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					                                                                                   VEGETARIAN MENU AVAILABLE OVERLEAF
                                                                         Desserts may be ordered following your meal
         ”Le Déjeuner de Noël”                                                          “Le Diner de Noël”
    Booking Form - LUNCH/EARLY BIRD                                                   Booking Form - DINNER
        Lunch : 2 Courses £15.95/3 Courses £19.95
                                                                                       2 Courses £22.95/3 Courses £26.95
            (Available 12.00 noon - 3.00pm)
                                                                                         (Available 6.00pm - 10.30pm)
         Early Bird: 2 Courses & Coffee £19.95
          (Available 6 -7 pm Monday to Friday)                           Name: ___________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________________                        Date of Booking: ___________________________________

Date of Booking: ___________________________________                     Time of booking: __________Number in party:_________

Time of booking: ___________Number in party:________                     Deposit Enclosed £_________________________________
                                                                          Please enter the number of each dish required in the boxes
Deposit Enclosed £_________________________________                                               provided:
                                                                                                     Les Entrées
 Please enter the number of each dish required in the
                                                                                              Soupe D’hiver
                   boxes provided:                                              Home-made cream of curried honey roast parsnip soup
                           Les Entrées                                                           Coquille St Jacques
                     Soupe D’hiver                                                 Pan fried fresh king scallops wrapped in panchetta,
      Home-made cream of curried roast parsnip & honey soup                     served on an oyster mushroom fricasses, garnished with
                                                                                          a roasted garlic jus & Parmesan tuile
        Chausson De Chevre Aux multiples Saveurs V
   Puff pastry parcel filled with garlic mushrooms, goat’s cheese &                         Marbre De Petites Volailles
  cranberry, baked until golden brown, served with salad leaves in a        Layers of quail, partridge & goose liver terrine, garnished with a
                         honey & basil dressing                                          sweet fig chutney & served with toast
                   Melon et Fruits de Noël V                                                   Beignet D’Haddock
       Seasonal melon served with honey glazed fruits & coulis                   Strips of smoked haddock, deep fried in a light batter,
                                                                                      served with a sweet chilli & ginger dressing
                      Parfait de Volaille
     Smooth chicken liver parfait flavoured with Cognac & Port,                                   Duo De Decembre
      served with a fig chutney & home-made toasted brioche               Hot parcel of lettuce leaves filled with shredded pork belly, aromatic
                                                                         apple & shallots, topped with pan-fried medallions of monkfish dusted
                     Beignet D’Haddock                                            with piri-piri & served on a strong Calvados veal jus
 Strips of smoked haddock deep fried in a light batter, served with a
                   sweet chilli & ginger dressing                                                  Cadeau De Noel
                                                                          Filo pastry basket filled with strips of chicken, asparagus, sun-dried
               Cuisse De Canard Au Choux Rouge                            tomatoes, avocado & chorizo, bound in a creamy light saffron sauce
   Roasted confit of baby duck leg on a bed of aromatic braised red
   cabbage, finished with a chicken jus with a hint of eastern spices                            Trio De Canard
                                                                             A duck platter consisting of smoked duck breast, duck rilette,
                    Gratin De Fruits De Mer                                flavoured caramelised red onions & basil, a spring roll filled with
    Selection of mussels, king prawns & scallops bound in creamy         shredded duck & sweet potatoes, all garnished with a trio of dressings
     langoustine bisque, topped with bread-crumbs & gratinated.
                                                                                           Timballe De Saumon Fume
                  Cadeau De Saumon Fume                                   Home smoked salmon timballe filled with a crayfish, mango, papaya
Home smoked salmon parcel filled with apple & pineapple, bound in        & rocket in a home-made Marie rose sauce, with a cherry tomato coulis
a Marie rose sauce, served with melba toast & a cherry tomato coulis
                                                                                                        Les Plats
                              Les Plats
                                                                                                 Chevreuil De Noel
                    Etouffe De Chevreuil                                 Fillet of venison cooked to pink, presented on a potato, blue cheese &
Venison shoulder slowly braised in a port, pear & balsamic jus, served     spring onion cake & julienne of vegetables, finished with a robust
       on seasonal vegetables & a creamy spring onion mash                                   Port & caramelised red onion jus
                   Gigonette D’Agneau                                                         Mille Feuilles De Dinde
  Lamb shank slowly braised in a tomato, garlic & rosemary sauce,         Slices of roast turkey topped with home-made stuffing & chipolata,
        served on mash with roasted Provencal vegetables                  served on seasonal vegetables, deep fried la boheme’s potato rosti &
                           Roulade De Porc                                        finished with a succulent turkey, sage & cranberry jus
 Roasted pork fillet filled with smoked applewood cheese & wrapped                                Trio D’Agneau
  in Parma ham, served on a bed of crushed potatoes flavoured with          Trio of roasted lamb rack, lamb noisette & aromatic lamb rissole
     sun-dried tomatoes, oregano & Savoy cabbage, dressed with            parcel, served on creamy celery, carrots & flageolet beans & chopped
                        a caramelised red onion jus                            parsley, served with a rosemary, tomato & garlic lamb jus
                        Bar A La Mandarin                                             Magret De Canard Aux Prunes Epicees
  Fillet of baked seabass, served with diced vegetables & turned new        Gresingham duck breast roasted to medium, served on crushed
     potatoes, finished with a tangerine & rosemary “beurre blanc”       potatoes flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, Savoy cabbage,
                      Le Smokey De La Boheme                              garlic & olive oil, finished with a spicy aromatic roasted plum sauce
  Selection of fish: salmon, cod & smoked haddock cooked in a light,                           Bar Aux Multiple Saveurs
creamy smoky turmeric, grain mustard & dill sauce, accompanied with           Fillet of baked seabass, served on a shrimp & crab Thai cake, a
             a julliene of vegetables & turned new potatoes              julienne of vegetables & finished with a light creamy langoustine sauce
                       Mille Feuilles De Dinde                            Ribeye De Boeuf Saint Sylvestre         Cooked to:........................
 Slices of roast turkey topped with home-made stuffing & chipolata,       Grilled 8oz ribeye steak served with seasonal vegetables & a creamy
 served on a bed seasonal vegetables & a deep fried potato roulade,      Dauphinois potato pot, finished with a caramelised pearl onion, bacon
                   finished with a cranberry & sage jus                                     mushroom & fresh tarragon jus
      Boeuf Saint Sylvestre        Cooked to:…………………                                      Cabillaud Aux Deux Saveurs
   Ribeye steak cooked to your liking, presented on a roast potato        Steamed cod enveloped in cos lettuce, filled with a salmon, lemon &
  galette & seasonal vegetables, served with a creamy mushroom &          chive mousse, served on a bed of julienne vegetables & mash potato,
                        cracked pepper sauce                                      served with a creamy dill & smoked salmon sauce
Desserts may be ordered following your meal
           Vegetarian Menu
 Please note that this menu is available either
       Lunch, Early Bird or Dinner time
Name: ___________________________________________

