The Good_ The Bad and The Ugly -ICORE

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					                  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -ICORE
Shooter will start in P1 facing downrange, hands relaxed at sides. At the signal, draw, move to P2
and engage T1 – T3 with 2-rds each in any order through the window. Then engage all remaining
targets with 2-rds each from anywhere inside the shooting area.

NOTES: -   SHOTS UNLIMITED – 16-rds Minimum
       -   (10) NRA D-1 paper; (2) NO SHOOT, (2) painted as indicated
       -   Reload as necessary
       -   Penalties per ICORE rulebook
       -   Stage Set Up: Targets to be varying heights, engagement range approx. to indicated.

                                                                        Stage #3 – AUG 2009