University of Tennessee Department of Advertising
                 Advertising 360 – Advertising Media Strategy – Spring 2005

Class Meets:     Tuesday/Thursday 3:40-4:55 p.m. in Communications Building room 208
Professor:       Sally J. McMillan, Ph.D.
Office:          Communications Building Room 476
Office Hours:    Tuesday 2:00-3:00/Thursday 11:00-12:00 or by appointment. Make appointments
                 using the book in the advertising office. I’m almost always available by e-mail.
Office Phone:    974-5097
Prerequisites    Advertising 250 & 340 (or equivalent research course); Advertising major status.
Readings:        The primary textbook is Advertising Media Planning, Sixth Edition, 2002, by Jack Z.
                 Sissors and Roger B. Baron. Additional readings will be distributed through the
                 CourseInfo site. Many of those readings will be from an online textbook developed
                 by professors at UT and other universities.

                                          Course Overview
Following is a brief overview of key things you need to know as a student in this class. Please review
these carefully and keep them in mind throughout the semester.

Course Objectives:
In this course, you will examine the process of media planning and how it fits into the marketing
function. This process involves selection and use of media vehicles to deliver advertising messages to a
target audience in the “right” setting at the “right” time in a cost-efficient manner. Specifically you

•   Develop a basic understanding of the mass media and their use as advertising vehicles.
•   Increase your knowledge of audience measurement techniques, concepts and services, and be
    provided an opportunity to develop skills in using these information sources.
•   Expand your knowledge and use of the language of media planning.
•   Be involved in a situation where you can write media objectives, create a media strategy, and
    develop and evaluate a media plan.
•   Get experience and gain skills in using a personal computer to analyze media schedules.

Web and E-mail
Some readings and assignments will be distributed via the university’s Web course support service.
Access the Web site by going to You will see a link to Advertising 360. I will
communicate with you via the e-mail address in CourseInfo. By default, this is your UTK e- mail
address. You may change it (from within CourseInfo) to another e-mail address if you wish.

You get three absences. Use them however you like. I’ll take attendance at the beginning of class every
day. You loose 10 points (taken from the problem sets/quizzes portion of the grade) for each additional
absence after you have used up the three “free” ones. Class starts at 3:40 p.m. and you must be in class
ON TIME. In the event that people start to take advantage of the class starting time, they will be locked
out of class. Additionally, several quizzes over reading material will be given over the course of the
semester. These will be given at the start of class and if you miss them, they can impact your grade in a
negative way (yet another reason to attend regularly and be in class on time).
Advertising 360, Advertising Media Strategy           Spring 2005                               1
Assignments are due at the start of the specified class period. Late work will be penalized one full
letter grade per day unless you have a written medical excuse or a prior arrangement with professor.

Professional Work
All written work must be neatly typed, double-spaced, use a 10 to 12 point typeface, and have margins
of one inch on all sides. Write comprehensive yet concise papers. You will be graded on concepts as
well as on grammar, syntax, spelling, and other writing mechanics.

You Can Make This Course More Useful
This course is difficult, frustrating and time consuming (especially at the end of the semester).
However, I guarantee that what you learn will prove invaluable in your advertising career.

In order to get the most from the course, do assigned readings and complete problems before coming to
class. You’ll then be prepared to ask questions, answer questions, and discuss materials; the class will
be more beneficial and fun for all involved.

It is also very useful to become informed about current issues, controversies, and advertising practices
in general, and in media planning in particular. Get into the habit of looking for advertising related
news in trade publications such as Advertising Age and Mediaweek, the business press such as The Wall
Street Journal, and the popular press. This will help you become “tuned in” to the professional world. I
would also like you to subscribe to a web site specifically about media. Go to, click on
the link titled “join now” and follow directions. You’ll note that all services are checked at the bottom
of the form. You probably don’t need “Jumps and Jobs” or “Media Classifieds” so deselect those
options. You will begin receiving a series of media related material in your email account (at least once
a day, so read them and delete them so they don’t clog up your mailbox). Depending on content, we will
be discussing some of these topics in class. Items that we discuss may show up on later quizzes and/or

                                   Assignments and Grading
There are three major components that contribute to your grade in the class. Following is a brief
summary of exams, problem sets/quizzes, and the media plan.

