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                               About Us                                                                      Our Centers

The USO of Metropolitan Washington (USO-Metro) is a private, nonprofit       The USO of Metropolitan Washington has six outreach locations in military
organization whose mission is to support the troops in the metropolitan      communities around the greater DC area. Outreach centers offer programs
Washington area by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type ser-        geared to enlisted personnel, and have family programs too, which include
vices to our men and women in uniform. The goal of our organization is to    community days, holiday programs, youth enrichment programs, teen nights,
represent the local communities by extending a touch of home to the mili-    movie nights, bingo, child welfare classes, and distribution of child safety
tary.                                                                        seats. USO outreach programs promote a sense of community for military
                                                                             personnel and their families, who move frequently during their career.
As a 501(c)(3) charity, USO of Metropolitan Washington receives no
funds from the government or the military. USO-Metro relies on special
                                                                                                       Emergency Services
event fundraising and the generosity of private individuals and corpora-     USO-Metro offers free furnished apartment units to military service members
tions to fund its programs. Only 9% of USO-Metro’s annual budget is allo-    and their families who are in extreme financial hardship, or to families of ser-
cated for administrative expenses with 91% of donations directly providing   vice members who are critically or terminally ill and require treatment at area
troop support.                                                               military hospitals. These units are available for up to 60 days at no cost. In
                                                                             addition, USO-Metro provides one-time assistance to military families in criti-
                       USO-Metro Locations                                   cal financial need by providing food and/or gift certificates to grocery stores.
                                                                             Recipients are referred to the USO by senior enlisted advisors and members
The USO-Metro’s geographic service area includes Washington, D.C.,           of the clergy.
Maryland and Northern Virginia, a region with one of the largest concen-
trations of United States military personnel in the world. USO-Metro oper-                               Hospital Services
ates six Family Support Centers in the Metropolitan Washington area, as      The USO of Metropolitan Washington is proud to ease the burden of service
well as three USO Airport Lounges and a mobile USO that travels the          members and their families who are recovering and receiving treatment at
region.                                                                      Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center. As
                                                                             the patients recover, USO-Metro arranges excursions outside the hospital to
The USO-Metro has outreach centers at the following locations:               activities such as area sporting events and concerts. For the patients who are
                                                                             not able to leave the hospital, USO-Metro arranges celebrity handshake tours
    Bellevue                              Andrews Air Force Base             to boost the morale of these patients.
    Fort Belvoir                          BWI Airport
    Fort Meade                            Dulles International Airport
    Fort Myer                             Reagan National Airport            The USO-Metro Ticketline distributes tickets free of charge to active duty
                                                                             personnel and their families; priority is given to enlisted personnel. The 24-
    Indian Head                                                              hour Ticketline recording (703) 696-2551 can provide you with our ticket avail-
    Quantico                                                                 ability on the area’s most sought after theater, sports, and cultural events. The
                                                                             Ticketline depends upon donated tickets. You may donate tickets by calling
                                                                             (703) 696-0958; your donation is tax deductible.

                                                                                                          Airport Lounges
                                                                             USO-Metro operates four locations in local airports to assist military travelers.
                                                                             The lounges are staffed by knowledgeable volunteers and offer complimentary
                                                                             services to traveling service members and their families, including baggage
                                                                             storage, Internet access, a large screen TV, and snack bar. USO-Metro also
                                                                             operates an Assistance Center at Andrews Air Force Base where volunteers
                                                                             assist military travelers with information and directions.

                                                                                                        USO-Metro Mobile                                         Shortcut to
                                                                             Our Mobile USO unit travels the region in order to assist areas that do not
                                                                             have a traditional “brick and mortar” center. The mobile unit is available for
                                                                             use at community events, military training exercises and USO special events
                                                                             throughout the greater DC area. In addition the mobile unit provides support at
                                                                             deployments and homecomings.
                           Apparel                                    Apparel

