2007 Santa Cruz Science Fair Winners

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					                                 2007 Santa Cruz Science Fair Winners

Behavioral Social Science
      Elementary 4-5

1st Place          Anya Barca-Hall,               Happy Valley         Can You Keep a Secret?
2nd Place          Alicia Castro,                 Good Shepherd        Candy or Medicine?
                   Katie Spangler & Sarah Bargetto
3rd Place          Lorna Gilmore & Mara Julin     Westlake             Candy vs. Fruit
4th Place          Mary Christensen               Santa Cruz Gardens   Swim Science

      Junior 6-8

1st Place          Kimberly Carson               Mountain Elementary   Wrigley’s Believe it or Not?
2nd Place          Tess Dominquez                Shoreline Middle       What Are you Wearing?
3rd Place          Alexander Fields              Rio Del Mar           Do You See What “Eye” See?
4th Place          Yasi Lowy                     Happy Valley          Question #5?

  Elementary 4-5
1st Place      Krya Blaustein                    Ocean Alternative     Enzyme Effects on Eggs
2 Place        Olivia Buak                       Salesian Elementary   How Much Sugar Does An Apple Have?
  Junior 6-8
1st Place      Shamik Mashark                    Pacific Collegiate    Antioxidants in Tea: A Green Defense
2nd Place      Eliza Munger &                    Bradley Elementary    Super Tasters
               Mariah Lopez
3rd Place      Michelle Martinelli               Gateway               Martinellis’ Apple Juice
4 Place        Sophy Zhou                        Pacific Collegiate    The Effects of Pesticides on Young Plants

    Elementary 4-5
1 Place         Grace Harrison                 Mar Vista               Kitchen appliances Take On Radish Seeds
2nd Place       Mairen Magee &                 Mar Vista               It’s Raining Lemons
                Taryn Marks
3rd Place       Fiona Grishaw-Jones            Westlake                Do Different Soils Affect Plant Growth?
4th Place       Angela Pogson,                 Westlake                The Effects of Microorganisims
                Hauka Fukurai & Isabella Gross

    Junior 6-8
1st Place          Alanna Williams               Mission Hill          Where do Redwoods Grow?
2nd Place          Alison Hoffman                Mar Vista             Seed Dispersal in Sea Rocket
3rd Place          Matthew Pirtle                Green Valley          The Growth of Radiated Plants
4th Place          Biana Greenfield              New Brighton          Which Water?

    Primary K-3
1st Place       Aspen Schwind &                  Westlake              Diaper Duties: A Swell Project
                Brooke Schwind
2nd Place       Christopher Washburn             Brook Knoll           Exploding Rockets
    Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Andrew Mulin                 Soquel Elementary     Flaming Fabric
2nd Place       Denise Tien                  Brook Knoll           Which Liquid Evaporates the Fastest?
3rd Place       Annette Woerner              Mar Vista             Do Scented Candles Burn Faster than
4th Place        Caitlyn Jeffs               Rio Del Mar           Invisible Ink

    Junior 6-8
1 Place          Kalista DeHart              Mission Hill          Getting the Energy You Need
2nd Place        Zach Barnard                Good Shepherd         Corrosion of Copper
3rd Place        Moriah Pollock              Mission Hill          Mighty Muffins
4th Place        Rachel Martin               Valencia              Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Computer Science/Mathematics
    Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Kirk Booth                   SLV Homeschool        The Speed Behind the Programs

    Junior 6-8
1st Place        Nathaniel Willy             Aptos Junior High     A Fibonacci Mathematical Proof
3rd Place        Jake Hancock                Rio Del Mar           Easy Access
4th Place        Erin Gudger                 Orchard               Shuffle Scuffle

Earth Science
    Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Benny Drescher               Gateway               Danger: Quicksand
                & Reid Birch
2nd Place       ColetteLoBue                 Salesian Elementary   Tree Growth vs. Rainfall
3rd Place       Kendra Garrison              Valencia              Magnetic Personality
4th Place       Steven Guy                   Santa Cruz Gardens    How do Clouds Form?

    Junior 6-8
1 Place          Greg Cloud                  Valencia              Affects on Plant Growth
2nd Place        Nora Britton                Mission Hill          Heat: From Substrate to Water
3rd Place        Jennifer Delucchi           Bonny Doon            Soil Science
                 & Kristina Davis
4th Place        Danielle Whitsell           Bonny Doon            Concrete Under Pressure

    Primary K-3
1st Place       Sarah Arghavani              Brook Knoll           “What’s quicker” Watercolor Paints or…

    Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Gregory Evans                Salesian Elementary   Fogcatchers
3rd Place       Tommy Linebarger             Santa Cruz Gardens    The Secret of Bridges
4th Place       Jocelynn Ferreyra,           Calabasas             Ready, Set, Hold
                Mariela Marquez & Cristina Ramirez
    Junior 6-8
1st Place        Joe Raimondi &            Gateway              Efficiency Deficiency
                 Helena Epps
2nd Place        Yuki Fukari               Mission Hill         Automotive Drag
3rd Place        Analisa Shields-Estrada   Mission Hill         Does Structure Affect Strength
4th Place        Ian Singleton &           Good Shepherd        What Type of Windmill Blade will
                 Zachary Newland                                Generate the Most Electricity?

