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									                                                                                        Special Thanks to:
  TORPEDO TALES                                                             ~ Royal Bakery at Middlebrook & Rt. 118, G’ town
                                                                            ~ DRS Technologies C3 Mission Systems
                                                                            ~Chick-Fil-A Germantown Town Center
                                                                            ~ Papa John’s Pizza 11522 Middlebrook Rd.
                                                                            ~N & N Gifts Gaithersburg, MD
                                                                            ~Underwater Wear Gaithersburg, MD

                                                                                          Team Contact Information
  Edition 1                        June 4, 2008
                                                                               A Meet Rep: John & Susie Viqueira, 301-515-0205
COACHES CORNER                                                                 B Meet Rep: Tammy Norwitz, 301-515-2346
   I am very excited to be joining the Torpedoes! I am                        
grateful to the parents who are working so hard to make our                                  Kathy Rush, 301-540-8343
summer successful, thrilled with the talents and dedication
exhibited by Coach Amanda Bettinger, Coach Eddie                         Please remember that during practice our coaches must give
Rubenstein, and Coach Nadia Elfallah, and very impressed               their UNDIVIDED attention to the swimmers in the pool. If you
with our swimmers. During the first week of practice the               have a question or concern regarding your swimmer, please
water was pretty icy, but everyone has been toughing it out            wait until after practice is over to talk to the Coach. You may
and working hard. It sets the tone for a terrific season of            also contact our coaches by leaving a note in the Coach
                                                                       Mailbox, or via email. If your concern is about schedules or
fact times, improved technique, and string team spirit.
                                                                       procedure, one of our parent volunteers will be happy to help
Keep up the good work and sign up for the Blue vs. Green
meet this coming Saturday!                                               Thanks to all the parents who have already attended a MCSL
         -Coach Kate                                                   Officials Clinic. We still need more parents to take the training
                                                                       to be eligible officials. The next clinics are Sunday 6/8 at 8 am
A-REP CORNER                                                           at Olney Indoor swim center and Wednesday 6/11 at 7pm at
   Welcome to all our new and returning Torpedoes to the 2008          GISC. Please remember that the meets cannot go on without
season. Congratulations to all our swimmers who were busy              certified officials. Your swimmers are counting on each and
improving their strokes and their times during the winter swim         every parent to help out.
season. We are looking forward to a great season in C Division.
Our head coach may be new to the Torpedoes, but Coach                   Thanks also to the parents who have volunteered as
Ulicny comes to us with a wealth of swimming and coaching              coordinators:
experience. She is backed up by 3 assistants who have plenty                   B Team Reps: Tammy Norwitz and Kathy Rush
of experience in MCSL, and with the Torpedoes: Amanda                          Automation: Kim and Ron Busch
Bettinger, Eddie Rubenstein and Nadia Elfallah. Please let                     Concessions: Faye Wei and Annie Han
them know you are glad they are here by working hard in                        Officials: Scott Roser
practice and following their instruction at all times.                         Team Treasuer: Val Roser
                                                                               Swimsuit Coordinator: Marisa Amberg
  The first big event of the season is the Blue - Green Meet (also
known as Time Trials) this Saturday June 7. We want to                   All of these parents have been working in the off season to
encourage all swimmers and parents to participate on Saturday,         prepare for the summer, but they need your help now that
as this is the best way for the coaches to get the information         summer is here. Remember that they are Coordinators; all of
they need to make the lineup for our first meet versus ??? . If        these jobs take more than one or two volunteers to get the job
you have not already signed up to swim or to help with the Blue        done. So when they ask for help, please do!
Green meet, please do so TODAY at the pool. You may also
email This is a busy                 We still have a number of coordinator opportunities that are
time of year for many of our swimmers who may be wrapping up           vacant. PLEASE volunteer to help in one of these areas. If you
other sports and activities. If you cannot make time trials,           do not feel you can do the job alone, grab a friend and take on
please let us know. You will have an opportunity to be timed at        the job as a team. Your kids will be glad you did!
practice next week.                                                              B Concessions Coordinator
                                                                                 Spiritwear Coordinator
  Please remember to register as soon as possible. All                           End of Year Celebration Committee
swimmers must be fully registered with MCRD prior to                             B Meet Bagel Coordinator
participating in any meet. Registration can be accomplished by                   Officials Hospitality
visiting the cashier at the pool, on-line, or at GISC (indoor pool).     One of the best things about summer swimming is that
If you have friends or neighbors who are interested in swimming        between swimming and volunteering, it can bring an entire
for the Torpedoes, it is not too late to join the team. When you       family together--something very few activities can do!
register, remember to keep in the loop by joining our “Yahoo”
group. Just visit our website,              So welcome to the Torpedoes, dive in wholeheartedly and
and click on the purple button.                                        enjoy the fun!!
