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					the airline industry
treasury Conference
6 - 7 October 2008
Crown Plaza Rome St. Peter’s Hotel
Rome, Italy

                   The Airline

agenDa             Industry Treasury
5 October
16:30              Pre-conference Event           11:00-11:30        Coffee Break
                   Delegates and                                     (sponsored by Trustwave)
                   their partners only            11:30-12:15        IATA Card Services:
                                                                     consolidating and
Monday                                                               simplifying card payment
                                                                     Lars Goran Bergvind –
6 October          DaY 1                                             Euroline/SEB and Graeme
                                                                     Lloyd – Accelya UK
08:30-09:00        Registration
                                                  12:15-13:00        Card Payment Perspective
09:15-09:40        Keynote Address                                   for Airlines
                   Giovanni Bisignani,                               Pascal Burg, Edgar Dunn &
                   Director General & CEO, IATA                      Company
09:40-10:00        Industry Financial             13:00-14:15        Lunch
                   Services Report                                   (sponsored by HSBC
                   Ayaz Hussain,                                     Merchant Services)
                   Director IFS, IATA
                                                  14:15-15:00        The Global Economy:
10:00-11:00        ICCS Annual Review                                Recovery – When?
(closed session)   and Future Developments                           Stephen Leach, Citibank
                   ICCS Team
                                                  15:00-15:30        Coffee Break
                                                  15:30-17:30        Currency Representatives
                                                  (closed session)   Meeting
                                                  	                  Amy Christopher, IATA
                                                  15:45-16:30        ICCS Info Session
                                                                     ICCS Team
                                                  19:00              Evening Event
                                                                     by Invitation Only
                                                                     (hosted by Citibank)
7 October     DaY 2
09:00-09:45   The Benefits of E-trading    11:45-12:30   Best Practices in
              for Airlines: a case study                 FX Risk Management
              of Lufthansa AG and 360T                   Sebastian di Paola,
              Roland Kern, Lufthansa                     PricewaterhouseCoopers
              and Carlo Koelzer, 360T      12:30-13:45   Lunch
09:45-10:30   SEPA Update                  13:45-14:30   Fasten Your Seatbelts for
              Ruth Wandhöfer, Citibank                   a Trip to the Future in
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break                               Global Cash Management
11:00-11:45   Financial Risk                             Gevher Yel, Turkish Airlines
              Management at KLM:                         and Baris Tezcan, Citibank
              in light of our              14:30-15:30   Banking Relationships in
              turbulent times                            Transition: the impact of
              Vijay Panday, KLM                          the liquidity crisis, SEPA,
                                                         Swift and other factors
                                                         Robert Statius-Muller,
                                                         Greenwich Associates
               Cash ManageMent serviCes
                   MissiOn stateMent
  To	assist	and	support	airline	treasuries	in	meeting	their	corporate	objectives
          in	the	areas	of	cash	management	and	currency	repatriation.

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