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									             WEAR of MATERIALS                           taken of attendees regarding when they
              CONFERENCES                                preferred WOM proceedings to be available.
                                                         The results: 52 at the conference, 4 before the
                                                         conference, 3 after the conference, and 2 no
A collection of miscellaneous ‘factoids’                 comment.
    from past WOM conferences*                               At the steering committee meeting on April
                                                         10, 1991, Prof. Duncan Dowson (Leeds, UK)
                                                         pointed out decreasing WOM attendance by
                                                         mechanical engineers, and Ray Bayer and Bill
[*From old files and collected notes. Additional         Glaeser echoed a need for more applications-
information on earlier conference history, from 1977     oriented content. Kwan Rhee’s suggested that
to 1997 is available in an article by past chairmen in   more day-to-day practical tribology problems
the proceedings of Wear (1997) and elsewhere on          should have a forum at WOM, and from that
this website.]
                                                         early discussion the communications and case
                                                         studies categories for WOM papers originated.

      Special Issues of Wear Journal
      Devoted to WOM Proceedings*                        WOM 1989 introduces a poster session
                                                         and wear photomicrograph competition
    WOM       Year    Guest Editors         Volume
                                           Numbers       Organizers of WOM continued to experiment
     10th     1993   K. Ludema, R.       162 – 164       with new features and conference formats. In
                     G. Bayer            (Parts A, B)    1989, the ASM International Wear Resistant
     11th     1995   R. G. Bayer, K.     181 – 183       Materials Group offered to sponsor a poster
                     Ludema              (Part I, II)    session and photomicrograph competition
     12th     1997   D. Rigney, R.       203 – 204       patterned after the International Metallographic
                     G. Bayer                            Society’s annual competition. The poster
     13th     1999   D. Rigney, R.       225 – 229       session was organized by Prof. Jim Wert,
                     G. Bayer                            Vanderbilt University, and the wear
     14th     2001   D. Rigney, R.       250 – 251       photomicrograph competition was organized by
                     G. Bayer            (Parts 1, 2)    Prof. Francis E. Kennedy, Thayer School,
     15th     2003   P. J. Blau, R.      255 (No. 1-6,   Dartmouth College. Keynote speakers at WOM
                     G. Bayer            7-12)           1989 were Horst Czichos (BAM, Germany),
     16th     2005   P. J. Blau, S. J.   259 (No. 1-6,   Anthony de Gee (Delft, the Netherlands),
                     Shaffer             7-12)           Traugott Fischer (Stevens Institute, USA), and
     17th     2007   K. Ludema, S.       263 (No. 1-6,   Koji Kato (Tohoku University, Japan). The
                     J. Shaffer          7-12)           conference featured an optional ski trip to
     18th     2009   K. Ludema, S.       267 (No. 1-4,   Copper Mountain, Colorado. A single hotel room
                     J. Shaffer          5-8)            was $75 and a double room was $95.