                              Regular Polo                            USO Windbreaker
                              Short-sleeve polo features USO logo.    Unisex jacket features an embroidered
                              100% preshrunk cotton.                  USO logo on the front upper left of jacket;
                              Men’s colors: navy (S - 3XL), white     front and back vents. Has drawstring bot-
                              (S-3XL), red (S - XL), Carolina blue    tom; fleece-lined inside. Sizes S - 3XL.
                                                                      Price: 35.00
                              Women’s colors: navy (M - 3XL),
                                                                      Catalog# AP-WIN-01 S
                              white (S-3XL), red (S - XL), sky blue
                                                                      Catalog# AP-WIN-02 M
                              (S - 2XL)
                              Price: $20.                             Catalog# AP-WIN-03 L
                                                                      Catalog# AP-WIN-04 XL
                                                                      Catalog# AP-WIN-05 2XL
Men’s White Regular           Women’s White Regular                   Catalog# AP-WIN-06 3XL
Polo                          Polo
Catalog#   AP-MWP-01 S        Catalog#   AP-WWP-01 S
Catalog#   AP-MWP-02 M        Catalog#   AP-WWP-02 M                  Ladies Collared Oxford-
Catalog#   AP-MWP-03 L
Catalog#   AP-MWP-04 XL
                                         AP-WWP-03 L
                                         AP-WWP-04 XL
                                                                      Style Shirt
Catalog#   AP-MWP-05 2XL                                              Button-down, oxford-style shirt with USO-
                              Catalog#   AP-WWP-05 2XL
Catalog#   AP-MWP-06 3XL                                              Metro logo on front upper left of shirt. 3/4
                              Catalog#   AP-WWP-06 3XL
                                                                      sleeve. 100% preshrunk cotton. Limited
Men’s Navy Regular Polo Women’s Navy Regular Polo                     sizes available, call for availability. Also
                                                                      available in white.
Catalog#   AP-MNP-01 S        Catalog#   AP-WNP-01 S                  Price: $20.00
Catalog#   AP-MNP-02 M        Catalog#   AP-WNP-02 M                  White
Catalog#   AP-MNP-03 L        Catalog#   AP-WNP-03 L                  Catalog# AP-WDS-02 M
Catalog#   AP-MNP-04 XL       Catalog#   AP-WNP-04 XL                 Catalog# AP-WDS-03 L
Catalog#   AP-MNP-05 2XL      Catalog#   AP-WNP-05 2XL                Catalog# AP-WDS-04 XL
Catalog#   AP-MNP-06 3XL      Catalog#   AP-WNP-06 3XL                Catalog# AP-WDS-05 2XL

Men’s Red Regular Polo        Women’s Red Regular Polo                Navy
Catalog#   AP-MRP-01 S        Catalog#   AP-WRP-01 S                  Catalog# AP-BDS-02 M
Catalog#   AP-MRP-02 M        Catalog#   AP-WRP-02 M                  Catalog# AP-BDS-03 L
Catalog#   AP-MRP-03 L        Catalog#   AP-WRP-03 L                  Catalog# AP-BDS-04 XL
Catalog#   AP-MRP-04 XL       Catalog#   AP-WRP-04 XL                 Catalog# AP-BDS-05 2XL

Men’s Lt. Blue Regular        Women’s Lt. Blue Regular                Navy Blue USO T-shirt
Polo                          Polo                                    Navy t-shirt with USO logo on upper left
Catalog#   AP-MBP-01 S        Catalog#   AP-WBP-01 S                  front. Back features white lettered,
Catalog#   AP-MBP-02 M        Catalog#   AP-WBP-02 M                  “Proudly Serving Those Who Defend Our
Catalog#   AP-MBP-03 L        Catalog#   AP-WBP-03 L                  Freedom” and large USO logo. 100%
Catalog#   AP-MBP-04 XL       Catalog#   AP-WBP-04 XL                 preshrunk cotton. Sizes S - 3XL.
Catalog#   AP-MBP-05 2XL      Catalog#   AP-WBP-05 2XL                Price: $15.00

