Preconvention Issue—June 2007
                                            Postconvention Issue—October 2007
The pre- and post-convention issues feature meeting highlights    Space reservation authorized by:
of the exhibitors and the technical program. Your ad in the
preconvention issue will help direct them to your booth at the    Name _______________________________________________________
APS/SON Joint Meeting. In addition, you can include a follow-
up ad in the postconvention issue.                                Title ________________________________________________________
Don’t miss out on reaching important customers. Phytopathology    Company ____________________________________________________
News is received by every member of APS and is relied upon for
valuable information pertaining to the society’s members and      E-mail ______________________________________________________
activities. Place your advertising order today!
Complete and mail this form to guarantee your ad in the special
issues of Phytopathology News.                                    City ________________________________________________________

❏ Preconvention               ❏ Postconvention                    State or Province_______________ Zip or Postal Code ________________
  June 2007                     October 2007
  Orders Due: 4/16/07           Orders Due: 8/15/07               Country _____________________________________________________
  Materials Due: 5/1/07         Materials Due: 9/4/07
Please Reserve:
                                                                  Facsimile ____________________________________________________
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❏ 1/6 Page—vertical                                               Agency Company Name ________________________________________
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                                                                  Contact Name ________________________________________________
❏ Black/White
                                                                  E-mail ______________________________________________________
  Please call Rhonda Wilkie at +1.651.994.3820 for color
  specifications                                                   Address______________________________________________________
Materials                                                         City ________________________________________________________

❏ Repeat Ad: Issue ________________________________               State or Province_______________ Zip or Postal Code ________________
                          (month)        (year)
                                                                  Country _____________________________________________________
❏ New materials to come
See page 10 for advertising rates and additional
information.                                                      Facsimile ____________________________________________________

Questions?                                                                                OFFICE USE ONLY
  Contact Rhonda Wilkie at +1.651.994.3820
                                                                     Accepted for _________________________________________
Send this form or insertion order to:                                By: _____________________________ Date: ______________
  Rhonda Wilkie, Advertising & Exhibit Sales Representative                      Rhonda Wilkie
  Phytopathology News
  The American Phytopathology Society                                Materials: To come________Received ________Repeat ________
  3340 Pilot Knob Road, St. Paul, MN 55121 U.S.A.                    Rate:________________ Cost per insertion: $ _______________
  Telephone: +1.651.994.3820 • Fax: +1.651.454.0766
                                                                                                                  (continued page 10)
                                  Phytopathology News 2007 Advertising Rates (continued)

  Black and White                                        1X            3X              6X

  1 page (7"w × 10"h)                                  $1,010         $965          $900

  2/3 page vertical (4.5"w × 10"h)                      $895          $855          $825

  1/2 page horizontal (7"w × 5"h)                       $670          $630          $590

  1/3 page vertical (2.125"w × 10"h)                    $575          $540          $505

  1/3 page horizontal (7"w × 3"h)                       $575          $540          $505
  1/6 page vertical (2.25"w × 5"h)                      $310          $285          $260

  1/6 page horizontal (4.875"w × 2"h)                   $310          $285          $260

  Call Rhonda Wilkie at +1.651.994.3820 for color charges.

Trim size of publication is 8.5"w × 11"h.

Printing Material Requirements:                                               Mechanical Information:

Electronic Files:  Macintosh format.                                          Printing: Sheet fed offset
Software Accepted: Adobe InDesign CS                                          Stock:        Printed on 60 lb. uncoated
                   Adobe Photoshop CS
                   Adobe Illustrator CS                                       Binding:      Saddle-stitched
                   Quark XPress 4.0
Resolution:        300 dpi
Please Note:       All fonts and a hard copy of the ad must
                   be supplied with electronic files.

General Information:
Publishers Service:       Printing production services are cost +15%. Copy, typesetting, and/or layout is billed at cost + 15%,
                          $75 minimum. Typeset and strip-in line change is billed at $75.

Commission and
Cash Discount:            There is a 15% discount applied to recognized agencies if invoice is paid within 30 days.
                          Sorry, no cash discounts. Invoice issued on publication date.

Information:              Phytopathology News is read by all APS members, with an average of nearly 5,000 readers per month.

General Policy:           Advertisers and advertising agencies are responsible for all content of advertisements printed, and
                          also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher. The publisher
                          reserves the right to refuse such advertising as they deem inappropriate for Phytopathology News.


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