There are two exams; each is worth 25%. Dates of exams have been scheduled, but may change,
depending class progress. Except for documented illness or documented family emergencies (in which
case you have to call the instructor prior to the scheduled test time), NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL
BE GIVEN. There is no final exam. Instead of a final, you will turn in your media plan.

Problem Sets/Quizzes
In total, the problem sets and quizzes that you do throughout the semester will count for 25% of your
grade. Problem sets develop your understanding of various media concepts, data sources and problems
involved in media decision-making. Quizzes will be given at the start of class sessions and will cover
both material from previous lectures as well as material found in the readings assigned for that day.

Media Plan
This is a group project in which you apply your knowledge and understanding of the media planning
process to developing a media plan for a client – Gold’s Gym. You will develop a media plan and
evaluate the expected effectiveness of that plan using a computer program. You will receive more
Advertising 360, Advertising Media Strategy            Spring 2005                                  2
information about your “client” throughout the semester. You will complete the plan in several stages.
The grades for all of those stages of the project will total 25% of your semester grade. The preliminary
stages of the project will have less weight. Most of your grade for this portion of the class will be based
on the final compiled media plan.

Each assignment will be given a score ranging from 0-100. You can use the following breakdown as a
rule of thumb in translating those scores into a letter grade:
100-90     A                     79-78       C+                60-69      D
89-88      B+                    77-70       C                 Below 60 F
87-80      B

                                    Tentative Course Outline
Date   Topic(s)                                  Chapters to Read*              Assignment Due#
1/13   Introduction                              SB chapter 1
1/18   The media business                        CI chapters 2 and 4
1/20   Media, advertising, and consumers         SB chapter 3
1/25   Media planning and IMC                    CI chapter 3
1/27   Measures and Calculations                 SB chapters 4 and 5
2/1    Marketing Strategy and Media Planning     SB chapter 6
2/3    Print Media                               SB pages 223-232
2/8    Using the SMRB Program – Tutorial in
       Hodges Library Room 211
2/10   More about print media                                                   Problem set –
2/15   Competitive expenditure analysis                SB chapter 2             Problem set –
2/17   Review for Exam 1
2/22   Exam 1
2/24   Broadcast media                                 CI chapter 8
3/1    More about broadcast media                      SB pages 232-238         Media plan – CEA
3/3    Still more broadcast
3/8    Media strategy                                  SB chapter 10            Problem Set –
3/10   More media strategy
3/15   Who and where                                   SB pages 160-188
                                                       and 193-217
3/17   Schedule analysis                               SB pages 189-192
                                                       and pages 218-221

*Chapters marked SB are from the Sissors and Baron Book. CI are found on the CourseInfo Cite
# You will receive more information on assignments at least one week prior to the due date.

Advertising 360, Advertising Media Strategy            Spring 2005                                3
Date   Topic(s)                                     Chapters to Read*    Assignment Due#
3/22   Spring break – No class
3/24   Spring break – No class
3/29   Review for Exam 2
3/31   Exam 2
4/5    Outdoor                                      CI 11, SB page 61,   Media Plan –
                                                    SB pages 245-248     Situation Analysis
                                                                         and Objectives
4/7    Direct mail                                  CI 10 and SB pages
4/12   Internet                                     CI 12
4/14   Media tactics                                SB chapter 11 and    Media Plan –
                                                    12                   Strategy
4/19   Budgeting                                    SB chapter 13
4/21   Using AdPlus
4/26   TBD
4/29   THIS IS A FRIDAY. Media plans due in                              Media Plan –
       advertising office no later than 5:00 p.m.                        Final
       There is no final exam for the class.

*Chapters marked SB are from the Sissors and Baron Book. CI are found on the CourseInfo Cite
# You will receive more information on assignments at least one week prior to the due date.

Advertising 360, Advertising Media Strategy         Spring 2005                           4

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