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					                             JEAN LITTLE NEWSLETTER
                                     56 Youngm an D rive Ž G uelph, O ntario Ž N 1G 4L2 Ž (519) 837-9582

                   Mr. Randal Wagner, Principal                               Ms. Kelly Whetstone, Office Coordinator

                                        February 2010

Principal’s Message                                           UGDSB RECOGNIZES
                                                              FEBRUARY AS BLACK
Dear Families,                                                HISTORY MONTH
About fifty parents from the South end schools                Every year Canadians are
of Guelph attended the Ray Hughes presentation                invited to take part in the
on Media Violence at F.A. Hamilton P.S. It was
                                                              festivities and events that
quite illuminating. Mr. Hughes suggested a
                                                              honour the legacy of black
website,, which
provides parents with a simple GREEN-YELLOW-                  Canadians, past and present, during Black
RED rating system for television, movies,                     History Month.
Internet and video-gaming. Further along in this              Black History Month exists to remind us all of
newsletter is a page on media literacy that                   the rich contributions within our society from
contains other useful information.                            people of African and Caribbean descent, and
Media Literacy is one of the four components of               of their ongoing struggle for equity and social
our English program. Staff develop lessons in                 justice. This is a time to celebrate the many
order to develop a critical aptitude in our                   achievements and contributions of black
students. In addition, each year we have visits               Canadians who, throughout history, have
from the local police to discuss Internet safety.             done so much to make Canada the culturally
Sitting with your child, watching what they are
                                                              diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation
viewing, and discussing with them the content of
                                                              we know today. It is also an opportunity for
the program is a great way to develop empathy,
global awareness, stereotyping and critical
                                                              the majority of Canadians to learn about the
media skills in your child. Why not make                      experiences of black Canadians in our society,
February a family media month?                                and the vital role this community has played
                                                              throughout our shared history.
Each month we share important information
with our school community via our newsletter.                 FAMILY DAY
We are sending home this hard copy of the                     The Upper Grand District School Board will be
newsletter with a reminder that newsletters in                observing Family Day on
the past several months have been posted to                   Monday, February 15th and our
our school website.                                           school will be closed. We                   hope you enjoy the day with
If you have not been accessing the newsletter                 your family!
online and would like to be added to our email
list or would like a paper copy sent home each
month please contact Kelly Whetstone in the
office at 519-837-9582 x0.
                 PROFESSIONAL                      COOKIES FOR CANCER
                 DEVELOPMENT DAY                   From February 8 - 12th Jean Little students will
               Monday, February 22nd is a          be selling “heart cookies”
               Professional Development            to benefit the London
               Day and there will not be           Children’s Hospital. These
               c l a ss e s f o r st u d e nt s.   large cookies will cost
               Teachers will be working with       $1.00 each and juice will
               their grade partners in the         also be available for
morning and on assessment and evaluation in        $0.50. Please support this
the afternoon.                                     worthy cause.

                                                                      Junior boys       and girls
                                                                      volleyball has been active
                                                                      this winter at Jean Little
                                                                      Many of our junior
                                                                      students played intramural
     Mark Your Calendars….                                            volleyball during
                                                   December, learning the fundamental skills:
 Grade 8 Parent Information Night                  serving, bumping, volleying and team work!
                                                   Thanks to all students who tried out for school
            Centennial C.V.I.                      teams in January.

     Thursday, February 4, 2010                    Many thanks to our students for showing such
                                                   enthusiasm and good sportsmanship,
                  7:00 pm                          Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Baggio Favrin

                                                   A special congratulations
                    TRAFFIC CONGESTION             to Matthew Godfrey for
                     Parents are asked to place    receiving the term 1 patrol
                     student safety above          MVP award. Our patrols
                     convenience. Please use       are doing a fabulous job
                     the “Kiss and Drive” area     despite the challenges of the winter weather.
at the front of the school property.

When a car is parked in this area and the
driver leaves the vehicle unattended, it
prevents the smooth flow of cars and creates
a dangerous, overcrowded situation.

