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Jersey Shore Scouting Enewsletter

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Marie Street

 From:      Marie Street []
 Sent:      Friday, February 06, 2009 11:38 AM
 Subject: Jersey Shore Council Newsbrief February 2009

Jersey Shore Scouting Enewsletter
February 2009
        In This Issue
  Vito Nardelli Elected as    Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America Welcomes New
       Council President      President and Executive Board Members and Officers
   Scout Executive Letter

    Spring Popcorn Sale

 2009 Six Flags Camporee

   Blue & Gold Placemats

   New Local Tour Permit

   Tour Permits On Line
                              The Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America welcomes Vito R. Nardelli, Executive Vice President/Chief
    JSC 2009 Friends of       Operating Officer of OceanFirst Bank, as its President for 2009 as well as its other newly elected Board members
 Scouting CSP & Campaign      and Officers who will serve Jersey Shore youth during the year.

 James E. West Fellowship     Nardelli has long been a supporter of Jersey Shore Scouting, serving most recently as Vice President of
                              Development, a member of the Finance and Budget, Compensation and Benefits and Nominating Committees,
           1% Club            and as Executive Vice president for the Council. In these roles Nardelli oversaw sustained growth in financial
                              support to the Council.
       Jamboree 2010
                              Vito succeeds Robert C. Warner, who served as President during 2007 and 2008, years that once again resulted
                              in a number of noteworthy accomplishments: for the fourth and fifth consecutive years the Jersey Shore Council
 2009 CSR Summer Camp
                              was recognized nationally as a Quality Council; the Council continued to expand the reach of Scouting into
  Rotary Club of AC Seeks     underserved areas; the Council balanced its budget each year, as it has for six consecutive years, with positive
                              income that is being used to improve, broaden and support Scouting programs throughout our Jersey Shore
          Nominees            Community; and organized the New Jersey State Police Camporee and the Department of Environmental
                              Protection Camporee at Island Beach State Park, events that provided positive experiences to thousands of
       Citta Looking for
                              Jersey Shore youth and helped to highlight our important work in the community. Warner will continue to serve
         Campmasters          Scouting as an Executive Vice President.

    Welcome Back Ryan         "I'm honored to have been selected to serve as Council President," Nardelli said. "I am the proud father of three
                              Eagle Scout sons and have seen firsthand the benefits this program can have on young people."
 2009 Lakewood BlueClaws
         Scout Night          Also accepting new leadership responsibilities on the Jersey Shore Council Executive Board are: William Hughes,
                              Jr., Vice President of Development, and Edward "Ned" McDowell, Vice President of District Operations. The
  Running Water District      Council also welcomes new Executive Board members: Charles T. Garrett, Robert Krehely, Colonel Anthony La
            Update            Sure, Barnett Margolis, and Richard D. Meinders.

  Whispering Pine District    "I am delighted to welcome our new Board members and Executive Officers," said Craig H. Shelley, Scout
            Update            Executive. "Scouting depends on the leadership of dedicated volunteers to ensure we're successful in helping
                              young people to realize their full potential."
  Lenape District Update

 Friendship District Update
                              Scout Executive Letter

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   Atlantic District Update

 Lighthouse District Update

         LFL Update

 Northern Tier National High

   OA Wilderness Voyage

                                 Dear Friends:
      Training Update
                                         We recently held our Annual Meeting and Recognition Dinner at the Seaview Marriott in Galloway; it was a
   Jersey Shore Scoutings
                                 wonderful evening and a remarkable opportunity to reflect on 2008 while recognizing some of our most dedicated
    Newest Eagle Scouts          volunteers. Celebrating volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the ideals of Scouting and sharing them with
                                 young people, reminds us how Scouting would not be possible without all of our volunteers and friends. We're lucky to
 Fiscal Policies & Procedures    have them.
        for BSA Units
                                          As we looked ahead to 2009 and beyond I had the opportunity to share with everyone at the dinner some of
     New Medical Forms           the challenges that lie ahead of us and I'd like to take an opportunity to re-cap some of these points with those of you
                                 that had been unable to join us.

                                 -       We have far more work that we'd like to do in our community than we have the resources to do so. A horrific
                                 economic climate is converging with an inability to sustain some of our current funding. All of us must dig deeper in
                                 supporting Scouting and encourage others to do the same.
                                 -       The Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation is among the finest local Scout camps around. However we must be
                                 committed to ensuring our facilities and the programs offered at the property remain world class. The camp is in the
                                 center of our Council territory, but it must also be in the center of our hearts if we're to maximize its potential and use
                                 it accordingly.
                                 -       We have a strong tradition of offering the highest quality programs. We must continue our effort to provide
                                 training for 100% of our direct contact leaders. In addition we must build on the success and meet the high bar we
                                 have set with our Council-wide programs and campouts in our future activities. This Spring's Six Flags Invitational
                                 Camporee, the proposed 100th Anniversary Campout at Seaside in the Fall of 2010, and the next New Jersey State
                                 Police Camporee in the Spring of 2011 will each require great effort on the part of all of us to ensure their success. We
                                 can create memories that last a lifetime in our Scouts through these high impact and high visibility events.
                                 -       None of what we do will be necessary or can be necessary if we can't continue to excite parents and their
                                 children to join our movement. Each of us must commit to sharing our passion for Scouting anywhere and everywhere
                                 we can. We must each spread the virus of Scouting and infect the future Scout parents, chartered partners,
                                 contributors and friends that will ensure our success into our second century.
                                          Thank you for all you are doing to make Scouting great here at the Shore. Keep up the good work!

                                                                                    Best regards,

                                                                                    Craig H. Shelley
      Visit Our Sponsor                                                             Scout Executive

                                 Spring Popcorn Sale
                                 Scouts sell from February 13th until April 17th
Marie Street                     & earn 40% Commission for
Boy Scouts of America - Jersey   CAMP, TRIPS, AWARDS, ANYTHING NEEDED!
Shore Council

                                 Why Sell in the Spring?
                                 Less competition; more opportunity, great time to earn money for camp and summer activities, and get a head
                                 start on your fall sale as spring retail sales are combined with fall sales for commission incentives.
                                 Easy steps to's how:
                                 1. Distribute order forms to Selling Scouts. Additional forms are available at both Scout Service Centers.

                                 2. SCOUTS: sell, sell, sell! Sell on your own, as a Den, or as an entire Unit.

                                 3. Collect Orders & Money from Selling Scouts.

                                 4. Consolidate orders onto Unit Order Sheet...submit ORDER & PAYMENT to Council by April 17th.**Payment due
                                 JSC is 60% of total**

                                 5. Pick-up Popcorn at Citta Scout Reservation:
                                    Friday, May 8th 4pm-8pm or Saturday, May 9th 8am-12noon

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           For further information contact your District Executive, or Karen Meyers,
           at the Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America, 732-349-1037 x28.

           Six Flags Camporee 2009-Offering Law & American Labor Merit

           In 2009 the Six Flags Camporee will be offering the Law & American Labor Merit Badges for Scouts to participate in.
           Each year the Camporee tries to offer new and rarely offered Merit badges to the Scouts attending!

