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					               OWC NEWSLETTER
                                       Oriental Woman’s Club
                    PO Box 515, 1007 Gilgo Road, Oriental, NC 28571
                                               June 2, 2009
               OWC Officers
                                                        OWC Theme: Women Together Making a Difference
 President        Linda Parker, 249-0888           GFWC-NC Theme: Membership-The Sole of the Federation
                      GFWC Theme: Empowering Women, One by One
 Pres. Elect      Jean Chastang, 249-1099
 Secretary        Donna Rubinstein, 249-0296                MESSAGE FROM LINDA
 Treasurer        Judy Smith, 249-3061
                         Please take a moment to introduce yourself
 Editor           Donna Rubinstein, 249-0296
                         to our outstanding recipients of the
                                                      Hargrove and Cather’s scholarships. We are
                                                      so proud of their accomplishments and are
 Today’s Program                                      confident that they will continue to grow
                                                      and excel in their college careers.
 Welcome to our 2009 Scholarship                      Congratulations! Special thanks to our
 Recipients:                                          scholarship committee chaired by Suzanne
                                                      Gwaltney, Linda Applegate, Nancy Karl,
 S. Inez Hargrove Scholarship goes to                 Linda Warren and Harriet Scharr. This is
 Shawn Lyon. Shawn will attend                        always an intense and difficult task to select
 Craven CC to major in criminal                       the winners and we thank these ladies for
 justice. He is accompanied by his                    their dedication.
 father, Bob Lyon (and possibly his
 grandmother Lisolette Jackson).                      As we approach our summer break, we will
                                                      not be idle during these warm weeks ahead.
 Winner of the Frank Cathers                          Our wonderful club house will be receiving
 Scholarship is Sara Brinson,                         a much needed facelift. Our Painting Party
 attending today with her mother,                     will be held next Tuesday, June 9th
 Kari Brinson. Sara will attend                       beginning at 9 a.m. We will be painting the
 Meredith College and major in                        doors, trim and lower walls. After we paint,
 music.                                               we’ll have popcorn, beverages and a movie
                                                      on the DVD player. Please plan on helping.
 Ross Cahoon won the Sally                            This is one instance where we can all
 Southall Cotten. Ross plans to                       contribute a little elbow grease to make a
 major in mechanical engineering                      difference.
 at Duke University. Ross’s
 mother, Rita Cahoon is with him                      In July the floor will be painted and we’re in
 today.                                               the process of finding new wall covering for
                                                      the upper half of the walls in the clubhouse,
                                                      new ceiling fans and light fixtures.
 June – Peggy King & Suzanne Mendell
 July – Connie Wilkinson, Lynne
  Rousseau, Bev Seyour & Sally Belangia                   Printed courtesy of Sail/Loft
 August – Peggy Dunfee                                    Century 21 Realty
                                                    Girls on the Run Wish List
          DEPARTMENT                                Bring washable ink markers, paper, crayons,
       & COMMITTEE NEWS:                            socks, mailing address labels, pencils, index
Conservation Department:                            cards, scrap paper, note book copy paper,
Road clean-up on July 1st so the village will       letter size envelopes, small soft foam or
sparkle for the Croaker Festival – sign up today.   rubber balls, manila envelopes, balloons,
ESO Members Recommend Reading:                      whistles, clipboards, small incentives,
Reading suggestion from Susan Whatley: The          stickers, rings, bracelets (Dollar Store Stuff),
19th Wife by David Ebershoff. The 19th Wife         jump ropes to any OWC , Garden Club or
combines historical fact with a present day         LON meeting, or contact Katherine Reardon
mystery. Ann Eliza Young was Brigham                249-3181 or Cynthia Cocharn, 249-0761
Young’s 19th wife. The story is Ann’s fight to
get polygamy banned by Congress. Woven in           Check It Out!
with Ann’s story is a modern day polygamy           Our new OWC website, that is. Anne Parker is
group.                                              developing the prototype that will have
Garden Club (Marlene Miller, 249-2827;              information about our club, activities,
Tracy Peterson, 249-2561)                           newsletters, forms, history, and calendar of
Field trip is to Beaufort on Wednesday, June 17     events. Suggestions are welcome, so click on
to visit a walled garden on the way and take the to see the work
double-decker bus tour of Beaufort. Plans are to    in progress, shooting for September
take the ferry – details to follow.                 implementation.
International Affairs Department
(Carol McAdoo, 745-7762)
Heifer International, a nonprofit organization,                    CALENDAR
works to end hunger and poverty and care for        Bridge – every Monday 1 pm clubhouse-new
the earth by sharing livestock and knowledge               players welcome (and needed)
with people in need. Be generous today as we            Yoga – Suspended until September
“pass the basket” to collect a donation for this
project.                                             June 2 OWC Scholarship Awards Luncheon,
Ladies of the Neuse                                        11:30 a.m., Clubhouse
(Sally Belangia, 249-1252)                           June 9 Painting Party 9 a.m. Clubhouse
LON will be meeting June 16th at 6:30 at             June 13-15 GFWC 118th Convention, Cleveland
Marguerite Garrett’s house. Trophies for the                Ohio
                                                     June 17 Garden Club 7:45 a.m. Beaufort trip
Croaker Festival will be finished and plans          June 16 LON Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
for the upcoming bazaar discussed.                   June 29 Road Clean-up
Ways and Means (Lee Duer 249-1161)                   July 4 Croaker Festival
Quilt Raffle tickets are available at today’s        July 25 GFWC-NC Regional Meeting, Goldsboro
meeting. Pick up yours before you leave.             Sept 1 OWC General Meeting 1 p.m. Clubhouse
                                                     Sept 29 EC Meeting 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse

Today’s Hostesses: (Covered Dish)                    Community Events
Phyllis Lane, Chair; Peggy Dunfee, Jackie Ertan,     Oriental’s History Museum will host a
Christine Garman, Nancy Huff, Carol McAdoo,          reception in honor of the Smith Family on
Diane Paling, Dottie Miller                          Sunday, July 5 from 1-3 p.m. at the
September’s Hostesses:                               Museum. The Museum’s new exhibit
Betty Callahan, Chair; Suzanne Jantzen, Alice        entitled “Smith Family History” will run
Mahon, Dottie Osmun, Lorraine Nugent, Karen          from July through August. We are hoping
Van Gamper                                           that all of Norma Smith’s friends will
Monday Girls:                                        attend this event.
 June – Gay Webster
July – Erma Keeports
August – Fay Bond
September – Colleen Barton

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