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									City of Richmond
       Employee Benefits
    Fiscal Year 2007 - 2008
 July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008
City of Richmond
Dental Benefits
Delta Dental
Premier Plan Highlights
  $50 Single/ $150 Family Deductible
  100% Preventive Services (no
  50% Basic Services (deductible applies)
  50% Major Services (deductible applies)
  *One year waiting period on major services
Delta Dental
Premier Plan Highlights
  Dependents are covered to age 19; full-
  time students covered to age 23
  $1000 maximum benefit per calendar year
  $1000 lifetime maximum for orthodontics
  for covered dependents under the age of
Delta Dental Deduction Rates
  Single                $   8.51
  Employee / Spouse     $   18.73
  Employee / Child(ren) $   18.67
  Family                $   30.47
City of Richmond
Life and AD&D
Life and AD&D
  Jefferson Pilot
    $25,000 on each full-time employee

    No cost to the employees

    Portable

    Who is your beneficiary?
Optional Life-Jefferson Pilot
  Available in increments of $5,000;
  $10,000; $15,000;$20,000; $25,000
  Dependent Life $5000 spouse/$5000
  child(ren)$.74 per pay period
  Optional life rates have not changed
  If enrolling or increasing amount, EOI
City of Richmond
Long-Term Disability
Long-term Disability
  Long- term disability coverage through Jefferson Pilot
   • Employer-Paid

   • 60% of Income up to $3350 per week

   • 180 day elimination period

   • Benefits terminate at later of age 65 or normal

     social security retirement
  LTD Coverage includes Employee Connect, an EAP
  Service including 24 hour telephonic and web access
  and 4 face to face visits per year
City of Richmond
Health Insurance
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Marketing Process
  United Healthcare presented a 26% increase on
  current benefit plan, eventually reduced to 20%
  Marketed to all carriers
  Anthem was able to provide an overall increase of
  9% for similar dual plan options
  Anthem selected based on:
     Plan design
     Premium
     Strength of provider contracts
     Financial stability
Anthem Options
                                                                    City of Richmond
                                                                 Anthem Options 7/1/07

                                                                Anthem                            Anthem
                                                               Core Option                     Buy Up Option
  Deductible:                                                    $750/$1500                        None
  Coinsurance Out-Of-Pocket Maximum:                            $2000/$4000                     $2000/$4000
                                                           (includes deductible)

  Physician Office Visit:                                   $20 copay per visit             $20 copay per visit
  Specialist Office Visit:                                  $20 copay per visit             $20 copay per visit
  Urgent Treatment Center:                                  $35 copay per visit             $25 copay per visit
  Hospital In-Patient Services:                      Deductible, then 20% coinsurance        20% coinsurance
  Outpatient/Ambulatory Services:                    Deductible, then 20% coinsurance        20% coinsurance
  Labs and Xrays                                     Deductible, then 20% coinsurance        20% coinsurance
  Emergency Room:                                          $100 copay per visit             $75 copay per visit
  Prescriptions:                                               $10/$25/$40                     $10/$25/$40
  Mail Order (90 Day Supply):                                 $20/$65/$100                    $20/$65/$100
  Vision:                                                   $20 copay per visit             $20 copay per visit
  Out of Network Benefits:
  Deductible:                                                  $1500/$3000
  Coinsurance:                                                     40%                   No Out of Network Benefits
  Maximum Out of Pocket:                                       $4000/$8000

This comparison is for illustrative purposes only.
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Core Plan Payroll Deductions

                        Monthly      City Contribution    Employee             Payroll
                        Premium      Toward Premium      Responsibility       Deduction

Single              $       300.00   $        300.00     $          -     $          -
Employee/Spouse     $       476.61   $        300.00     $       176.61   $        88.31
Employee/Children   $       453.72   $        300.00     $       153.72   $        76.86
Family              $       658.69   $        300.00     $       358.69   $       179.35
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Buy Up Plan Payroll Deductions

                        Monthly       City Contribution     Employee           Payroll
                        Premium       Toward Premium       Responsibility     Deduction
Single              $        437.86   $         300.00    $       137.86    $      68.93
Employee/Spouse     $        825.05   $         300.00    $       525.05    $     262.53
Employee/Children   $        784.85   $         300.00    $       484.85    $     242.43
Family              $      1,140.24   $         300.00    $       840.24    $     420.12
Pattie A Clay Hospital
      To: City of Richmond Employees

      From: Neace Lukens Insurance

      Date: July 1, 2007

      Re: Inpatient Hospital Admissions

      The City of Richmond is pleased to announce the continued partnership between the City
      of Richmond employees/dependents and Pattie A. Clay Hospital regarding inpatient
      hospital admissions effective July 1, 2007.

