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           Baruch College

            Baruch College is a thriving urban, multicultural institution that attracts
            motivated students of proven achievement who are committed to making their dreams a
            reality. Their ability and drive, along with the superb education for which Baruch is known, have
            established the College’s national and international reputation for excellence.

                                                                           in the
            Located on Lexington Avenue in the Flatiron/Gramercy district of Manhattan, Baruch is
            heart of the world’s most dynamic center of finance and culture. Within
            reach of Wall Street and midtown, the Baruch campus accommodates more than 15,000 full-time
            and part-time students enrolled in day, evening and weekend classes.

            Renowned for its programs in liberal arts, public affairs and business, Baruch offers 26 undergraduate
            majors, 43 undergraduate minors and 39 graduate-level specializations and programs
            throughout three schools.

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Baruch College

                                                                                       FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                           BARUCH COLLEGE                Admission: (646) 312-1400
                                                           151 East 25th Street          Financial Aid: (646) 312-1360
                                                           New York, New York 10010      www.baruch.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                 respected business schools in the
                                                                                   country, offering nine undergraduate
                                                                                   majors. The Accelerated Part-Time
                                         » Baruch ranks among the top 33           (APT) MBA program is ranked 22nd
                                           universities in the Northeast that
                                                                                   in the nation by U.S. News & World
                                           offer a full range of undergraduate
                                                                                   Report (“America’s Best Graduate
                                           and master’s programs and is
                                                                                   Schools 2009”), making it second
                                           among the top six of those
                                                                                   in New York City.
               U.S. News & World           institutions that are public (U.S.
            Report named Baruch            News & World Report, “America’s       » Baruch’s innovative, award-
                                           Top Colleges 2008”).                    winning Newman Vertical Campus,
              the most ethnically        » The Weissman School of Arts and         an 800,000 square-foot structure,
               diverse institution         Sciences offers 13 departments
                                                                                   occupies nearly an entire city block
                                                                                   and serves as the College hub.
              of higher education          and 40 areas of study as well as a
                                                                                   With more than 100 high-tech
                        in the U.S.        unique major enabling students to
                                                                                   classrooms, cafés, an athletic
                                           tailor interdisciplinary programs.
                                                                                   complex and a performing arts
              According to Crain’s » The School of Public Affairs                  center, the Vertical Campus
               New York Business,    provides a rigorous academic                  provides the atmosphere of a
                                     program for students who are                  traditional college campus in an
          Baruch’s Zicklin School    interested in careers in public               urban setting.
          of Business “sets a new    policy, government, real estate and
                 standard” with its  the nonprofit sector. It’s the only
                                                                                 » The Baruch College Honors
                                                                                   Program offers high-achieving
          full-time MBA program.     fully accredited undergraduate
                                                                                   students special interdisciplinary
                                     program in real estate and
                                                                                   and honors courses as well as
                                    metropolitan development in
                Baruch College is   New York.
                                                                                   mentorships and internships.
             ranked the fifth best                                               » More than 150 campus clubs and
            public college in New » Baruch’s School of20 percent in the
                                    ranked in the top
                                                        Public Affairs
                                                                                   organizations represent the
          York State (U.S. News &                                                  academic, artistic, cultural,
                                    nation for its Master of Public
                                                                                   professional and athletic interests
            World Report, 2005).    Administration program by U.S.
                                                                                   of Baruch students. Intercollegiate
                                           News & World Report (2006).
                                                                                   sports include basketball, tennis
                                         » The Zicklin School of Business is       and volleyball.
                                           the largest and one of the most
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           Brooklyn College

            An innovative, four-year liberal arts college with an international
            reputation for academic excellence, Brooklyn College offers an exceptional education for
            undergraduate and graduate students as well as an amazing campus renowned
            for its beauty, friendliness and diversity.
            Cited as “a bright spot” in American higher education by the National Endowment for the
            Humanities, Brooklyn College offers more than 130 majors and a widely acclaimed
            core curriculum that gives every student a strong foundation in academic knowledge
            and cultural awareness.
                                                     of the nation’s most
            Brooklyn College has a well-earned reputation as one
            distinguished institutions of higher education. Among its many strengths,
            Brooklyn College offers a remarkable faculty, first-rate programs and an absolute
            commitment to student success.

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Brooklyn College

                                                                                          FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                            BROOKLYN COLLEGE                 Admission: (718) 951-5001
                                                            2900 Bedford Avenue              Financial Aid: (718) 951-5051
                                                            Brooklyn, New York 11210         www.brooklyn.cuny.edu

                                          THE FACTS                                » The Brooklyn College Scholars
                                                                                     Program—the oldest honors
                                          » The Freshman Year College, which         program in the CUNY system—
                                            functions as a “college within the       offers a variety of special programs
                                            college,” provides academic and          for the College’s most ambitious
                                            social support that helps first-year     and highly qualified students.
                                            students make that all-important       » The Brooklyn College Library is the
                                            transition to college life.              largest library in the CUNY system.
             The Princeton Review, » Brooklyn College faculty members                With 6.5 acres of floor space, it holds
                                      are highly trained scholars and                1.3 million volumes and seating for
           in its nationwide survey                                                  more than 2,300, as well as a Library
                                      dedicated teachers, including
            of 345 schools, ranked    Pulitzer Prize winners,                        Café that is open 24 hours a day
                Brooklyn College #3   world-famous researchers and                   during the academic year.
         for best academic value.     internationally known artists                » Brooklyn College offers a wide
                                      and composers.                                 variety of extracurricular activities,
            In 2002, The Princeton
          Review ranked Brooklyn » Through the Center for Achievement
                                                                                     including more than 140 student
                                      in Science Education (CASE),                   organizations. The College also
                College #1 for most   Brooklyn College offers many                   sponsors 14 NCAA Division III
              beautiful campus and    opportunities for traditionally                athletic teams and numerous
                                      underrepresented students                      intramural teams.
                    #5 for a friendly
               and diverse campus.
                                      interested in science, medicine,             » Brooklyn College produces
                                      scientific research and technology.            successful graduates. More than
                                            CASE programs offer financial            80 percent of our students
                                            support, faculty mentoring,              plan to continue their education
                                            academic counseling, research            in graduate programs. Hundreds
                                            opportunities and internships.           of our alumni hold positions as
                                                                                     CEOs, presidents and vice
                                                                                     presidents in the finance,
                                                                                     business and computer and
                                                                                     information industries.
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                                                                     Accounting - Dietetics/food & Nutrition

            The City College of New York (CCNY)

            Since its founding in 1847, The City College of New York has emphasized academic
            excellence combined with access to higher education. This strategy has
            produced remarkable results. Recognized as a premier public institution of higher education,
            CCNY is one of America’s great educational success stories.

            The City College began as a way to offer higher education to the children of the
            working class and immigrants. Located on 36 beautiful acres in upper Manhattan,
            CCNY is a microcosm of New York City—it has one of the most diverse student bodies of any
            college in America.

            The City College tradition is of economic and social advancement—and of excellence. CCNY is the
            alma mater of nine Nobel Prize winners and countless successful
            individuals in all fields of human endeavor.

