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					                PANTHER PAWS

                November 2008
                  (A Newsletter for Students, Teachers & Parents of McCord School)

Welcome to the third edition of Panther Paws for the 2008-2009 school year. Panther Paws will come out at the beginning of
each month. It is also posted on the McCord School website at the following address:
The newsletter will list important dates you need to put on your calendar, ideas for making school easier for students and
parents, and articles from the teachers and students. So please read through the newsletter, let us know if you have any
suggestions for future items to include, and make note of the special dates listed. This newsletter is sponsored by the PTM
(Parents and Teachers for McCord.)

    1.      November 6th- Picture re-takes
    2.      November 7th- Popcorn Friday, Popcorn .50 and water .50
    3.      November 8th- Veterans Day Parade- downtown Ponca City- 10:30am
    4.      November 10th- National Young Reader’s Day
    5.      November 11th- McCord School Board Meeting 7:00 in the Library
    6.      November 11th- VETERAN’S DAY & Celebrate Freedom Week
    7.      November 12th- Bible Release
    8.      November 14th- MAKE CINNAMON ROLLS FOR BIG CRAFT SHOW- Major school Fundraiser
    9.      November 15th-2nd Annual McCord Arts and Crafts Festival, 9:00-4:00, booths available. For more information visit
   or call Gail Boswell at 580-76502358 or email her at
    10.     November 20th- PTM Meeting 6:00 in the school library
    11.     November 26-28th- NO SCHOOL THANKSGIVING BREAK

****YEARBOOKS- On sale NOW- They are $15 until December 19th, full color, after December 19th they will go up to
$20. All classes will be included with school pictures and lots of extras. An order form will be going home soon. We
would like to have as many orders by December 19th as possible. They will be available for pick-up at enrollment for
next school year. This is a really good deal and the first time in many years the school has done a yearbook. Don’t
miss out. (Also if you take pictures for a class trip, class project, class party, send them to Kaleen Mills, we can
always use pictures of your kids.) Checks can be made payable to McCord PTM.

The PTM would like to thank all the Parents & Teachers who donated items, and their time to help us have a great
Halloween bash. We had a great turn out, and most of all the kids had a wonderful time.
                                                     Thank you,
                                              Sincerely Your PTM members

Mrs. Moore- Pre-Kindergarten:
The Pre-Kindergarten has settled into the routine of school and we are having a great time learning many new things. In
November we will work on the letters W, F, and A. We will be doing a unit on “Animals Everywhere.” We are also working really
hard to learn our numbers and matching sets to 8. Birthdays this month include: Olivia Smith, Kaden Paslay, and Trinity Parcell.
Happy Birthday!

Ms. Brower & Mrs. Stephenson-Kindergarten:
We recently took a trip to the Priest pumpkin patch in Winfield. We also at lunch and played at the train park in Arkansas City.
We had a great time despite the c-c-cold weather! The Arkansas City hospital’s emergency room was very kind in allowing us to
use their potties since the ones in the park had been winterized! A BIG thanks goes out to them!!! If you’ve ever been caught
with one 5 year old and no bathroom, you can appreciate the dilemma of 34 dancing kindergarteners!
In phonics this month, we will be covering the letters P, A, and N. In math, we are working on numbers 0-10. In reading, we will
work on sight words: a, am, at, can, go, I, is, it, like, on, see, to and the. Please help your child memorize these words.
Happy Birthday! October: Tristen, Shelby and Kaleb November James and Erin

Mrs. Shepard- Title 1 Reading/Math:
Third Grade: Why is it so important? Educators have discovered that if a child cannot read fluently by the end of the 3rd
grade, he may not become a strong reader, and the road ahead will be much more difficult. In fourth grade, students start
using their reading skills as a tool for learning other things. They have to read well because the subjects get harder. Teachers
have less time to help kids catch up on reading skills they don’t have. That’s why parents need to stay in constant touch with
their children’s day care providers and teachers from kindergarten through grade three. It’s important to make sure that
children’s reading skills are developing “on schedule.” In fact, research has shown that children who aren’t strong readers by
the end of third grade are more likely to drop out of school later on. Fortunately, the research has also shown us the best ways
to teach reading, and how parents can make a big difference in helping their children learn to read. Home and school working
together is the best way to help your child become a successful reader.

Mrs. Shafer- Pre-1st:
Written by Lane and Coner
We have been studying the letter Ee. We have been learning about Aa. We have been talking about numbers up to 20. We
made a jck-o-lantern, dug out the seeds and toasted them. We have been learning about Fire Safety. We have been talking
about not taking drugs. We are learning about keeping our bodies clean. We are excited about Halloween.
For Halloween, Coner will be Ironman, Adrian will be the Snow Princess, Taylor will be Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz), Lane will
be Ghost Rider, Makenzie will be Mickey Mouse, H.B. will be Halo, Justin will be Ironman, and Mrs. O’Rear will be Priscilla
Happy Birthday Lane (Oct. 30) and Mrs. O’Rear (Oct. 28)!

