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					The Right Foods for You
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Low Fat
We could all probably cut a little fat from our diet. The American Heart Association recommends that only
25–35% of our daily caloric intake come from fat—and less than 7% from saturated fat. To start adopting a
lower fat diet, simply monitor your overall fat intake and choose foods with healthier monounsaturated and
polyunsaturated fats. Also, be sure to check out our list of low-fat products. Each one has 3 grams or less of
fat per serving. Want more help finding healthy foods while you shop? Look for our Nutrition Facts shelf tags
next to or below some products’ prices. Each one will give you information about the product it represents.
The list of Dairy items starts below, Frozen Food items begin on page 3, and Grocery items on page 6.

BREAD AND DOUGH                             CREAM AND CREAMERS                           • Cottage Cheese (Cont’d)
• Bagels And Muffins                         • Coffee Cream                                  Breakstone’s
   Gourmet Baker                               International Delight                             2% Milk Fat Large Curd
        Crumpets                                     Fat Free French Vanilla Coffee              Fat Free Small Curd Snack Size
        Plain Muffin                                  Creamer                                     Low Fat Small Curd
• Biscuits and Dinner Rolls                          Non Fat Non Dairy Creamer
                                                                                             Light n’ Lively
                                                     – Cinnamon Hazelnut or French
    Pillsbury                                        Vanilla Royale                              Low Fat
        Buttermilk Biscuits                                                                      Non Fat Free
                                            • Half ‘N Half
        Traditional Dinner Rolls                                                             Publix
                                               Land O Lakes
    Publix,                                          Fat Free Gourmet                            Fat Free
        Traditional Dinner Rolls                                                                 Fat Free Small Curd
• Breads                                    CREAM CHEESE / DIPS                                  Low Fat
    Pillsbury                               • Cream Cheese                                       Low Fat Small Curd
        Crusty French Loaf                      Kraft                                    • Sour Cream
        All Ready Pizza Crust                        Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Fat         Breakstone’s
        Breadsticks                                  Free or Soft Fat Free                       Fat Free Sour Cream
• Tortillas                                                                              • Yogurt
                                            CULTURED PRODUCTS                                Dannon
                                            • Cottage Cheese
        100% Stone Ground Whole                                                                  Activia Low Fat with Bifidus
        Wheat Tortillas                        Breakstone’s                                      Regularis, Blueberry Strawberry
        White Corn Tortillas                         2% Milk Fat Small Curd                      Activia Grade A 2% Milk Fat
        White Wheat with Omega-3 ,                   Doubles – Blueberry, Peach,                 Low Fat, with Bifidus Regularis –
        Calcium and Fiber                            Pineapple, or Strawberry                    Blueberry, Mixed Cherry, Peach,
                                                                                                 Prune, Strawberry, or Vanilla

Shopping lists were compiled from products that are available in Publix Super Market stores. These products may not be available in
Publix GreenWise Market®, Publix Sabor® or Pix™ stores. Because the products listed were evaluated using manufacturer-provided
nutritional information, and product formulations can change at any time, Publix cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutrition
information provided. Customers are encouraged to read the product labels to obtain the most accurate nutrition information. The
information provided is intended to be nutrition and dietary guidance only and not medical advice.

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                   Food & Nutrition Center

• Yogurt (Cont’d)                            • Yogurt (Cont’d)                           • Yogurt (Cont’d)
    Dannon                                       Publix                                      Stonyfield Farm
       Danactive Cultured Dairy Drink               Creamy Blends Smoothie                      Organic, Low Fat – Plain,
       – Blueberry, Strawberry, or Vanilla          – Blueberry, Peach Passion, or              Strawberry, or Vanilla
       Danactive Probiotic Cultured                 Strawberry                                  Organic O’Soy Strawberry Peach
       Immunity Dairy Drink –                       Fat Free Light – Honey Almond               Cultured Soy
       Strawberry or Vanilla                        or Wild Berry Crumb                         Organic Smoothie – Strawberry
       Fruit on the Bottom – Blueberry,             Fat Free Light, with Aspartame              or Wild Berry
       Peach, Strawberry, or Strawberry             and Fructose – Apple Pie,
                                                                                            Weight Watchers
       Banana                                       Banana Crème Pie, Blueberry,
                                                    Cappuccino, Caramel Crème Pie,              Non Fat 1 Value Points per
       Frusion Smoothie Blend – Banana
                                                    Cherry Yogurt, Cherry Vanilla,              Serving – Blueberry, Key Lime
       Berry or Wild Berry
                                                    Coconut Crème Pie, Key Lime                 Pie, Peach Strawberry, or Vanilla
       Light ‘n Fit – Nonfat Sweetened
                                                    Pie, Lemon Chiffon, Mandarin            Yo Crunch
       with Splenda, Strawberry,
                                                    Orange, Peach, Raspberry,
       Strawberry Banana/Blackberry                                                             Low Fat Mild Yogurt with Granola
                                                    Strawberry, Strawberry Banana,
       Vanilla, Strawberry/Peach,                                                               Peach
                                                    or Vanilla
       Strawberry/Strawberry Banana,
       or Vanilla                                   Fat Free Light Smoothie                 Yoplait
                                                    – Mixed Berry, Peach Passion, or            25% Less Sugar Kids Low Fat
       Light ‘n Fit Carb Control Cultured
                                                    Strawberry                                  – Peach/Strawberry/Banana or
       Dairy Snack – Blueberries ‘N
       Cream, Strawberries ‘N Cream,                Fat Free Plain Yogurt                       Strawberry/Strawberry Vanilla
       or Vanilla                                   Just for Kids! Low Fat – Blue               99% Fat Free Light Yogurt
       Light ‘n Fit Smoothie – Carb                 Raspberry / Cotton Candy, Grape             – Apricot Mango, Black Berry
       Control Strawberry, Carb Control             Bubble Gum / Watermelon, or                 Harvest, Blackberry, Blueberry,
       Strawberry Banana ‘N Cream,                  Strawberry Banana Cherry                    Cherry, French Vanilla, Peach,
       Mixed Berry, Peach Passion                   Low Fat Creamy Blends – Black               Strawberry, Strawberry & Banana,
       Fruit, Raspberry, Strawberry,                Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Peach             Strawberry Cheesecake Flavored,
       Strawberry Banana, or Strawberry             Strawberry, Strawberry, or Vanilla          or Very Vanilla
       Kiwi                                         Low Fat Fruit on the Bottom                 Go-GURT Portable Yogurt
       Light ‘n Fit Yogurt – Blueberry,             – Banana, Black Cherry,                     – Berry Blue Blast & Strawberry
       Cherry Vanilla, Orange Mango,                Blueberry, Cherry, Guava,                   Splash, Burstin’ Melon Berry
       Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry,                Mango, Mixed Berry, Peach Fruit,            & Cool Cotton Candy Splash,
       Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, or               Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry,           Limited Edition Flavors, Paradise
       White Raspberry                              Strawberry Banana, or Tropical              Punch, Strawberry Splash,
                                                    Blend                                       Swirled Strawberry & Banana
       Low Fat Vanilla                                                                          Split Milkshake, Watermelon
       Low Fat Strawberry Sprinkl’ins               No Sugar Added, Low Fat                     Meltdown & Strawberry Banana
       Mystery Mixins                               – Blueberry, Cranberry Raspberry,           Burst, or Wild Berry
                                                    Peach, Strawberry, or Vanilla
       Natural Flavors – Coffee or                                                              Light Smoothie – Peach,
       Vanilla                                  Silk Live!                                      Strawberry, or Strawberry Banana
       Nonfat Plain Yogurt                          Soy – Banana Strawberry,                    Light Thick & Creamy Yogurt
       Strawberry/Strawberry Banana/                Blueberry, Peach, or Strawberry             – Key Lime Pie, Mixed Berry,
       Peach Creamy Fruit Blends                                                                Peaches ‘N Cream, or Strawberry
                                                Stonyfield Farm
   Horizon                                                                                      Original Style Yogurt – Banana
                                                    A Refreshing Drinkable All
                                                                                                Crème, Cherry, Mixed Berry,
       Fat Free – Plain, Blueberry,                 Natural Low Fat Smoothie
                                                                                                Orange Crème, Peach,
       Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, or                 – Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, or
                                                                                                Piñacolada, Pineapple,
       Vanilla                                      Wild Berry
                                                                                                Raspberry, Strawberry,
                                                    Fat Free Key Lime Yogurt                    Strawberry & Banana, or White
                                                    Non Fat, Acidophilus Culture                Chocolate Raspberry
       Low Fat Plain Kefir
                                                    – Plain, Black Cherry, Blueberry,           Smoothie – Mixed Berry,
                                                    Chocolate Underground, French               Strawberry, or Strawberry Banana
                                                    Vanilla, Peach, or Strawberry
                                                    Non Fat – Plain or French Vanilla