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The City College of New York (CCNY)

                                                                                        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                       THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK       Admission: (212) 650-6977
                                                       160 Convent Avenue                 Financial Aid: (212) 650-5819
                                                       New York, New York 10031           www.ccny.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                               » The distinguished program in
                                                                                   biomedical engineering prepares
                                         » CCNY is one of the nation’s leading     students to use traditional
                                           producers of engineering                engineering expertise to analyze
                                           graduates and medical students          and solve problems in biology
                                           from racial and ethnic minorities.      and medicine.
                        Nine CCNY » Overall, CCNY’s medical school               » The art department’s B.F.A. in
                    graduates have  admissions rate is well above the              electronic design and multimedia
                           won the  national average, with more than               offers professional training in
                                    75 percent of first-time applicants            design for print, interactive media
                       Nobel Prize. admitted during the past decade.               and the web.
               CCNY ranks among » The College has more full-time                 » The music department has a
                                     doctoral students in campus-                  distinguished faculty and some
            the top 12 institutions                                                of the nation’s finest facilities
                                     based programs than all of the
                 nationwide in the   other CUNY colleges combined.                 for music training and audio
             number of graduates » CCNY offers students a wide                     engineering.
                   who have been     variety of social and athletic              » CCNY participates in the Macaulay
                    elected to the   activities, including more than               Honors College program and offers
                                     90 campus clubs, organizations,               a freshman honors program for
              prestigious National                                                 qualified students interested in
                                     and intercollegiate and
                       Academy of    intramural sports.                            advanced research work and
                      Engineering. » Special programs include four-year            independent study.
                                     bachelor’s and master’s                     » CCNY conducts exchange
                     CCNY has the    programs in anthropology,                     programs with universities in the
                            largest  economics, English, history,                  People’s Republic of China, Israel,
                   undergraduate     mathematics, mathematics                      Japan, Africa, the Americas
                                     education and psychology.                     and Europe.
                   program in the
               metropolitan area.
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           College of Staten Island

            The College of Staten Island (CSI) is a comprehensive college within CUNY whose
            mission is academic excellence leading to personal growth and professional success. The College
            offers 35 academic programs, 15 graduate degree programs and challenging doctoral programs in
            cooperation with the CUNY Graduate Center.

            CSI helps the students achieve academic and career success by offering
            strong programs in liberal arts and a wide range of professional programs. The campus reflects the
            city’s diversity, as CSI students, many of whom are working adults attending
            evening classes, come from more than 50 countries around the world.
            The College’s parklike 204-acre campus includes state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories
            and studios. The campus’s noteworthy buildings include the Astrophysical Observatory, the
            Biological Sciences /Chemical Sciences Building, the CSI Center for the Arts and the CSI Library.

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College of Staten Island

                                                                                        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                       COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND         Admission: (718) 982-2010
                                                       2800 Victory Boulevard           Financial Aid: (718) 982-2030
                                                       Staten Island, New York 10314    www.csi.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                               » Students accepted into the nursing
                                                                                   program can earn associate
                                         » CSI offers daytime, evening,            degrees and go on to study for
                                           weekend and summer classes.             bachelor’s degrees in the College’s
                                                                                   accredited program.
                                         » A unique orientation program called
                                           CLUE, the College Life Unit           » The accredited engineering science
                                           Experience, helps new students          bachelor’s degree program has
                                           make a smooth transition to             produced many successful
                                           college life.                           professional engineers.
                                         » CSI participates in the Macaulay      » Students interested in teaching
                                           Honors College.                         careers can study early childhood,
                                                                                   elementary or secondary education.
            On-campus research » CSI recently launched the
              centers include the  Verrazano School, a selective                 » Facilities in the Department of
                                   program that expands upon the                   Performing and Creative Arts
        Center for Environmental   College’s successful Learning                   include an experimental black-box
          Science, the Center for  Communities model.                              theater, editing studios, a screening
                                                                                   room and a graphic design and
        Developmental Research » Students aspiring to leadership                   desktop publishing laboratory.
               Neuroscience and    positions in business may
                                   specialize in accounting, finance,            » The Laboratory Sciences Building
                  Developmental    international business,                         houses an aviary and greenhouse
              Disabilities and the management or marketing.                        as well as laboratories for teaching
           Center for Engineered » CSI students can choose study-                  and research in biology, chemistry
                                                                                   and neuroscience.
             Polymeric Materials   abroad programs in more than 20
                                           nations, including year-round         » The Sports and Recreation Center,
                                           programs in China, Ecuador,             open to all CSI students, provides
                                           Greece and Italy.                       a splendid venue for the College’s
                                                                                   many championship teams.
                                         » CSI has a growing international
                                           reputation in the fields of polymer   » Cutting-edge faculty research has
                                           and biopolymer chemistry research.      brought CSI international acclaim
                                                                                   as well as millions of dollars in
                                                                                   external grants.
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           Hunter College
            Founded in 1870, Hunter is one of the oldest and most distinguished public colleges in the nation.
            It’s also the largest college in the CUNY system. Hunter provides undergraduate and
            graduate students alike with first-rate programs in the liberal arts and sciences and
            professional fields including education, health care professions, nursing and social work.

            Located in the heart of bustling Manhattan, Hunter serves over 21,000 students pursuing both
            undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 170 different programs of study.

            Hunter is an urban leader in educating a diverse student body. The College
            maintains distinct leadership in educating women and providing educational opportunities for

            With a world-renowned faculty and the myriad opportunities found in New York City, Hunter
            is a comprehensive teaching, research and service institution, with stellar social work and education
            schools as well as a top-rated health science program.

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Hunter College

                                                                                          FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                            HUNTER COLLEGE                   Admission: (212) 772-4490
                                                            695 Park Avenue                  Financial Aid: (212) 772-4820
                                                            New York, New York 10021         www.hunter.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                 » Hunter produces more female
                                                                                     graduates who go on to earn
                                         » Hunter is made up of four                 Ph.D.s than any other college in
                                           schools: Arts and Sciences,               the nation.
                                           Education, Health Professions           » Hunter is the only college in
                                           and Social Work.                          the world whose roster of alumni
                   Hunter College        » The College’s main campus is              includes two female Nobel
            has been listed in the         located on Manhattan’s East Side          laureates.
          new edition of Barron’s          at 68th Street and Lexington            » Hunter graduates are frequent
                                           Avenue. A modern complex of four
            “Best Buys in College          buildings connected by skywalks
                                                                                     recipients of coveted prizes and
                                                                                     awards, including Fulbright,
             Education”–the only           houses the Schools of Arts and            Mellon, Howard Hughes
          CUNY school to receive           Sciences and Education.                   Predoctoral and Truman
            such recognition. The        » Hunter’s innovative Block Program         scholarships and fellowships.
                                           allows first-year students to             They are also regularly accepted
           prestigious publication                                                   into graduate programs at many
                                           earn general education credits
               quoted one recent           while exploring possible careers          of the nation’s most prestigious
              Hunter graduate as           and majors.                               universities.
        saying the school offered        » The Schools of the Health               » Many Hunter students participate
         a rewarding educational           Professions, which includes the           in campus clubs, intramural
                                           Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing,        sports and intercollegiate
                  experience that                                                    athletic teams.
                                           one of the largest nursing schools in
        “culturally and politically        the nation, and the distinguished       » Hunter offers what is widely
          is more different, more          School of Health Sciences, are            considered the premier athletic
                diverse and more           located at Hunter’s Brookdale             program in CUNY.
                                           campus on East 25th Street.
          radical than what most
                      mainstream         » In the past decade, 61 percent
                                           of Hunter applicants were
                    or Ivy League          accepted to medical school,
               colleges provide.”          a rate 25 percent higher than
                                           the national average.
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            John Jay College of Criminal Justice

            An international leader in educating for justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers a rich
            liberal arts and professional studies curriculum to a diverse student body in a vibrant urban setting.
            In teaching and research, the College defines justice both narrowly, with an eye
            to the needs of criminal justice and public service agencies, and broadly and
            humanistically, in terms of enduring questions about fairness, equality and the rule of law.