Environmental Science
    Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Ryan Fish                  Mar Vista            Heat or Chill Affect the Spill
1 Place         Natalya Dreszer            Westlake             Photosynthesis Can Decrease Global
2nd Place        Grant Simmons             Spring Hill          Testing Water Quality in San Lorenzo
                                                                River Basin
3rd Place        Garrett Adams             Soquel               Peanut Power

    Junior 6-8
1st Place        Rose Leopold &            Pacific Collegiate   Sandy Beaches, Pleasure or Pollutant
                 Ella Madsen
2nd Place        Casey Berg                Gateway              Fast Fuel
3rd Place        Ryan Henrick              Rio Del Mar          How To Stay Cool
4th Place        Emma Stokes               GBR Prep             Lord of the (Water) Fleas
                 & Ruth Talbot
4th Place        Emily Haase               Gateway              Nitrogen Pollution Control

    Senior 9-12
 1st Place      Adam Fedak                 San Lorenzo Valley   Water Monitoring of Boulder Creek
                & Caitlyn Christensen
2nd Place       Taras Dreszer              GBK Prep             Heat to Hydrogen
3 Place         Alex Van Wandelen          San Lorenzo Valley   Sand Crab Monitoring
                & Justin Kersten
4th Place       Danielle Detering          San Lorenzo Valley   Salmonid Growth & Temperature

Medicine & Health
        Primary K-3
1st Place        Anastasia Leopold         Soquel               What Fruits Have the Most Vitamin C?
2nd Place        Sean J. Krzeczowski       Brook Knoll          What Soda Dissolves Teeth Faster?

         Elementary 4-5
1 Place         Austin Koenig              DeLaveaga            Effects of Temp on Heart Rate
2nd Place       Chase Matterson            Gault                What Brand of Popcorn Pops the Best?
3rd Place       Eric Julien                Mar Vista            Smells Like Science
                & Demond Maack

         Junior 6-8
1 Place          Rebecca Mace              Valencia             Fat Fury
2nd Place        Tanner Akol               Pacific Collegiate   Hypertension in the Veterinary Clinic
3rd Place        Sophie Ballard            Mission Hill         Think Fast
                 & Cori Bratby-Rudd
         Primary K-3
1st Place       Joshua Andersen        Brook Knoll           Which Cheese Molds Faster?
                & John Ross
2nd Place       Greyson Meyer          Spring Hill           Are Fingerprints Inherited?

         Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Brian Williams         Gault                 The Five Second Rule
2nd Place       Max Sierra             Brook Knoll           Bread Experiment with Yeast
3rd Place       Angela Ingegnari       Soquel                Where Does Mold Eat Out?
                & Sage Gray
4th Place       Isaac Moreno           Soquel                Health Drinking Water

         Junior 6-8
1st Place        Austin Eadie          Pacific Collegiate    Which Yogurt has More Baceria?
2nd Place        Asta Dvidsdottir      Bonny Doon            Can Bacteria Get a Sunburn?
3rd Place        Alice Mintz           Mission Hill          How to Keep Your Jack-O from
                 & Gabrielle Corbett                         Turning Wack-O
4th Place        Naomi Baxter-Rubach   Mission Hill          Bacteria…. Be Gone

         Senior 9-12
1st Place        Rachel Abramson       San Lorenzo Valley    Fecal Coliform Monitoring

       Primary K-3
1 Place       Sonia Salkind            Brook Knoll           Follow the Bouncing Ball

         Elementary 4-5
1st Place       Jacob Blair            Bradley               Magnet Madness
2nd Place       Teresa Netro           Gault                 Wind
3rd Place       Levin Sofen            Westlake              Solar Speed
4 Place         Robin Lindsley         Gault                 Microwaves Vibrate Polar Molecules

         Junior 6-8
1st Place        Natalie Dean          GBK Prep              Double he Dimple
2nd Place        Alden Deran           Pacific Collegiate    Is Human-Generated CO2 a Significant
                                                             Source of Global Warming?
3rd Place       Robert Karz            Mar Vista             The Power of Sound
4th Place       Ashlyn Wenger          Bradley               Are You Stalling?

Space Science
        Elementary 4-5
1 Place        Jamie Ferrell           Valencia              It Came From Outer Space
2nd Place      Anna Colosi             Salesian Elementary   Micrometers

         Junior 6-8
1st Place        Hannah Ornas         Bonny Doon             Four Fins in Flight
2nd Place        Emma Sofen           Mission Hill           Star Light, Star Bright
         Senior 9-12
1st Place        Micah Wylde          GBK Prep               Heating the Rings
                 & Christopher Souvey
        Primary K-3
1st Place      Clara G. Chilton    Spring Hill          Roly-Poly Habitats

        Elementary 4-5
1st Place     Eleni Pateras        Moreland Notre       Poop Patrol II
              & Irini Pateras
2nd Place     Lourdes Gomez        Moreland Notre       Mozart & the Beast
3rd Place     Madalyn McDougall    Gault                What Flavors do Ladybugs Like?
4th Place     Bryn Christofferse   Santa Cruz Gardens   Colors Through a Horses Eyes

        Junior 6-8
1st Place      Monique Iuster      Mission Hill         Are Pennies the Solution
2 Place         Andrew Schmidt     New Brighton         Slugs, Slime & Soil
3rd Place      Robin Bulger        Mission Hill         Hummingbird Feeding Preference
4th Place      Kendall Ronzano     Mission Hill         Who Found it First?

      Senior 9-12
3 Place      Haley McCown,         San Lorenzo Valley   Intertidal Mollusk Abundance
             Rodger Storment &
             Zoe Wambaugh