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									   Park Elementary School
   111 Goodrich Ct.
   Chardon, OH 44024
   (440) 285-4067

   Miss Rhonda Garrett. Principal
   Mrs. Lynn Harcher, Secretary
   Mrs. Cheryl Curry, Clerical Assistant

EXCELLENCE                Chardon Schools Website – www.chardon.k12.oh.us

            We believe that every student is unique and has individual needs which must be met. The Mission of
        Park Elementary School is to provide quality educational opportunities for all children to master to their fullest
                potential the skills necessary to become successful citizens and independent lifelong learners.
                                                           May 7, 2009

                                         VOLUNTEER “THANK YOU” BREAKFAST
              The Park Staff cordially invites you to our “Thank You” Breakfast for our wonderful volunteers on
                                   Friday, May 29 , at 8:15 a.m. in our school cafeteria.
                                                Your children are welcome too!
                                            Please RSVP to our school at 285-4067.
                                                    We hope you will join us!

                       NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK MAY 4-8, 2009
      Park School will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week during the week of May 11-15, 2009.
      Special notes and cards are meaningful to our staff.

      The annual Recognition Dinner was held at St. Denis Party Center on May 5th.                                         The
      following Park teachers were honored this year for their years of service in education:
         Rhonda Garrett – 25 years; Lori Baker – 20 years; and Debbie Filby – 15 years
      Also, Pat Johnson, former Custodian at Park School, received the Friend of Education
      Award. Pat was a District employee for 20 years. During her retirement, she continues to
      volunteer her time supporting teachers and students, and contributes to the beautification of
      our building and grounds.
                              THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL PARK SUPPORT STAFF!!
      Park School would like to honor its fine support staff. A big thank you goes out to each one of these individuals who play
      an integral role in the education process. Our support staff includes all of the following individuals of whom we are very
      Secretary:                      Mrs. Lynn Harcher              Bus Drivers:        #22       Diane Jewell
      Clerical Assistant:             Mrs. Cheryl Curry                                  #24       Lisa George
      Educational Assistants:         Mrs. Donna Shafranek                               #27       Sandi Carpenter
                                      Mr. Wes Wertz                                      #29       Jan Whitright
      Intervention Tutors:            Ms. Gerri Steckley                                 #33       Ed Kaminski
                                      Ms. Sherry Becker                                  #35       Ceil Terranova
                                      Mrs. Jeanne Wolenski                                         Rose Bene (Aide)
      Title I Tutors:                 Ms. Gerri Stickley                                 #36       Beth Riddle
                                      Ms. Sherry Becker                                            Carol DiFranco (Aide)
                  :                   Ms. Debbie Filby                                   #5        Holly Walker
      Recess Monitors:                Mrs. Laurie Bevington                              #9        Rod Dickinson
                                      Mrs. Sue Obranovich                                #37       Janice Chesnes
      Cafeteria Supervisor:           Mrs. Nancy Johnston                                #8        Sue Obranovich
      Cafeteria Assistant:            Mrs. Pat Robinson                                  #40       Cedric Greene
      Custodians:                     Mrs. Wanda Nicolet                                 #42       Karen Rundt
                                      Mr. Paul Driscoll                                            Laurie Bevington (Aide)
                                                                                         #22       Diane Jewell
                                                                                         #24       Lisa George
                                    th                                                           th
                                 5 Grade Popcorn Business Starts Tuesday, May 12
                                                       New Day!!
                Fifth graders are in business again! Join these young entrepreneurs as they open their annual
      popcorn business, Tuesday, May 12th. Students will be selling bags of popcorn for the next four school
      Tuesdays to all Park students and teachers.              Fifth grade students have been in business for
      over 14 profitable years and are applying their            learned economic knowledge to a real business.
                Besides learning about economics,                our popcorn business has a second purpose.
      The profits generated by this business have                 gone to help children in need. With our profits
      this year, we will buy teddy bears to be used                 for children at Geauga Hospital.
                All fifth graders are involved in all               aspects of our business, from sales, money
      collection, popcorn preparation, distribution, advertisement, and accounting. The cost of the popcorn is
      $0.25 a bag. Money and orders will be collected each Tuesday morning, and the popcorn will be delivered
      each Tuesday afternoon. Making change from dollar bills can be difficult and time consuming, so we ask
      that students who want to buy popcorn bring in quarters, dimes, and nickels. Fifth graders hope that Park
      students will support our business and have some great tasting popcorn, too!!