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                    Food & Nutrition Center

• Yogurt (Cont’d)                           • Puddings (Cont’d)                       • Milk Substitutes
    Yoplait                                     Kozy Shack                               8th Continent
       Thick & Creamy Yogurt                       By Request No Sugar Added                     Light Soy Milk – Plain, Chocolate,
       – Strawberry, Strawberry Banana,            Chocolate                                     or Vanilla
       or Vanilla                                  Tapioca                                       Low Fat Vanilla Soy
       Trix Yogurt – Cotton Candy &
                                               Publix                                     Rice Dream
       Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry
       Banana Bash & Rainbow                       Chocolate                                     Imagine Enriched – Original or
       Raspberry, Triple Cherry &                  Fat Free – Chocolate or                       Vanilla
       Rainbow Punch, or Watermelon                Chocolate Vanilla Swirled              Silk
       Yogurt Fridge Pack, Fat Free                Rice                                          Light Chocolate Soy
       Light – Strawberry/Blueberry                Sugar Free Chocolate Vanilla
       Patch or Strawberry/Harvest                 Swirl Flavored                         White Wave
       Peach Patch                                                                               Light Soy Milk – Plain or Vanilla
       Yogurt Fridge Pack, Low Fat –                                                  • Ultra Pasteurized Milk
       Strawberry Original, Strawberry/
       Harvest Peach Original, or           EGGS                                          Horizon
       Strawberry/Mixed Berry Original      • Egg Substitute                                     Organic Vitamins A & D Added
       Whips! Yogurt – Key Lime Pie,           Egg Beaters                                       Fat Free
       Lemon Meringue, Peaches ‘N                  99% Real Pasteurized Eggs
       Cream, or Strawberry Mist                   Refrigerated Egg Product           NATURAL CHEESE
                                                   Egg Beaters                        • Ricotta
DESSERTS                                           Cheese & Chives                        Polly-O
• Gelatin                                          Egg White                                     Fat Free Ricotta Cheese
   Jell-O                                          Garden Vegetable                       Sorrento
       Strawberry Gelatin Snacks                   Low in Cholesterol, Fat, &                    Fat Free Deli Style Ricotta
       Sugar Free Gelatin Snacks                   Calories Ham & Cheese                         Cheese
       – Original, Cherry/Black Cherry,            Pasteurized Refrigerated Egg
       Lemon-Lime/Orange, Low                      Product
       Calorie Peach/Watermelon,
                                                                                      PICKLES AND CONDIMENTS
                                                   Southwestern                       • Pickles
       Strawberry, or Strawberry-Kiwi/
       Tropical Berry                              Twin Pack                              Batampte
   Publix                                      Publix                                            Sour Pickles
       Sugar Free – Black Cherry &                 Real Egg Product Eggstirs, Fat         Claussen
       Cherry Flavored, Raspberry &                Free, Cholesterol Free & Lactose
                                                                                                 Kosher Dill Pickles Halves
       Orange Flavored, or Strawberry              Free
                                                                                                 Crisp Sauerkraut
• Puddings                                                                                       Kosher Dills Spears
                                            MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS
    Jell-O                                  • Fresh Milk
       Chocolate Vanilla Swirls
       Fat Free Snacks – Chocolate,
                                                   Grade A, Fat Free Milk – Regular   FROZEN FOODS
                                                   or Skim
       Chocolate Vanilla Swirls, Tapioca,                                             BREADS
                                                   Grade A, Low Fat Milk – 1% Milk
       or Devil’s Food Variety Pack
                                                   Fat or Vitamins A & D Added 1%     • Bread
       Oreo                                        Milk Fat Chocolate                     Pillsbury
       Sugar Free Snacks – Chocolate or            Low Fat Chocolate Milk
       Chocolate Vanilla Swirls                                                                  Oven-Baked Dinner Rolls
                                                   Vitamins A & D Added Milk – Fat               – Butterflake, Low Fat Crusty
       Sugar Free, Reduced Calorie                 Free Skim or Low Fat 1% Milk Fat              French, or Low Fat Crusty Wheat
       Snacks – Creamy Caramel,
       Double Chocolate, or Vanilla                                                   • Garlic
       Tapioca                                                                           Le Petit
       Vanilla                                                                                   Original Mini Baguettes