           The Six Flags Invitational Camporee is set for April 24-26, 2009 at Six Flags Great Adventure. This Camporee is open
           to Boy Scout Troops and Venture Crews throughout the area. The Six Flags Camporee is a GREAT ADVENTURE for all
           participants, the weekend includes merit badges classes and fun at Six Flags Great Adventure. Don't let your unit miss
           out on this one of a kind annual Camporee. For more information visit WWW.JerseyShore-BSA.Org

           Blue & Gold Placemats Available
           DAY CAMP themed placemats are available for free for your Pack's Blue and Gold dinner at your local Jersey
           Shore Council service center. These are great placemats that give your attendees some information about the
           summer programs available for Cub Scouts, as well as provide games for kids at your dinner. There is a limited
           supply of 4,000 placemats so make sure you stop by to pick up yours today!

           EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2009
           Why Tour Permits...Tour Permits are an important health and safety procedure. Simply put; Tour Permits ask
           organizers to ask themselves, "Am I preparing my Scout Activity in a healthy and safe fashion?" Tour Permits
           can also provide information necessary to locate a Scouting unit in the event of an emergency. Tour Permits
           filed with and approved by the Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America prior to an activity registers that
           activity as an official Scouting Activity. BSA insurance coverage only applies to official Scouting Activities.

           When do we need a Tour Permit...Tour Permits are needed for Scouting events taking place outside the town
           where a unit normally meets, or outside a Council property or Council event. These include (but are not limited
           to) Day Trips, Summer Camp, Camping Trips, Eagle Service Projects, and Special Events. You will not need to
           file a tour permit if your unit is attending any of the following:
                     ~Jersey Shore Council, BSA run event within the Council territory
                     ~Local District of the Jersey Shore Council run event within the Council Territory
                     ~A Camping, or Day Trip, to the Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation at Brookville
           Please note that with any of the activities not requiring a Tour Permit your unit still must abide by all the rules
           and regulations outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting. You must still abide by the same leadership standards
           and training requirements as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting. You will also be required to have a unit
           roster including names, birthdates, and contact numbers for all adults and youth to present to the Risk
           Management official at any of these events.

           How do we file a Tour Permit...The easiest and most efficient way to file a Tour Permit is online through the My
           Scouting portal on You can also still bring a Tour permit to your local Jersey Shore Council
           Service Center two weeks before an event.

           Why is it important to file a Tour Permit two weeks in advance... The two week filing period helps to ensure trips
           are well planned. The two week period also allows time for corrections if needed.

           Tour Permits Online
           Jersey Shore encourages all Scouting units from our council to use this new service to submit their local and
           national tour permit applications online.

           The online process to submit tour permits is available. This new system takes just four easy steps, and it will
           save the transportation and training information, so leaders can easily recall it for future permit applications.

           All registered unit leaders will have access to Tour Permits from MyScouting, through
           Jersey Shore Council will approve or return the permit applications using MyScouting.

           The MyScouting account verifies that the owner is a BSA leader associated with a unit. Within Tour Permits, the
           leader has access only to his unit. This authentication replaces the physical signatures on tour permit
           applications. Other unit leaders are notified via e-mail when an application is submitted and approved.

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           The volunteer can submit both local and national applications, for either traditional units or Learning for Life
           posts. Once approved, each tour permit will have a unique tour ID number.

           Unit leaders enter all the necessary information for the tour, and rules specific to tour permits are applied. When
           appropriate, helpful messages will advise the leader about any missing information. Once the tour permit has
           been submitted, the council will evaluate and approve it or return it for further work. Online features allow easy
           entry of driver information for transportation and required training supervision.

           There will be automatic notification at all appropriate steps in the process to the permit creator, the tour leader,
           and the assistant tour leader. The unit committee chair and unit leader will also receive e-mail notifications if
           they have MyScouting accounts.

           The online Help document explains how to complete and submit permit applications to the council. Additionally,
           the Guide to Safe Scouting is available on the site for easy reference; Safety First Learning for Life Guidelines is
           also available for Learning for Life posts. Other documents, such as the BSA Transportation Guidelines and the
           Pledge of Performance can also be accessed from Tour Permits.

           Authorized council staff members will review and process submitted applications. The tour permit creator
           receives a PDF version of the approved permit via e-mail. The approved permit PDF can also be obtained from
           Tour Permits in MyScouting.

           As a reminder, local tour permit applications should be submitted two weeks before the tour and national
           applications at least one month before the tour start date.

           click here for demonstration

           The Jersey Shore Council
           2009 Friends of Scouting
           Council Shoulder Strip and Campaign

           What: The Friends of Scouting campaign is the annual fundraising drive to support Jersey Shore Scouting and its
           efforts to provide the best programs, resources and facilities for the families in our area. Direct contributions
           account for 15% of the operating budget for our council. Additional funds are raised through gifts
           from endowment fund contributions and earnings, bequests, grants, program fees and special events. United
           Way accounts for about 3% of support.
           Annual registration fees for youth and adult members, as well as Boys' Life magazine subscriptions, support the
           national council of the Boy Scouts of America. None of those fees collected are kept locally. The local council is
           charged with the task of raising funds from Scouting families, businesses and community donors. This drive has
           been approved by our Board of Directors and is fully encouraged by our United Way partners.

           Why: Jersey Shore Council BSA has a budget of approximately $2 million dollars to provide program support,
           training, and facilities for our Scouting families. On average, $125 is spent to provide programs for each of our
           registered participants. The council executive board and each of our 6 Scouting districts and 1 Exploring
           District are asked to raise these necessary funds each year. Contributions help to offset expenses incurred as we
           maintain our 485 acre Citta Scout Reservation at Brookville camping property, the Meadowedge "Barnegat
           BayBase", two Scout offices, coordinate special events such as "Scouting for Food", and by providing a
           knowledgeable and helpful staff to serve the needs of all Scouting units.

           How can you help? The Friends of Scouting campaign has always been a fundraising drive where individuals
           make personal contact with past and prospective donors. Our ideal structure is to recruit enough volunteers so
           that each person is asked to contact five individuals. If we are to reach this level of performance, over 250
           volunteers are needed to assist with our 2009 Friends of Scouting campaign.
           In the family campaign, individuals are sought that can visit with a pack, troop, crew or post near them to
           educate the parents of the Scouts in that unit. These "presenters" are trained and equipped with materials to let
           the parents and leaders know of the tremendous resources that are available to them for their program. In
           addition, information is shared that explains how our council is funded and how they can help support it. These
           presentations should take place between the months of November-March.

           In the leadership phase of the campaign, help is needed to contact adult Scouters, and former leaders that are
           no longer associated with a Scouting unit. Generally, these are members of the district committee, commissioner
           staff, merit badge counselors, etc. These dedicated Scouters are usually are most ardent supporters. The
           contacting of these individuals normally occurs during the months of December and January.In our community
           phase, which takes place from January-April, is assigned the role of reaching out into the business community to
           garner support for Scouting. We are blessed to live at the Jersey Shore where companies see that a donation to
           Scouting is an investment in their community.

           If you are able and willing to help us make five personal contacts for the Friends of Scouting campaign, please
           contact your district executive. They will ensure that your information is shared with the Friends of Scouting
           leadership in your area.