                                                                      Catalog# AP-NTS-01 S
                              USO Flag Bag                            Catalog# AP-NTS-02 M
                              This USO flag bag is both stylish and   Catalog# AP-NTS-03 L
                              functional! Made from light non-        Catalog# AP-NTS-04 XL
                              woven nylon this bag will last . Fea-   Catalog# AP-NTS-05 2XL
                              tures draw string handles.              Catalog# AP-NTS-06 3XL
                              Price: $ 10.00
Accessories                                     Apparel
                                                                                  Page 9
 Koozie                                         Tailored Fit Polo
 Keep your favorite beverage cold while         This tailored fit, short-sleeve polo offers
 showing your support for our troops at the     a cleaner, slimmer look. features the
 same time! Features USO logo on front.         USO logo and a red and white striped
 Price: $2.00
                                                collar. Also available in white. White polo
                                                has a navy collar with red and white
 Catalog# AC-KOZ-09                             stripes. 100% preshrunk cotton. S - 3XL.
                                                Price: $25.00
 Blue Ceramic Mug                               Women’s White Tailored Polo
 Ergonomically designed 12 oz. mug with a       Catalog# AP-WTW-01 S
 great feel in your hand. Show your support     Catalog# AP-WTW-02 M
 even when drinking your morning coffee!        Catalog# AP-WTW-03 L
 Price: $5.00                                   Catalog# AP-WTW-04 XL
                                                Catalog# AP-WTW-05 2XL
 Catalog# AC-MUG-09                             Catalog# AP-WTW-06 3XL
                                                Women’s Navy Tailored Polo
                                                Catalog# AP=WTN-01 S
 Travel Mug                                     Catalog# AP=WTN-02 M
 Take your coffee and your support on the       Catalog# AP=WTN-03 L
 road with you! 16 oz. mug with non-skid        Catalog# AP=WTN-04 XL
 base, spill resistant lid and thumb slide      Catalog# AP=WTN-05 2XL
 closure. Also available in red.                Catalog# AP=WTN-06 3XL
 Price: $6.00
                                                Men’s White Tailored Polo
                                                Catalog# AP-MTW-01 S
 Catalog# AC-MGB-09 Blue
                                                Catalog# AP-MTW-02 M
 Catalog# AC-MGR-09 Red
                                                Catalog# AP-MTW-03 L
                                                Catalog# AP-MTW-04 XL
 Messenger Bag                                  Catalog# AP-MTW-05 2XL
 This USO messenger bag is both stylish         Catalog# AP-MTW-06 3XL
 and functional! Features shoulder pocket       Men’s Navy Tailored Polo
 for cell phone and ample storage space         Catalog# AP-MTN-01 S
 inside!                                        Catalog# AP-MTN-02 M
 Price: $ 35.00                                 Catalog# AP-MTN-03 L
                                                Catalog# AP-MTN-04 XL
 Catalog# AC-MBG-09                             Catalog# AP-MTN-05 2XL
                                                Catalog# AP-MTN-06 3XL
 White Sparkle Tee
 Black 6.5 oz 100% pre-shrunk ring spun          Black Sparkle Tee
 cotton t-shirt with cap sleeves. Fitted sil-    Black 6.5 oz 100% pre-shrunk ring
 houette. Side seams and double-needed           spun cotton t-shirt with cap sleeves.
 hemmed bottom. S-2XL *Sizes run large.          Fitted silhouette. Side seams and dou-
 Price: $35.00                                   ble-needed hemmed bottom. S-2XL
                                                 *Sizes run small.
 Catalog# AP-WWS-01 S                            Price: $35.00
 Catalog# AP-WWS-02 M                            Catalog# AP-WSS-01 S
 Catalog# AP-WWS-03 L                            Catalog# AP-WSS-02 M
 Catalog# AP-WWS-04 XL                           Catalog# AP-WSS-03 L
 Catalog# AP-WWS-05 2XL                          Catalog# AP-WSS-04 XL
                                                 Catalog# AP-WSS-05 2XL
Apparel                                        Apparel
Red Volunteer T-shirt with
USO logo on front upper left of shirt. On
the back, the message “A million acts of volunteer at a time” is
                                                Silver USO Keychain
featured in white. 100% preshrunk cot-          Metal keychain featuring the USO logo
ton. Limited sizes, call for availability.      engraved on a silver back.
Price: $12.00 - $14.00 (2XL)                    Price: $5.00