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

• Garlic (Cont’d)                         • Organic                                  • Cream Based Novelties (Cont’d)
   Pepperidge Farm                           Food for Life                               Silhouette
       Artisan Demi-Baguette                     7 Grains Sprouted Bread                    Low Fat 98% Fat Free Sandwich
       Artisan Rosemary Olive Oil Boule          Ezekiel 4:9 Certified Organic               – Mint or Vanilla
                                                 Sprouted Grain Bread                   Starbucks
BREAKFAST                                        Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Bread                   Low Fat Mocha Frappuccino
• Egg Substitute                             Seaside Farms                                  Coffee Blended Bars
   Morning Star Farms                            Edamame Blanched Soybeans              Weight Watchers
       Scramblers                                – Shelled or In Pods                       Chocolate Mousse Bars
• Meatless                                • Prepackaged Shell Fish                          Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
   Boca                                       SeaPak Shrimp Co.                      • Fudge Based Novelties
       Breakfast Patties                         Breaded Butterfly Shrimp                 Fudgsicle
   Morningstar Farms                      • Skillet Meals                                   Fat Free
       Veggie Breakfast Sausage – Links       Gourmet Dining                                No Sugar Added
       or Patties                                Seafood Stir Fry Complete Skillet          Original
• Waffles                                         Meal
                                                                                        Healthy Choice
   Kellogg’s                                     Stir Fry Meal with Sauce
                                                 – Chicken or Shrimp                        Premium Fudge Bars
       Eggo Waffles – 99% Fat Free                                                           Premium Mocha Swirl Bars
       Special K, Cinnamon Toaster
       Swirlz, or Low Fat Nutri-Grain     FRUITS                                        Publix
                                          • Fruits                                          Fudge Bars
DINNERS AND ENTREES                           Dole                                          No Sugar Added Fudge Pops
• Healthy Dinners                                Blueberries                            Weight Watchers
   Healthy Choice                            Publix                                         Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice
       Grilled Turkey Breast Meal                Blueberries                                Cream Bars
• Healthy Entrees                                Grade A Fancy – Blackberries,              Strawberry, Passion Fruit, & Key
                                                 Blueberries, Dark Sweet Cherries,          Lime Pie & Sherbert
   Healthy Choice
                                                 Mixed Berries, Mixed Fruit,         • Ice Cream, Reduced Fat
       Simple Selections Mandarin
                                                 Sliced Peaches, Raspberries,            Edy’s
                                                 Rhubarb, Sliced Strawberries, or
• Kosher                                         Whole Strawberries                         No Sugar Added – Chocolate
                                                                                            Caramel Swirl, Coffee,
                                                                                            Neapolitan, Reduced Fat Vanilla,
       Blintzes Cheese Crepes             ICE CREAM AND NOVELTIES                           or Vanilla Bean
       Kosher Pot/Onion Pierogies         • Cream Based Novelties                           Slow Churned Light Strawberry
• Meatless                                    Healthy Choice
   Boca                                          Premium Sorbet & Cream
                                                                                            Low Fat – Chocolate, Neapolitan,
       Meatless Burger – All American            Orange or Raspberry Bars
                                                                                            Royal Fudge, or Vanilla Flavored
       Flame Grilled, Crumbles, or Soy           Premium Vanilla Sandwiches
                                                                                     • Juice Novelties
       Protein with Ground Chili             Klondike
       Meatless Lasagna                                                                  Breyer’s
                                                 98% Fat Free Slim-A-Bear
       The Original Meatless Boca                                                           Pure Strawberry Fruit
                                                 Sandwich – Vanilla or Vanilla &
       Burger – Original Vegan or                Chocolate                                  Pure Strawberry/Orange/
       Burger with Grilled Vegetables                                                       Raspberry Fruit
                                                 Reduced Fat & Calorie No Sugar
   Morningstar Farms                             Added Vanilla Slim-A-Bear              Edy’s
       Recipe Crumbles Veggie Grillers       Popsicle                                       Fruit Bars – Assorted, Coconut,
                                                                                            Grape, Lime, No Sugar Added
       Veggie Original Dogs                      Sugar Free Creamsicle
                                                                                            Strawberry Tangerine Raspberry,
                                                                                            or Strawberry

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                      Food & Nutrition Center

• Sherbet                                    JUICE                                        • Potatoes
    Publix                                   • Blended Juices                                Publix
       Cool Lime                                 Minute Maid                                     Steak Fries
       Pineapple Orange Lime Rainbow                 5 Alive Citrus Concentrate Frozen
       Dream                                         Beverage                             VEGETABLES
       Raspberry Blush                               Fruit Punch Frozen Concentrate       • Broccoli
       Sunny Orange                             Welch’s                                       Green Giant
       Tropic Pineapple                              Frozen Concentrate Juice                    Broccoli And 3 Cheese Sauce
• Sorbet                                             Cocktail – Cranberry Raspberry,             Frozen Vegetables – Broccoli &
    Häagen-Dazs                                      Orange Pineapple & Apple                    Zesty Cheese Sauce, Broccoli
                                                     Orchard, or Passion Fruit                   Cauliflower & Carrots with
                                                     Flavored                                    Cheese, Broccoli Spears,
       Mango                                                                                     Broccoli Spears in Butter Sauce,
                                             • Citrus Juice
       Raspberry                                                                                 Broccoli Spears with Cheese
                                                 Minute Maid                                     Sauce, Simply Steamed Garden
                                                     Concentrated Orange – Regular,              Vegetable Medley, Simply
• Water Ice Novelties                                Country Style, Calcium Rich, Pulp           Steamed Seasoned Vegetables,
   Popsicle                                          Free, or Calcium Reduced Acid               or Vegetable Medley in Butter
       Pops – Dora the Explorer;                                                                 Sauce
       Fudgsicle Creamsicle Healthy                                                              Red Potatoes with Garlic and
       Bunch; Firecracker Super Heroes;              Concentrate Frozen Orange
       Assorted Flavors Rainbow;             • Cocktail Mixes
                                                                                                 Select Frozen Vegetables
       Crayon-Shaped Scribbler; Low             Bacardi                                          Broccoli Florets
       Calorie Sugar Free, Assorted;
                                                     Daiquiri Concentrate Fruit Mixers           Select Just for One Frozen
       Tropical Sugar Free; Orange,
                                                     – Fuzzy navel, Margarita Tropical,          Vegetables – Broccoli & Cheese
       Cherry, Grape Variety; or
                                                     Mojito, Peach, Rum Runner, or               or Corn Niblets & Butter Sauce
       Lifesavers Sugar Free
   Publix                                                                                    Publix
                                             • Grape Juice
       Banana Pops                                                                               Chopped
       Orange Cherry Grape Junior                                                                Cuts
                                                     100% Concentrate Regular
       Assorted Pops                                                                             Spears
       Red, White, and Blue Pops                                                          • Brussel Sprouts
                                             • Lime / Lemonades
       Sugar Free Orange Cherry Grape                                                         Green Giant
       Junior Assorted Pops                      Minute Maid
                                                                                                 Baby Brussel Sprouts in Butter
                                                     Frozen Concentrate – Lemonade,
• Yogurt                                                                                         Sauce
                                                     Limeade, Pink Lemonade, or
    Ben & Jerry’s                                    Raspberry Lemonade                      Publix
       Low Fat – Cherry Garcia or Half                                                           Brussel Sprouts
       Baked                                 POTATOES                                     • Carrots
   Edy’s                                     • Baked                                         Publix
       Swirl Blends – Strawberry, Vanilla,      Mrs. T’s                                         Crinkle Cut or Whole Baby
       Vanilla Black Cherry, or Vanilla              Pierogies – Potato & Cheddar,
       Chocolate                                                                          • Cauliflower
                                                     Mini Potato & Cheddar, or Potato
                                                     & Onion                                 Green Giant
                                             • Hash Browns                                       Cauliflower & Cheese
       Premium – Blackjack Cherry,
       Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Cookies         Golden                                       Publix
       & Cream, Denali White Thunder,                Potato Pancakes                             Cauliflower
       Low Fat Road Runner Raspberry,
                                                Publix                                    • Corn
       Low Fat Vanilla, Peach, Peanut
       Butter Cup, or Strawberry                     Hash Brown Potatoes                     Green Giant
                                                                                                 Cob Nibblers