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           James E. West Fellowship

           James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America and he served in that position for
           more than three decades. In 2010, the BSA will will reach the 100th Anniversary of providing lifetime values and
           fun to young men and women across this nation. The James E. West Fellowship recognizes individuals or
           organizations who contribute an initial unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more in cash or securities to our Endowment
           To celebrate the 100th Anniversary donors who become a James E. West Fellow will receive a specially designed
           shoulder patch. Each patch is numbered and is a "one of a kind" patch. There are 100 patches for the 100 years
           and we have 60 donors to date. Contact Pete Hausman at or 732-349-1037 X

           1% Club
           Consider joining a select group of volunteers and supporters at the Shore by joining in the Council's 1% Club.

           What is the 1% Club and how does it benefit Scouting?

           The 1%Club is simply an opportunity for the Council to plant the seed of thought for you and members of your family to
           remember Scouting in your Will and Estate Plan.

           Over the years, you have expressed a desire to support Scouting on an annual basis. The support is truly appreciated
           and is critical to our mission to serve youth in our community. But, what will happen to your annual support of
           Scouting after you depart this world? By including the Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America as one of the
           charitable organizations in your Will and Estate Plan your donated assets will be placed in the Jersey Shore BSA
           Heritage Foundation along with the gifts of other dedicated Scouters, generating interest which will be used annually in
           the Council's operation.

           Thus, your annual support will continue to benefit generations of youth long after your passing and establish your
           legacy to Jersey Shore youth.

           If you are interested in establishing an appointment to hear more about the 1% Club or need assistance in including the
           Council in your Estate Plan, please contact our Scout Executive Craig Shelley at (732) 349-1037.


           Jambo 2010


           Fellow Scouters,
           Registration for the 2010 Jamboree is now open to all that would like to participate. All Adult Leadership positions for
           our Council Contingent have been filled. Adults are encouraged to register and attend as staff and will be charged the
           full National fee of $795. With the 100th year of Scouting approaching, the 2010 Jamboree promises to be a wonderful
           culmination of the celebration.

           There are a few steps in the registration process which need to be done:
           1.    Go to to register through the National Office, Boy Scouts of America. To do so, you will
           need your ID# located on your membership card as well as our Council # which is 341. You will be required to pay a
           $10, non-refundable application fee, which will go directly to the National Council. Once you have completed the
           National Registration form, print it at and have your Troop's Scoutmaster sign the form. In addition, an email
           confirmation will be sent to the Jersey Shore Council to confirm your registration.

           2.   Bring the form, which is signed by your Scoutmaster, to the Council Office along with the Jersey Shore Council
           2010 Application. The application is attached, located on our website, and is also available at each of the Council's
           Service Centers.

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           3.    A $200 deposit is required along with submittal of the signed Scoutmaster's form and Jersey Shore Council
           Please Note: The National website mention a $100 deposit, but that is only a recommendation....Jersey Shore Council
           is requiring a $200 deposit.

           2009 Citta Scout Reservation
           Summer Camp

           New CSR Summer Programs
           At camp this summer, Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in a
           few new programs including a new Older Scout program that mixes treks like
           surfing and exclusive, NEW merit badges like Golf! The Brookville Legends
           program is perfect for Scouts who've seen it all before. Additionally this
           year CSR will also offer Nuclear Science Merit Badge. This is sure to be an
           exciting badge and will certainly be enhanced through a partnership with the
           Oyster Creek Generating Station in Lacey Township.

           Three Different Camps
           During five weeks of Resident Camp Scouts can work at Citta this Summer,
           there'll be tons of opportunities for Scouts to have fun and earn Merit
           Badges. First is our traditional Sunday to Saturday, Troop Resident Camp. on
           many different Merit Badges, experience unique trek opportunities, such as
           kayaking in the Barnegat Bay or surfing in the Atlantic Ocean. The second
           camping opportunity is called, "Day Trip". During two Monday to Friday
           sessions Scout will have the opportunity to come to Citta on a part time
           basis to work on Merit Badges. Perfect for a Scout looking to add a
           few extra Merit Badges but not able to stay all day for the evening
           programs. This will run from about 9 to 5 with Scouts going home after the
           last merit badge session.
           Lastly, Scouts and Scouters can participate in our "Extended Weekend",
           a Friday to Monday camping program. Perfect for a troop that wants a Summer
           Camping experience, but does not have the ability to take a whole week off
           for camp. A merit badge offering with an adjusted two and a half day
           schedule that will enable a scout to earn a few extras but in a compact four
           day weekend.
           For More information on CSR Summer Camps, check the Council web site often at
  or contact Troop Camp Director Bob Gunsten at

           Rotary Club of Atlantic City Seeks Nominees For Rotary Youth
           Leadership Awards Conference

           The Rotary Club of Atlantic City is searching for candidates to attend its District Youth Leadership Conference at
           the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey this summer from June 21st through June 25th, 2009.

           Participants will be selected from young men and women who have exhibited leadership abilities and who will be
           entering their senior year of high school in the fall. Nominees must reside and attend school in the greater-
           Atlantic City community and will be selected based on leadership potential, good citizenship, desire to participate
           in the conference, and for scholarship.

           During the conference student's time will be structured with programs such as group discussions, guest
           speakers, career guidance, group sports, and music and all students will reside in the College dormitories for the
           week of the conference. The expense is being absorbed through the generosity of the Rotary Club of Atlantic
           City and our local conferees will be joined by 140 other outstanding young men and women selected from high
           schools throughout Southern New Jersey.

           Nominations should be sent via email to Craig Shelley, chairperson for the Club's participation in this conference,
           at and contain the nominees name, school, contact information and a brief outline
           on what qualifies them for participation.

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           Citta Scout Reservation Looking for Adult Leaders to Serve as
           DUTIES INCLUDE:
           -Friday 6:00 PM (or earlier) to Sunday 12:00 Noon
           -Checking In Units as they arrive Friday night/Saturday Morning
           -Checking Out Units Sunday morning
           -Assisting Unit Leaders to help make their camping stay enjoyable
           -Providing a visible presence to enhance observance of camp policies
           -Serving as BSA's Health and Safety Officer for the weekend

           Bedroom; Bathroom; Kitchen; Living Room, TV (DVD or VCR use only); Shower.
           First time campmasters will receive an on-site walk-through of all procedures.
           For more information contact Property Manager, Ryan Weisbrod at

           Welcome Back
           Effective January 15th, Ryan Weisbrod has rejoined the Jersey Shore Council Staff as Property Manager, an
           important role he had previously filled before being deployed in his capacity as Sergeant in the U.S. Army
           Reserve as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

           Ryan's responsibilities will include overseeing all maintenance of and programmatic offerings at the Joseph A.
           Citta Scout Reservation, the Barnegat Bay Base and other council locations. He will be responsible for
           promoting, staffing and managing our program oriented properties and report to Manny Fonseca, Fianance
           Director and Reservation Director.

           Ryan filled the role of Property Manager from September of 2006 until his deployemnt in December 2007. He
           had previously served Scouting as Camp Caretaker, Marketing Intern and Trading Post Manager. In addition, his
           Scouting resume includes being an Eagle Scout from Troop 82 in Jackson and serving as Lodge Chief of our
           Japeechen Lodge. Outside of Scouting he worked in various positions at Staples and his military service has
           been recognized with a Meritorious Service Medal, two Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement
           Medals and a Good Conduct Medal.

