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How To Monetize Your Blog

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					How To Monetize Your Blog

Would you like to know 3 simple ways to monetize your blog and create multiple streams of income? Of
course you would. Although there are many ways to make profit from blogging, this article is intended
to show you 3 strategies you can implement fast.

Written by: Thom Hale

Choosing how to monetize your blog is a huge decision! There are many different options and it can be
difficult to judge which type your readers will respond to most. The most important thing to remember
during this time is your readers. Your readers are not on your site to be sold but to learn about your
thoughts and opinions. On the other hand, if you are sharing quality information there’s nothing wrong
with getting paid for it as long as that information is of value to your readers.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online for several different reasons. First of all,
blogs are very easy to begin. You don't have to know any fancy HTML codes or complicated technical
processes to get your blog started. There are lots of WordPress themes available to make blogging
available to more and more internet users every day.

The internet is vast and there are so many resources available that it makes finding the right information
on how to Blog For Profit rather easy. Here are a few simple ways to monetize your blog.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online with your blog is through affiliate
marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is internet-based marketing whereby the
owner of a product or service will reward his or her affiliates for each sale of that product or service.
This affiliate’s payment can be a one-time commission or either recurring. Recurring commissions are a
great way to create residual income. Residual income is earned by doing something once, in this case
making a sale, and getting paid for it again and again.

The second most popular way to monetize your blog is through Google’s Adsense Program. Google
Adsense allows website owners to earn money by placing targeted non obtrusive ads on their sites.
Advertisers pay Google to join their network and Google pays web owners for their efforts in attracting
targeted customers who click on Adsense ads. The key to making money using this technique is having
many Adsense campaigns going at once because most clicks on an Adsense ad will only net a few cents.
However, when used on high traffic websites this can result to several dollars each month. Multiply that
times 30 – 40 sites and this can mean a decent passive income. There are bloggers and web site owners
who are making a good living by placing targeted contextual ads on their blogs with much higher pay

The third way to monetize your blog is to sale your own products. If you sale your own products you
keep 100% of the profits. This also requires you to do all the heavy lifting. You could increase profits
with less work on the back end by allowing sales through a network of affiliates. I’ve already mentioned
how it works. To see this in action, you could easily visit websites like Clickbank or Commission Junction.

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Once your blog is established and receiving some traffic, you may want to begin researching affiliate
programs that could allow your blog to put money in your pocket.

Once you have developed a system that is bringing in good income you would probably want to repeat
what you did by developing or finding another related product or service to offer to your current
customers. By doing so, you now open the gates to multiple streams of income.

In the last ten days (March 2010) Jimmy D. Brown, a very successful and highly respected internet
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Thomas Hale

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Description: This article reveals three strategies used to monetize a blog. Readers will learn how to create multiple streams of income by maximizing the full use of a blog.