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                Food & Nutrition Center

• Corn (Cont’d)                           • Onions                                  • Southern Vegetable (Cont’d)
   Green Giant                               Publix                                     Publix
       Frozen Vegetables – Cream Style,          Grade A Fancy Diced Onions                Butter Peas
       White Shoepeg in Butter Sauce,     • Pasta Vegetable Mix                            Chopped Collard Greens
       or Whole Kernel Niblets
                                              Green Giant                                  Chopped Turnip Greens
       On the Cob Extra Sweet Nibblers
                                                 Alfredo Vegetables Broccoli,              Cut Okra
       Select White Shoepeg
                                                 Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots and              Grade A Fancy Diced Green
       Simply Steam No Sauce – Corn              Alfredo Sauce                             Peppers
       Niblets or Shoepeg White Corn
                                                 Create a Meal! Stir Fry –                 Whole Baby Okra
       Steam Niblets – Extra Sweet or            Szechuan or Teriyaki               • Spinach
       Whole Kernel
                                                 Frozen Vegetable Medley in
                                                                                        Green Giant
   Publix                                        Tuscan Herb Sauce
                                                                                           Frozen Vegetables – Regular,
       Cut Corn                                  Pasta Accents Pasta, Broccoli,
                                                                                           Creamed, or Cut Leaf
       Grade A Fancy – On the Cob or             Carrots & Cheese Sauce
       Mini Ears on the Cob                      Seasoned Vegetables – Broccoli        Publix
       Whole Kernel Golden                       & Carrots with Garlic & Herbs or          Spinach Leaf – Regular,
                                                 Garden Vegetable Medley                   Chopped, or Cut
• Green Beans
                                          • Peas                                    • Veg’n Sauce
   Green Giant
                                              Green Giant                               Green Giant
       Select Whole
                                                 Frozen Vegetables Le Sueur                Roasted Garlic Potatoes &
       Simply Steam No Sauce Green
                                                 Giant Sweet                               Vegetables
       Beans and Almonds
                                                 Select Le Sueur Sweet Baby
                                                 Select Sugar Snap
       French Cut
                                                 Simply Steam, No Sauce – Baby      GROCERY
                                                 Sweet, Sugar Snap, or Sweet
• International                                  Peas and Pearl Onions              BAKING PRODUCTS
    Publix                                   La Choy                                • Gelatin
       Blend Vegetables – Alpine,                Snow Pea Pods                         Hunt’s
       Italian, Japanese, or Oriental                                                      Juicy Gels Strawberry Snack Pack
• Lima Beans                                                                               Snack Pack – Strawberry/Orange
    Green Giant                                                                            Juicy Gels or Sugar Free Cherry
                                                 Petite                                    Snacks Gel
       Frozen Vegetables Baby in Butter
                                                 Sweet Green
       Simply Steam No Sauce Baby                                                      Jell-O
                                          • Southern Vegetable
   Publix                                                                                  Sugar Free Gelatin Dessert
                                              Green Giant                                  – Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Mixed
                                                 Blackeye Peas                             Fruit, Orange, Raspberry, or
       Fordhook                                                                            Strawberry, Strawberry Banana
                                                 Chopped Turnip Greens with
• Mixed Vegetables                               Diced Turnips                         Kool-Aid
   Green Giant                                   Cooked Squash                             Gel Snacks – Blue Raspberry,
       Steamed                                   Field Peas with Snaps                     Cherry Tropical Punch, Oh Yeah
       Vegetables Alfredo                        Sliced Yellow Squash                      Orange, or Soarin’ Strawberry
       Vegetables Teriyaki                       Speckled Butter Beans              • Pancake Mixes
   Publix                                        Succotash                              Bisquick
       Blend Vegetables – California,            Vegetable Gumbo Mix                       Reduced Fat Baking & Pancake
       Del Oro, or Roma                          Vegetable Soup Mix with                   Mix with Buttermilk
       Mixed Vegetables                          Tomatoes                           • Pie Crust
                                             Publix                                     Martha White
                                                 Butter Beans                              Pizza Crust Mix

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                      Food & Nutrition Center