            John Jay College has an ethnically diverse student body of more than 14,000 students. The
            majority are students who plan careers in public service. Many are members
            of uniformed criminal justice and fire agencies.

            The strength, reputation and vitality of the College are embodied in the commitment to academic
            excellence maintained by its faculty— many of whom are recognized experts in their
            fields. They conduct critical research in areas such as violent behavior, DNA analysis, drug abuse
            trends, child aggression, sexual abuse, eyewitness reliability, criminal law, police methods
            and crime reduction strategy.

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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

                                                                                        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE       Admission: (212) JOHN-JAY
                                                899 Tenth Avenue                           Financial Aid: (212) 237-8151
                                                New York, New York 10019                   www.jjay.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                               » John Jay’s Lloyd Sealy Library
                                                                                   houses one of the world’s premier
                                         » Undergraduate degrees are               criminal justice libraries. With
                                           offered in twenty-one criminal          unique holdings of 440,000 books,
                                           justice-related majors: computer        periodicals, microforms and digital
                                           information systems in criminal         collections, the Library supports
                                           justice and public administration,      the general education and
                                           correctional studies, criminal          curricular aims of the College
                                           justice, criminal justice               and provides opportunities for
                                           administration and planning,            extensive research in the social
                     The College is        criminology, deviant behavior and       sciences, criminal justice, forensic
                named in honor of          social control, economics, English,     psychology, forensic science and
             the first Chief Justice       fire science, fire and emergency        related fields.
               of the United States        service, forensic psychology,         » In recognition of the complexity
                                           forensic science, gender studies,       and universal impact of crime
                    Supreme Court.         global history, government,             on public safety, the College
                                           international criminal justice,         fosters the exchange of ideas
                John Jay’s faculty         judicial studies, justice studies,      and cooperation with practitioners,
           consists of recognized          legal studies, police studies,          educators, researchers and policy
           authorities in criminal         public administration and security      makers from around the world.
                  justice that the                                               » Located in mid-Manhattan, John
                     media, other » The graduate program offers of
                                    master’s degrees in six areas
                                                                                   Jay’s campus is just a short walk
                                                                                   from two of the world’s most
          educational institutions  specialization: criminal justice,              renowned centers for music and
                 and government     forensic psychology, forensic                  dance—Carnegie Hall and
              regularly solicit for science, public administration,                Lincoln Center. Its West Side
                                    security management and                        neighborhood is dotted with
                  their expertise.  forensic computing. The doctoral               dozens of cafés and coffee houses.
                                           programs in criminal justice and
                                           in forensic psychology offered
                                           by CUNY are also centered at
                                           the College.
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           Lehman College
            The College is named after Herbert H. Lehman, the legendary New York governor, senator and
            humanitarian. It was founded in 1968 and has graduated over 50,000 men and
            women who have gone on to achieve distinctive careers in business,
            government, arts, social services and other fields.

            Lehman’s beautiful, tree-lined, 37-acre campus is located in a residential section of the northwest
            Bronx along the historic Jerome Park Reservoir. The only public baccalaureate college in the Bronx,
            Lehman enrolls over 11,000 students of all ages, nationalities and
            With more
                    than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs
            and specializations, Lehman College is committed to meeting the educational needs of
            its students, offering a quality liberal arts education and preparation for successful careers
            and advanced study.

            26 | 27   THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
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Lehman College

                                                                                        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                     LEHMAN COLLEGE                     Admission: (877) LEHMAN-1
                                                     250 Bedford Park Boulevard West    Financial Aid: (718) 960-8545
                                                     Bronx, New York 10468              www.lehman.cuny.edu

                                          THE FACTS                              » High-achieving students take
                                                                                   advantage of programs like the
                                          » Outstanding facilities, a friendly     Macaulay Honors College at
                                            campus atmosphere and                  Lehman, the Lehman Scholars
                                            accessible faculty create an           Program and Minority Access to
                                            academic environment that helps        Research Careers (MARC).
               The Freshman Year            Lehman students excel.               » Lehman helps students make the
              Initiative (FYI) is an » Lehman’s multilingual journalism            right decisions about careers and
                                       program is the only program of its          graduate education. The Career
                   award-winning,      kind in the nation.                         Services Office provides career
            nationally recognized                                                  counseling, on-campus interviews
                                     » Lehman has an average class size            and workshops on selecting
                 program offering      of just 19 students. Students often         majors, resume writing and
             first-year students a     collaborate with faculty on                 interview techniques.
                    supportive and     research projects.
                                                                                 » Renowned faculty members
              carefully structured » Lehman’s tradition of one-on-one              include Academy Award-winning
              college experience.      mentoring has helped to establish           composer John Corigliano, recent
                                       the College’s excellent record of           U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins
                                     student acceptance to medical,
                      The College’s  law and graduate schools,
                                                                                   and several notable scientists.
                original graystone,  including some of the nation’s              » Athletic and recreation facilities
                 Tudor Gothic style  most prestigious programs.                    include two full-size gymnasiums
                                                                                   that house an indoor track, fitness
                    buildings were » A wide range of programs support              and free-weight rooms, dance and
                constructed in the   and enrich the Lehman experience,             aerobics studios, four racquetball
                                     including an award-winning
                 1930s and served    Freshman Year Initiative and the
                                                                                   courts and one of the area’s
                                                                                   largest indoor swimming pools.
                     as the interim  Adult Degree Program for students
                     campus of the   25 and older.
                    United Nations
                           in 1946.
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           Macaulay Honors College

            Macaulay Honors College is the flagship honors program for The City University of New York
            (CUNY). As University Scholars, Macaulay students receive full-tuition scholarships,
            individualized advising, opportunity grants for study-abroad and research and an
            exclusive curriculum that explores the history as well as the cultural, scientific, economic and social
            challenges of New York City.

            Macaulay students take advantage of CUNY’s diverse range of academic programs in an engaging
            and supportive environment. They enroll in and receive their degrees from one of
            the seven CUNY partner schools— Baruch College, Brooklyn College, The City College
            of New York, the College of Staten Island, Hunter College, Lehman College or Queens College —
            establishing a unique dual identity that will be with them for life.

            In addition to financial benefits and specialized advising, Macaulay scholars also receive
            laptops with full technical support and New York Cultural Passports for free or
            discounted entry to hundreds of New York cultural institutions and performances.

