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juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

  e Juneau Empire is the voice of Alaska’s Capital City.                                          Publisher                   Robert O. Hale
Published Sunday through Friday mornings.                                                         Advertising Director        Todd Vodnansky
                                                                                                  Managing Editor             Charles Westmoreland
All advertising includes publication                                                              Director of Digital Media   Hayden Hoke

online at www.juneauempire.com,
Southeast Alaska’s most-read on-
line source for news and advertising.
More than 80 percent of Juneau adults
read the Empire each week, in print or
Credit must be established before advertising
is scheduled, except for pre-paid advertising.
Advertising rates are net and non-commis-
sions. Billing is on the last business day of
each month and includes City and Borough
of Juneau 5% sales tax. All invoices are due
on receipt.

Accounts more than 30 days past due are sub-
ject to suspension of advertising privileges and
collection. Prepayment will be required for
any advertiser at the discretion of the credit

National rates commissionable at 15% to ap-
proved advertising agencies. No cash discount.     Display Advertising Deadlines
Advertiser is responsible for payment of ac-
count, regardless of advertising agency placing    Issue Publishes                                    Deadline
orders. Change of representative advertising
                                                   Monday                                             Wednesday 4pm
agency will require credit to be reestablished
before additional advertising placed.              Tuesday                                              ursday 4pm
Display Advertising Deadlines                      Wednesday                                          Friday 4pm
Deadlines are for space reservation and copy.
                                                     ursday                                           Monday 4pm
Penalty for Cancellation                           Friday                                             Tuesday 4pm
Because of the costs and additional labor          Sunday                                             Wednesday 4pm
caused by late cancellations of advertising,
                                                   Select TV                                          Friday 4pm
the publisher reserves the right to charge a
25% kill fee for advertising cancelled after       Hooligan                                           Friday 4pm
these published deadlines.                         Holiday weeks all deadlines are one day earlier.

                 3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)
                                                                                juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

 Open Rates                                        30-Day Volume Value Packages                       Color
Retail Display                        $22.00       Advertiser commits to run one of several pack-    Color may be added to retail and classified
National Display (Gross)              $25.85       ages to be run during a 30-day period, earning    display ads when available. All color ads must
                                                   discounted rates without a 12-month commit-       be scheduled 24 hours before regular dead-
Classified Display                     $17.05       ment.                                             lines. Double truck ads charged as two-color
National Classified Display            $19.64                                                         ads and require 48 hour advance notice.
                                                   All advertising must be spent within a 30-day
                                                                                                     One color                        $175 per ad
 Annual Contract Rates                             period. Pickup discounts do not apply. All
                                                                                                     Two color                        $250 per ad
                                                   packages include online publication at
By signing a commitment to a minimum vol-                                                            Full color                       $375 per ad
ume of advertising during a 12-month period,
the advertiser pays one rate throughout the        Commitment          Retail       Classified        National Color
contract period. Failure to complete the com-
                                                   $900                $16.50       $11.00           One color                        $225 per ad
mitment will result in all ads being rebilled at
the appropriate rate for the volume actually       $1750               $15.95       $10.73           Two color                        $325 per ad
run.                                               $2500               $15.40       $10.18           Full color                       $475 per ad
 Annual            Retail          Classified
 Commitment Rate/Inch Rate/Inch                    $3250               $14.85       $9.90             Retail Frequency
 $3,000            $16.50          $12.38          $4750               $14.30       $9.63             Discount Packages
 $6,500            $15.95          $11.83
                                                   Pickup Discounts                                  Advertisers running the same ad multiple
 $12,000           $15.40          $11.28                                                            times with a short period of time receive sub-
 $18,000           $14.85          $10.73          Pickup discounts can not be combined with         stantial discounts off open rates.
 $27,500           $14.30          $10.18          any other discount and are allowed only on
                                                   ads with no copy change. No pickup discount       All packages include online publication at
 $50,000           $13.75          $9.35
                                                   in Sunday, holiday or special editions.           www.juneauempire.com. Rates listed are for
 $65,000           $12.38          $8.80                                                             total run.
 $80,000           $11.83          $8.25           Any display ad eight inches or larger retail,
                                                   10 inches or larger classified, may be picked       Tri-Buy
 $100,000          $11.28          $7.70
                                                   up at half price (50% discount) within six (6)
 $150,000          $10.18          $7.15           days for first publication. Up to five pickups      Retail $39.00 per column inch
                                                   allowed within one calendar week.                 Classified $29.00 per column inch
 $200,000          $9.63           $6.60
                                                                                                     Same ad runs three times within seven days
Political advertising                              Non-Profit Rates                                   in the Empire, minimum of 10 column inches
                                                                                                     per ad, no copy change, plus online at
                                                   Retail display                      $17.44        www.juneauempire.com.
Retail display
                                                   Classified display                   $12.38
                                                   Non-profit rates are available to qualified
                                                                                                      Six Pack
Pickup discounts are available. Prepayment
                                                   non-profit and charitable organizations.
is required on all political advertising and ad                                                      Retail $66.00 per column inch
much include identifying line including “po-                                                         Classified $44.00 per column inch
                                                   For every paid ad run using this rate, the Em-
litical advertising paid for by” disclaimer that
                                                   pire will provide one free ad pickup, ad (no
includes the name and address of organization                                                        Same ad to run six times within 30 days in Ju-
                                                   copy change) within six (6) days. Advertising
or individual paying for ad.                                                                         neau Empire. Minimum of 10 column inches
                                                   of a political nature does not qualify for non-
                                                                                                     per ad, no copy change, plus online at www.
Position                                           profit rates.

