March 9th – Pack Committee Meeting

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					                           March 9th – Pack Committee Meeting

Present: Daryl Fichter, Lisa McDermott, Michele Stirtz, Deb Gochenour, Tracy Veatch, Lisa
Voss, Brian Nelson & Mike Brown
Absent: Andrea Perry, Mike Dorland & Eric Lewis

Treasurer’s Report
Deb gave the treasurers report to the group.

Pinewood Derby
Brian and Tim Peffer will emcee the event. Mike Brown will do announcements. Jerry
Meade will help collect at the end of the track. Eric will organize the cars. Daryl will handle
the pit crew tables. Jean Nelson will run the laptop and get the stickers on the cars. Brian
will get the scales this week.

The Boy Scouts are going to have the concession stand. Brian, Mike and anyone who would
like to help them are coming up after the spaghetti feed to set up on Saturday night
3/21/09. Food will be ready starting at 12:00. There will be hot dogs, hot ham & cheese,
burgers, pop, etc. that will be for sale.

Darci Tierney will be getting a hold of either KETV (Newswatch 7) or KPTM (Fox 42) to
possibly come cover the event.

Don’t forget that your scouts need to be current on their dues in order to race in the
derby. Send email reminders and contact any of your boys that are behind.

Brian will email the Times to get the info in the paper. There may be approximately 3
scouts coming from Logan. We will play the “Down & Derby” DVD before the races officially
start. We will have a PowerPoint with the sponsors/donors to the track.

Remaining set up from          12:00 – 1:00
Weigh-ins                      1:00 – 2:00
Racing starts                  2:00

Soup Supper
      Top 3 overall ticket sales.
      Marshal – 205 tickets
      Riley – 150 tickets
      Winston – 130 tickets

       Top Sellers in Dens / Top Average Sales Per Den
       Tigers – William
       Wolf – Nathan
       Bear – Garrett
       Webelo I – Noah
       Webelo II – Shane
       Top Sales Average – Webelo II ($77 avg)

Online Popcorn Sales
Run from 3/15/09 thru 5/15/09. It only takes $500.00 to earn a Trails-End Scholarship in
the Spring as opposed to $2500.00 during the Fall. You can order online at Deb will check on the online ID’s and send out the list.

April Pack Meeting
April 20, 2009       MVMS Cafeteria           7:00
    Flags – Wolf
    Awards
    Each den will perform a short skit

We will offer scholarships to cub scouts that want to attend a day camp ($10.00 off). With
the discount for popcorn sales and FOS, it would cost them $20.00 to go instead of $35.00.

Have your awards to Tracy either by email or in packmaster by 8:00 P.M on Wednesday,
April 15, 2009. Tracy will be running the report at 8:00 and going to the Scout Shop on

Spring Recruitment Day
May 18, 2009            Rand Center 6:00 – 7:00 (before the ice cream social)
We will do it in May in conjunction wit the troop. We need to come up with some fun things
for the prospective scouts to do. Each den will need to have an activity they are in charge
of that night.

Miscellaneous Items
    Don’t forget to checkout the pack’s website. The web site
        is officially up with a calendar and pinewood derby page.
    LSSR – Mike Brown made a motion for the pack to donate $250.00 to the scout
        ranch for the “Med Bed” that will bill attached to the Kawasaki Mule at the camp.
        The motion was seconded and approved.
    Mike Brown will also be picking up a microphone cable (approx $20.00) and giving it
        to the high school.

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