Catalog# AP-URS-01 L                            Catalog# AC-KRS-09
Catalog# AP-URS-02 XL
Catalog# AP-URS-03 2XL
                                                USO Keychain
White T-Shirt                                   Foam USO logo keychain on key ring.
Short-sleeve t-shirt features USO-Metro         Price: $2.00
logo on front upper left of shirt as well as
a larger logo on the center back. 100%          Catalog# AC-KRU-09
preshrunk cotton. Sizes S - 3XL.
Price: $15.00

Catalog# AP-WTS-01 S                            USO Gold Keychain
Catalog# AP-WTS-02 M                            Stylish gold keychain featuring the
Catalog# AP-WTS-03 L                            USO logo.
Catalog# AP-WTS-04 XL                           Price: $5.00
Catalog# AP-WTS-05 2XL
Catalog# AP-WTS-06 3XL                          Catalog# AC-KRG-09

1/4 Zip Navy Blue
Unisex quarter zip sweatshirt. Features
USO logo on front upper left. 100% pre-
shrunk cotton. Men’s and Women’s                Sparkle Pin
available.                                      Small Swarovski Crystal USO logo pin.
Price: $35.00                                   Price: $10.00
 Women’s                                        Catalog# AC-SPR-09
Catalog# AP-WNS-01 S
Catalog# AP-WNS-02 M
Catalog# AP-WNS-03 L
Catalog# AP-WNS-04 XL
Catalog# AP-WNS-05 2XL
Catalog# AP-WNS-06 1X
                                                Sparkle Earrings
 Men’s                                          Small Swarovski Crystal USO logo
Catalog# AP-MNS-02 M                            rectangle hook earrings.
Catalog# AP-MNS-03 L                            Price: $20.00
Catalog# AP-MNS-04 XL                           Catalog# AC-EAR-09
Catalog# AP-MNS-05 2XL
Catalog# AP-MNS-06 3XL
Apparel                                      Accessories
Small USO Pin                                 “Support the Troops”
Small USO pin measuring approx. 1”x1/2”
Attaches with needle and backing.             Wrist Band
Price: $4.00                                  Show your support for our troops with this
                                              wrist band. Featured in an army green
Catalog# AC-PRC-09                            color with the phrase “Support the Troops”
                                              imprinted in the wrist band.
Navy Blue USO Hat                             Price: $1.00
Navy blue hat featuring an embroidered
USO logo. Adjustable back.                    Catalog# MC-SWB-09
Price: $7.00

Catalog# AC-NHP-09
                                              Folding USO Chair
                                              Red nylon chair with detachable back and
Khaki USO Metro Hat                           carrying bag. The back of the chair fea-
Military inspired khaki hat featuring USO-    tures the USO logo.
Metro logo. Made of 100% Rip stock cot-       Price: $12.00
ton. Adjustable Velcro closure in back.
Price: $5.00                                  Catalog# AC-CHR-09
Khaki “Support Our
Troops” Hat                                   Auto Decal
Khaki hat with black brim. American flag      Let everyone around town know you sup-
emblem and black embroidered message          port out troops! Static cling decal is remov-
that says “Support Our Troops.” Adjustable    able and reusable.
back.                                         Price: $2.00
Price: $7.00
                                              Catalog# AC-AUT-09
Catalog# AC-KBS-09

Navy Blue “Support Our
                                              USO License Plate Frame
Troops” Hat                                   White license plate frame with USO Metro
Navy cap with American flag emblem and        logo and the phrase, “Proudly Serving
white embroidered message. Adjustable         Those Who Defend Our Freedom.”
back.                                         Price: $4.00
Price: $7.00
                                              Catalog# MC-LIC-09
Catalog# AC-NBS-09

Red “Support Our                              USO Patch
Troops” Lanyard                               Place this patch anywhere to show your
Custom 1/4 inch lanyard with metal J hook     support for our troops!
and release buckle.                           Price: $3.00
Price: $3.00
                                              Catalog# AC-PAC-09
Catalog# AC-LAN-09