BUSINESS ADVERTISING RATES – Copper Valley Cablevision by baa17504


									    BUSINESS ADVERTISING RATES – Copper Valley Cablevision
                                   Channel 6 TV Listings Guide                                                   Full Page             Half Page Ad
                                 (Page = top half of screen)                                                 MONTHLY WEEKLY          MONTHLY WEEKLY
A. One Video Advertisement (Mpeg format, supplied by customer. Max Size is 500 px x 380 px. Max time is 30
sec) 1/2 page logo and text with 1/2 page mpeg video ad including sound.                                       $200.00      $55.00        n/a         n/a

B. 1 (one) PAGE ADVERTISEMENT Includes picture plus text                      ie: logo plus text               $135.00      $35.00     $70.00      $20.00

C. EACH ADDITIONAL PICTURE (per page)                ie: Logo plus picture of product                           $10.00       $5.00     $10.00       $5.00

D. EACH ADDITIONAL PAGES             ie: Includes a picture and text change                                     $20.00       $5.00     $20.00       $5.00

E. EACH ADDITIONAL PAGE - TEXT ONLY                ie: Picture remains the same - only text changes             $10.00       $5.00     $10.00       $5.00

F. ADDITIONAL ARTWORK ADJUSTMENTS                    ie: Any adjustments to a picture or logo                      $15.00                 $15.00

G. ADD VOICE RECORDING of MESSAGE to picture-text ads (specify Male or Female voice)                               $20.00                 $20.00
Please note:
1. GST is not included in the above rates
2. No additional charge for international symbols
    ie: VISA, Master Card, Amex, INTERAC etc.
3. No additional charge for text only changes - Limited to once per week
4. 1 (one) page ads run for 20 seconds each (excluding Video(Mpeg) which is 30 sec)
   Multi-page ads run as follows:
   First page - 20 seconds
   Each additional page – 10 seconds each
5. All ads are displayed in a cycle and each cycle depends on the number of ads listed.
6. All advertisements that are paid for on a yearly basis will be entitled to:
     a. 10% discount on advertising cost BEFORE taxes
     b. 1 (one) FREE Video Christmas Card
7. Special packages are available for unique circumstances.
8. All pictures and text should be supplied electronically to:
9. Voice Recordings will be recorded by CopperValley Cablevision for picture-text ads only.
   Customer must provide script to be edited if needed by CopperValley Cablevision.

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