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 Motivation - Principle 9: Change
     Your Lifestyle with a Friend
                                                  Christmas Tea
                                                  For a special present this festive season,
                                                  why not wrap up a gift box of fragrant
                                                                                                               December 2009
                                                                                                                                         Issue 75

                                                                                                      Osteoporosis - Elderly women who drink
                                                                                                      tea have a higher bone density. This may
                                                                                                      be because tea promotes a more alkaline
If you have any friends or family                 and healthy tea. The humble cuppa is                balance in the body, preventing calcium
members with similar goals, ask them to           enjoying a great resurgence. It is                  from being leached from the bones.
join you. Doing something with a friend           emerging from its old tea cosy image and
helps to keep things going and keeps you          taking its well-earned place among our              Cancer - Tea may help reduce the risk of
motivated. You may even discuss how               most popular beverages. This is due to its          gastric, oesophageal and skin cancer, and
you are feeling, compare notes and go             fine health properties, subtle aromic               even increase the survival rate in those
grocery shopping together.                        scent and association with emotional                who have cancer. Plus research has
                                                  comfort. Lucky for us in Australia, we              shown drinking three cups of tea a day
In this way you will feel more accountable        enjoy an incomparable and lovely ritual of          decreases the likelihood of prostate and
when it comes to changing your lifestyle          putting on the kettle, sitting down and             ovarian cancer.
and this support network is vital for long        taking time to pause and chat about
term success. It is also easier when you          everything from family affairs to world             Weight gain - Green tea may boost your
know there is somebody else with you. It          politics! So this Christmas, wrap a                 metabolic rate, encouraging kilojoules to
also brings in a friendly spirit of               container of tea and give someone you               burn. This could be due to amino acid
competition that will motivate you to do          love a splendid gift of health and good             theanine, which improves alertness
things that seemed impossible earlier.            times.                                              without causing over-stimulation.

Add Flavour to Your Meals                         Choosing a loose-leaf tea variety to give           Eggs
Herbs and spices are great nutrient               as a gift - there are thousands to pick             Dieters who eat eggs for breakfast lose
boosters. Parsley, for example, contains          from and it is well worth the effort. Not           more weight, according to a US study.
bone-boosting vitamin K, and chilli is a          only does the delicate flavour of tea               Compared to people who ate a bagel for
good source of vitamin C. Coriander               become richer with loose-leaf tea but the           breakfast, those who started their day
contains a strong antibiotic called               longer steeping time boosts the flavonoid           with eggs lost 65 per cent more weight,
dodecenal that helps ward off illness,            levels-antioxidants that benefit health.            had a 61 per cent greater drop in BMI and
while garlic contains diallyl sulfide, which      Within 20 minutes of sipping a cup of               had better energy levels.

fights infection and boosts circulation for       black or green tea your body enjoys a
a faster metabolism. Sprinkle fresh thyme         healthy burst of antioxidants. However it
over your salads. It contains thymol, a
powerful antiseptic and antibiotic - it is
the essential ingredient of most
                                                  is drinking tea regularly over a lifetime
                                                  that reaps the most benefits, protecting
                                                  the body against the free-radical damage
mouthwashes!                                      that leads to disease. In fact tea ranks
                                                  higher than various fruits and vegetables           Thai Chicken Skewers with Bok Choy
Some fresh herbs are so high in                   on     the    ORAC    (Oxygen      Radical
                                                  Absorbance Capacity) scale, which                   Chicken tenderloins (allowance)
antioxidants that by adding half a
                                                                                                      1 tsp Thai red curry
teaspoon to a dish, “you could potentially        measures antioxidant levels in foods.
                                                                                                      Baby Bok Choy (allowance)
double your normal antioxidant intake,”                                                               Fresh ginger thickly sliced
says professor Rune Blomhoff, who                 Three to four cups of tea a day appear to           Fresh garlic thickly sliced
discovered this nutrition fact at the             give optimal benefit, according to
University of Oslo. Top antioxidant               nutritionists. It is a small thing to do and        Method:
boosting    herbs     include   oregano,          can protect you against the following               Combine chicken, curry and 1 tablespoon of
rosemary, sage and thyme.                         health dilemmas:                                    cold water in a bowl. Stir to coat, cover and
                                                                                                      refrigerate for 30 mins. Thread chicken onto
                                                                                                      skewers. Preheat barbeque plate or chargrill
Water First, Food Second!                         Heart Disease - One cup of black tea each
                                                                                                      on medium heat. Cook skewers for 3-4
If you are undecided about whether to             day with about 200mg flavonoids, helps              minutes each side. Meanwhile, spray wok
have that snack, try drinking a glass of          to keep the lining of the arteries softer           lightly with peanut oil, add roughly chopped
water first. The brain often confuses             and more flexible, thereby reducing blood           bok choy, ginger and garlic. Stir-fry for about
thirst with hunger, especially if you tend        pressure and the risk of heart attack.              3 mins or until wilted. Serve immediately.
to habitually eat.

                                                                       The answer to weight loss
                                                                             is within you

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