• Puddings                                    BREAD                                       • English Muffins / Bagels (Cont’d)
    Hunt’s                                    • Breadsticks                                   Thomas’
         Pudding Snack Pack – Lemon               Alessi                                         Bagels – Plain, 100% Whole
         Meringue Dessert Favorites,                  Garlic                                     Wheat, 100% Whole Wheat Mini
         Light Chocolate, or No Sugar                                                            Pre-sliced, Blueberry, Cinnamon
                                                      Grissini Torinesi Rosemary
         Added Vanilla                                                                           Raisin Mini, New York Style Plain
                                                      Sesame                                     mini, or Whole Grain
   Kraft                                              Thin                                       English Muffins – The Original
         Baskin Robbins Pudding
                                              • Buns / Rolls / Biscuits                          Plain, Original Whole Grain,
         Handi-Snacks – Banana Split or
                                                 Arnold                                          Honey Wheat, Light Multigrain,
         Chocolate Vanilla Sundae
                                                                                                 Raisin, or Wheat
         Pudding Handi-Snacks – Banana,               Dutch Style Potato – Hot Dog or
         Butterscotch, Chocolate,                     Sandwich                               Weight Watchers
         Chocolate Fudge, Fat Free                    Sandwich Rolls – Sesame or Soft            Bagels
         Chocolate, Fat Free Vanilla, Rice,           Wheat                                      English Muffins
         Tapioca, or Vanilla                          Sliced Wheat Hot Dog Buns           • Hard Breads
   Minute                                         Nature’s Own                               Kavli
         Quick for Cooking Tapioca,                   Honey Wheat                                5 Grain Crisp
         Pudding & Pies
                                                  Pepperidge Farm                                Whole Grain Crisp – Hearty Thick
• Sugar And Substitutes                                                                          or Thin Crispy
                                                      100% Whole Wheat Soft
    Sweet ‘n Low                                      Hamburger Buns                         Reese Holland
         Low Calorie Granulated Sugar                 Hamburger Rolls                            Imported Original Light Rusk
                                                      Sandwich Buns with Sesame                  Toast Crisp
BEVERAGES AND ADDITIVES                                                                      Ryvita
                                                      Sliced Frankfurter Rolls
• Milk                                                                                           Plain Hardbread
                                                  Publix                                         Sesame Rye Toasted Crisp
   Almond Breeze
                                                      Sliced Enriched Buns –                     Tasty Dark Rye Crisp
         Non-Dairy Beverage – Original,
                                                      Hamburger or Hot Dog
         Chocolate, or Vanilla                                                               Wasa
                                                  Sunbeam                                        Crisp ‘N Light Cracker
   Eden Soy
                                                      Hot Dog Bun                                Multigrain Hard
         Extra Organic Vanilla Soy Milk
         with Vitamin B-12                    • English Muffins / Bagels                          Oats
         Organic Original Light Soy Milk          Pepperidge Farm                                Original Crisp Rye – Fiber, Light,
         Organic Vanilla Soy Beverage                 Authentic Plain Bagels                     or Sourdough
         Ready to Drink Eden Original                 Brown Sugar Swirl Cinnamon                 Sesame Crisp
         Blend                                        French Toast                        • Loaf Bread
                                                      Whole Grain Cinnamon Swirl              Arnold
                                                      Bread with Raisins
         Vitamin D Added Evaporated                                                              7 Grain
         Milk                                     Publix                                         12 Grain
                                                      English Muffins – Original or               100% Stone Ground Dutch
   Rice Dream
                                                      Sourdough                                  Country Whole Wheat
         Organic Enriched Beverage
                                                      Premium Bagels – Original, Plain,          Classics – 100% Whole Grain
         – Original or Vanilla
                                                      Cinnamon, Multigrain, or Onion             Whole Wheat, Whole Grain
   Saco                                               Premium English Muffins                     Healthy Multigrain, or Whole
         Buttermilk Powder                            – Original, Cinnamon, Honey, or            Grain Oatnut
                                                      Sourdough                                  Country White
         Vanilla Soy Milk                         Sun-Maid                                       Dutch Country – Honey Wheat
                                                      Cinnamon Swirl Raisin                      with Whole Grains, Original
                                                                                                 Recipe Soft Potato, or Original
                                                                                                 Recipe White Butter Split Top

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

• Loaf Bread (Cont’d)                       • Tortillas (Cont’d)                       • Cereals (Cont’d)
    Arnold                                      La Tortilla                               General Mills
       Health Nut                                   Low Fat Plain                             Basic 4
       Jewish Real Rye, Melba Thin                  Low Carb – Garlic, Onion, or              Berry Lucky Charms
       – With Caraway Seeds, or                     Wheat                                     Cheerios – Regular, Apple
       Without Seeds                                Wheat Tortilla                            Cinnamon, Frosted, Honey Nut,
       Pumpernickel                                                                           Multigrain, Strawberry Yogurt
                                            BREAKFAST FOODS                                   Bust, Triple Berry Berry Burst, or
   Nature’s Own
                                                                                              Vanilla Yogurt Burst
       Wheat – Light or White               • Breakfast Bar
                                                                                              Chex – Corn, Honey Nut,
   Pepperidge Farm                              Barbara’s                                     Multibran, Rice, or Wheat
                                                    Nature’s Choice Fat Free                  Cinnamon Toast Crunch
       15 Grain Whole Grain
                                                    Blueberry Filled Cereal Bars
       100% Farmhouse Whole Wheat                                                             Cocoa Puffs
       100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat             Cascadian Farm                                Cookie Crisp Chocolate Chip
       Classic Dark Pumpernickel                    Organic Chocolate Chip Chewy              Crispy Kix Corn Puffs
                                                    Granola Bars
       Distinctive White Sandwich                                                             Fiber One – Cookie Crisp Whole
                                                    Organic Harvest Berry Bars                Sweetened or Honey Clusters
       Farmhouse – 12 Grain, Harvest
                                                    Chewy Granola Bars
       Grain Hearty Slices, Oatmeal Soft                                                      French Toast Crunch
       With Honey, Sourdough, Sweet                 Organic Multigrain Chewy
                                                                                              Golden Grahams
       Buttermilk, or White Hearty                  Granola Bars
                                                                                              Grain Sweetened Double
       Light Style – 7 Grain, Oatmeal, or       Kellogg’s                                     Chocolate
       Wheat                                        Healthy Heart Smart Start Bars            Honey Nut Clusters
       Natural Whole Grain – German                 – Cinnamon or Strawberry Vanilla          Lucky Charms
       Grain Dark Wheat, Nine Grain, or             Nutri-Grain Bars – Apple                  Oatmeal Crisp with Raisins
       Whole Wheat                                  Cinnamon, Blueberry, Cherry,
                                                    Mixed Berry, Raspberry, or                Raisin Nut Bran
       Rye & Pump Deli Swirl
                                                    Strawberry                                Reduced Sugar Cinnamon Toast
       Very Thin Sliced – Wheat or
       White                                    Nature Valley
                                                                                              Total – Regular, Honey Nut
       Whole Grain Oatmeal                          Healthy Heart Chewy Oatmeal               Clusters, Raisin Bran, or Whole
       Whole Grain Soft Honey Whole                 Raisin Granola Bars                       Grain
                                                Publix                                        Trix
   Publix                                           Low Fat Fruit & Grain Bars                Wheaties
       Premium Recipe – Giant, Light                – Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry,              Whole Grain Chocolate Lucky
       Wheat, or Natural Grain Light                Mixed Berry, or Strawberry                Charms
   Weight Watcher’s                             Quaker                                        Whole Grain Maple Brown Sugar
       Wheat                                        Breakfast Bites – Apple Crisp or          Oatmeal Crisp
• Specialty Breads                                  Iced Strawberry                       Kellogg’s
    Boboli                                          Fruit Crisp Breakfast Bars                All-Bran – Original, Buds Bran, or
                                                    – Apple, Mixed Berry, or                  Yogurt Bites
       Italian Pizza Crust – Original or
                                                    Strawberry                                Antioxidants Smart Start
       Thin 100% Whole Wheat
                                            • Cereals                                         Apple Jacks
• Tortillas
                                               Benfit                                          Complete Oat Bran Flakes
    La Banderitas
                                                    Protein Nutrient Plus                     Cocoa Rice Krispies
       Flat – Plain, Corn, or Wheat
       Low Carb Soft Taco Flour                 Cascadian Farm                                Corn Pops
       Flour Tortilla                               Organic – Granola Cinnamon,               Crunchy Low Fat Granola Blends
                                                    Great Measure, Hearty Morning,            – with Raisins or without Raisins
   La Tortilla                                      Honey Nut O’s, Multi Grain                Crunchy Mini Swirlz Cinnamon
       Factory Wraps – Rosemary,                    Squares, Purely O’s, or Raisin            Bun
       Tomato, or White Flour                       Bran
                                                    Organic Crunch Clifford

