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									                    PHOENIX, AZ PROPERTY FOR SALE
                     LEASE TO OWN -NO QUALIFYING
The seller, a VERY motivated private investor, is seeking an immediate occupant on a rent to
own/no qualifying contract to cover his monthly payment obligations
The property will be ready for occupancy on or before Nov 7, 2005.
( Please see the attached page 2 for more pictures and property information)

There is NO credit check, income verification, or bank qualifying whatsoever

All the tenant needs to do is bring $5,000.00 for the lease deposit, and, be able to handle the
monthly lease payments of $4,015.00 per month, on a 24 month contract.

The tenant will sign a 24 month lease contract. The tenant will also be granted an exclusive
First Right of Purchase. This special addendum to the lease, gives him the right to buy the
property at any time in the next 24 months …AT ITS CURRENT $500K MARKET VALUE. This
alone represents a tremendous opportunity, considering the rapid property appreciation in the
Valley of the Sun.

In addition, if the tenant can make all his monthly lease payments on time for at least 12
months,, and keep the property well-maintained, we have our own database of direct lenders that
can easily finance the tenant to buy the property up to 100% of its appraised value!

This offer is not for brokers, middlemen or finders.

If you are a principal looking for a fine home for you and your family, with terms that are, frankly,
unbeatable,. Contact Darwin at: , or via fax at ( 323) 417-5069 for
open house and showing details.

Please note that we will ask for proof of funds in advance of any showing

                                 FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

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