      Mr. Joe Bergant, Superintendent of Chardon Local Schools, will be hosting an open forum to discuss issues
      concerning the recently completed enrollment study and how it impacts Hambden Elementary School. If you
      are a parent of a student attending Hambden Elementary or if you will have a student attend in the near
      future, please consider attending one of the following sessions:
                                    th                       th
                Wednesday, May 13 , or Tuesday, May 19 , at 6:30 p.m. in the Hambden Gymnasium
                                     BUY ONE GET ONE FREE BOOK FAIR
                          It’s that time again! The Buy One Get One Free Book Fair
                              will take place on Friday, May 29 , from 9 a.m-4 p.m.
                       All items are Buy One Get One Free or one item for half price.
                                           Stock up for summer reading.

Remember, New Student-Parent Orientation for Chardon Middle School will be held from 6:30-
7:30pm on: May 20 – for students whose last name begins with L-Z. Come and find out what
Chardon Middle School is all about. Call the Middle School at 285-4062 if you have any questions. The
evening will last approximately 1 hour.

                                                                                                th      th
    •   Spring Flower Sale – The Spring Flower Sale is set for Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9 .
        Anyone who would like to help, please call Robyn Lannon at 286-6850.
    •   P.T.O. Officers for 2009-2010 – Anyone interested in becoming a P.T.O. officer for the next school
        year, please contact Tim Lannon at 286-6850.

At the beginning of each week, an award of the month is read and explained to the students. Each
classroom teacher will choose one student who strongly displays this characteristic throughout the week.
The selected students’ names will be read during Monday morning’s announcements and they will receive a
colorful printed award and free ice cream.

The following students were recognized this week for Overall Citizenship: Thomas Kimpton, Marlee
Richards, Alexa Nared, Alaina Goss, Gwendolyn Avery, James Gross, Andrew Kobuszewski, Brooke
Messer, Zoe Howson, Trent Weber, Calean McKenney, Chloe Tegel, Morgan Powell and Wyatt Sullivan.

This is an additional venue to highlight and encourage positive behavior with the students at Park.

Congratulations to Payton Trentanelli who was the winner of the $50.00 U.S.Savings Bond for the month of
April, which was donated by Haas, Haas & Associates.

Due to the confirmed case of swine flu in Lorain County, I am including a reminder of influenza symptoms.
Influenza is not gastrointestinal (stomach) upset. Influenza is a severe upper respiratory illness
characterized by sudden onset, fever over 101° headache, sore throat, cough, muscle ache and fatigue.
Please seek medical advice when these symptoms are present to confirm influenza. It may be serious and
need to be treated. If you suspect your child has influenza or is ill with these symptoms, please keep
him/her home until their illness has been confirmed.

Congratulations to the following students who have a piece of artwork on display at the Middlefield Historical
                                                                   th     th
Society Student Art Show. The show is open to the public on May 9 & 10 from 11:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.
                                      st                                 nd
Kdg.                                 1 Grade                           2 Grade
Joczlyn Woods                        Tori Lowe                         Isaiah Green
Margaret Hamulak                     Ashley Tice                       Emily Speck
Ian Temple                           Robert Frank                      Sean O’Brien
Anthony Tramte                       Sophia Alexandrou                 Julie Granger
Jeremy Goerss                        Jacob Hamulak                     Molly Greene
Autymn Humberson                     Brigit Morgan
Loreali Gandolf-Glover
  rd                                  th                                 th
3 Grade                              4 Grade                           5 Grade
Mariah Johnson                       Amanda Zaletel                    Erin Eddy
Cassidy McBride                      Matthew Klingbergs                Melanie Gross
Kayla Benjamin                       Matthew Wertenberger              Scott Fraedrich
Tess Lannon                          Calean McKenney                   Rachel Perry
Jennifer Vandenberg                  Madelyn Hamulak                   Shaemon Leach
Emily Munoz                          Trent Weber                       Morgan Powell
Emily Thompson                       Halley Spino                      Trevor Fern
Megan Yamamoto                       Nate Thompson                     Isabella Baker
                                     Connor Cook
                                     Lukas Schumaker
                                     Sarah Lozada

WHAT:       Pizza Cook-Off to benefit the Cotter family
WHEN:       May 16 , 2009, 3-7:00 p.m.
WHERE:      Geauga County Fairgrounds in Burton
WHY:        Mr. Cotter fell from a ladder last fall and is now paralyzed. His wife works as a teller in
            Chardon and is now the sole supporter of the family. The home they reside in does not
            support their needs. This event offers entertainment for the whole family and 100% of the
            money raised will go to help the Cotter family of Chardon.

Students who are moving from the area or are transferring to another school next fall should
notify the school office as soon as possible. The parent/guardian needs to come in and sign a
withdrawal form or request one from the school office. By notifying the school of your child’s withdrawal, you will
speed up the process of forwarding important school records to the school where he/she will be enrolled.

                          Happy Mother’s Day!

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