www.publix.com/rightfoods                                      Pg. 8 of 22                            Revised: 05/09/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                  Food & Nutrition Center

• Cereals (Cont’d)                          • Cereals (Cont’d)                        • Hot Cereal
   Kellogg’s                                   Post                                      Jim Dandy
       Crunchy Whole Grain Müeslix                 Honey Bunches of Oats – With             Quick Grits
       Blends with Raisins, Dates, &               Almonds, With Cinnamon
       Almonds                                     Clusters, With Real Peaches, or
                                                   With Real Strawberries                   Irish Oatmeal
       Eggo Cinnamon Toast
                                                   Honeycomb                                Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal
       Eggo Crunchy Waffle-Shaped
       Frosted Flakes                              Selects Blueberry Morning             Nabisco
       Frosted Mini-Wheats – Maple &           Publix                                       Cream of Wheat
       Brown Sugar or Vanilla Crème                Cocoa Crunchies                          Hot Cream of Wheat
       Frosted Mini-Wheats, Bite Size –            Crunchy Granola Raisin Bran           Publix
       Original, Organic, or Strawberry
                                                   Frosted Flakes                           Instant Oatmeal – Apples &
                                                   Magic Stars                              Cinnamon, Cinnamon & Spice,
       Fruit Loops – Regular, Less Sugar,                                                   Maple & Brown Sugar, or Raisin
       or Marshmallow                              Raisin Bran
                                                                                            Date & Walnut
       Healthy Heart Smart Start                   Rice Crisp
                                                                                            Old Fashioned Oats
       – Regular or Maple & Brown                  Sweetened Shredded Frosted
       Sugar                                       Wheats                                   Quick Oats
       Honey Toasted Crunch                        Sweetened Multigrain – Almonds        Publix GreenWise Market
       Less Sugar Frosted Flakes                   & Oats, Appled Apples, Fruit             100% Organic Old Fashioned
                                                   Rings, or Strawberry & Oats              Oats
       Product 19
                                                   Sweetened Rice Cocoa Crisp               100% Organic Original
       Raisin Bran – Regular, Crunch, or
       Organic                                     Toasted Oats – Regular,                  Instant Oats
                                                   Apple Cinnamon, Honey Nut,
       Raisin Bran Crunch                                                                Quaker
                                                   Strawberry, or Triple Berry
       Rice Krispies                                                                        Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal
                                                   Wheat & Barley Nutty Nuggets
       Smorz                                                                                – Apples & Cinnamon, Fruit &
                                                   Wheat Bran Raisin Bran
       Special K – Original, Fat Free,                                                      Cream Strawberries & Peaches,
       Fruit & Yogurt, Red Berries, or         Publix GreenWise Market                      or Maple & Brown Sugar
       Vanilla Almond Crisp                        All Natural Flax Flakes                  Oat Bran Hot
       Sweetened Berry Rice Krispies               All Natural Oatmeal Toasted              Original Flavor Instant Grits
                                                   Flakes                                   Instant Oatmeal – Apples &
                                                   Organic Honey Crunch & Oats              Cinnamon, Cinnamon & Spice,
       South Beach Diet Whole Grain
                                                   Organic Honey Nut Toasted Oats           Cinnamon Roll, Golden Express
       Crunch with Whole Grain
                                                                                            Brown Sugar, Maple & Brown,
       Almonds                                     Organic Raisin Bran
                                                                                            Nutrition for Women Vanilla
   Nature’s Path                                   Organic Toasted Oats                     Cinnamon, Raisin Date & Walnut,
       Optimum Organic                         Quaker                                       Raisins & Spice, Strawberries &
                                                   Brown Sugar Squares Cereal               Cream, Take Heart Blueberry,
       Optimum Slim Organic
                                                                                            Peaches & Cream, Oats Old-
   Post                                            Life Cereal with Chocolate               Fashioned, Quick 1-Minute Oats
                                                   Flavored Oat Clusters                    Quick, Natural Flavors Organic
       Bran Flakes
                                                   Oat Bran                                 Maple & Brown Sugar, or Weight
       Healthy Classics – Original
       Shredded Wheat, Cinnamon                    Oatmeal Squares Baked in                 Control Maple & Brown Sugar
       with a Touch of Brown Sugar,                Cinnamon Essentials                      Quick Grits
       Grapenuts Trail Mix Crunch,                 Whole Grain Oat Life – Original,         Quick Oats
       Raisin Bran, or Wheat ‘N Bran               Cinnamon, or Honey Graham                Weight Management Instant
       Healthy Classics Spoon Size             Weetabix                                     Oatmeal – Banana Bread or
       Shredded Wheat – Frosted or                 Wheat Cereal                             Cinnamon
       Honey Nut

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                   Food & Nutrition Center