           We are delighted to have Ryan back on the team and wish him the best of luck in his important role.

           2009 BlueClaws Scout Night

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           Running Water District Update
           Scouting Anniversary Week
           The time of year is upon us to pause and reflect on those who have dedicated their lives to developing the Boy Scout
           and Cub Scout programs into what they are today. Over the last 99 years many Scouts and Scouters have dedicated
           countless days and hours to spread the common mission of the BSA. And this February 1 - 7, we will each find our own
           ways to reflect on these commitments. Many of you will be in attendance at town hall meetings and be recognized by
           our local municipalities. Others of you may be showing your support through decorative window displays in our local
           businesses. These are a great way to show the invaluable historical culture of the Scouting and the future that lies
           ahead. I look forward to seeing the support shine bright in Running Water in the weeks to come.
           Please, also remember our Scouts Sunday Service on February 8th, at the Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church (Bay &
           Forman Avenues) at 2 p.m. We would like to invite everyone to attend to make this a special occasion for Scout Week.
           Please contact Linda Breen at with the number of people from your unit who will be in attendance
           so that accommodations can be made. Please bring your Pack or Troop flag for the opening ceremony. Any pastor,
           priest, or rabbi is welcome to participate in the ceremony. Also, anyone who has any music experience is welcome to
           play at the service. Please contact Linda Breen if you plan to play during the service.

           Family Friends of Scouting Campaign
           Thank you to all those units who have shown their support for the Jersey Shore Council by scheduling or already
           conducting a 2009 Friends of Scouting presentation. For our families and Scouters this is a valuable opportunity to hear

                                                                                                                      Page 9 of 17

           what Scouting is doing in our communities and how they may be able to contribute. Look forward to hearing from our
           district representatives about this year's Friends of Scouting campaign.

           Running Water Boy Scout Klondike
           For all the Boy Scouts out there, pack up your snow shoes and cold weather gear as our 2009 Klondike is fast
           approaching. February 27 - March 1 at Resica Falls Reservation, many of our local Troops will be competing for top
           prize at this year's event.

           Pinewood Derby Season
           Zoom-Zoom! With our district Pinewood Derby just around the corner I am sure many of your local Cub Packs are
           putting together the tracks and carving out their very own racers. Our district's Pinewood Derby is March 21. Good
           luck and happy Scouting!

           Alison Blanchard
           District Executive
           Jersey Shore Council, BSA
           1518 Ridgeway Road
           Toms River, New Jersey 08755
           Office: 732-349-1037 ext. 13
           Fax: 732-349-8093

           Whispering Pine District Update
           Klondikes are completed!
           Last month was filled with a lot of New Year's joy and friendly competition in our Webelos and Scout Klondikes. Both
           these annual events entail fierce competition amongst the Scouts to see which sled team has the most Scouting
           Knowledge and Skill! A special Thank You to Sean Burns and Ron Schnapp who organized the Webelos and Scout
           Klondikes respectively. At both events Scouts braved the cold weather, at Pine Park and Estonia to show their skill!
           Congratulations to the winners of each event!

           Celebrate Scouting Anniversary Month
           The month of February marks the 99th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, what are you doing to celebrate? We
           want to know what your pack, Troop, or Crew is doing special to commemorate this anniversary. Contact Chris at
  to let the district know what you are doing! Stories will be featured in next month's
           council newsletter!

           Support Scouting
           Each winter and spring we hold our annual Family Friends of Scouting Campaign. In 2008 our District raised over
           $13,500 to benefit Scouts right here at the Jersey Shore. In 2009 we are looking to do even better! We would like to
           thank the units who have already scheduled their presentations and invite all others to do so. The presentation only
           takes about 5-10 minutes and benefits Scouting for an entire year! If you are interested in Scheduling a presentation
           please contact FOS Chairman Sean Burns at

           Also we would like to recognize our first President's Club Units for 2009, President's Club Recognitions go to units who
           raise over $1,000. So a special thank you to Pack 44 and Pack 104 for their support.

           DAY CAMP is the Pinnacle of the Scouting Year...its a week of fun and adventure in one of the greatest Outdoor
           Learning environments in Ocean County. Scouts participate in a wide variety of activities including- Nature, Aquatics,
           BB's, Archery, Sports, Cooking, Scouting Skills, and much, much more. Get your whole Den to Camp! Day Camp is the
           most exciting week of a Cub Scout's entire Scouting Career! Attached please find a promotional piece for our 2009 Day
           Camp! We are pleased to announce our Program Directors Dena Kaiser & Vinny Rubio will be returning for 2009!

           This year our Day Camp will take place July 13-17, 2009 at the Estonian Camp in Jackson Township! We are looking for
           every Pack to participate! BOYS WHO GO TO DAY CAMP STAY IN SCOUTING!!!! Day Camp is affordable, fun, and
  also gives Cubs and Den Leaders a leg up on their advancements and programs for the next year!


           Do not let your Cubs miss out on the fun and adventure. Also returning this year will be Emergency Services Day, we
           are the ONLY Day Camp Program in Ocean County to have ambulances, fire trucks, humvees, police cars, police dogs,
           SWAT Teams Vehicles, and a helicopter!

           If Your unit wants a Day Camp Promotion at your pack meeting email Dena Kaiser at to
           schedule your promotion today!!

           As always we are looking for adult volunteers to be both Den Walkers and Program Staff. If you are interested in
           volunteering for Day Camp contact District Director Chris Street today at 732-349-1037 ext 22, or via email
  All week long volunteers receive a 50% refund of their Scout's camp fees. There is also a
           Tot Lot- Day Care for Scout siblings (all siblings in tot lot must be potty trained)!

           Christopher R. Street
           District Director- Ocean County
           Jersey Shore Council, B.S.A.
           1518 Ridgeway Rd.
           Toms River, NJ 08755
           (732) 349-1037 ext. 22
           Want to Join Scouting? Visit- WWW.BeAScout.Org

           Lenape District Update

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           Boy Scout Klondike Derby
           The annual Lenape District Boy Scout Klondike will be held on February 20th,
           21st and 22nd at Citta Scout Reservation. Many stations are planned to test
           patrols from throughout the district on a varied amount of Scout skills. Be
           sure to attend the February 11th Boy Scout Roundtable if you have any last
           minute questions or concerns.

           District Pinewood Derby
           The Lenape District Pinewood Derby is planned for Saturday, April 4th at
           Toms River Intermediate East. Racing will take place throughout the morning
           with the final runs scheduled to end by early afternoon. There are five
           categories of racers (one for each year/rank)and each pack can send three
           racers for each category for a total of 15 possible race participants from
           each pack. Packs are also encouraged to select an alternate racers in case
           one of the original 3 are unable to attend the race.
           Racers and Scouters are strongly encouraged to look through the Jersey Shore
           Council Pinewood Derby rules since they will be the standard that Judges use
           come race day. Often individual Packs have slightly different rules and
           sometimes allow modifications that the District and Council races do not
           The Pinewood committee will also host the second annual Car Showcase. This
           is a great opportunity for Scouts not racing in the District Finals to show
           off there car. Pack's should promote this fun idea to every boy in the
           district and get them out for a strong showing. Awards will be given to the
           best cars in several categories from Best Paint Job to Best Use of a Driver.
           Register as soon as the Pack races are complete.