            28 | 29   THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
Page 29 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                              Colleges / Institutions

Macaulay Honors College

                                                                                      FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                     MACAULAY HONORS COLLEGE     Admission: (212) 729-2929
                                                     35 West 67th Street         Financial Aid: contact the host college
                                                     New York, NY 10023          www.macaulay.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                               majors, global learning, graduate
                                                                                 and professional mentoring,
                                                                                 community engagement and
                                         » Interdisciplinary City Seminars       faculty-student research
                                           combine primary research and
                                           classroom discussions with hands-
              Our students have            on experiences designed to deepen   » All Macaulay students perform a
                                           understanding of the institutions     minimum of 30 hours of
               been selected for           and people of New York.               community service, both locally
                Rhodes, Truman,                                                  and around the world. Students
                                  » The Macaulay Opportunities Fund
              Fulbright and Ford    is available to all Macaulay
                                                                                 have worked on affordable housing
         Foundation scholarships                                                 efforts with Habitat for Humanity
                                    students to support study abroad
                                                                                 and have traveled to Accra, Ghana
                 and fellowships,   and research in a wide variety of
                                                                                 to work on anti-malaria efforts.
                                    countries and professional paths.
                  among others.     More than 75 percent of Macaulay           » Ninety-five percent of Macaulay
                                           students access the Opportunities     students plan to continue their
                   Thirty percent of       Fund to study abroad.                 education beyond a bachelor’s
                         Macaulay's » Macaulay students complete                 degree: 35 percent plan to pursue
                                                                                 a master’s degree, 25 percent a
                  Class of 2012 are   internships at leading companies
                                                                                 doctoral degree and 35 percent
                                      and organizations in media, law,
          first-generation college    medicine, government, nonprofit
                                                                                 a professional degree such as
                students, and more                                               medicine or law.
                                      and culture and are welcomed for
               than 60 percent are    on-site visits and mentorships.          » The Macaulay building on
                                      Participating organizations have           67th Street has become a hub
           immigrants or children     included the American Ballet               of intellectual activity on the
                     of immigrants.   Theatre, HBO, New York Life                Upper West Side. Each year, CUNY
                                           Insurance, the United Nations,        and non-CUNY organizations
                 Members of the            Google and Duane Morris LLP.          alike bring more than 100
                                                                                 meetings, events and symposia
          Macaulay Class of 2009 » Through the Macaulay Advising                 to Macaulay’s spaces, which
                                   Program, each student develops a
          performed over 18,000    coordinated, individualized
                                                                                 include a reading room, commons,
             hours of community                                                  lecture hall, screening room
                                   academic program that includes
                                                                                 and classrooms.
             service during their  courses selected from over 210
                      four years.
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           Medgar Evers College
            Founded in 1970, Medgar Evers is CUNY’s newest four-year college. Named in honor of the slain
            civil rights leader Medgar Wiley Evers, the College serves the central Brooklyn
            community, helping students to acquire the intellectual, creative and
            social tools they need to achieve lifelong success while making a difference in our world.
            Medgar Evers College offers a unique blend of academic excellence and
            real-world experience with nearly 100 major areas of study. The College combines
            world-class resources, diverse students, top-rated professors and New York excitement—
            all within a friendly campus community.

            Access and academic excellence are essential aspects of the
            Medgar Evers mission. A comprehensive, community-minded college with a diverse
            faculty and student body, Medgar Evers provides a strong foundation for professional
            achievement and advanced study.

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Medgar Evers College

                                                                                         FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                             MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE           Admission: (718) 270-6024
                                                             1650 Bedford Avenue            Financial Aid: (718) 270-6141
                                                             Brooklyn, New York 11225       www.mec.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                » Medgar Evers College has
                                                                                    developed many effective
                                         » Medgar Evers College offers both         enrichment and support services
                                            bachelor’s and associate degree         that supplement and enhance
                                            programs, with convenient day,          regular course offerings. These
                                            evening and weekend classes to fit      include: postsecondary instruction
              The Center for Black          student schedules.                      in basic skills, English as a Second
         Literature is a nationally                                                 Language (ESL) and bilingual
                                      » Medgar Evers is a multicultural
                   known program        community, with students and
                                                                                    teacher educational programs for
                                                                                    non-native English speakers,
           that attracts nationally     faculty members reflecting the              career planning courses, peer and
                and internationally     diversity of the surrounding                group counseling, degree
                                        Brooklyn community. Students and
        recognized individuals in       their families have roots in some
                                                                                    programs for paraprofessional
                                                                                    teachers’ aides, the Freshman Year
             the field of literature.   75 countries, and faculty members           Experience Program and a Student
                                            represent five of the Earth’s seven     Advocacy Support Services Center.
                The Study-Abroad    continents.
                Program enables » The College’s highly accomplished               » Medgar Evers College offers
                                                                                    assistance to members of the
              students to study in  faculty includes a Fulbright                    community, students, faculty and
              Brazil, Ghana, West   Scholar, a CUNY Distinguished                   alumni through its many centers.
                                    Professor, American Council of
          Africa, Japan, Australia, Education Fellows and many
                                                                                    These include the Caribbean
                                                                                    Research Center, the Center for
                Nigeria and other   recipients of research awards and               Black Literature, the Center for
                        countries.  other professional honors. The                  Law and Social Justice, the Center
                                            majority of Medgar Evers faculty        for Professional Education, the
           The School of Business           hold doctorates or the terminal         Center for Women’s Development
                                            degree in their disciplines.
                  is accredited by                                                  and the Jackie Robinson Center for
                                                                                    Physical Culture.
                the Association of
              Collegiate Business
                      Schools and
              Programs (ACBSP).
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           New York City College of Technology

            City Tech, CUNY’s four-year college of technology, is the largest public college of
            technology in New York State and a national model for technological education.
            Technology is more than just the subject matter at City Tech. Advanced technology and access to
            cutting edge equipment support teaching and learning in every portion of the College. The City Tech
            experience provides a setting where students prepare for tomorrow’s workforce, where knowledge of
            the most advanced technology is a necessity, not a luxury.

            City Tech enrolls about 15,000 students in 64 baccalaureate, associate and specialized certificate
            programs. It also serves more than 15,000 students annually through its
            Division of Continuing Education.

            Located at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, adjacent to the MetroTech Center academic and
            commercial complex, City Tech offers a number of unique programs, several
            of which are unduplicated not only within CUNY but throughout the entire Northeast.

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New York City College of Technology

                                                                                         FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                NEW YORK CITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY         Admission: (718) 260-5500
                                                300 Jay Street                              Financial Aid: (718) 260-5700
                                                Brooklyn, New York 11201                    www.citytech.cuny.edu

