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Wife _ Daughter


									                   93.                                                                                           116.
Always willing to help others                                                               We seem to see in the soft dim light
When herself should be at rest.                                                             A face we love the best;
She was the kindest of all mothers,                                                         Recalling her as the sun’s last rays
Now amongst the Heavenly blest.          23                                                 Go down in the far off west.
                                                                                            We miss her more as time goes on,
                     94.                                                                    We can never close our hearts;
Our hearts are like a memory book                                                           And the lamp of our love still burns.
Its pages mother dear                                                                       Her heart the truest in all the world,
Hold all the loving thoughts of you                                                         Her love the best to recall;
Recorded year by year.                                                                      None on earth could take her place,
A book of golden yesterdays,                                                                She is still the dearest of all.         79
Bound with love and care
A rare edition mother dear                                                                                     117.
Because you’re treasured there.          41                                                 Oh, how patient in thy suffering
                                                                                            When no hand could give thee ease,
                    95.                                                                     God, the helper of helpless,
We had a mom with a heart of gold,                                                          Saw thy pain and gave thee peace.        25
Who was more to use than wealth untold;
Without farewell she fell asleep                                                                                 118.
With only memories for us to keep.    29                                                    Take up thy cross and follow Him.
                    96.                                                                     Nor think to lay it down
No hand so soft and gentle                                                                  For only he who bears the cross
No heart so tender and true                                                                 May hope to wear the crown.
No sorrow life could bring us                                     106.                      In that eternal city
To equal losing you.                  22       God saw the road was getting rough           Where no tear dims the eye;
                                               And the hills were hard to climb,            In the home of many mansions
                      97.                      So He closed you weary eyelids               We will meet her bye and bye.            49
Till roses lose their petals                   And whispered, “Peace be thine.”        25
Till the heather has lost its dew,                                                                              119.
Till the end of time dear mother,                                 107.                      Upright and just in all her ways,
We will remember you.                    23    We have only a memory, dear mother,          Loyal and true through all her days,
                                               We cherish our whole life through;           God took her home to suffer no more. 22
                   98.                         But the sweetness will live forever
The tears in my eyes I can wipe away,
The ache in my heart will always stay. 17
                                               As we treasure the memory of you.   26
                                                                                            Wife & Daughter
                    99.                        Three little words, “Forget me not”,                             120.
In our hearts your memory lingers,             Don’t seem much, but mean a lot.             Time speeds on, (two) years have passed
sweetly tender, fond and true;                 Just a memory fond and true,                 Since death its gloom, its shadows cast
There is not a day dear mother,                To show, dear mother, we think of you. 27    Within our home where all seemed bright,
That we do not think of you.             25                                                 And took from us a shining light.
                                                                 109.                       We miss that light, and ever will,
                    100.                       Sweet memories will linger, forever;         Her vacant place there’s none to fill.
A wonderful mother, woman and aid;             Time cannot change them, it’s true;          Down here we mourn, but not in vain,
One who was better, God never made,            Years that may come cannot sever             For up in Heaven we will meet again. 58
A wonderful worker, loyal and true,            My loving remembrance of you.           22
One in a million, that, mother was you.                                                                         121.
Just in your judgment, always right,                              110.                      These are the things death cannot take away;
Honest and liberal, ever upright;              The depths of sorrow we cannot tell          Nor age, nor tears, nor pain, nor cruel care
Loved by your friends and all you knew;        Of the loss of one we loved so well.         Can harm her now or enter memory’s hall,
A wonderful mother, that, mother was you. 53   And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep        She that we loved, so beautiful and fair,
                                               Her memory we shall always keep.        29   From all life’s danger now secure is she;
                   101.                                                                     Lovely she was and lovely she shall be. 48
The loneliness without you,                                        111.
The ache deep in our hearts;                   Past her suffering, past her pain,                               122.
We’ve nothing left but memories,               Cease to weep for tears are vain,            Love’s greatest gift, remembrance.
With them we’ll never part.              20    She who suffered is as rest,                 Her memory a daily thought.               9
                                               Gone to Heaven with the blest.          25
When days are dark and friends are few,                             112.
Dear mother, how we think of you.              Peaceful be thy rest, dear mother,
Friends are friends if they are true           It is sweet to breathe thy name;
We lost our best friend when we lost you. 31   In life we loved you dearly,
                                               In death we do the same.                25
O happy hours we once enjoyed,                                    113.
How sweet their memory still,                  Memory, however sad, is the link
But death has left a loneliness                With this world and a better.           12
The world can never fill.                22
                   104.                        Her memory a daily thought.              5
The dearest mother, the kindest friend,
One of the best whom God could lend.                               115.
Loving thoughtful, gentle and true,            A face that is haunting us ever,
Always willing a kind act to do.        26     A voice we are longing to hear,
                                               A smile we’ll remember forever,
                   105.                        While we try to forget every tear.
You could not say goodbye to us,               A sad, but sweet remembrance,
You could not clasp our hand;                  A memory fond and true
But God has taken one we loved                 And a token of affection, dear,
To His realms so grand.                  25    And heartache, mother, for you.         47

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