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JUDI 29 Tumblebugs Follow the Leader Chicken Fried Rice KAREN 30 by akgame


									JUDI                   29      KAREN                 30                        1   SHARON                2    DARLENE           3

                               Wear Red Day!!!            CENTRE CLOSED
Tumblebugs                     Canada Day Craft!                                   Paint a mural              Tumblebugs
Follow the Leader                                             HAPPY                                           Ball Skills
                                                           CANADA DAY!
Chicken Fried Rice             Scoobi Doo Pasta                                    Sweet n Sour Meatballs     Chicken Fajitas
 KIM                       6   JUDI                  7    KAREN                8   SHARON                9    DARLENE           10

 Tumblebugs                                               Tumblebugs                                          Tumblebugs
 Rope Play                     Nature Collage             Ribbon Play              Clay Sculpture             Locomotions

 Shepherds Pie                 Chicken/Pasta Salad        Subs                     Baked Haddock Dinner       Chilli
 SHARON               13       JOANN                 14   JUDI               15    KIM                   16   JANET             17

 Spring Landings               Finger Painting            Going On A Lion Hunt     Foot Painting              Tumblebugs
                                                                                                              Giant Ball Play

 Baked Salmon                  Grilled Cheese/Soup        Salad and Hamburgers     Pineapple Chicken          Homemade Pizza
 JOANN                 20      DARLENE               21   SHARON             22    KAREN                 23   KIM               24

 Tumblebugs                                               Tumblebugs               Attend Open House          Tumblebugs
 Scarf Play                    Face Painting              Balance Activity                                    Bug Tag

 Turkey/Broccoli Pasta         Chicken/Caesar Salad       Beef Fajitas             Sandwiches                 Tacos
 KAREN                 27      SHARON                28   DARLENE             29   JUDI                  30   JOANN             31

 Tumblebugs                    Make Wind Chimes           Tumblebugs               Teddy Bear Picnic!         Tumblebugs
 Bubble Play                                              Beanbags                 Bring your favorite        Parachute Play
                                                                                   Stuffed toy.

 Chicken Fried Rice            Scoobi Doo Pasta           Sweet n Sour Meatballs   Tuna Pitas                 Chicken Fajita
                                      NSAC DAYCARE
                                CALENDAR AND NEWSLETTER
                                        JULY 2009
SUMMER PROGRAMMING: During the next two months                      SWIM SUITS/TOWELS: We will be filling the wading pools
we will be introducing the children to an exciting active living    so the children can splash and cool off on these hot days. The
program, called Tumblebugs. Each Monday, Wednesday and              toddlers swim in the morning and the older children in the
Friday we will lead them through a variety of games and             afternoon. Please send a bathing suit and towel for your child.
activities designed to create confidence and competency in          We will send them home each evening for drying as we don’t
physical fitness. This program is geared for preschool children     have the time to be doing extra laundry. Also clearly label your
and we are very excited to be able to provide it.                   child’s belongings so we can keep track easily. Children
                                                                    wearing diapers are required to have Little Swimmer’s. The
CRAFTS: Children will have the opportunity to colour, cut           pools are emptied each afternoon to limit bacteria growth.
and glue throughout the week with Tuesday and Thursday
designated craft day.                                               H1N1: As always we make every effort to limit the spread of
                                                                    infection and germs. Please encourage your child to cough and
SUMMER STUDENT: We are happy to once again have                     sneeze into their sleeves and wipe their noses with tissue. We
Cathryn Tibbo working with us for the summer. This is               are asking that you see your family doctor if your child is
Cathryn’s second summer at NSAC and we know you will                exhibiting flu like symptoms We will post any updates from
appreciate her dedication and enthusiasm.                           the Department of Health in the coatroom.

OPEN HOUSE: NSAC is hosting its’ annual open house on               NEW FURNACE/WINDOWS: The daycare received an
Thursday July 23. There are many activities that the children       Energy Grant in the amount of $3400.00 in March of this year.
enjoy participating in. Please watch for updates on this fun day!   We have had a new energy efficient furnace installed as well as
                                                                    two new windows for the nap room. This will help with our
CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Please make sure your child has a                heating costs this winter.
complete change of clothes, including socks and underwear.

GATE SAFETY: Please supervise your child at the gate when
you are arriving and leaving. Children should not be opening
the gate on their own as little ones are often at the gate and
could tumble down the steps.

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