                                          THE FACTS                               » Students can reinforce academic
                                                                                    skills and gain career experience
                                          » City Tech’s innovative degree           by taking advantage of credit-
                                            programs allow graduates to             bearing internships and research
                                            pursue careers in the architectural     opportunities at prestigious
                                            and engineering technologies,           national science laboratories.
               Year after year, U.S.        computers, entertainment and          » City Tech is home to the largest
        News & World Report lists           health professions, human               architecture program in the U.S.,
        City Tech among the most            services, advertising and               testimony to the value of the
                                            publishing, hospitality, business       hands-on City Tech experience.
           diverse comprehensive            and law-related professions as
        colleges in the Northeast.          well as programs in career and        » A City Tech degree translates to
                                            technical teacher education.            success. The College has produced
                For the third time, » City Tech’s caring, committed                 more than 80,000 graduates,
                                                                                    many of whom have remained in
              City Tech hospitality   faculty, the majority with strong             the greater New York area.
           management students,       experience in the industries they             Many alumni are prominent in
          faculty and alumni were     serve, create a unique learning               their fields, including more than
                                      environment and a strong sense                1,500 graduates who are or
             awarded the coveted      of community.                                 have been corporate CEOs or
         Marc Sarrazin Trophy for » Advisory commissions composed of                business owners.
         Best in Show at the 2008     leading professionals help to keep          » Innovative programs in the
        International Hotel, Motel    City Tech’s programs focused on               Division of Continuing Education
                                      tomorrow’s needs, not yesterday’s.
             & Restaurant Show’s                                                    help meet students’ specific
           140th Salon of Culinary » City Tech is a diverse, multicultural          training and retraining needs and
                                                                                    provide businesses with employees
                                      learning environment. Students
           Arts held in Manhattan,    and faculty members come from                 who have strong technical and
        beating previous winners,     more than 120 countries and                   management skills.
             the Culinary Institute   speak more than 60 languages.
                   of America and
                 Johnson & Wales.
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           Queens College

            Queens College provides a first-rate education to high achievers from diverse
            backgrounds. In fact, it is consistently included in The Princeton Review’s annual college guide,
            “America’s Best Value Colleges.” Often referred to as “the jewel of the CUNY system,” Queens
            College enjoys a national reputation for its liberal arts and sciences and pre-professional programs.

            The beautiful 77-acre campus is located on the highest point in the
            borough and boasts a traditional quad with a view of the Manhattan skyline. The College
            serves more than 19,500 students from 140 nations. In August 2009, Queens opened its
            first residence hall, The Summit.

            With over 115 undergraduate and graduate programs and numerous honors programs, Queens
            College prepares students for leadership by offering a rigorous education
            taught by a faculty dedicated to both teaching and research.

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Queens College

                                                                                        FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                            QUEENS COLLEGE                 Admission: (718) 997-5600
                                                            65-30 Kissena Boulevard        Financial Aid: (718) 997-5100
                                                            Flushing, New York 11367       www.qc.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                 Nobel Laureates Toni Morrison and
                                                                                   Orhan Pamuk.
                                         » The College’s ranking as a “Best      » An expanded Study- Abroad Office
                                           Bargain Public College” is based        offers students the opportunity to
                                           on a combination of “excellent          take classes in numerous countries
                                           academics, generous financial aid       —from Argentina to Italy to Vietnam.
          Queens College alumni            and low tuition,” according to The
        have gone on to successful         Princeton Review.
                                                                                 » The Queens College faculty is
                                                                                   distinguished and exceptionally
              careers, including:        » Queens College students enjoy           well qualified: almost 90 percent
                                           their own Student Union building,       of full-time faculty members have
              Arts: Jerry Seinfield,       over 100 clubs and a full athletics     Ph.D.s or the terminal degree
              Ray Romano, Carole           program. In fact, Queens is the         offered by their disciplines.
                                           only CUNY college that participates   » The campus is high-tech—even
             King, Paul Simon and          in Division II sports. The fully
                 Marvin Hamlisch                                                   the quad is wireless! Students
                                           equipped fitness center was             enjoy using several wireless cafés
                                           recently updated and enlarged.          and attending class in the state-
           Politics: Congressmen
                                         » The College’s award-winning             of-the-art Powdermaker Hall.
             Gary Ackerman and             Freshman Year Initiative keeps
                   Joseph Crowley          students together in “learning
                                                                                 » Exceptional campus facilities
                                                                                   include the 2,200-seat Colden
            and Queens Borough             communities” and offers an              Auditorium, which hosts world-class
                                           innovative “Reacting to the Past”
                  President Helen          curriculum in partnership with
                                                                                   artists; the Music Building, home of
                                                                                   the Aaron Copland School of Music
                         Marshall          Barnard College.                        and LeFrak Concert Hall; the
               Business: Michael » Queens College is the mecca for
                                   the arts in Queens, thanks to the
                                                                                   Benjamin Rosenthal Library, with
                                                                                   its soaring atrium and art center;
          Minikes, Treasurer, the  Kupferberg Center for the Arts,                 the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, the
        Bear Stearns Companies,    which presents music, theatre and               only comprehensive art museum in
            Inc.; Laurie Younger,  dance programs throughout the                   Queens; and the Louis Armstrong
                                   year. The Evening Reading Series                House Museum, a resource for
          President, Buena Vista   has brought some of the world’s                 researchers and fans of America’s
            Worldwide Television   finest writers to campus, including             beloved jazz icon.
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            York College

            York College provides students with a one-of-a-kind educational experience. It offers
            many features of a major university, including a distinguished faculty and strong
            preprofessional programs. At the same time, students benefit from individualized
            attention and a strong sense of community.
            York College students can choose from more than 44 academic majors in the liberal
            arts and sciences and in a variety of professional programs such as accounting, business,
            computer studies, nursing, education, health and social work, as well as professional majors
            including physician assistant, aviation management, journalism, communications technology
            and the combined B.S./M.S. in occupational therapy. Centrally located in Queens, York College
            students represent a cross section of New York City’s diverse population and hail from more than
            117 different countries and speak 79 different native languages.

            York College combines state-of-the-art facilities, a career-focused curriculum and a
            small-college atmosphere, providing its students with a unique academic experience.

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Page 37 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                     Colleges / Institutions

York College

                                                                                            FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES

                                                            YORK COLLEGE                       Admission: (718) 262-2165
                                                            94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.          Financial Aid: (718) 262-2230
                                                            Jamaica, New York 11451            www.york.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                      desktop publishing skills or
                                                                                        utilize computer-aided design in
                                                                                        other disciplines.
                                         » Upon graduation, York students
                                            are exceptionally well prepared for   » Students interested in media and
                                            the labor market. Most have                 the communication arts have
                                            significant job experience and              access to a fully equipped
                                            references and are well equipped            television production studio that
                                            to seek employment in their fields.         includes audio production.
               York is home to the       » Students in community health,          » The Performing Arts Center houses
            CUNY Aviation Institute         education, gerontology, health              a 1,500-seat auditorium and
               at York College, the         promotion management,                       includes a theater with dressing
                                            occupational therapy, physical              rooms, studios and offices. The
                first CUNY institute        education, political science,               Health and Physical Education
              to focus specifically         psychology and social work all              Complex includes a gymnasium,
               on aviation studies.         have the opportunity to pursue              an NCAA-size swimming pool, a
                                            community service fieldwork and             health and fitness center, athletic
            York is the only public         internships. They gain valuable             fields and classrooms.
                                            experience while making a             » York students participate in more
            four-year institution in        contribution to the community.              than 52 organizations that
           Queens County offering » Music majors studying electronic                    represent a wide range of
          programs in social work    music and jazz have access to a                    academic, athletic and special
                and upper-division   computer music studio that                         interests, including intercollegiate
                nursing (RN/BSN),    utilizes microcomputers, digital                   and intramural athletics.
                                     synthesizers, MIDI interfaces,
               and one of only two   sound-sampling systems and
             CUNY colleges with a    multitrack tape recorders.
               physician assistant » The College’s Computer Graphics
                         program.    Lab is a state-of-the-art facility
                                            where students can display three-
                                            dimensional scientific figures,
                                            create graphic business charts
                                            and presentations, develop
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            Borough of Manhattan
            Community College

            Borough of Manhattan Community College is the largest community college in The City
            University of New York, and the only one in Manhattan. BMCC offers general, liberal arts,
            career education and continuing education programs to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of
            students of all ages.