      The City of Richmond will change health carriers to Anthem BCBS effective July 1,
      2007. Please refer to your ID card for the group number.

      If you choose the core option $750 deductible plan and choose Pattie A. Clay for
      inpatient hospital services, you will receive a direct personal savings of $250.00 toward
      your calendar year deductible. Inpatient hospital admission consists of 24 hours or
      more. Anything less than 24 hours is considered OBSERVATION; therefore, the
      savings will not apply.

      If you have met your deductible for the calendar year, there will be no further savings
      from Pattie A. Clay.

      If you choose the high option $0 deductible plan, there will be no savings.

      Your cooperation is requested. It is recommended that you clearly inform the hospital
      upon registration or upon receipt of the billing statement that as a City of Richmond
      employee or covered beneficiary, you are eligible for the savings noted above. If you
      have any questions with hospital billing matters, please feel free to call Pattie A. Clay at
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  Deductible included in Maximum Out of
  Outpatient Diagnostic/Therapeutic
  Services (ex: x-rays, lab work,CT Scans,
  MRI’s, Colonoscopies, PET Scans) are
  paid at deductible/coinsurance
  Read Benefit Summaries carefully
Inpatient Out of Pocket

                                  Core Plan   Buy Up Plan
   Inpatient 7 Day Stay:           $55,000      $55,000
   Deductible:                      $750         None
   Coinsurance:                      20%          10%
   Coinsurance Maximum:             $2000        $2000
   Total Member Responsibility:     $2000        $2000
Outpatient Out of Pocket

                                Core Plan   Buy Up Plan
 Outpatient Surgery              $6,500       $6,500
 Deductible:                      $750         None
 Coinsurance:                     20%          20%
 Coinsurance Maximum:            $2000        $2000
 Total Member Responsibility:    $1900        $1300
Things to Consider…
  Core Plan single cost is paid 100% by
  the City of Richmond
  Buy Up Plan single cost is $68.93 per
  pay period or $1,654.32 annually
Benefits of Mail Order Prescriptions

   Optimize Cost
      90 Day Supply for $20/$65/$100
      Delivered to your home
      Refills can be ordered online and via phone
   Helps promote generic and formulary
Generic Drug Programs

         You can save money not only for you and your family, but also City o
         Richmondand your health plan.

         Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Meijer and Target have generic discount programs that allow
         you to save out of your pocket money as well as pharmacy claims for COR. By
         reducing pharmacy claims, you can reduce the increases in your group health

         A generic drug is identical, or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage
         form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance
         characteristics and intended use. Although generic drugs are chemically
         identical to their branded counterparts, they are typically sold at substantial
         discounts from the branded price. According to the Congressional Budget Office,
         generic drugs save consumers an estimated $8 to $10 billion a year at retail

         New drugs, like other new products, are developed under patent protection. The
         patent protects the investment in the drug's development by giving the company
         the sole right to sell the drug while the patent is in effect. When patents or other
         periods of exclusivity expire, manufacturers can apply to the FDA to sell generic
         versions. Health professionals and consumers can be assured that FDA
         approved generic drugs have met the same rigid standards as the leader drug.

         Please see attached the listing of the different locations and their program details
         as well as where to find lists of the generic medications covered.
Generic Drug Programs
                                          Generic Drug Programs

                                                   Program Details                Generic Drug List Web Links

                                        $15 for 90 Day Supply for over 225
                                        medications                           sp
                                        Free Antibiotics for up to a 14 day
                                        supply                                See List Below

                                        $4 for 30 day supply        
                                        (or otherwise listed)                 ge.jsp?contentId=PRD03-004033

                                        $4 for 30 day supply        
            /                           (or otherwise listed)                 g.gsp?cat=546834

   Kroger, Rite-Aid, CVS and Wal-Greens do not have a generic drug program at this time

   Meijer Antibiotic List

   Penicillin VK

The Power of BlueCard®.

                 Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® Registered marks Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.   24
Online Member Services
  Easy access to tools and resources that will help simplify benefit
  administration, support improved decision making, reduce paperwork,
  and more.

