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					                                                          6514 Huggins Street
                                                           Niagara Falls, ON
                                                               L2J 1G9

                                                     Toll Free: 1.877.854.5033
                                                     Fax:         905.371.0440

      “Roughy” Tray GB Filter Cart
  A heavy duty filter cart designed for any portable filtration requirement. Our carts have
  been co-developed with maintenance people from power generation, manufacturing
  plants, heavy industry, mining, pulp and paper. Ergonomic, safe and easy to use,
  these carts have been tested and have been in service for over six years, in multiple,
  unattended heavy duty applications. Designed specifically for heavy viscous gear box
  oils. Can be configured with “change on the fly” duplexing dual filter heads.

                                                          •     Ergonomic heavy duty tray frame
                                                          •     Solid rubber, lockable front caster
                                                          •     Large pneumatic rear tires
                                                          •     Large replaceable suction filter
                                                          •     Oil is highly filtered (2 stage—4 filter)
                                                          •     Duplexing dual filter option
                                                          •     Spin-on filters control filter costs
                                                          •     Low amp 115V 1HP motor option
                                                          •     Thermal relief overload switch
                                                          •     Optional CSA inspection/sticker
                                                          •     External safety relief valve
                                                          •     Multiple pump speed options
                                                          •     1/2” or 3/4”Double Diaphragm Pump
                                                          •     Optional suction/discharge hose

         RCT                     XXXX XXX             OR              XX               X XX XX                  XX
  Standard Features                 Electric Motor             Air Power Options        Filter Options         Hoses
HD Industrial Frame             1 HP, Low Amp (9.6 FLA)       Gast Air Motor, 3 GPM         Duplexing          10 Foot
Pneumatic Rear Wheels           Thermal Relief Switch         1/2” Double Diaphragm   D Valves 2 dual heads   Standard
Lockable Front Caster           65 PSI External Relief        3/4” Double Diaphragm         First Stage       SA
Full Drip Tray                  Choose Pump and Options         Air Powered Options   10W (Water—10N          Tank Truck
2 Stage, or Duplex Filtration   EM 3 (3 GPM Pump)             AM ( Gast Air Motor)    10P ( 10 Nominal)       TA
Suction Strainer Filter         EM 5 ( 5 GPM Pump)            50 (1/2” Diaphragm)     03N ( 3 Nominal )
Filter Change Gauge             EM 10 (10 GPM Pump)           75 (3/4” Diaphragm)         Second Stage
1” Inlet and Outlet             CSA (CSA Approval)                                    03A ( 3—BETA 200

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