            BMCC is an international college with students from over 100 countries.
            BMCC enrolls approximately 18,000 students in degree programs and 12,000 more in adult and
            continuing education programs.

            Located on Chambers Street between Greenwich and West Streets, BMCC provides students with
            easy access to the artistic communities of Tribeca and SoHo, the dynamic downtown business
            district and the center of New York City government at City Hall. The campus is within easy
            reach of more major transit lines than any other college in New York City. BMCC also
            offers courses uptown in Washington Heights.

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Page 39 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                               Colleges / Institutions

Borough of Manhattan Community College

                                                                                      COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                         BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE          Admission: (212) 220-1265
                                         199 Chambers Street New York,                   Financial Aid: (212) 220-1430
                                         New York 10007                                  www.bmcc.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                and liberal arts. Students in these
                                                                                  programs may complete their
                                                                                  degree requirements by attending
                                         » BMCC offers associate degree           classes part-time exclusively on
                                           programs and career-focused
                                                                                  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
                                           majors in more than 20 fields.
           According to the most » BMCC graduates find excellent                » Students have access to an
        recent data from the U.S.                                                 on-campus cyber café, an
                                   jobs and gain acceptance to top
                                                                                  intercollegiate-size swimming
        Department of Education,   four-year colleges, both within
                                                                                  pool, a regulation-size basketball
                                   CUNY and beyond.
              among community                                                     court and a wide selection of
            colleges nationwide, » BMCC students enjoy a high level               cardiovascular and weightlifting
                                   of academic and career success,                equipment.
                    BMCC ranks:    as displayed by our past and
                                           present winners of national Phi
                                                                                » BMCC students take part in a
                  #1 in awarding   Theta Kappa and Belle Zeller
                                                                                  wide range of recreational, social
             associate degrees in                                                 and ethnic clubs as well as
                                                                                  athletic teams.
            computer information » BMCC offers exceptional support
                        sciences.  services, including job and career
                                                                                » Tutors are available
                                                                                  seven days a week.
                                           counseling, cooperative education,
                   #2 in awarding          internships and an on-site early     » The College’s extensive
                                           child care center.                     computer facilities are
             associate degrees in                                                 accessible to students in all
           business management. » BMCC gives students access to                   academic programs.
                                           first-rate facilities, such as our
                   #6 in awarding          state-of-the-art media center
                                           and 100,000-volume library. The
             associate degrees in          College is also home to the
                 communications            BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts
                    technologies.          Center (TPAC).
                                         » BMCC offers evening and
                   #9 in awarding          weekend programs in business
                associate degrees          administration, computer
                     in education.         operations, accounting, child care
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           Bronx Community College

            Bronx Community College has served as the “Gateway to Success” for more than 33,000 graduates
            who have gone on to earn bachelor’s degrees or pursue careers as skilled
            professionals and technicians. Located on New York City’s highest natural peak, the
            College’s 54-acre campus provides an inspiring setting for learning and making the most of one’s
            talents and ambitions.

            Bronx Community College was founded in 1957 to meet the growing need for access to higher
            education in the borough of the Bronx. Today, the College serves more than 9,000
            students from over 100 countries. BCC offers a wide variety of degrees and certificate
            programs emphasizing health professions, technological training and the sciences. Programs
            unique to Bronx Community College include nuclear medicine technology, automotive technology,
            energy services technology and environmental technology.

            Extraordinary programs, a beautiful campus and a diverse student                    body make
            Bronx Community College a great place to lay the foundation for lifelong success.

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Page 41 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                  Colleges / Institutions

Bronx Community College

                                                                                        COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                                            BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE         Admission: (718) 289-5895
                                                            2155 University Avenue          Financial Aid: (718) 289-5700
                                                            Bronx, New York 10453           www.bcc.cuny.edu

                                          THE FACTS                                 including licensed day care for the
                                                                                    preschool children of enrolled
                                                                                    students. An after-school
                                          » Students can choose day or              education and recreation program
                                            evening programs. Many courses
                                                                                    for school-age youth is also
                                            are also offered on Saturdays
                                            and Sundays.
            According to the U.S.                                                 » Extracurricular activities are an
        Department of Education,          » The College’s 260 full-time faculty     integral part of many BCC
                                            members provide expert
               BCC awards more              instruction.
                                                                                    students’ educational experience.
                                                                                    The College offers a complete
            associate degrees to          » Students can supplement                 spectrum of organizations, clubs,
               minority students            classroom instruction with tutoring     activities and athletic teams.
          than any other college            and courses in English as a
                                                                                  » On-campus recreation facilities
                                            Second Language (ESL) as needed.
                  in the country.                                                   include an Olympic-size pool and a
                                          » The College has a nationally            recently renovated student center.
              The Hall of Fame for     recognized Learning Resources
                                                                                  » Liberal arts and sciences transfer
        Great Americans is a New       Center on campus. It includes the
                                                                                    students choosing the Associate in
                                       Academic Computing Center and
           York landmark located       the Personal and Academic
                                                                                    Science (A.S.) degree can select an
                                                                                    option in biology, chemistry, earth
              on the BCC campus.       Support Services Center (PASS).
                                                                                    science or physics. This program
                   Designed by the » Experienced faculty advisors and a             ensures that students earning an
               renowned architect      professional counseling staff help           A.S. degree can transfer all credits
                                       students select the programs best            to a four-year institution.
          Stanford White, the Hall     suited to their needs and goals.
                is a large open-air    Advisors also provide guidance
                                                                                  » Students in the Liberal Arts and
                                                                                    Sciences (A.A.) program may select
                colonnade housing      regarding finances, making sound
                                                                                    an option from among 12
          bronze portrait busts of     career decisions and coping with
                                                                                    areas in the humanities and
                                       personal needs.
        the honorees. Founded in                                                    social sciences.
            1900, it is the nation’s » Since a largeworking adults and/or
                                       students are
                                                      number of BCC

          original “Hall of Fame.”     parents, the College offers a wide
                                            range of support services,
Colleges / Institutions                                                              Choices, You = CUNY Brochure | Page 42

           Hostos Community College

            Consistent with the mission of CUNY to provide access to higher education for all who
            seek it, Hostos Community College was established in the South Bronx to meet the higher
            educational needs of community residents, many of whom have been excluded from higher
            education, historically speaking.

            Named in honor of Eugenio María de Hostos, the Puerto Rican educator,
            writer and patriot, Hostos Community College enrolls about 5,500 students, serving a diverse
            student body, the highest concentration of whom come from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic
            and South and Central America.

            The College takes pride in its historical role in educating students from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural
            and linguistic backgrounds. An integral part of fulfilling its mission is to provide transitional
            language instruction for all English as a Second Language (ESL) learners along
            with Spanish/English bilingual education offerings to foster a multicultural environment for all students.