Be a considerate Jean Little community
             CAMP FUNDRAISERS                      HOPE FOR HAITI
           Coming soon! Starting in mid-           The thoughts and prayers of every
           February Jean Little will be            Canadian goes out to the people
           selling sub sandwiches and              of Haiti. Your child has taken
           popcorn on Wednesdays.                  home a "luxury tax" form as a
           Details will be coming home in a        suggestion of a way to learn and
           separate newsletter. As in the          help. If your family would like to
           past all grade 6, 7 & 8 students        participate, your donations are
           will have the opportunity to sell       due back on Feb 9. Also, the sister of a retired
chocolate bars to raise money for their            teacher from Westwood PS will be taking as
upcoming camp trips.                               many pillow cases as she can gather directly to
                                                   an orphanage in Haiti. This orphanage was not
PRIMARY OLYMPIC DAY -                              damaged and has been overwhelmed by the
                                                   arrival of young children. They will make
Friday, February 12, 2010
                                                   mattresses for babies with the pillow cases. If
In spirit of the upcoming
                                                   you have any you can donate, please send
Winter Olympics our
                                                   them with your child before Feb 12.
primary students (JK-3)
will be participating in
an afternoon of winter                             INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL
activities named after                                                        T h e j u n io r
events that will take place in Vancouver.                                     volleyball season
Please send your child dressed for the                                        has come to an
weather as they will be outside for 1.5 hours.                                end.      Intramural
Hot chocolate will be provided.                                               volleyball was
                                                   enjoyed during November and December and
CARDBOARD BOAT RACE                                all participants learned new skills and showed
The Grade 7's & 8's have many opportunities        excellent sportsmanship. From this
                   this year to join teams         participation, teams were chosen to represent
                   where they learn and            our school at tournaments.
                   practise skills that are used   Congratulations to the junior girls volleyball
                   in the skilled trades. On       team. The team participated in a tournament
                   January 26th, the design and    on Jan 26 and due to amazing team work,
                   build team travelled to         placed third. They showed great skills and a
                   Brantford where they            very positive attitude. Congratulations to Niki,
                   constructed a boat out of       Jennifer, Neora, Alica, Sarah, Sydney, Kailin
                   cardboard and duct tape         and Yaldoz. Way to go girls. It was fun to
that they spent a month designing. They            watch you play as a team, while bumping,
earned top marks for their design and              volleying and serving! Also, a big thank you to
construction but sank the "HMCS Daffy Duct"        Tim, Srimay, Ali, Lauren and Robin for helping
in the weight challenge. They had a great day      to coach the girls and boys teams. They
and we are very proud of our team. Team            showed their expertise and hard work during
members are Ghazal Yousifie, Sonny Luthra,         every practice and it was very much
Sarah Blatch, Robin Moffatt. Ali Naqawe,           appreciated by Mrs.Baggio-Favrin and Mrs.
Abbie Sibbald, Garrett Martin and Sara Casey.      Baker.
A special thanks goes to coach Paul Nethery.
All 5 of our Skills Canada teams will travel to
Elora to compete in March.
                       O U R     N E W            GIFT CARDS ARE BACK!
                       R E C Y C L IN G           After raising a fabulous $330 from our gift
                       PROGRAM                    card fundraiser in December, you can buy gift
                        We have started a new     cards again with regular ordering dates until
                        two-stream recycling      the end of this school year!
                        program at our school.
                        We have a recycling       You can use gift cards to buy your groceries
                        container for plastic     and gas – if you spend $600 every month at
                        containers (empty         Zehrs, Metro, No Frills or Food Basics, by
yogurt and pudding cups, water bottles, pop       purchasing your food with a gift card, you
cans) and a recycling container to hold paper     could raise $18 for Jean Little School at no
recycling (fine paper, construction paper,        extra cost or effort to you. If just 10 families
newspaper). We are trying to cut down on          did that for one month, that would mean
the amount of waste that is sent to landsites.    $180 of books or equipment for your
Which container to you think milk cartons and     children’s school.
juice boxes go into? If you guessed the grey
garbage container, you are right. Continue to     Or buy a gift card as an Easter gift, or for
recycle at home and at school. Everyone can       Mother’s or Father’s Day – there are over 100
play a part in protecting our environment.        retailers to choose from!

