On the Move                                        Unit Title -                                                       Unit Title –Structures                                         Unit Title – Community Unity                               Unit Title – Our Home, our Place
                           Central Idea: Personal choices affect our health.       Central Idea: People move for many reasons which impacts       Central idea : Artists express ideas and emotions through a         Central Idea: The knowledge of shapes, forces, and             Central Idea: Communities provide interconnected           Central Idea –Over time, living things need to adapt in order
                                                                                   the way we live.                                               variety of genre.                                                   materials are considered when designing and building a         services designed to meet people’s needs.                  to survive..

                           An Inquiry into:                                                                                                                                                                           structure.
                           - What makes a healthy body-                            An Inquiry into:                                               An Inquiry into                                                                                                                    An inquiry into:                                           An inquiry into:
              Yr 4

                           - how diet and exercise affect our bodies               - the reasons why people move                                  - the different ways we express our thoughts and feelings           An Inquiry into:                                               - the reasons people live in a community                   - adaptation
                           - the lifestyle choices we make and the impact they     - early exploration and migration                              - how an artists’ life has influenced their work                    - forces on a structure                                        - services needed to support a community                   - circumstances that lead to adaptation
                           have on our health                                      - effects of migration on local people                         - the use of genre to express ourselves                             - the design of man made structures                            - the effectiveness of the services in the community       - how plants and animals respond to change
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - the way in which shapes and forces are taken into
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      consideration when designing a structure
   Key                     Change, responsibility, reflection                      Causation, Change                                              Form, perspective, reflection                                       Form, function, causation                                      Function, causation, connection                            Change, connection, causation
                           Unit Title – Healthy Living                             Unit Title - Civilisations                                     Unit Title – Sounds all around                                      Unit Title – Planet Earth                                      Unit Title- Government and World Leaders                   Central Idea – Children worldwide face a variety of challenges
                           Central Idea: Personal choices affect our health.       Central Idea The success of a civilisation is dependant on     Central Idea: Sounds can be used to express ideas and               Central idea: Human survival is connected to                   Central Idea: Different communities and groups establish   and risks

                                                                                   many human and physical factors.                               feelings.                                                           understanding the continual changing nature of the earth       rules by which they operate.
                           An Inquiry into:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     An inquiry into:
                           - What makes a healthy body                             An Inquiry into:                                               An Inquiry into:                                                    An inquiry into:                                               An Inquiry into:                                           - Challenges and risks that children face

                           - How diet and exercise affect our body                 - Past civilizations and their locations                       - The sounds around us and how we hear them                         - How the different components of the Earth are interrelated   - how different communities operate                        - How children respond to challenges and risks
                           - The lifestyle choices and changes we can make to                                                                     - How sounds are made                                               - How the Earth has changed and is continuing to change        - my role in my community                                  - Ways in which individuals, organisations and nations work to
                           remain, or become, healthy.                             - How different human factors contribute to the success of a   - How sounds are used to express ideas and feelings                 - Why the earth changes                                        - the impact individual action can have on whole           protect children from risk
                                                                                   civilization                                                                                                                       - Human responses to the Earth’s changes                       communities
                                                                                   - Defining and describing a modern civilization

  Key                            Change, Responsibility, Reflection                Form, Perspective, Causation.                                  Causation, Perspective                                              Causation, Change, Connection                                  Function, Responsibility, Connection                       Causation, Responsibility
                           Unit Title – Personal Journeys                          Unit Title – Exploration                                       Unit Title – Cultures of the world                                  Title: Energy                                                  Unit Title – Products and Advertising                      Unit Title – Save Our Planet
                           Central Idea Complex factors contribute to the          Central idea Exploration leads to discovery and develops       Central Idea Art and literature is a way of expressing cultural     Central Idea: Energy may be converted from one form to         Central Idea: The manufacture of goods involves many       Central Idea: Biodiversity relies on maintaining the
                           process of making decisions that have implications      new understandings.                                            beliefs, ideas and values                                           another and stored in various ways.                            people and processes                                       interdependent balance of organisms within systems.

                           for ourselves and others
                                                                                   An inquiry into:                                               An inquiry into:                                                    An Inquiry into:                                               An inquiry into:                                            Key Concepts: connection, responsibility

                           An inquiry into:                                        - reasons for exploration (historical and personal)            - Defining culture                                                  - forms of energy                                              - The processes involved from design to consumption        An inquiry into:
                           - factors that influence our decisions                  - Feelings and attitudes associated with exploration           - The art and literature of different cultures                      - the storage and transformation of energy                     - How advertising is used and its impact                   - interdependence within ecosystems, biomes and
                           - decision-making processes for groups and              - What we learn through exploration                            - The impact of cultural exchange on art and literature             - renewable and sustainable energy                                                                                        environments
                           individuals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - ways in which organisms are interconnected in nature
                           - impact or consequences that decisions can have                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - how human interaction with the environment can affect the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                balance of systems

  Key                      Causation, Change, Connection                           Form, Perspective, Reflection                                  Causation, Perspective, Reflection                                  Form, Function, Connection                                     Change, Connection                                         Connection, Responsibility

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