• Toaster Pastries                        • Dried Fruit                               • Fruit Cocktail (Cont’d)
    Kellogg’s                                Tropical Nut                                 Del Monte
       Low Fat Pop-Tarts – Frosted                Dried Turkish Apricot                       Strawberry-Banana Flavored
       Cinnamon Brown Sugar or            • Dry Mixed                                         Yellow Cling Peaches in Lightly
       Frosted Strawberry                                                                     Flavored Fruit Syrup
                                             Ocean Spray
                                                                                              Tropical Fruit in Fruit from
                                                  Cherry Flavor Craisins
CANNED AND DRIED FRUITS                                                                       Concentrate Sweetened Fruit
                                                  Dried Sweetened                             Juices
• Cranberry
                                                  Orange Flavor Craisins                      Very Cherry Mixed Fruit
    Ocean Spray
       Cranberry Orange Crushed Cran          Welch’s                                         Yellow Cling Diced Peaches in
       Fruit                                      Berry Medley Dried Fruit,                   Light Fruit Syrup
       Jellied Sauce                              Blueberries, Cherries,                  Dole
                                                  Cranberries, Raisin                         Fruit Bowls – Apple Caramel,
       Whole Berry Sauce
                                                  Cherries Dried Fruit                        Diced Pears, Mandarin Oranges,
   Publix                                         Mixed Dried Fruit, Pineapple,               Mixed Fruit, Mixed Fruit in Black
       Sauce                                      Apricots, Cherries, Apples,                 Cherry Gel, Mixed Fruit Cherry
       Jellied Sauce                              Raisins                                     in Light Syrup with Other Natural
       Whole Berry Sauce                  • Fruit Cocktail                                    Flavors, Mixed Fruit in Peach Gel,
                                                                                              Peach Parfait, Pineapple Parfait,
• Citrus Specialty / Miscellaneous            Del Monte                                       or Tropical Fruit
  Fruit                                           Cherry Fruit Pleasures Mixed                Mandarin Oranges in Orange Gel
    Del Monte                                     Fruit                                       Fruit-N-Gel Bowls
       Light Citrus Salad Syrup                   Cherry Mixed Fruit in Natural               Reduced Sugar Pears in Kiwi-
       Mandarin Oranges Fruit Cup                 Cherry Flavored Light Fruit Syrup           Berry Gel Fruit-N-Gel Bowls
       Mandarin Oranges Segments                  Chunky Fruit Mixed Fruit Naturals
       SunFresh Red Grapefruit Sections           Chunky Lite Mixed Fruit
                                                                                              Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup
       SunFresh Red Grapefruit Sections           Chunky Mixed Fruit in Syrup
                                                                                              Lite Chunky Mixed Fruit in Pear
       in Light Syrup                             Fruit & Gel – Lite Mandarin
       Tropical Fruit Salad                       Orange Segments in Orange
                                                  Flavored Gel, Lite Peaches in               Lite Cocktail in Pear Juice
       Tropical Fruit Salad Juice
                                                  Flavored Strawberry-Banana Gel,     • Fruit Snacks
       Unpeeled Lite Apricot Halves               Mixed Fruit in Cherry Flavored          Betty Crocker
   Dole                                           Gel, Peaches in Raspberry
                                                                                              Fruit By The Foot – Berry Berry
                                                  Flavored Gel, or Peaches in
       All Natural, in Light Syrup                                                            Twist, Berry Tie Die, Rainbow
                                                  Peach Flavored Gel
       – Mandarin Oranges, Sliced                                                             Punch, Razzle Blue, Strawberry,
       Peaches, or Tropical Fruit                 Fruit Cocktail                              or Variety Pack
       All Natural Pineapple Chunks in            Fruit Cocktail Fruit Naturals               Fruit Gushers – Rockin’ Blue
       Pineapple Juice                            Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup               Raspberry, Strawberry Splash,
       Tropical Mixed Fruit in passion            Lite Fruit Cocktail                         Tropical Flavors, or Variety Pack
       Fruit Nectar                               Mandarin Orange Segments in                 Fruit Gushers Shock Flavor
                                                  Light Fruit Syrup                           Variety Pack
                                                  Mixed Fruit Cups – Fruitrageous             Fruit Rollups – Electric Blue
       Diced Peaches in Natural Peach
                                                  Crazy Cherry, in Extra Light                Raspberry, Fruity Island Cooler
       Flavored Light Syrup
                                                  Syrup, or in Heavy Syrup                    Flavorwave, Hot Colors Variety
       Diced Peaches in Strawberry Gel                                                        Pack, Strawberry, Strawberry
                                                  Mixed Fruit in Light Fruit Syrup
       Mandarin Orange Light Syrup                                                            Kiwi, or Variety Pack
                                                  No Sugar Added Sweetened
       Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup                                                             Scooby! Fruit Snacks
                                                  Fruit Cocktail with Splenda
       Pineapple Tidbits in Lime Gel                                                          Shark Bites Fruit Snacks
                                                  Pineapple Tidbits in 100% From
       Unpeeled Apricot Halves in                 Concentrate Pineapple Fruit             Sunkist
       Heavy Syrup                                Juice                                       Mixed fruit with Calcium Fruit

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                   Food & Nutrition Center