                                                  Please find detailed information and an
                                                  order form with this newsletter.
                    Congratulations goes out
                    to the junior boys
                    volleyball team who
                    placed first at the Willow
                    Road Division C
                    tournament on Jan.
                    26th.       They are
commended for their terrific sportsmanship,                    Schedule of dates:
positive attitude and skill level. They are:
Robert Stacy, Max Moffatt, Matthew Betts,         Order By Date:                  Pick Up Date:
Charlie Birkett, Ahmed Mahmoud, Cameron
Marshall, Samuel Stewart, Dylan Armstrong,        Wed. Feb.17             Wed. Feb.24
Daniel Birkett, Yugam Desai, Dakota Brown,        Wed. Mar.3              Wed. Mar.10
Zachary St. Amand, and Tomson McKenzie.           Wed. Mar.31             Wed. Apr.7
                                                  Wed. Apr.14             Wed. Apr.21
Many thanks to the parents who supported us       Wed. Apr.28             Wed. May 5
that afternoon and to practise players: Rahul,    Wed. May 12             Wed. May 19
Jack and Luke, and to gr. 8 students: Ali, Tim,   Wed. May 26             Wed. June 2
Lauren, Robin, Srimay.                            Wed. June 9             Wed. June 16

Coach- Mrs. Baggio Favrin
Gift Cards are back!
After raising a fabulous $330 from our gift card fundraiser in December, you can buy gift
cards again with regular ordering dates until the end of this school year!

You can use gift cards to buy your groceries and gas – if you spend $600 every month at
Zehrs, Metro, No Frills or Food Basics, by purchasing your food with a gift card, you
could raise $18 for Jean Little School at no extra cost or effort to you. If just 10 families
did that for one month, that would mean $180 of books or equipment for your children’s

Or buy a gift card as an Easter gift, or for Mother’s or Father’s Day – there are over 100
retailers to choose from!

To Order:

Go to to order online. It’s quite easy - go to ‘Supporters’, and click
on ‘Sign Up Now’ – then scroll down to find Jean Little Public School. Click here, enter
your information, and set a password. You will be sent an email and you will be able to
activate your account from there.

If you wish to order with a paper form there is a copy attached to this newsletter, as well
as a schedule of order dates.

Order forms can be downloaded from the School website, under ‘Forms’, or can be
picked up from the School Office.

A schedule for order dates and pick up dates will also be posted on the school website.

Important information
Please remember that the cards can only be delivered to the school, and will be available
on the Tuesday following the date you ordered. We recommend that an adult or a
responsible child pick up the cards from the school office, and they will be required to
sign for them.

We are going to be using the school’s newsletter email list to remind you every month of
the order dates.

If you do not wish to be contacted via email about the gift cards, please note this in your
response about the school newsletter.

Thank you for your support for Jean Little Public School!!
For further information, call Jayne Godfrey 519 265 5049 /
  Fundscrip Gift Cards – Jean Little Public School

                          Schedule of dates:

         Order By Date:                        Pick Up Date:

Wednesday 17th February            Wednesday 24th February
Wednesday 3rd March                Wednesday 10th March
Wednesday 31st March               Wednesday 7th April
Wednesday 14th April               Wednesday 21st April
Wednesday 28th April               Wednesday 5th May
Wednesday 12th May                 Wednesday 19th May
Wednesday 26th May                 Wednesday 2nd June
Wednesday 9th June                 Wednesday 16th June
                                           School Year 2009-2010

                                           Dear Parent or Guardian:

                                           Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health will provide dental screenings for all students in
                                           Grades JK, SK, Grades 2, 4, 6, 8 and others as mandated under the Health Protection and
                                           Promotion Act. We will be visiting your school on March 1st and 2nd 2010.