Advertising requests for retail advertising
placement on specific pages will be given
preference when possible, but no guarantees
of placement are stated or given.

Premium charge of 25% required with all po-
sition requests.

                 3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)
juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

Juneau is one of the most internet-friendly                                                        A Leaderboard
markets in America and residents rely on e
Juneau Empire for news and advertising in-                                                         (Top Banner) 729x90p
                                                To reach this vast digital audience, all classi-
formation. One-third of Empire readers read                                                        $15 per thousand impressions
                                                fied and retail display ads are published online
the newspaper only online.      e combined
                                                for 7 days from print publication unless oth-
print and online readership of the Empire                                                          Appears on all page (Run of Site ROS*)
                                                erwise specified.
reaches more than 90 percent of adults in Ju-                                                      except Classifieds and Stop n Shop –News-
neau.                                                                                              paper Ads.
                                                Ads appear online at Stop n Shop - http://ad-
                                                vertising.juneaualaska.com/ linked across the
   e Juneau Empire’s online readership is one
of the largest in Alaska. More than 11,000
                                                site from juneauempire.com.                        B Max Ad
unique readers per day and 135,000 unique
                                                Online-Only Advertising                            (Right Side) 160x600p
readers per month use the Empire online at
                                                                                                   $12 per thousand impressions
                                                Advertising is available in four premium posi-
                                                tions rotating throughout the Empire website       Appears on all page (Run of Site ROS*) except
                                                at www.juneauempire.com on a Cost-Per-             Classifieds and Stop n Shop –Newspaper Ads.
                                                   ousand-Impressions basis.
                                                                                                   C In-Story Ad
                                                Minimum order 10,000 impressions.
                                                                                                   (Left Side) 300x250p
                                                                                                   $10 per thousand impressions

                                                                                                   Appears on Home page and all story pages on
                                                                                                   (ROS*) except Classifieds and Stop n Shop
                                                                                                   –Newspaper Ads.

                                                                                                   D Bottom Banner

                                                                                                   (Bottom) 728x90p
                                                                                                   $5 per thousand impressions

                                                                                                   Appears on all page (Run of Site ROS*) except
                                                                                                   Classifieds and Stop n Shop –Newspaper Ads.



                3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)
                                                                           juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

Feature Homes -                                    Surround Ads-                                  Online Sticky Notes
Home Page & Shop                                   Own the Home Page
                                                                                                     ese premium online ads are seen for a
8 Real Estate Property Ads                        3 Ad ABC Combination                            single day for all online viewers on loading
$200 per month                                    $60 per thousand impressions                    the homepage of the Empire website.

