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The Newsletter of the Parish of the Good Shepherd                               November 2009

Dear Friends,

On Sunday November 1st (All Saints' Day) we will be celebrating the blessing and rededication of
the stained glass windows in our church. At this time we not only will give thanks for the generosity
of the many people who contributed financially to the restoration of these windows, but we will also
remember in our prayers the faithful Christians of earlier generations who are memorialized in the
glorious images of glass that surround and inspire us whenever we come into the Church of the Good
Shepherd for worship.

In addition to commemorating the faithful departed of this parish who are memorialized in the
stained glass windows churchgoers on All Saints' Day will be asked to remember the Christians of
the past who lived lives of exceptional holiness. Keeping alive the memory of these "saints" is, of
course, central to the church's annual observance of this day.

You may recall a movie entitled Memento that came out a few years ago. This film describes a fic-
tional character who has lost the ability to remember anything except the last ten minutes of his life.
In order to compensate for this embarrassing disability the character constantly has to write notes to
himself about what was happening to him and what he thinks about it. He also takes photographs of
things and people he wants to remember, and he even tattoos what he believes are especially vital
facts onto various parts of his body. Despite such elaborate measures, however, this man's inability to
remember the immediate past with accuracy leads him to misinterpret many of the facts he has writ-
ten down - a problem that has tragic consequences at the conclusion of the movie.

As the plot of the film Memento suggests, the possibility of losing one's memory is one of the great
anxieties of the present day. We can see this in numerous ways. I have several friends, for example,
who have gone to doctors for testing because they are concerned that occasional memory lapses may
be indicative of the onset of Alzheimer's disease. We can see similar expressions of this type of an-
xiety in recent civic debates about the appropriateness of placing crosses and other personal items in
public places as memorials to loved ones who died near those spots. And at the national level there
has been much discussion about how the victims of the September II th attacks should be memoria-
lized. If effective monuments are not created, some Americans argue, the memory of those terrible
events may eventually be erased altogether from our national consciousness.

I mention these fears regarding the loss both of ordinary personal memories and of the memory of
major public events and tragedies because they help illustrate the situation the church faced when it
first began recording stories about the lives of the saints. Properly memorializing the saints, especial-
ly the heroism of the thousands of martyrs who died for their faith, was regarded as critically impor-
tant in the early church. For this reason the All Saints' celebration was added to the Christian calen-
dar many centuries ago, and it continues to be observed by Christians throughout the world today.

Faithfully yours, Tuck
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