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Page 43 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                          Colleges / Institutions

Hostos Community College

                                                                                                COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                         HOSTOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                  Admission: (718) 319-7900
                                         500 Grand Concourse (149th Street & Grand Concourse)      Financial Aid: (718) 518-6555
                                         Bronx, New York 10451                                     www.hostos.cuny.edu

                                           THE FACTS                                      one-on-one or in small groups to
                                                                                          provide general course review and
                                                                                          pre-exam preparation. Students
                                           » At Hostos, students can choose               are also welcome to attend the
                                              between the liberal arts and
                                                                                          Learning Center days, evenings
                                              sciences or occupation-oriented
                                                                                          and weekends, including Sunday,
                                              programs. Most students in the
                                                                                          throughout the semester and
                                              occupational programs find
                                                                                          participate in workshops offered
                                              employment immediately after
                   The Longwood               graduation.
                                                                                          including ACT/COMPASS/CMAT
                                                                                          examination preparation, study
            Art Gallery at Hostos » More than 90 percent of the Hostos                    skills and basic computing.
            displays the work of     faculty teach full-time at the
                                                                                       » The East Academic Complex
         many local visual artists   College. About 50 percent hold a
                                                                                          contains 10 microcomputer labs,
                                     doctoral degree, 15 percent hold a
             as part of the BRIO     terminal degree in their field and
                                                                                          a new Digital Media lab, art and
               program—Bronx                                                              dance studios, a gymnasium,
                                     33 percent have earned at least
                                                                                          exercise and fitness centers and
            Recognizes Its Own.      one master’s degree.
                                                                                          a swimming pool. There are two
                                   » The Hostos Academic Learning                         theaters, a museum-grade art
                       Hostos CC     Center (HALC) is a complete                          gallery and the college bookstore.
                         provides    learning environment that provides
                                                                                       » A glass-enclosed pedestrian
                        day care     students with support services
                                                                                          bridge connects the Complex to the
                                     necessary for academic success.
                 for the children    Tutorial services are available at
                                                                                          Shirley J. Hinds Allied Health
                 of students. The                                                         Building, which contains a library
                                     the HALC in all subjects offered at
                                                                                          and laboratories for the College’s
               Hostos Children’s     Hostos Community College. The
                                                                                          programs in radiologic technology,
                                     Learning Center houses three
                      Center can     computer labs equipped with
                                                                                          chemistry, biology, physics and
                  accommodate                                                             medical laboratory technology. In
                                     interactive software used for
                                                                                          addition, the College has a
               up to 60 children.    mathematics practice, foreign
                                                                                          state-of-the-art dental clinical
                                              language acquisition and ESL
                                                                                          facility for students in the Dental
                                              preparation along with tutorial
                                                                                          Hygiene program.
                                              rooms. Tutors work either
Colleges / Institutions                                                            Choices, You = CUNY Brochure | Page 44

           Kingsborough Community College

            Kingsborough is Brooklyn’s community college. In addition to being a fully accredited
            educational institution offering more than 25 associate degree programs, Kingsborough is a
            vital presence in its home borough, sponsoring concerts, films, lectures and plays that are attended by
            some 200,000 people annually.

            Located in the Manhattan Beach section of Brooklyn, Kingsborough’s magnificent 70-acre
            campus overlooks three bodies of water —Sheepshead Bay, Jamaica Bay and
            the Atlantic Ocean.

            A comprehensive two-year college, Kingsborough offers programs in the liberal arts and
            sciences as well as career-focused majors. The College enrolls about 15,000
            degree-seeking students but serves an increasing population each year with non-credit courses
            and specialized programs. A breathtaking campus, flexible schedules and a strong commitment
            to student success make Kingsborough an ideal learning environment.

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Page 45 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                               Colleges / Institutions

Kingsborough Community College

                                                                                     COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                                  KINGSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE         Admission: (718) COLLEGE
                                                  2001 Oriental Boulevard                Financial Aid: (718) 368-4644
                                                  Brooklyn, New York 11235               www.kbcc.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                comprehensive adult continuing
                                                                                  education and GED programs in
                                                                                  New York City.
                                         » Kingsborough Community College
                                           serves students of all ages, both    » Kingsborough maintains an
                                           the traditional high school            ongoing dialogue with the
                                           graduate as well as the non-           residents of Brooklyn and the other
                                           traditional adult learner.             boroughs to better serve their
                                                                                  educational, career and cultural
                                         » Students at Kingsborough can earn      needs and interests.
                                           an associate degree in 28 areas.
           Kingsborough attracts                                                » The college’s modern campus
             an extremely diverse        » More than 70 percent of                features an extensive library, with
                                           Kingsborough graduates choose to
           student body. Students          continue their studies and earn
                                                                                  a link to the CUNY+ system—a
                                                                                  fully automated, online library
              speak more than 70           baccalaureate degrees.
                                                                                  system offering computer access
             languages and come          » Kingsborough has served more           to more than 2.5 million entries
                  from more than           than half a million students since     available through participating
                                           its founding 40 years ago.             CUNY institutions.
                    130 countries.
                                   » Among the nation’s 1,100                   » Kingsborough students have
         The College ranks in the    community colleges, Kingsborough             access to excellent facilities,
                                     ranks in the top 5 percent in                including a media and computer
             top 3 percent among     awarding associate degrees to                center, an accredited early learning
              community colleges     students planning to transfer to a           child development center, an
        nationwide in the number     four-year college to complete a              educational FM station, a
           of degrees awarded to     bachelor’s degree.                           performing arts center, a science
                                                                                  and arts complex, an English as a
         students from racial and » Kingsborough’s flexible academic              Second Language (ESL) tutorial
                                     calendar is divided into two 12-
                ethnic minorities.   week semesters, each followed by             center, an academic and
                                           a 6-week module.                       counseling cluster and
                                                                                  state-of-the-art sports and
                                         » Kingsborough offers evening and        recreation facilities that include an
                                           weekend studies and maintains          Olympic-size swimming pool and a
                                           one of the largest and most            private beach.
Colleges / Institutions                                                            Choices, You = CUNY Brochure | Page 46

            LaGuardia Community College

            Recently named one of the top three large community colleges in the U.S. in a
            national survey, LaGuardia Community College provides students with an unparalleled education in
            an international environment. LaGuardia prepares students for either immediate employment or
            transfer to four-year colleges, where they can earn baccalaureate degrees.
            Only 15 minutes from Times Square, LaGuardia is conveniently located in Queens, New York City’s
            fastest growing and most ethnically diverse borough. Known as “The World’s
            Community College,” LaGuardia boasts a student body that hails from 163 countries and speaks
            more than 119 languages.

            One of only 13 National Institutions of Excellence, as recognized by the Policy Center on the First
            Year of College, LaGuardia Community College provides unique higher education
            opportunities for New Yorkers of all backgrounds.