* Prior to 1993, WOM proceedings were published by
ASME, New York, as stand-alone volumes. Some               WOM 1993 returns to San Francisco
WOM papers during that period were also published
in Wear but not in a special issue.                           The third WOM was held in San Francisco in
                                                         1981, and a dozen years later WOM returned to
                                                         the ‘City by the Bay.’ Conference committee
            WOM 1991 held in Orlando                     included Olov Vingsbo, General Chair; Dave
                                                         Rigney, Past Chair; Jorn Larsen-Basse,
    Sunny Florida welcomed the attendees to              Program Chair; Paul Swanson, Secretary; Ken
WOM 1991. Dave Rigney was conference                     Ludema as Full Paper Editor; and Ray Bayer
general chair, with Olof Vingsbo as Vice-Chair           and Editor for Communications and Case
and Paul Swanson as Secretary. Clark Cooper,             Studies. Unscheduled 5-minute presentations
United Technologies Research Center, chaired             were allowed for the first time, at the end of
the photomicrograph competition. A survey was            sessions.
    The poster session and photo competition         registration was $75, and the bound conference
was held again. Categories for photo entries         proceedings were offered separately for $75.
were Optical Microscopy, Scanning Electron
Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy,
Novel Imaging Techniques, and the Art of             WOM 1997 is held jointly with the
    Full conference pre-registration for WOM         International Coatings Conference
1993 was $420, but only $ 360 for presenters,        (ICMCTF) in San Diego
members of endorsing societies, and session
chairpersons. Students paid $60. The                      As another bold experiment, it was decided
conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel         by the organizers to team with the American
on Union Square where single and double              Vacuum Society to hold WOM at the same
rooms were offered at $125/night.                    venue as the annual International Conference
                                                     on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films
                                                     (ICMCTF). The rationale was that many of the
                                                     attendees of WOM might appreciate access to
WOM 1995 comes to Cambridge,                         the coatings talks and visa versa for the
Massachusetts (near Boston)                          ICMCTF attendees as regards wear of
                                                     materials. It would also save travel costs for
     After leaving ASME and later trying the         those who were interested in both meetings.
Elsevier Conference Department, organizers of        The experience showed that theory and practice
WOM turned in 1993 to a private conference           are two different things. WOM attendance may
organizing group, Conference Management              have been reduced somewhat, conflicting with
Associates of Virginia USA, to help administer       papers at ICMCTF and the accommodations
the meeting in 1995. At that time the General        given to WOM were less than those given to the
Chair was Jorn Larsen-Basse, Program Chair           larger ICMCTF group.
was Peter Blau, and Secretary was Steve                   Until 1996, finances for the entire WOM
Danyluk. Poster chair was Howard Hawthorne,          conference were in the hands of the conference
Bill Ruff organized the commercial exhibit, and      officers, and that put great pressure on the
the editors were once again, Ken Ludema and          chairman since, if the conference failed to cover
Ray Bayer. A speaker’s breakfast was planned         costs, the chairman was personally responsible
for each morning, but on the first morning, there    to the hotel and other contractors for the
was some confusion and some of the first WOM         financial shortfall. Furthermore, it made it difficult
authors to arrive accidentally took breakfast from   to sign contracts with hotels, audio visual
the buffet intended for a law enforcement            services, and other conference suppliers.
conference also held at the hotel.                   Therefore, the then WOM Chairman, Peter Blau,
     A wear control tutorial was organized by Ray    of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA), set up
Bayer and Bill Glaeser, and held on Sunday           a not-for-profit corporation called Wear of
afternoon before the conference for a fee of         Materials, Inc. to establish the conference group
$100. Speakers included Ray Bayer, Bill              as a legal entity in the United States.
Glaeser, Jorn Larsen-Basse, and Ken Budinski.        Consequently, Blau became WOM, Inc.’s first
In early WOM conferences, the wear tutorial was      President and Steve Danyluk, Georga Tech,
sometimes held in a technical session at the end     was the first Vice Present, with Howard
of the conference, but later it was split off as a   Hawthorne of NRC, Canada, as Secretary.
separate activity.                                        Elsevier was again printing the proceedings,
     Keynote lectures were presented by Marcell      but the bound volumes were held up in U.S.
Brendle (CNRS, France) and Nick Myshkin              Customs and could not be distributed at the
(Academy of Sciences, Gomel, Belarus). As a          WOM registration desk as planned. Eventually,
surprise, Prof. Ernest Rabinowicz (MIT) and his      the situation was resolved when Dean Eastbury
wife Ina were invited to the WOM luncheon, but       of Elsevier eventually found the books in another
it was his wife and not the esteemed professor       part of San Diego, and had them delivered to the
who gave an amusing and well-received                Town and Country Resort.
luncheon talk on what it was like being married           The 1997 conference luncheon speaker was
to a tribologist.                                    from the San Diego Zoo. The poster session and
     Conference pre-registration was $375 for        photo contest were run by Steve Hsu of NIST
presenters and $475 for full registrants. Student    (USA).
    Despite its relatively low attendance and      subjects were introduced this time, based on
complicated negotiations with the ICMCTF,          suggestions from the students of the Wear of
leveraging WOM 1997 with ICMCTF allowed            Materials 2001 tutorial in Vancouver, Canada.
WOM to finish well in the black, getting the       The instructors and subjects of the WOM 2003
fledgling corporation off to a good start.         tutorial presentations were:

                                                      •   Peter Blau – Introduction to Wear Types and
                                                          Wear Testing
                                                      •   Ray G. Bayer – Sliding, Fretting, and Impact
             WOM 1999-2003
                                                      •   Ian M. Hutchings – Abrasive and Erosive Wear
    Year      Location    Number of    Number         •   Peter J. Blau – Construction and use of Wear
                          Abstracts       of              Maps (new for 2003)
                          Received    Attendees       •   Steven M. Hsu – Lubrication (new for 2003)
    1999     Atlanta        298          244          •   Kenneth G. Budinski – Surface Treatments and
    2001    Vancouver       398          303              Coatings
    2003    Washington      370          263

                                                              “Satellite” Meetings
     Notes on the WOM 2003 Tutorial
                                                       Not only have WOM conferences served as
Tutorials started as special sessions offered at   forum for the wear of materials community, but
the end of the WOM conferences, but later it       they have also attracted out-of-hours meetings
was decided to offer them for a fee on the         of a number of other organizations whose
Sunday before the conference in order to better    scopes overlapped that of the conference.
prepare the attendees to hear the conference       Other groups that met in conjunction with the
papers. Content of the tutorials varied over the   conference have included ASTM Committee G2
years, some of which were basic principles-        on Wear and Erosion, editorial boards of
oriented and others emphasized applications.       Tribology International and Wear, the Tribo-
Changes in speakers and subjects were based        Corrosion Network, and Working Area 1 on
on the chairman and on feedback from students.     Wear Testing of the Versailles Agreement on
                                                   Advanced Materials and Standards (VAMAS).
For example, the 2003 wear tutorial was held on
Sunday, March 30, 2003, in the Renaissance
Hotel, Washington, DC. The title of the tutorial
was “Introduction to the Principles of Wear and
Wear Control.” A total of 24 students attended,
and fee for the tutorial was US$125. Two new

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