           Robert Gunsten
           District Executive
           Jersey Shore Council, BSA
           1518 Ridgeway Road
           Toms River, New Jersey 08755
           Office: 732-349-1037 ext. 30
           Fax: 732-349-8093

           Friendship District Update
           "Change" has become the mantra of PR campaigns across our country that has spanned politics, economics,
           education, and diplomacy. We, as a country and as a community, are facing immediate changes that will shape
           the lives of generations to come. And while many of us look to these changes as a sign of hope and prosperity,
           we cannot help but be somewhat timid as our wallets tighten and a new and untested administration takes
           The world of Scouting is not immune to the ebb and flow and necessity of change. And even now, our own
           community of Scouters in Friendship District is facing changes in the basic structure of our volunteer leadership.
           Many volunteers are stepping up to provide new directions for providing quality program, training and funding for
           our Scouts. While many of the ideas that I have had the opportunity to share in and elaborate with these
           volunteers may seem progressive, I firmly believe they are founded in the core traditions of the Boy Scouts of
           America and will better serve our area.
           For the purpose of brevity, I will merely elude to several of many areas being addressed:
           -        New Commissioner Service assignments, under new leadership.
           -        Revised Roundtable format for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts with improved communication around
           agendas and subject matter.
           -        Fully enabled training staff with greater accessibility for scheduling and locations.
           -        New activities committee with diverse program calendar and event options.
           -        Improved financial management in the areas of Friends of Scouting and fund-raising assistance such as

           While many of you have reached out to me directly to offer your input and willingness to help, we are still in
           need. The opportunity for change only exists with care and willingness of our volunteers. For many of you, this
           time of year marks a change in your role as a parent and volunteer in your own unit and for some that means
           taking a step back. Many of you have been a part of the district activities coordinated by George Agin, or the
           trainings facilitated by Cathy Gunsten, or funded a camping experience with the funds raised by popcorn. If you
           have ever felt that you could contribute to these initiatives and bring quality ideas and innovations to our team, I
           want to hear from you. Together we can make a difference in the lives of
           hundreds of young people, including yours.

           New Location and Leadership for Roundtable
           Friendship District, meet Dana Poplawski. Dana, meet Friendship District. Many of you may already know Dana
           from her service with Pack 696, Troop 191, Crew 4696, Crew 500, Pack 61, and Roundtable staff. Dana has
           stepped up with many ideas for improving our roundtable format and returning to a training-focus agenda from
           years past. Leaders and parents at all levels are encouraged to attend to gain valuable insight into program
           ideas and upcoming district offerings.
           While the dining hall at camp has served as an interim location for District Roundtables, we are happy to
           announce a new location for Roundtable. Starting in February, Roundtables will be held at the first Monday of
           each month at Ocean Community Church at 1492 Route 72 West, Manahawkin (between the Wawa and
           Cumberland Farms).

           Upcoming Dates
           Committee and Commissioners Meeting, Camp Citta February 11, 2009, 7:30 p.m.
           Spring Popcorn Sale Begins        February 13, 2009
           Klondike, Camp Citta     February 13-15, 2009
           Yukon, Camp Citta          February 14, 2009
           Merit Badge Fair, Russell O. Brackman Middle School, Barnegat     February 28th, 2009

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           District Pinewood Derby, Ocean Acres Community Center            March 21, 2009

           Klondike Derby
               The Klondike Derby is a challenging midwinter contest of teamwork and Scouting skills. This year's events
           will all be run on Saturday, but be prepared to challenge yourself and your team all weekend long.
               Your patrol will pull a sled that you have built yourself around Camp Citta. Your sled will be loaded with the
           equipment that you will need for the weekend's events and activities. There is no assigned schedule, so you will
           use your own judgment as to how to proceed along the course in order to complete all of the activities. The
           course will cover 12 to 14 "towns" spread along the route. Upon arriving at each "town," you will report to the
           town mayor who will assign your team a task.
               Points will be awarded based on how well your team uses your knowledge, skills, teamwork and leadership to
           perform the various tasks. You will be competing against other teams based on your performance at each town
           (time to complete the task, teamwork, Scout spirit, etc.)
               Your team will collect points based on how well you meet the challenges. At the end of the weekend, the
           team that has collected the most points wins the competition and gets to keep the Friendship District Klondike
           Derby Trophy until the next Klondike Derby. Every team will receive a participation ribbon, and all Scouts will
           receive a commemorative patch. There will also be other special category awards for the best sled, the best
           patrol flag, and other activities. The top three patrols will also receive additional camping gear prizes.
               Please click the links below for registration paperwork and information. If you have any questions or you
           need additional information, please contact Klondike Chairman George Agin at 609-698-3560, or via email at

           Klondike Troop Registration
           2009 Patrol Guide Book
           Leader Information

           Yukon Gold Rush
               The Yukon Gold Rush is a fun filled winter event for all Cub Scouts - from Tigers through Webelos! This event
           will provide an opportunity for all Cub Scouts to participate in team-building activities while having fun in the
           snow. (We hope there's snow!)
               The Cubs will be set up in patrols - groups of 6-8 boys and their parents. They will move from campsite to
           campsite at our own CampCitta participating in fun activities ranging from "The Big Ski Race" to "Panning for
               After participating in each activity, each Cub Scout will receive a gold nugget. These gold nuggets can then
           be traded in during the day at the "Skagway General Store" for snacks. Hot Chocolate will be available all day in
           every campsite - but you must bring your own mugs.
               The $6.00 Scout registration fee includes a commemorative patch, snacks and camp fees. There is no charge
           for adults or siblings, but only Scouts may participate in the event activities. Adults can purchase the
           commemorative patch for $3.00.
               Please click the links below for registration paperwork and information. If you have any questions or you
           need additional information, please contact Yukon Gold Rush Chairman George Agin at 609-698-3560, or via
           email at
           YGR Flyer
           YGR Individual Registration Form
           YGR Pack Registration Form

           Jake Knight
           District Executive
           Jersey Shore Council, BSA
           1518 Ridgeway Road
           Toms River, New Jersey 08755
           732/349-1037, ext. 29

           Atlantic District Update
           Membership Report
           We are trying many new ways in getting to reach out to the youth and spread the program of scouting. A new
           project we are doing throughout the district is going to schools around the district and having guests speakers do
           character building activities and speaking to the students about important facets of life while getting them
           interested in scouting. Some of our potential guest speakers include the 177th, Joe Yeoman, Lighthouse
           Chairman, and Bill Kennedy, mayor of Mullica. Jordan Road School and Weymouth Township School are schools
           that we have already started this program. We are looking to start new traditional units in the areas of Folsom,
           Somers Point and Hammonton, as well as many others.

           Finance Report
           The Friends of Scouting campaign is now in full swing. We are currently in the meat of campaign and attempting
           to reach out to people in our communities to let them know about how scouting impacts society on an everyday
           basis. Presentations in each unit have begun and will continue to throughout the next couple months to spread
           the good image of scouting. If your presentation has not been schedule yet, please reach out and schedule it
           asap! We are currently coordinating with mayors and we are looking to have events in the Somers Pt. area and
           Mullica/ Hammonton area to reach out to businesses to see if they can contribute towards our cause.

