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					                                                            Roadtube & Accessories
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                                                                                       13/64”                                      19/32”

                                                                                  Traffic counter road tube is
                                                                                  manufactured from natural rubber
                                                                                  that has superior weathering, aging
                                                                                  and abrasion characteristics and
                                                                                  provides excellent resilience for high
                                                                                  impact loads over a wide range of
                                                                                  ambient temperatures.

                        P a rt N u m b e r        D e s c rip tio n

                        # 560033                  8 0 6 8 R oa d Tu b e - 1 3 /6 4 " in sid e d ia m e te r, 1 0 0 ft (3 0 m ) p e r roll:

                                                  1 -1 0 R olls

                                                  1 1 -2 5 R olls

                                                  ov e r 2 6 R olls

                    Road Tube Restraint Kit

                                                                  P art N u m b er      D es c rip tio n

                                                                  # 100008              IR D M od e l 8 0 6 6 R oa d Tu b e R e stra int Kit
                                                                                          - Com p le te w ith 2 Fig ure 8 re stra ints,
                                                                                            1 e n d p lug , 8 roa d na ils & w a she rs

                      Road Tube Nails
                      Parker-Kalon (PK) Masonry Nails are made of case hardened steel.
                      They are zinc coated for corrosion resistance and have a ribbed
                      exterior to ensure a solid anchoring. PK Nails are for fastening of
                      road tube anchors, lane markers and other road surface mounted
                      devices.       P art N u m b er D es crip tio n

                                             # 3 3 00 5 1         PK R oa d N ails 1 /4 " x 2 " (6 4 m m x 51 m m ) (B ox/1 00 )

                                             # 3 3 01 2 1         PK R oa d N ails 1 /4 " x 2 1 /2" (6 4m m x 6 4 m m ) (B ox/1 0 0 )

                                             # 3 3 00 1 4         Ard ox N a ils 1 /8" x 2 "    (B ox/1 00 )                                     1.306.653.6600                                            
Printed in Canada                                                                                                                            September, 2003
                                                                      Roadtube & Accessories
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                                                                 End Plug
                                                                 No tools are required to install this

                                                                                                                                      ROAD TUBE
                                                                 handy thumbscrew End Plug. It is a

                                                                 real time saver, simply twist in by hand.
                                                                 The end plug stays securely in place
                                                                 and can be used in conjunction with an
                                                                 End Clamp Anchor.

                             P a rt N u m b e r      D e s c rip tio n

                             # 300016                R o a d Tu b e E n d P lu g

                                                                                   Woven Cable
                                                                                   The Woven Cable Grip is a highly reliable
   The Figure-8 Cable Grip is a cost saving road
                                                                                   road tube end securing device. The weave
   tube end securing device. Simply insert the
                                                                                   will increase its grip on the road tube with an
   road tube through the loops of the Figure-8.
                                                                                   increase in pull. It will not lose its grip and the
                                                                                   stainless steel cable is safe for vehicle tires.

        P a rt N u m b e r     D e s c r ip tio n                                     P a rt N u m b e r    D e s c rip tio n

        # 500005               R o a d Tu b e G ri p (F ig u re 8 )                   # 500097              R o a d Tu b e G rip (W o v e n C a b le )

    Center Plate Clamp                                                             End C-Clamp
    The Center Clamp Anchor is a versatile heavy                                   The ‘C’ Clamp type anchor minimizes road
    gauge steel clamp designed for end or center                                   tube movement. It is formed from galvanized
    anchoring. It prevents center sagging in road                                  sheet metal. Two masonry nails fasten the
    tube . There are three anchoring holes for                                     clamp to the roadway and close the mouth to
    nailing to the roadway with masonry nails.                                     anchor the road tube.

     Part Number Description                                                         P a rt N u m b e r    D e s c rip tio n

     # 330050        Road Tube Clamp (Center Plate Clamp)                            # 330079              R o a d Tu b e G rip (E n d C - cla m p )                                      1.306.653.6600                                                
September, 2003                                                                                                                          Printed in Canada

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