                      Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® Registered marks Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.   9/6/2006   25
Subimo’s CoverageAdvisor™
  Helps members understand which health care services their families are
  likely to need and then estimate what the annual cost will be for those
  services. They can then determine which plan choice will best meet
  their needs.

                      Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® Registered marks Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.   9/6/2006   26
Why an Employee Assistance Program?
  On any given workday,
  25% of the American
  workforce is affected
  by personal problems
  — that also affect their
  work performance.

  Successful intervention
  assists employees in
  solving these issues
  and addresses
  productivity concerns.
Anthem EAP is a Service
 Accessible to everyone employed by your
 company and their household members.
 Program costs borne by your company; up to
 3 sessions per problem, per year are
 available at no charge to you and your
 household members.
 Services are strictly confidential and available
 24 hours a day/7 days a week and can be
 accessed by calling 1.800.865.1044
Why would I call?
  Substance abuse and/or alcohol issues
  Family relationship problems
  Mental health concerns
  Legal and financial troubles
  Child care and elder care
  Work-related issues
  Stress management and wellness
  Communication and conflict management
  Other issues
Services Provided Include:
  Crisis intervention
  Referral and follow-up
  Short-term counseling
  Workplace interface
  Legal consultations
  Financial consultations
  Child care / Elder care consultation
  and referral
  Comprehensive website
Employees and Household
Members Receive
  Access to critical EAP services by calling
  our toll-free number: 1.800.865.1044
  Face-to-face counseling sessions with no
  co-payments or cost sharing under EAP
  Childcare and eldercare assistance
     Via website search for availability meeting your needs,
      e.g. daycare for a 3 year old, openings at assisted living
      facility for aging parents.
Employees and Household
Members Receive (continued)
 Access to a variety of work/life resources at
 no cost to you including:
     Legal advice, telephone consultants and referrals to
      qualified attorneys
        30 min free telephone or face to face consultation per issue
        25% Discounted fee for continued service
     Financial advice, qualified specialists
        30 min free consultation
        Free financial analysis
     Interactive web-based resources
        Useful practical information on living and working well
        Self-assessment tools and interactive resources

    Log-On is:
     City of
Anthem EAP’s Nationwide
Network of Counselors
 Licensed Masters level and PhD level
 Located near your home and work
 Experienced in all types of issues and
 Will assist you in developing a concrete
 plan of action
     Short term interventions
     Recommendations for ongoing care
     Provide support and follow-up
Anthem BC/BS enrollment
City of Richmond
          Optional Programs
A representative with Colonial will be
  available after your scheduled open
  enrollment meetings. You must see a
  Colonial representative even if you will
  have no changes to any insurance, or if
  you are waiving all coverage available
  to City of Richmond employees.
What is Supplemental Insurance?
  Supplemental insurance plans are not
  designed to replace insurance you
  already have
  Supplemental insurance enhances your
  existing benefits package
  Benefits can be used to help pay
  expenses that other insurance plans
  don’t cover
Colonial Supplemental Insurance
  The Colonial Advantage:
     Most plans pay in addition to other benefits you
      may have with other insurance companies
     Benefits are paid directly to you, unless otherwise
     With most plans you can keep your coverage even
      if you change jobs or retire
     Most plans are guaranteed renewable
     Prompt and courteous customer service
Colonial Supplemental Insurance
  Short-term Disability Insurance Universal Life
  Term Life Insurance
  Accident Insurance
  Cancer Insurance
  Critical Illness Insurance

     Policies have exclusions and limitations that may affect
      benefits payable. All plans may not be available in all states
      and benefits provided may also vary by state.
Take note!
All employees must come to City
Hall 1st Floor Conference room to
sign payroll deduction form

Get sticker on card at each vendor to
be eligible for prize drawing
 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • All employees must fill out a form (even if

    waiving coverage)
 Delta Dental
  • Change Forms and New Enrollees Only

 Jefferson Pilot
  • Enrollment and EOI form only if electing or

    increasing voluntary life
 Remember this is your open enrollment
 Only time an employee can make a change to health/dental
 benefits without an underlying qualifying event
 Decision you make is important; because of pre-taxation of
 benefits, no changes can be made during plan year without a
 qualifying event
 Examples of qualifying events
     Marriage
     Divorce
     Birth of Child
     Adoption
     Spousal Loss of Employment

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