           Program Report
           As it is every year the Klondike was a huge success. This year the event was a weekend earlier than it normally
           it is but Mike Draeger and his staff was able to pull it all together wonderfully in a short amount of time. Cub
           Scouts and Boy Scouts were able to compete against each other in a variety of different scouting activities
           ranging from first aid to fire building. Over three hundred thirty scouts in twenty five scouting units scattered
           throughout the Atlantic, Lighthouse, and Friendship Districts participated in this great event.

           Coming up in February is the Scout Show at the Shore Mall. Bill Schmitz always does an amazing job putting

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           this event together and this year is no different. This year's theme is "Go Green" as we are trying to promote
           and encourage more eco-friendly behaviors in today's society. There will be a variety of different stations of
           scouting and we hope many scouters will come out to experience this fun event. Training will also be offered at
           the same time as the scout show to those who need it. Adults can take New Leaders and/ or Cub-Specific
           training while their scouts have a great time in the mall.

           John Brilla
           Atlantic District Executive
           Jersey Shore Council BSA
           6725 Black Horse Pike
           Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234
           Phone 609-272-6820, ext. 26

           Lighthouse District Update
           Please Welcome New members to the District Key Three:
           District Commissioner Jim Maguire
           District Executive Dave Gingras

           Lighthouse Higher Awards
           Lighthouse District Chairman Joseph Yeoman to receive Silver Beaver Recognition at our annual council awards dinner
           Thursday January 29, 2009 at the beautiful Sea View Marriott.

           You don't have to be a Scout to lead a country but it helps...
           Today, Barak Obama becomes the latest in a long list of world leaders who gained their first taste of leadership at an
           early age as Scouts. The first US President to have been a Scout was JFK and since then eight Presidents have been
           either Scouts or Scout leaders.
           President Obama's Scouting began when his family moved from his birthplace of Hawaii to Indonesia, where he joined
           Gerakan Pramuka; The Indonesian Scout Association. Rully Dasaad, a childhood friend of Obama's, picks up the story,
           'He was a good hearted kid. We played together every day during that time. We joined the Scouts together, [there] we
           learned how to use rope for building a camp tent, went climbing and did many other things...'
           The story is the same across the political world with Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, John Major, Harold Wilson, Vaclav Havel
           (Czech Republic), Horst Kohler (German President) all cutting their leadership skills in the Scouts.
           Thanks for listening,
           Scoutmaster Vic Troop 275
           Always ask yourself,"How can I make my Troop better, bigger, more fun and more successful?"

           Congratulations to Lighthouse District Chairman Joseph Yeoman on being awarded the Silver Beaver at the Jersey
           Shore Council Dinner on January 29, 2009. Thanks for being a great Lighthouse District Chairman.
           Several Lighthouse District Scouters were also recognized.
           Katherine Davis and Charles "Chuck" Reed received the R. Tait McKenzie Statuette and Donald Corbitt received the R.
           Tait McKenzie Statue for outstanding service to Lighthouse District and the youth of Atlantic County.

           The big event for February is the Scout Show at Shore Mall on Saturday, February 7 from 10 AM to 3 PM. Many units
           have tables and the Pleasantville High School JROTC Color Guard is doing the opening. The JROTC is now a Venture
           Crew! Welcome to our Scout family.
           Adult training courses including New leader essentials, Den Leader Specific, Committee Specific, Webelos Specific and
           Tiger Specific will be offered. Call the Atlantic Scout Service Center (ASSC) @ 609-272-6820 if you haven't signed
           up. Call Chuck Reed at 609-442-4185 with any questions.

           February 8, 2009 is celebrated as Scout Sunday at churches throughout America. Many Scouts wear their uniforms to
           services that day and it is also recognized as Scout Anniversary Day throughout the United States. Next year will be
           our 100th anniversary so lets start by celebrating our great history in February.

           This is a great annual event with 43 different courses, coffee and lunch for only $5! First Aid and CPR can also be
           taken for $15 each with advance registration. Applications are online and at ASSC in Shore Mall. Questions? Email
           Cathy Brown @ or Kurt Stofko @

           Lighthouse District is invited to the Friendship District 2009 Merit Badger Fair on February 28, 2009 at the Russell O.
           Brackman Middle School in Barnegat. You must register for this Merit Badge Fair in advance so come in to the ASSC
           at Shore Mall and get the application or check it on the Friendship District website.

           This summer there will be five Cub Day Camps offered throughout Atlantic County running for five weeks.

           Pleasantville High School            June 22-June 26
           Uptown Complex in Atlantic City      June 29-July 3
           Lake Lenape                         July 6-July 13
           Ventnor Downbeach                    July 13-July 17
           Egg Harbor City Lake                July 27-July 31

           Joseph Spellman, District Director - Atlantic County
           Jersey Shore Council BSA
           6725 Black Horse Pike
           Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234
           hone: 609-272-6820 ext. 22

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           Dave Gingras, Lighthouse District Executive
           Jersey Shore Council BSA
           6725 Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234
           Phone 609-272-6820, ext.23

           Learning for Life Update
           Explorer Leader Basic Training will be held on February 7 at the Shore Mall from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm (bring a bag lunch
           or purchase lunch at the food court). The same training will also be offered at the Scout office in Toms River on March
           28 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm (bring a bag lunch). You may choose the date and location which is more convenient for
           your schedule. The cost is $5.00 per person payable to Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America.
           The reservation form is available on line or by contacting Charlie Goldfarb or Pete Hausman at 732-349-1037. All
           Explorer Leaders need to be trained to be able to provide the best program to our youth members.

           New Address
           The National Learning for Life office has a new address:
           Learning for Life, S510
           1329 West Walnut Hill Lane
           P. O. Box 15225
           Irving, Texas 75015-2225
           The website remains the same at:

           2009 National Law Enforcement
           Exploring Leadership Academies
           The summer or 2009 offers a unique experience to selected Law Enforcement Explorers. The National Law Enforcement
           Exploring Leadership Academies are sponsored through the FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Military Police. Each
           academy provides physical and mental training to the explorer, focusing on the dynamics of leadership, motivating
           others, and effective law enforcement physical fitness exercises. More than 120 spots are available to attend. Cost to
           the explorer is minimal. View the website and download the application at:
  Academies include:
                    The Federal Bureau of Investigation-June 27 to July 4, Washington, D.C.
                    The Drug Enforcement Administration-July 4 to July 11, Washington, D.C.
                    The U.S. Marshals Service-July 11 to July 18, Washington, D.C.
                    The U.S. Army Military Police-July 11 to July 18, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

           2009 Health/Science Career Conference
           The National Health Careers Exploring Committee and the National Science Careers Exploring Committee have joined
           forces to conduct a National Health/ Science Conference at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland
           (a suburb of Washington, D.C.), July 22-25. All Explorer Posts are invited to attend the event regardless of their career
           Conference attendees will participate in interactive, hands-on seminars, tour medical/science research labs, and talk
           with world-renowned scientists and doctors. In addition, participants can sign up to tour Washington, D.C. and all its
           historic monuments.
           For more information, please contact Peggy Chestnutt, Director, Workforce Development at 972-580-2428 or

           Exploring Fee Increase
           Effective with the January re-charters, Exploring membership fees will be increased from $7.00 per person to $10.00
           per youth and adult. This is the first increase for Explorers in about 10 years. New individual applications for youth
           and adults are now being used. All youth members and adults must complete the respective application to be
           registered with Exploring. Exploring is a program of Learning for Life and the current leadership and membership
           standards will continue. For posts that are chartered to local, state, or federal agencies, continue to use the Criminal
           Background Waiver form available from Charlie Goldfarb or Pete Hausman at 732-349-1037.