                                                                                -Susie and John Viqueira
   We look forward to a great season. We are going to
                                                                      Kiley Rush – swims for Coach on Deck at QO Swim and
use the same themes as in the A meets. Our swimming
                                                                    Tennis Club.
week is Saturday - Friday. You can only swim in an
                                                                      Michael Rush – swims for Coach on Deck at QO Swim and
individual event once in either an A or B meet. I want to           Tennis Club. PHS Varsity Swim Team. Competed in County
go over a few rules. A swimmer is not eligible to                   Championship 2008 for 500 Freestyle
swimming a B meet for place or a ribbon if he/she scored              “Butch” Bogac Gecgil – swims for RMSC
in two or more events on the previous Saturday. If there              Jenna Deluca – swims for RMSC
are available lanes, this swimmer can be an exhibition                Amy Rothstein – swims for RMSC. NWHS Swim Team
swimmer.                                                              Joyce and Samuel Zhou – swims for RMSC
         -Tammy Norwitz                                               Grace Dai – swims for RMSC
                                                                      Don and Nam Lam – swims for RMSC
                                                                      Huy Lam – August 8-11, 2007 in Buffalo, NY - Eastern Zone
What have you been doing since last summer?                         LC Championships Huy won two Gold Medals in 200M and
                                                                    400M 11-12 Medley Relay. Individually, he was placed 6 , 11
                                                                                                                                th    th
       All swimmers below are recognized for their hard                     th
                                                                    and 10 in 50M, 100M and 200M 11-12 Breaststroke.
work and achievements since last summer.                            November 3-4, 2007 in Germantown, MD – National Age Group
                                                                                                 st                                th
                                                                    Team Challenge. Huy got 1 in 100Y 11-12 Breaststroke, 4 in
  Samantha Amberg- CHS Varsity Swim Team                                                    th                           st
                                                                    100Y 11-12 Butterfly, 5 in 200Y 111-12 IM and 1 in 400Y 11-
Captain, Competed in the 2008 Metros in 100 Breast and part of      12 Medley Relay. December 6-9, 2007 in George Mason
the 200 Medley Relay Team. Also, Samantha holds the CHS                                                                       th
                                                                    University , VA – Tom Dolan Invitational. Huy came in 4 in
school record times in the following events- 50 Free, 100                                                         th       rd
                                                                    50Y, 100Y and 200Y 11-12 Breaststroke, 4 and 3 in 50Y and
Breast, 200 IM, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free                                  st
                                                                    100Y 11-12 Butterfly, 1 in 400Y 11-12 Medley Relay.
Relay                                                                 Jenny Papandrea – swims for RMSC national training group.
    Lily Amberg- CHS Varsity Swim Team, Competed in the             Jenny has posted qualifying times for several of the high level
2008 Metros in 200 Medley Relay. Also, Lily holds the CHS           meets for RMSC. NWHS Swim Team and helped the Jaquars
school record in the following events- 100 Free, 100 Fly, 200       to a second place finish in their division while earning Meto
Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay.                       times for all events she swam
*Both ladies swim for the Clarksburg High School Varsity               Emerald Shen – swims for RMSC
Swim Team who were the MCPS Division IV Champions!!!                   Tatyana and Jamira Chouikha – swims for RMSC
(Coached by Kate Ulicny!) Go Coyotes!!!                                Alex Sena – Stroke Clinic at Quince Orchard Swim and
   Kelsey Busch –swims for RMSC                                     Tennis Club
   Julia Busch – swims for RMSC where she competed in 6                Alex Madoo – swims with a stroke and turn
events in 2008 Maryland State Long Course. Julia swims for
NWHS and holds the school record for 200 and 500 Freestyle.
Julia qualified for 7 individual and relay events and made finals
in the 200 and 500 Freestyle. Julia received the NWHS 2008
                                                                    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
Coaches’ award.
   Lea and Marissa Brisbane – swims for RMSC                        If anyone else who did winter swimming this past year please
   Chelsea Duffy – CHS Swim Team                                    email
   Sara Elfallah- swims for RMSC
  Andrew Qian- Qualified 50M, 100M, and 200M Breaststroke
for US Eastern Zone Long Course Championships.                                     Date                            Event
  Robert Qian- Currently ranked the 3rd and 5th
                                                                     Fri. June 6
places nationally in USA Swimming for 50M and 100M
Breaststroke for 8 & under age group, respectively. Finished the
4th place for Boys 10 & under 50M Breaststroke in the 2008
                                                                          Evening Practices                    Practice 6-8:30pm
Maryland State Long Course Championship as an 8-year old.                                                 Pre-team Practice 6-6:45pm
  Laura Roser- swims for Coach on Deck at Quince Orchard
Swim and Tennis Club.
                                                                     Sat. June 7                        TIME TRIALS
  Nathan Roser –swims for Coach on Deck at QO Swim and
Tennis Club. PHS Varsity Swim Team and competed in
                                                                          Set up- 7:30 am                  BLUE VS GREEN MEET
                                                                          Warm up- 7:45 am                      @ 8:30 am
  Kamryn and Ben Mendell- Both swim for MCRD Stroke and
Turn and both came in first place for breaststroke.
  Alex McDonald- stroke clinic
                                                                     Sun. June 8
  Anthony McDonald – Stroke clinic and club swimming
  Hannah and Samantha Bischoff- swims for RMSC
  Emily Glinsmann- spring tuneup for RMSC
                                                                       OFFICIALS CLINIC                    8am @ Olney Swim Center
  Sarah Chen- swims for RMSC’s Mini Team
  Alan Li- swims for RMSC. Qualified for Junior Olympics and
Maryland State Championship                                          June 9-12
  Xavier and Jasmin Hardison- Both swim for RMSC
                                                                                                               Preteam 7-7:30pm
  Alessandra and Arianna Checchia- both swim for MCRD                 Evening Practice                        10-under 7-8:00pm
Montgomery Stroke and Turn
                                                                                                              11-up 8:00-9:00pm
  Freya Jiang- swims for Hydro-sonic Tiburones
  Juliya and Eliya Harnood- both swim for RMSC
  Rachel and Jacob Rubenstein- swims for RMSC
  Danielle Norwitz – swims for RMSC

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