Mrs. Shears & Mrs. McArthur- 2nd Grade:
Second grade will be very busy during the 2nd 9 weeks of this semester. In November, we will be learning 2-digit addition with
and without regrouping in math. In language, we will be studying about verbs and all their forms. Our reading series for the
next 5 weeks is centered around creative ideas. Spelling words will have the long “e”, long “o”, and compound words. Our AR
reading goal is 15 points between November 1st and December 15th. All students reaching this goal will attend a popcorn and
moving party. We would like to encourage all students to be reading at home every night. Congratulations to the following
students for reaching the AR goal during the month of October- We are very proud of you!!!
Mrs. Shears- Becca Boswell, Reagan Brumley, Alexia Cerise, Kierstin Crowder, Sawyer Dorl, Samantha Elliott, Dylon Fahs,
Garrett Giles, Sen Gillespie, Mary Lee Hainzinger, Justin Hall, Josh Hill, Savannah Martin, Abrianna Moore and Addison York.
Mrs. McArthur- Jessica LaBlue, Abby Ramirez, Karlea Rogers, Robert Stingley, Chanalie Cunningham, Dylan Crisswell, Anna
Flood, Jacob Knight, Cheyenne McEnany, Haley Braden, Shaila Klinger, Duncan Rau, and Tanner Ast.
Mrs. Hensley- 5th Grade:
Thanks for all of you that attended our Parent/Teacher Conference. I really appreciate the time you took to come and visit
about your child.
In Social Studies, we are making a “Colonial America” pocket folder. We are learning about the time of the Mayflower, Pilgrims,
hornbooks, and new settlements. Students are making their own colony, and learning about early colonial life.
Please encourage your student to keep reading their A.R. book at home.
We have a new fifth grade student, Owen Spiva. We welcome him to our class.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Karen Wiehle- Guidance Teacher:
McCord Students held a mock election a day early to cast their votes for United State President. They learned about the
freedom and rights they have to have a voice in today’s government by voting. Grades 2 through 6 learned about political
parties, voter registration and the process that adults go through to vote for our elected officials. McCain won by a margin of
27 votes. Talk to your child about how he or she voted and why. Results are as follows (by class and total):
                  OBAMA            MCCAIN           CLASS TOTAL
6- York           5                15               20
5- Hensley        3                9                12
4- Goodale        6                8                14
4- Travis         6                9                15
3- Green          8                7                15
3- Jenkins        8                8                16
2- McArthur       8                8                16
2- Shears         6                13               19
TOTAL             50               77               127

Mr. Braden-Principal:
It was a NEAT NEW TRADITION to have a COMMUNITY CARNIVAL at school! THANK YOU to all the sponsors- MCCORD
PTM, OSAGE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT, Businesses and Churches. A Donation of mini fruit bites was donated by the OSAGE
We are excited to have the construction starting on the metal roof for the North Classroom building and new HVAC for each
room now. Construction will begin November 18th. All parents and guardians need to drop students off on the circle drive
Southside of the cafeteria. The new computers bought with Bond fund money for the classrooms have been ordered and will be
in the rooms in January. The sound field units for all primary grades have been ordered (They are so calming.) The
Intermediate teachers wanted some small computer like devices to use with Accelerated Reading and math facts. They have
arrived. Mrs. Moore and teachers are ordering new books for the library with the Bond money.
This past week students had a lockdown. It means that students were locked in the classrooms so that no intruder can come in.
The teacher locks the door to the classroom and they do not leave until an all clear is given. The State requires schools to
practice these. We will be practicing another one in the spring. Everyone was safe last week. There was an upset parent in the
office for a time. Thanks to a very competent staff, it was the usual kind of day, having handled the situation well even though
Mr. Braden was gone.
The Academic Performance Index for this year in school has gone up to 1446 out of a possible 1500. McCord Math score was
1460 and Reading was 1486. McCord Attendance factor rate was 95.7%. The state minimum was 932 in Math and 914 in
Reading. Attendance factor rate is 91.2%. GOOD JOB Students and Staff. Parents and Guardians have your student learn
their multiplication facts, and division facts. Learn the metric measure to find sizes (a pencil, a table top, a cereal box, a shoe,
a mile), and READ!!! These things will help on the CRT State tests in April.

*The school could always use donations of Boys and Girls shirts, shorts, sweats and pants.
**We are always collecting Box Tops. Please cut those out and bring to school.
***We are also collecting Nestle Labels from water bottles. Tear them off the bottles and bring them in and we can get cool
stuff for the kids to use/play with at school.
The fundraiser for this year will be the Rada knives- More details to come soon.

Quote For the Month:
“Why shoot for the moon when you can reach for the stars!”


McCord PTM Officers
President- Verlee Wasson,
Vice President- Erica McEnany,
Secretary- Kimberly Cotton,
Reporter- Kari Lively,
Teacher Rep- Tammy Klinger,
Treasurer- Gail Boswell,
Yearbook- Kaleen Mills,
Homeroom Helper-Bethany Hill,
Fundraiser Chairperson-Stephanie Moore,
Public Relations-Leah Rogers,
Marquee-Jennifer Douglas,
Panther Paws Newsletter- Chris & Kimberly Cotton,

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