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Using naturally gluten-free flours and meeting the highest regulatory standards, with a
taste that’s way beyond gluten-free ……………….

                       Gluten-Free Real Bread Mix
              Gluten-Free Real Wholegrain Bread Mix
Since we started making organic bread mixes in September 2005, we’ve listened to so
many personal stories of frustration at the lack of choice in the gluten-free market; the
poor taste of gluten-free bread; the problems with high levels of sugar in gluten-free
products and the all too frequent “chemical aftertaste”.

We’ve been really keen from the beginning to produce our own gluten-free range, but it
was only with the very recent opening of our dedicated gluten free unit (August 2008)
that this has been made possible.

Our first gluten-free products are two bread mixes, namely Gluten-free Real Bread Mix
and Gluten-free Real Wholegrain Bread Mix.

Our priority in developing the gluten-free bread mixes was taste, grounded in the best
natural ingredients possible. We use no chemical gunk fillers or puffers, but only the
kind of ingredients you’d find in a (gluten-free!) home baker’s kitchen. The mixes are, of
course, organic and also:

      Gluten-free
      Wheat-free
      Sugar-free
      Yeast-free
      GM-free
      Dairy-free (no dairy in mix and can be made with any non-dairy milk)
      Nut-free (produced in a nut-free unit)

An added bonus is just how quick you’ll get your bread into the oven. Take 5 easy steps:

1. With a fork, whisk 1 egg in measuring jug. Add in whole milk (or buttermilk; or any
dairy-free alternative) to a total liquid content of 450ml.
2. Empty bread mix into bowl
3. Add egg and milk mixture and, with spoon, stir together quickly
4. Transfer to 1lb non-stick (or pre-greased) loaf tin
5. Bake in the centre of the oven for 55 minutes.

For more information, or for retail or catering orders,                 contact   us     at: tel. +353-87 662 3998 or +353-86 805 8115

Sowan’s Organic Bread Mix, Mount Verdon House, 15 Wellington Rd, Cork

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