           2009 Fire Conference
           The National Fire & Emergency Services Exploring Committee met in early December and decided not to conduct a
           National Fire Conference in 2009. This very difficult decision was based on the inability to find a location which could
           meet the needs of a national conference. Proposals were sent to many locations nationally and the result was to find
           that there are very few training centers with facilities to handle 550 participants and staff. Facility suggestions may be
           sent to Pete Hausman or directly to the Learning for Life Division.

           2009 Mock Trial Competition
           American University in Washington, D.C. will serve as host of the National Mock Trial Competition for Law Explorers on
           July 22-26, 2009. The participation fee is $375 and will cover housing and most meals for the 4 day stay. Dorm rooms
           will serve as housing and the meals will be in the school cafeteria or by special arrangements.
           All Law Explorer Posts and Mock Trial Teams are invited. Awards will be given for 4 team placements and for individual
           competition such as: prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, and for all witnesses. This year's case will be emailed to
           you when your application has been processed with the deposit in March. Go to the Learning for Life website to get
           more information on this year's competition.
           The Mock Trial serves as a college experience and a chance to see the nation's capital. Sight seeing tours will take
           place. It is challenging, fun and a great opportunity to make new friends with other Explorers from around the
           country. Get hands-on insight into the world of Law and Government careers.
           You may wish to reserve your place now by mailing your deposit of $375. Make your checks payable to the National
           Mock Trial Competition account # 62057-1780, and mail to the National Learning for Life office. For more information,
           contact Cliff Takawana, or call 972-580-2437.

           Pete Hausman, Learning for Life Director
           Phone 732/349-1037, ext. 18

           NORTHERN TIER

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           Northern Tier is the BSA's premiere wilderness canoe camping high adventure program. We feature canoe trips
           in the north woods of Minnesota, northwest Ontario, and northeast Manitoba.
           Opportunity for a wilderness canoeing trek is still available for the 2009 summer season. Although summer is
           still months away, time to plan your summer activities is now! You too can have an adventure this year.
           Northern Tier offers 6 to 10 day canoe trips with a full outfitting package that includes canoes, paddles, pfd,
           tents, food, emergency radio/satellite phone and other camping gear. A trained staff member also accompanies
           the crew for the entire trek to advise crew members on canoe skills, use of the gear, wilderness safety, and
           Leave No Trace principals. According to Andre Nguyen, who attended in 2008, "You finish the trip a lot stronger
           than how you started it, and that's one of the best feelings in the world."
           In 2008, our crews reported a great summer of fishing. The lakes are teaming with walleye, pike, small mouth
           bass, and lake trout. Many of our crews schedule a day to explore a remote lake and devote it to catching the
           trophy fish of the summer. You may also encounter moose, bear, deer, beaver, fox, otter, and bald eagles in
           this pristine wilderness. Curtis Swisher says it best, "The natural beauty of the north woods lake country cannot
           be described. It must be experienced."
           Register today for this summer's adventure by calling: (218) 365-4811
           For more information about Northern Tier visit our web site at
           We will see you this summer in the north woods.

           OA Wilderness Voyage:
           Canadian Odyssey
           After ten successful years in Minnesota, the OA Wilderness Voyage is expanding its area of operation with the
           introduction of the Canadian Odyssey. Adjacent to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota rests the Quetico Provincial
           Park in Ontario. Together they make up the wilderness portion of the greater Quetico-Superior area. For nearly
           100 years, the Quetico has remained largely untouched by conservation efforts even though it is traveled by a
           quarter of a million people each year, many of whom are from the United States.
           Both the Order of the Arrow and Canadian authorities are eager to act on this opportunity for service.
           The Quetico Provincial Park is a vast wilderness with over 600 lakes set inside more than a million acres. The
           Canadian Odyssey allows Arrowmen-returning and new participants alike-to see and explore entirely new
           territory while at the same time providing crucial service. Odyssey crews will labor to repair and maintain
           portage trails in Ontario during the first week. The second week they will paddle back to the United
           States on a route of their choosing.
           Cost for the program is $200. All participants must also have a passport. Applications and more information
           available at

           Training Update
           Come get training at the biggest most exciting training day in the Jersey Shore Council- University of Scouting.
           University of Scouting will take place Saturday March 7, 2008! Over 50 different training courses will be offered
           to teach you how to be the best Scouting Leader possible...sign up, bring your friends, have them bring their
           friends, even take some people who aren't you friends yet...You all will have a great time!

           Click here for application and information
           or contact Cathy Brown at

           The Jersey Shore Council is please to announce that it will be running a Powderhorn Training Course this Spring
           at Citta Scout Reservation. Powderhorn is not just for Venturing Leaders, but for anyone interested in learning
           how to find and develop resources to run a high adventure program for their unit. Click here to find an
           application for the course, which takes place over 2 weekends (May 15-17 & 29-31, 2009). For more information
           contact Course Director Bob Krehely at

           The Jersey Shore Council will be hosting a Wood Badge Course in the fall of 2009 at the Joseph A Citta Scout
           Reservation. The course takes place over two weekends 9/11-13/09 and 10/9-11/09, attendance all six days is
           mandatory. Joanne McGuire will be serving as the Course Director and Steve Finkle will be serving as Assistant
           Course Director. Click here for a Registration form.

           Please remember that any unit rechartering in 2009 MUST have all their direct contact leaders over the age of 21
           fully trained. That means they need to, at minimum, take New Leaders Essentials and the basic training for their
           current position. For more information contact your district training chair.

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           D-1 Training Chair:
           Jim McGuire     732-295-8971
           D-2 Training Chair:
           Dean Plaganis 732-239-7730
           D-3 Training Chair:
           Bob Tweer     732-929-2444
           D-4 Training Chair:
           Cathy Gunsten 609-660-1024
           D-5 Training Chair:
           Chuck Reed      609-652-8423
           D-6 Training Chair:
           Noah Goldman 609-404-1284  
           D-7 Training Chair:
           Charlie Goldfarb 732-458-3677

           Jersey Shore's Newest Eagle Scouts

           Steven William Brandt           Crew 101   Presbyterian Church of Toms River

           Daniel Neal Coviello Jr.        Troop 16   Pt. Pleasant Boro Fire Co #1

           Justin Michael Decker           Troop 65   Manahawkin United Methodist Church

           Angelo M. DiSalvo               Troop 29   St. Joseph's Council Knights of Columbus

           Bryan Louis Koehler             Troop 17   St. Thomas Lutheran Church

           Brian Murphy MacConchie         Troop 29   St. Joseph's Council Knights of Columbus

           Jason Anthony Regan             Troop 29   St. Joseph's Council Knights of Columbus

