General terms of lease Payment Upon receipt of the deposit by rockman10


									                                    General terms of lease

Upon receipt of the deposit of 20 % of the total amount due and the signed tenancy agreement
the reservation is firm. One month prior to the arrival date, the remaining balance (80 %) is due.
Allow appr. one week for the payment/transfer.

Inventory will be taken upon arrival and departure by the Landlord or his deputy. The Tenant
reports to the Landlord or his deputy any possible damages.

3.Use of the premises
The houses / premises have to be kept clean and in good order. The number of Tenants as
agreed may not to be exceeded without prior consent of the Landlord. Any breach will lead to
cancellation of this agreement to the full liabilities of the Tenant; the rent remains with the

   By the Tenant
   The down payment will be refunded only if a new Tenant can be found for the same period
   of time and at the same rate;
   _ contradictory to the above, the deposit is non-refundable and 50 % of the remaining
        balance of the rent are due.
   by the Landlord
   _ the full rent will be refunded to the Tenant; in addition he will receive a voucher to
        spend one week at the premises in one of the houses.

5.Early departure
The Tenant will not receive any refund.

No smoking at any given time in the bedrooms. Any handling with fire on the premises must
be conducted with utmost care.

The use of the bicycles are at the sole responsibility and risk of the Tenants. The Landlord is
not liable for any accidents and / or damages of any kind.

8.Travel insurance
The utilisation of the premises / houses are at the Tenant=s sole risk. The Landlord is not liable
for any physical, personal and/or property damages.
A travel insurance is recommended.

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