Appears on all Home page and                      Appears on all Home page only during a          Single day                           $200
Shop front page                                   designated time period in the day.              2-4 inserts                          $175
                                                                                                  5-10 inserts                         $150
8 Ads rotate on page load
                                                  Bundled With Print                              Ads appear once per browser session. Aver-
Each ad is a picture of a home or property                                                        age a minimum of 10,000 impressions per
and a very brief description in text below with   When combined with a print advertising          day. Only one online sticky note available per
phone contact.                                    schedule, online-only schedules are available   day on a space-available basis.
                                                  for a single day.
Each ad is branded with the brokerage logo
and is linked to the listing on the broker’s      Flat Day Rate Package Costs
                                                  Position         5,000         10,000
Each ad can be changed once per week by email.    A                $79           $149
                                                  B                $69           $119
                                                  C                $59           $99
                                                  D                $29           $49

                                                  Appears on all pages (Run of Site ROS*)
                                                  except Classifieds and Stop n Shop –News-
                                                  paper Ads.

                                                                                                r   d
                                                                                            boa                                           x
                                                                                    e   r                                            ma
                                                                             l e

                3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)
 juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

Premium advertising programs incorporating audio and video are available on demand. Market-
ing programs including these components are available on request.

Online multi-media options include:

Interstitial Splash Page

Single day        $1000

Appears before the homepage loads once per browser session.
Example Link: http://juneauempire.com/splashpages/homeshow_08.html
Please talk to your sales rep to find out multiple day options and prices.

Corner peels
Single day        $500

Appears before the homepage loads once per browser session.
Example Link: http://juneauempire.com/test/
Please talk to your sales rep to find out multiple day options and prices.

E Commercials

$200 Setup plus $69/month

Appears when picture link is clicked or behind a banner ad when clicked on. Can be used on
multiple ways in email and websites.
Example Link: http://www.cnsrvr.com/jue/rt/juneau_ranger_district/ec.html


Pre and post roll video ads available on request. Please talk to your sales rep to find out more.
Video Player Link: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1243526600

Click on the example links to see samples of each product.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO                    Sponsorships

A Business Profile Page is created and listed      JuneauEmpire.com has many sections online
throughout the World Wide Web to get ranked       that are tied to print special sections but that
higher on most Internet Search Engines with       are viewed throughout the year 24/7, i.e. Gold
search terms relevant to your business!           Medal, Golden North Salmon Derby, Legis-
                                                  lative Guide, Graduation, Hooligan, etc.
A Premiere Business Listing will always appear
prominently on all relevant JuneauEmpire.         Please talk to your sales representative about
com site search result pages, based on category   these unique opportunities.
or “key word” our readers are looking for.

12 months         $100/month

                 3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)
                                                                            juneau empire Display Advertising Rates

All preprinted material provided to the Em-                               Empire   Total Market
pire for insertion will be charged at flat rate     Up to 4-page tab       $896     $1792
for total circulation.
                                                   8 tab / 4 standard     $1250    $2500
Total market coverage available with pre-          12 tab / 6 standard    $1405    $2810
prints inserted into both daily Juneau Empire      16 tab / 8 standard    $1563    $3126
and free Capital City Weekly, with a total of      20 tab / 10 standard   $1719    $3438
20,000 copies distributed throughout Juneau
and Southeast Alaska.                              24 tab / 12 standard   $1874    $3748
                                                   28 tab / 14 standard   $2029    $4058
No zoning or partial run inserts available. Vol-   32 tab / 16 standard   $2185    $4370
ume discounts available with signed contract.
                                                   36 tab / 18 standard   $2340    $4680
                                                   40 tab / 20 standard   $2495    $4990
                                                   44 tab / 22 standard   $2650    $5300
                                                   48 tab / 24 standard   $2805    $5610
                                                   52 tab / 26 standard   $2960    $5920
                                                   56 tab / 28 standard   $3115    $6230
                                                   60 tab / 30 standard   $3270    $6540
                                                   64 tab / 32 standard   $3425    $6850

Preprint quantities:

Empire daily                                       5,500
Empire Sunday                                      6,500

Total Market                                       20,000
(Empire and Capital City Weekly)

Capital City Weekly / Full Run                     13,500
Capital City Weekly / Juneau Only                  9,000
Capital City Weekly / SE Alaska Only               4,500
Preprint deadline:

All preprinted materials must be delivered to the Empire offices a minimum of three (3) busi-
ness days before scheduled insertion. No refund or credit offered for preprints delivered after

Deliver preprints to:

Juneau Empire
3100 Channel Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

Deliveries accepted Monday-Friday,
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. only.

                 3100 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK 99801 • 907-586-3740 • 888-458-6328 (in Alaska) • 907-586-9097 (fax)

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