           Matthew Stephano Santomenna     Troop 52   Toms River Fire Co. #2

           Michael Robert Spang            Troop 56   Lacey Twp Police PBA Local 238

           Timothy William Walsh           Troop 39   Central United Methodist Church

           Fiscal Polices and Procedures for BSA Units
           Click here for pdf file

           New BSA Medical Forms FAQs

           Q. Why do we need a new health form?
           A. Based on input from individual Scouters, the Order of the Arrow, local councils, health
           and safety and risk management committees, and high-adventure bases, there was
           confusion on when to use any of more than 20 different health forms in use across the
           nation. There was also an immediate need to update a medical form for the 2010 National
           Scout Jamboree. The Health and Safety Committee took on the challenge and the
           opportunity to establish one Annual Health and Medical Record for all ages and known
           risks. It is simple and yet comprehensive enough to be used for both health and wellness
           evaluations as well as emergency situations.
           Q. What are the major changes?
           A. A health history is still sufficient for typical activities lasting less than 72 hours (Parts A
           and C of the new form-similar to the old Class 1 form). For activities lasting longer than
           72 hours, a medical evaluation by a health-care provider is now required annually (Part
           B). For high-adventure activities for which medical care may be delayed, restrictions
           based on standardized height/weight ratios are now mandatory.
           Q. When does the Annual Health and Medical Record go into effect? I am used to the old
           form and would rather use it.
           A. Transition and change can be exciting and easy, especially if it positions the BSA for the

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           future. Everyone should begin using the Annual Health and Medical Record immediately.
           The existing stock of Class 1, 2, and 3 forms can continue to be used while supplies last in
           2009. The only supported form effective January 1, 2010, is the Annual Health and
           Medical Record. Its use will be mandatory for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree.
           Q. Where can I find the Annual Health and Medical Record?
           A. It can be found at your council's Scout shop and is posted in a downloadable PDF
           format on Scouting Safely on
           Q. Can I keep a record of my Annual Health and Medical Record somewhere at my
           council's office or online?
           A. Districts and councils are discouraged from keeping any medical records, whether
           digital or paper, unless required by local or state ordinances. However, the electronic
           version of the Annual Health and Medical Record is intended to be filled out and saved by
           individual Scouts and Scouters. The electronic Annual Health and Medical Record should
           not be transmitted via e-mail or stored by units, districts, or councils. Units are
           encouraged to keep paper copies of their participants' Annual Health and Medical Records
           in a confidential medical file for quick access in an emergency and to be prepared for all
           Q. The old Class 1, 2, and 3 forms were based on age. What about the Annual Health and
           Medical Record?
           A. There is no longer a difference in the exam interval based on age. The Annual Health
           and Medical Record is for everyone.
           Q. There are three parts to the Annual Health and Medical Record, which part do I need to
           fill out?
           A. All participants should fill out Parts A and C for any event. Part B (the physical
           examination) should be completed if you are participating in an event that exceeds 72
           consecutive hours, such as jamborees, summer camps, and Wood Badge training courses.
           Part B also is required for participation in a resident camp setting or when the nature of
           the activity is strenuous and demanding such as service projects, work weekends, or high-
           adventure treks. It is important to note that if the event will take your unit beyond a
           radius wherein emergency care is more than 30 minutes by ground transportation, the
           height/weight chart found at the bottom of Part B should be strictly followed. Please note
           that individual units, districts, or councils may have policies in place to exceed this
           standard based on their unique risks.
           Q. How often will I need to renew/update my Annual Health and Medical Record?
           A. This form will need to be updated annually, just as many schools or sporting leagues
           require an annual update. Many changes can happen throughout a year, including changes
           in disease processes, medication, address, and insurance.
           Q. What is meant by "Annual" and "valid for 12 calendar months"?
           A. If you complete your record on March 9, 2009, it will be valid through March 2010, but
           you must complete a new Annual Health and Medical Record by April 1, 2010. Please note
           that the 2010 National Scout Jamboree will have a specific window when the record must
           be submitted.
           Q. I have several children in the program and a health care plan that does not provide
           cheap co-pays for physicals. What can be done to divert the increased cost of
           A. Many units, districts, and councils offer physical exams. Facilitating such an event could
           be a positive experience, as well as decreasing costs. Several county clinics offer physicals
           at a very low price in order to assist children across the nation maintain a well and healthy

           Q. I heard a physical for an adult can be very expensive. Is that true?
           A. As participants age, physicians (MDs, DOs), NPs, and PAs may require extra testing in
           order to approve and/or clear their participation in events. Participants who are on
           medications should already be checked annually.
           Q. Do I really need to explain everything about myself or my child, such as learning
           disabilities or depression? I don't want myself or my child to be treated differently.
           A. As hard as it may be to share these aspects about yourself or your child, this
           information is needed to structure safe activities and is imperative when giving emergency
           care. Please be thorough and honest. Our experience also indicates that a Scouting
           activity is not the place to experiment with or stop medications, especially those that
           address these issues.
           Q. Why do I need to put my child's or my own social security number on the record?
           A. It is your choice as to whether you fill in this number; however, in many states,
           medical care cannot be rendered without it.
           Q. What does "grade completed" mean?
           A. If your son has completed the 6th grade and is currently enrolled in 7th grade, you
           would enter 6th grade here. You may always update your information more frequently

                                                                                                                         Page 17 of 17

                        than annually.
                        Q. What if I don't want to have my child immunized for tetanus or other immunizations
                        due to religious or philosophical reasons, do I have to sign a release?
                        A. Yes, the recommendations of the immunization task force were accepted by the Health
                        and Safety Support Committee in October 2008 and are listed on under
                        Scouting Safely. If you choose not have your child immunized, the release form can also
                        be found there. Declining or inadequate immunizations will require verification by a
                        certified and licensed physician (MD, DO), NPs, or PAs that a communicable disease is not
                        present. Inadequately immunized participants will be identified so that they can be located
                        in case of a necessity for isolation or quarantine as per local public health official directives
                        Q. Can I decline medical treatment?
                        A. Yes, but a release must be signed. The release can be found under Scouting Safely on
               This practice is highly discouraged because this choice can put the entire
                        unit at risk, both mentally and physically. Declining medical treatment will require
                        verification by a certified and licensed physician (MD or DO), NP, or PA that a
                        communicable disease is not present.
                        Q. Can I use another medical exam, such as a school sports exam, and attach it to the
                        Annual Health and Medical Record?
                        A. No. In an effort to maintain standards of preparedness and fitness for participation, and
                        to make sure that the medical professional conducting the examination knows the various
                        outdoor adventures than can occur in Scouting, the BSA requires completion of Part B.
                        Part B also includes the height/weight chart for high adventure situation where emergency
                        medical care is not readily available.
                        Q. Why can't I use the Annual Health and Medical Record for participation at the high-
                        adventure bases?
                        A. The high-adventure bases have very specific activities that are unique to each of them.
                        They each provided valuable input to position the Annual Health and Medical Record for
                        use in the future. YOU are responsible to Be Prepared for your high-adventure trek and
                        understand and follow all high-adventure base rules, procedures, and guidelines.
                        Q. Why is there a talent release on the Annual Health and Medical Record? It doesn't
                        really have anything to do with health.
                        A. In response to requests from several councils to eliminate paperwork, we have included
                        the talent release as part of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

                        Click here for pdf of new Health Form

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