                                           What is a screening?
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

                                           A screening is a quick look in the mouth by a registered dental hygienist who uses a sterilized
                                           dental mirror and protective vinyl gloves. The school screening does not replace a full
                                           examination by your family dentist.

                                           Why is screening important?
                                           Our goals are to:
                                              • Gather statistics on the dental health of children
                                              • Identify children who have dental problems
                                              • Help children get needed dental care

                                           What dental programs and services are available?
                                           Children who are found to have urgent dental needs may be eligible for the CINOT (Children
                                           in Need of Treatment) program. You will receive a letter if your child is found to be dentally
                                           eligible for this free program. The program pays for treatment if:
                                               • your child has an urgent dental problem such as large cavities, pain, or infection;
                                               • you do not have dental insurance;
                                               • you do not have dental coverage through Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support
                                                    Program; and
                                               • the cost of dental treatment would create a financial hardship for your family.

                                           Public Health Dental Clinics also offers free preventive treatment for eligible children in your
                                           community. These services include professional cleaning of teeth, topical fluoride application,
                                           fissure sealants, and brushing instruction.

                                           Can my child get an earlier screening?
                                           Call 519-846-2715 or 1-800-265-7293 any time for a screening appointment.

                                           If you do not wish to have your child screened, please call Carol Putz at 519-846-2715
                                           extension 3624 or 1-800-265-7293 leaving your child’s full name, school, birth date and grade,
                                           one week prior to the screening date.

                                           Yours truly,

                                           Dr. Robert Hawkins
                                           Dental Program Manager

                                           Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health collects information under the authority of the Health
                                           Protection and Promotion Act, and in accordance with MFIPPA and it will be used for
                                           identification of the needs of families, provision of services and for statistical purposes. Questions
                                           regarding this collection should be forwarded to the Privacy Officer at 1-800-265-7293.
     Sunday        Monday                    Tuesday                   Wednesday                Thursday            Friday              Saturday

     February 2010
              1                        2 - Skills Canada          3                        4                   5                   6
              - Gr.6 VIP               team meeting               - Class 6/7 & 7C         - Parent            - Spirit Assembly
              program 9:40 AM          3:10 PM                    to River Run 9:00        Information Night   9:00 AM
              - School Council         - Go Girls                 AM                       at Centennial
              Meeting 7:00 PM          program 3:15 PM                                     7:00 PM

7             8 - Skills Canada        9 - High school            10                       11                  12 - Primary        13
              team m eeting 3:10       option forms due                                                        Olympic Day-PM
              PM                       - Go Girls program                                                      - Pillow case
              - Valentine cookie       3:15 PM
                                       - Hope for Haiti                                                        donations due
              fundraiser begins        donations due

14            15                       16 - Skills                17                       18                  19                  20
              - Family Day - no        Canada team                - FundScrip
              classes                  meeting 3:10 PM            orders due (pick-
                                       - Go Girls                 up date Feb.24)
                                       program 3:15 PM

21            22                       23 - Lego workshop         24 - Class 4 to River    25                  26                  27
              - P.D. Day               for 8B at 9:00 AM          Run at 9:00 AM           - Lego workshop
                                       - Jeff Salem music         - Lego workshop class
              no classes               presentation in the gym    6/7 9:00 AM              at 9:00 AM class
                                       at 11:15 AM for class      - Jack Grunsky           8C & 12:00 noon
                                       6/7, 7C, 7/8, 8B & 8C      performance at 11:20     for class 7C
                                       - Go Girls program 3:15    AM for grades JK - 5/6
                                       PM                         - Lego workshop 12:00
                                                                  noon class 7/8

28            March1                   March 2
              - Dental screening for   - Dental screening for
              grades JK, SK, 2, 4,     grades JK, SK, 2, 4, 6 &
              6&8                      8
                                       - Go Girls program 3:15