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Augusts’ theme is Beaches and the Coast. Nothing says the coast
of Maine like a good ole’ fashioned lobster bake. Visit www.take-
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                         Backyard Lobster Bake

                        Recipe Courtesy of: foodnetwork.com
                                    Serves 8-10

                                    You’ll need:

  •   15 pounds of seaweed (your fish person can get you some)
  •   16 (1 ½ pound) lobsters
  •   16 ears corn, shucked
  •   5 pounds red potatoes, parboiled halfway in salted water
  •   10 pounds large clams
  •   1 (750 ml) bottle white wine
  •   2 yards wet burlap

  Special Equipment: #3 galvanized wash tub (easy to find at a local hardware store)
Start the fire 1 hour in advance, making sure the coals are white hot before you begin

Spread 1/2 of the seaweed on the bottom of the tub to protect the lobsters from burning.
Place lobsters on top of seaweed. Place the corn on top of the lobster, and the potatoes on
top of the corn. Arrange the raw clams on top of the vegetables and top with the
remaining seaweed. Pour the wine into the tub. Place the wet burlap over the food and
tuck the edges into the tub to retain the steam inside.

Place the tub on top of the coals. Every 15 minutes, moisten the burlap with water. Cook
for about 45 minutes.

Serve the lobster bake strewn out on newspapers, with melted butter, piles of coarse sea
salt and favorite spices as condiments.

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