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Why should you choose RASP Products??
The proof is in the pudding! But the recipe is only one part of the solution. No matter how good the design
model may be, if you do not duplicate the design features on the shop floor, then the finished product may not
meet its service requirements. It is the extra effort in RASP process control that ensures that the final product
exceeds the design calculations each and every time. Our registered ISO 9001 Quality Program sets the
standards for our production, but it is the care and attention to detail, “doing it right” on the production floor
that signifies our good name and products that deserve the RASP trademark. Non-destructive testing assures
the integrity in the finished product. RASP quality is not just theory because we write the specification and
make the final product. When you choose RASP you buy full quality from design to finish.

All RASP Mine Duty Products are designed for infinite life using “state of the art” computer software that
emulates Finite Element Analysis. But the RASP design process goes further by fine tuning each aspect of the
conveyor pulley assembly structure to equalize and minimize the incidence of stresses. Then we select the best
combination of manufacturing materials for each application. RASP designed pulleys will exceed your
harshest requirements, reliably and economically.

We are committed to constant improvement. Although RASP service is well known for promptness,
friendliness and completeness, we continue to seek better ways to serve our customers. RASP technicians are
trained to go a step beyond, to identify your service needs, time frame and concerns. “Product support” is not
just a catch phrase with RASP. Our ultimate goal is always to solve your problems - quickly and permanently!
When you choose RASP, you get more than just the product you pay for.

The manufacturing cycle for RASP standard and heavy duty products is about two weeks. Often this includes
shaft machining and lagging. But we will respond at any time with the RASP “expedite” service level that is
gauged to meet your needs. We are not encumbered by huge production runs that may serve to reduce costs
but restrict individual customer service. Please note that some RASP solutions may require special materials
or process controls that will incur an appropriate delay to assure quality. This is part of the RASP total
solution package. It would be counterproductive to give you a product that might cause more down time later
on. We know that your largest costs are often related to lost production. Our business is based on your
success. RASP is dedicated to keep you running.
Important information can be lost when dealing with an intermediary, an agent or even the sales desk. RASP
gives you direct access to the designer and all technical details of the product. In our modern world of
incredible digital communication we can transmit images, data, drawings or messages, but there has yet to be
found anything superior to a voice that is real, attentive and understanding. Yes, we assign territorial agents
and distributors. These are a carefully selected group of highly qualified people with outstanding integrity and
skills that help RASP to help you. But we want you to know that when you need answers and you need them
now, you can always call on RASP direct.

Our 30+ years of experience, our state of the art computer analysis and the technical expertise of our staff
and associates are at your disposal. We can help by analyzing your conveyor idiosyncrasies in house and/or
by referring you to people with expertise that will help get your conveyor equipment back working efficiently.
We can identify your conveyor pulley problems and correct them quickly and permanently.

RASP has created a new division of “Systems and Components” that will increase both our scope of supply
and our technical assistance beyond just the pulleys, shafts, take-ups, sprockets, belt cleaners and bearings
that we manufacture. RASP expertise extends into development and dynamics of chain conveyors as well.
Come to RASP for all of your conveyor solutions.

You get what you pay for and RASP gives you the best value. Our pulleys are designed for infinite life. We
are dedicated to our “ZERO” failures philosophy. These principles are integrated in processes throughout the
production cycle. This means that RASP products work each time, every time and all of the time.

RASP designs offer a cost effective solution without compromise to performance. Our scope of selection
includes products for each degree of service. Reduce long term maintenance costs. Reduce spare parts
inventory by standardizing inventory and maximizing interchangeability. Enhance the productive schedule of
your equipment with better designed more durable components. RASP will help improve your performance.

Conveyor pulley assemblies represent a small but integral portion of your overall conveyor expense. But if just
one of your pulleys fail, you lose big time, production and profits. A modest extra investment is a prudent
insurance policy to assure your production goals. The RASP product that you select may not always be the
cheapest alternative on your requisition list but hundreds of our satisfied customers will tell you directly that
RASP is a sound investment that will pay back dividends well into the future.

When you choose a car you make a choice. Do you buy cheapest or one that will service your needs best?
Do you pay a little now for the used vehicle, knowing that maintenance costs will be high? Or do you spend
a little bit more now so that you may be assured that you will not be stranded on a lonely stretch of
highway? Most certainly this is a choice that we each must make based on personal resources and needs.
But our deciding factor must weigh the consequences if we cannot make a meeting or a production quota.

                                Let RASP prove to you that
           RASP Quality Products are your best buy.

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