            46 | 47   THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
Page 47 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                    Colleges / Institutions

LaGuardia Community College

                                                                                          COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                                       LAGUARDIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE            Admission: (718) 482-5000
                                                       31-10 Thomson Avenue                   Financial Aid: (718) 482-7218
                                                       Long Island City, New York 11101       www.lagcc.cuny.edu

                                         THE FACTS                                  tutoring labs, career counseling,
                                                                                    academic advisement services
                                                                                    for students with disabilities and
                                         » LaGuardia offers more than 50            the college’s award-winning
                                            associate degree programs, three
                                                                                    learning communities, which help
                                            certificate programs, a world-
                                                                                    freshmen learn course material
                                            renowned internship program, an
                                                                                    more effectively.
                                            Honors Program and Transfer
                       Named for            Services that help graduating         » Entering students who need help
                                            students research programs and          developing basic skills can enroll
           Fiorello H. LaGuardia,           scholarships at four-year colleges.     in free pre-freshman “First Year
        New York City’s New Deal                                                    Institute” courses, intra-session
                                   » Popular majors include liberal arts,
          mayor, who united and      business, computers, allied health
                                                                                    workshops and noncredit basic
                   inspired a city                                                  skills classes.
                                     careers, human services and
                  of immigrants.     accounting. Several LaGuardia                » LaGuardia’s internship program
                                            programs, such as veterinary            gives students a chance to explore
           Recently named a Best            technology, occupational therapy        career options, apply classroom
                                            assistant and music recording           knowledge in the workplace and
              Practice College by           technology, are not available           make business contacts.
          the MetLife Foundation,           elsewhere within CUNY.                » The College’s Honors Program
             one of nine honored » LaGuardia offers flexible                        features exchange and transfer
                       nationally. academic scheduling, including                   programs with Columbia University,
                                            evening and weekend classes, to         Barnard and Vassar Colleges as
              Up to 56 percent of   accommodate the needs of                        well as study-abroad opportunities.
         LaGuardia graduates—       working adults. Students with
                                    children also benefit from
         higher than the national   on-campus childcare and an on-
           average—transfer to      campus school (pre-kindergarten
               private and public   through 2nd grade).
            four-year colleges to » LaGuardia students benefit from a
                                    wide variety of support services
        earn bachelor’s degrees.    that help them succeed
                                            academically—including free
Colleges / Institutions                                                          Choices, You = CUNY Brochure | Page 48

            Queensborough Community College

            Queensborough Community College is a place where students pursue their dreams:
            academically, professionally, socially and in service to their community. This is an active and
            challenging learning environment where students experience academic excellence and a wealth
            of opportunities that prepare them for the world of work.
            Located in residential northeast Queens on the former site of the Oakland Golf and Country Club,
            Queensborough Community College offers its students a personalized and dynamic
            educational experience. The goals and needs of each student are built into a highly
            individualized program, My Academic Plan (MAP), which is reviewed and followed each semester.

            Academic excellence is the cornerstone of the College’s more than 30 degree and
            certificate programs. In fact, the majority of Queensborough students transfer on to
            baccalaureate degree programs.

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Page 49 | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                 Colleges / Institutions

Queens Community College

                                                                                        COMMUNITY COLLEGES

                                                 QUEENSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE            Admission: (718) 281-5000
                                                 Springfield Blvd. & 56th Avenue            Financial Aid: (718) 631-6367
                                                 Bayside, New York 11364                    www.qcc.cuny.edu

                                          THE FACTS                               » 12,000 students are currently
                                                                                    enrolled in associate degree or
                                          » Students are successful not only        certificate programs at
                                             because of the dedicated and           Queensborough, and another
                                             credentialed faculty (close to 60      10,000 students of all ages attend
                                             percent of full-time faculty boast     continuing education programs.
                                             the doctoral degree, as compared     » The campus houses an astronomy
                                             to the less than 20 percent            observatory, several professional
                                             national average for all community     sound recording studios, dance
                     The College’s           colleges), but also because of the     and art studios, an 875-seat
             Instructional Support           extensive range of tutoring and        professional theater, the more
                                             support services available seven       intimate Shadowbox Theater and
                  Service provides           days per week to students.             an impressive fitness center with
         Queensborough students
                                   » Queensborough’s faculty have                   an indoor track, aquatic center and
               with supplementary    been recognized by national                    six tennis courts.
             academic assistance     organizations such as the                    » The recently renovated Art Gallery
         in any for-credit course.   Carnegie Foundation and have                   brings world-class art to all
                                     received or have been nominated                students and gives those
                  Services include   for prestigious recognitions such              interested in the arts or arts
                   one-on-one and    as the Pulitzer Prize and numerous             management exciting internship
             small-group tutoring.   book awards.                                   opportunities.
                                   » The Queensborough campus is
          The College’s Holocaust    completely wireless, with free
             Resource Center and     e-mail service (“Tiger Mail”) for its
           Archives has become a     students, a laptop loaner program,
                                     online tutoring, a cyber-café and
           significant educational   several computer labs throughout
        and community resource.      the campus.
Colleges / Institutions                                                                                        Choices, You = CUNY Brochure | Page 50

          HOW                                      to Apply to CUNY
            EXPLORE See all that CUNY has to offer. Search through our 23 unique institutions and
            over 1,400 academic programs. Learn about our affordable costs and our extensive financial aid
            and scholarship opportunities.

            PREPARE Getting ready is the key to getting into the college of your choice. Prepare yourself before
            you apply to CUNY.

            APPLY Once you have selected the CUNY colleges that best match your interests and needs,
            apply online as either a freshman or transfer applicant.

            As a freshman applicant you may apply for                                 As a transfer applicant you may apply for one
            one of the following:                                                     of the following:
               General Freshman Apply to up to six CUNY                                   General Transfer Apply to up to four CUNY
               colleges with one application and one                                      colleges with one application and one
               application processing fee.                                                application-processing fee.

                 Macaulay Honors College (Fall only) For                                   CUNY Online Baccalaureate Apply for either
                 academically gifted students: Apply to the                                the B.A. in Communications & Culture or
                 Macaulay Honors College at one of seven                                   the B.S. in Business program.
                 designated CUNY colleges.                                                 Visit www.cuny.edu/ online
                 Visit www.macaulay.cuny.edu

            NOTE: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and some programs, including the B.A./M.D. Program at Brooklyn College, Architecture
            and Engineering, require a supplemental application. Please see our website for more information.

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INSIDE BACK COVER | Choices, You = CUNY Brochure                                                                            Colleges / Institutions

How to Apply and Financial Aid

                                                                                                         HOW TO APPLY AND FINANCIAL AID

                                            General                 Macaulay Honors            Sophie Davis                       B.A./M.D. Program
                                            Freshman/ Transfer      College                    School of Biomedical               at Brooklyn College
                                            Admission*              (Fall only)                Education                          (Fall only)
                                            Fall Semester:          Early Decision:            (Fall only)                        Supplemental
                                            Feb. 1                  Nov. 1                     Supplemental                       Application Deadline:
                                                                                               Application Deadline:              Dec. 31
                                            Spring Semester:        Regular Decision:          Jan. 8
                                            Oct. 1                  Dec. 15

                   *CUNY operates on a rolling admission basis. Some colleges / programs may close prior to the deadlines listed above. However, we will continue
                    to review applications after the deadline, as space permits.

                                                       Visit www.cuny.edu/undergraduate to explore, prepare and apply to CUNY now.

                                                            FINANCIALAID     A college education is a significant investment, although not
                                                                             necessarily an expensive one. CUNY offers an excellent
                                                                             education at tuition that is easily affordable, particularly when you
                                                                             consider our many scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
      Images courtesy of CUNY Digital Archive

                                                                             If you need financial aid, CUNY can help you take advantage of
                                                                             many available programs, including federal and New York State
                                                                             government grants, loans and college work-study opportunities.

                                                                             To learn more, visit

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