Date of Booking: ___________________________________
                        Les Entrees
               Chausson De Chevre
                                                                                  Menu de Noël
 Puff pastry parcel filled with garlic mushrooms, goat’s
 cheese & cranberry, baked to golden brown & served                                La Boheme
  with salad leaves tossed in a honey & basil dressing                                  3 Mill Lane
             Melon et Fruits de Noël                                                      Heatley
Seasonal melon served with honey glazed fruits & coulis                                   Lymm
                   Salade Festive                                                       WA13 9SD
Salad of avocado, spring onions & asparagus, in a Caesar
  tarragon dressing, served with croutons & garnished                            Tel: 01925 753 657
                with Parmesan shavings                                          www.laboheme.co.uk
              Terrine De La Provence
Chilled terrine made with slices of tomato, fresh basil &                             Opening times:
Buffalo Mozzarella, garnished with a basil pesto & toast                             Monday to Friday:
                Soupe A La Tomate                                               Lunch 12.00 noon - 3.00pm
Homemade cream of tomato & roasted red pepper soup                               Dinner 6.00pm - 10.30pm
                          Les Plats                                             Saturday: 6.00pm - 10.30pm
                                                                                 Sunday: 12 noon - 9.00pm
        Risotto Aux Champignons Sauvage
                                                                          (Saturday Lunches will be available for
 A creamy wild & Paris mushroom risotto, topped with
 Parmesan shavings & accompanied with a balsamic &                              parties of 20 people & over)
                  fresh herb dressing
                   Poivron Farci
                                                                           The staff wish you all
 Roasted pepper filled with a Provencal vegetables, sun                “Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année”!
  dried tomatoes & roasted pine kernals, presented on
 grilled Haloumi cheese, with a sweet & sour dressing
               Roulade De Legumes                                                 Votre Ballade Hivernale
 Potato roulade filled with a roasted pepper & red onion                             Menu de Noël
compote, basil, asparagus & cheddar cheese, oven baked                           Starting from 1st December 2009
             & served with a trio of dressing                                         “Le Déjeuner de Noël”
            Tarte Aux Deux Saveurs                                             2 Courses £15.95/3 Courses £19.95
 Shredded leek & pear tart, served with rocket salad &                                  “Le Diner de Noël”
         garnished with a balsamic dressing                                    2 Courses £22.95/3 Courses £26.95
                                                                                        Le “Christmas Eve”
Desserts may be ordered following your meal                                    Eve: £35.00 3 Course Meal 6-10pm
                                                                                    Le “Christmas Day“ £65.00
                                                                                 3 Course Inclusive Meal 12-5pm
                  “S’il vous plait”                                                  (Children’s Menu £25.00)
All reservations can be made by telephone, but for tables                                Le “Boxing Day”
of 6 & over, a £5.00 non-refundable deposit per person is                      2 Courses £21.95/ 3 Courses £25.95
 required & a pre-order of your meal is recommended.                            12-5pm (Children’s Menu £12.95)
(Please see reverse for booking forms)                                             Le “New Years Eve” £59.00
                                                                          Eve: 4 Course Gastronomique Meal & Coffee
A £10.00 non refundable deposit per head will                                          Le “New Years Day”
                                                                               2 Courses £19.95/3 Courses £23.95
be required for Christmas Eve, New Years Eve
                                                                                12- 5pm (Children’s Menu £12.95)
               & Christmas Day
                                                                      Our usual Sunday Menu runs throughout December
A 10% Optional service charge will be added to parties of 8 & over   Our Early Bird Menu runs throughout December £19.95
      NB: Our restaurant will be closed                                    - 2 Courses & Coffee - (Mon to Fri 6-7pm)
 Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th                             “Children’s Menu” is available throughout
  December 2009, Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th                                    December for £10.95 (10 years & under)
   January, Open as normal Wednesday 6th                                        (Except Special Christmas Events)

                January 2010

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