• Peaches                                  • Pears (Cont’d)                            • Asparagus (Cont’d)
    Del Monte                                  Publix                                     Green Giant
      Chunks                                      Bartlett in Heavy Syrup – Halves            Extra Long Spears
      Diced Peaches Fruit Cup                     or Slices                                   No Sauce Simply Steam Cuts
      Diced Peaches in Extra Light                Lite Bartlett Halves in Pear Juice          Tender Green Cut Spears
      Syrup Fruit Cup                      • Pineapple                                    Le Sueur
      Halves                                   Del Monte                                      Extra Large Asparagus Spears
      Mandarin Oranges Whole                      Pineapple Tidbits Fruit Cup
      Segments in Light Syrup                                                          • Baked Beans
      No Sugar Added Sweetened
                                              Dole                                        B&M
      Chunks with Splenda                         Crushed Pineapple in                        Baked Beans Seasoned with
                                                  Unsweetened Pineapple Juice                 Bacon & Brown Sugar
      Sliced – Lite, Elberta Freestone,
      Freestone, Fruit Naturals, Harvest          High in Vitamin C Antioxidant               Bush’s, Brick Oven Baked
      Spice, Lite Freestone, No Sugar             Sweetened Pineapple Chunks in               Homestyle Baked
      Added Sweetened with Splenda,               Heavy Syrup
      Raspberry Flavored, Yellow Cling            In Unsweetened Juice – No               Bush’s Best
      or Yellow Cling in Heavy Syrup              Sugar Added Chunks, Slices, or              98% fat Free Country Style
      Yellow Cling Halves in Heavy                Tidbits                                     Baked Beans with Onion
      Syrup                                       No Sugar Added, 100%                        Baked Beans Seasoned with
                                                  Pineapple Juice – Chunks,                   Bacon in Tomato Sauce
   Dole                                           Crushed, Slices, or Tidbits                 Barbecue
      Diced Peach Fruit Bowls
                                                  Pineapple in Lime Gel Fruit-N-              Bold & Spicy
      Peaches in Strawberry Gel Fruit-            Gel Bowls
      N-Gel Bowls                                                                             Boston
                                                  Pineapple Tidbits Fruit Bowls
                                                                                              Deluxe Vegetarian
   O-Sage                                     Libby                                           Homestyle Baked Beans
      Freestone Raggedy Lite Ripe
                                                  Red Carb Pineapple – Chunked                Homestyle Sauce
      Freestone Raggedy Ripe in                   or Crushed
      Heavy Syrup                                                                             Honey
                                              Publix                                          Mapled Cured Bacon
   Publix                                         Crushed Pineapple – In Heavy                Original
      Yellow Cling Halves in                      Syrup or In Pineapple Juice                 Original Microwavable
      Heavy Syrup
                                                  Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple               Seasoned Baked Beans with
      Yellow Cling Lite in Pear Juice             Juice                                       Bacon
      – Halves or Slices
                                                  Pineapple Tidbits
      Yellow Cling Slices in                                                              Publix
                                                  Pineapple Tidbits in Pineapple
      Heavy Syrup                                                                             Grade A Fancy
• Pears                                           Sliced Pineapple in Pineapple               Pork & Beans in Tomato Sauce
    Del Monte                                     Juice                                       Vegetarian
      Bartlett Halves                             Sliced Pineapple in Heavy Syrup         Van Camp’s
      Bartlett Halves in Heavy Syrup       • Variety Snacks                                   Pork & Beans
      Bartlett Halves in Extra Light           Tropical Nut                                   Pork & Beans in Tomato Sauce
                                                  Fat Free Oriental Mix                • Beets
      Chunks in Heavy Syrup
                                                  Wasabi Peas                             Aunt Nellie’s
      Cinnamon Flavored Halves
                                                                                              Harvard Ruby Red Sweet & Sour
      Fruit Naturals Halves                CANNED VEGETABLES                                  Whole
      Lite Bartlett – Halves or Slices     • Asparagus                                        Red Cabbage
      No Sugar Added Sweetened                Del Monte                                       Ruby Red Sliced
      Chunks with Splenda
                                                  Fresh Cut – Cuts & Tips, Extra              Ruby Red Whole Pickled
      No Sugar Added Sweetened                    Long Spears, or Slender Whole
      Sliced with Splenda                                                                     Whole Onions
                                                  Asparagus Salad Tips

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

• Beets (Cont’d)                         • Corn (Cont’d)                           • Dried Beans (Cont’d)
   Del Monte                                Del Monte                                 Del Monte
       Fresh Cut Sliced                         Fresh Cut, Whole Kernel –                 Green Lima
       Sliced                                   Regular, Golden Sweet, Summer
                                                Crisp Sweet, or White Sweet
   Publix                                                                                 Organic – Fat Free Black, Small
                                                Golden Sweet – Cream Style or
       Cut                                                                                Cajun Red Beans and Rice,
                                                Whole Kernel
       Sliced                                                                             Caribbean Black Beans and Rice,
                                                No Salt Added – Fresh Cut                 Fat Free Kidney, Kidney Beans
• Canned Pasta                                  Cream Style Golden Sweet, Fresh           and Rice, Fat Free Pinto, or Pinto
   Annie’s                                      Cut Whole Kernel Golden Sweet,            Beans and Rice
                                                Summer Crisp or Whole Kernel
       Arthur Organic Spaghetti Loops                                                 Garcia’s
                                            Green Giant
   Campbell’s                                                                             Ready to Serve Fully Seasoned
                                                50% Less Sodium Whole Kernel              Black Beans
       Dora the Explorer Pasta                  Sweet
       SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes                                                         Goya
                                                Mexican Corn, Red & Green Bell
       Meat Sauce SpaghettiOs                   Peppers                                   Black
       Original SpaghettiOs                     Niblets                                   Chick Peas
   Chef Boyardee                                No Salt Added Whole Kernel                Green Pigeon Peas
       99% Fat Free Beef Ravioli                Sweet Niblets                             Heat And Serve Black Bean Soup
       ABC’s & 123’s Pasta in Tomato &          Sweet Cream Style                         Joan of Arc
       Cheese Sauce                             White Shoepeg                             Pink
   Dinty Moore                                  Whole Kernel Sweet                        Pinto
       Hormel Compleats Chicken                 Whole Kernel Sweet Niblets                Red Kidney
       Breast & Gravy                           Yellow & White                            Red Kidney – Dark or Light
   Franco-American                          Margaret Holmes                               Small Red
       Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce                Hoppin’ John with Blackeye Peas,          Spicy Chili
       Spaghettios in Tomato Sauce              Tomatoes, Onions, & Jalapeños         Margaret Holmes
       Spaghettios Pasta in Tomato &        Publix                                        Field Peas with Snaps
       Cheese Sauce                             50% Less Salt Whole Kernel                White Acre Peas
       Spaghettios Plus Calcium                 Sweet
   Hormel                                       Cream Style Golden Sweet
       Roast Beef & Gravy with Mashed           Whole Kernel, Golden Sweet
                                                                                          Cannellini White Kidney
       Potatoes Compleats Dish                  – Regular or Crispy
                                                                                          Chick Peas
• Carrots                                   Publix GreenWise Market                       Red Kidney
   Del Monte                                    Organic Whole Kernel
       Fresh Cut Sliced carrots          • Dried Beans
       Sliced Carrots                       Bush’s Best                                   Black (Negros)
   Le Sueur                                     Black
                                                                                          Chick Peas (Garbanzos)
       Whole Tender Baby Carrots                Black Beans in Seasoned Sauce
   Publix                                                                                 Grade A Fancy Red Kidney
                                                Chick Peas (Garbanzos)                    – Dark or Light
       Sliced Sweet Carrots
                                                Chili                                     Great Northern
• Corn
                                                Fresh Blackeye Peas                       Pinto
   Bush’s Best                                  Great Northern                            Red
       White Hominy
                                                Large Butter                              Spicy Chili
   Del Monte                                    Navy                                      Small Green Lima
       Fresh Cut – Cream Style Golden           Pinto                                     Blackeye Peas
       Sweet, Cream Style White,                Red Kidney – Dark or Light
       Fiesta, or Gold & White

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

• Dried Beans (Cont’d)                      • Kraut (Cont’d)                         • Peas (Cont’d)
   Publix GreenWise Market                      Eden                                     Publix
       Organic – Black, Garbanzo, Dark             Organic Sauerkraut                       Green Peas
       Red Kidney, or Pinto                                                                 Small Sweet Peas
• Green Beans                                      Sauerkraut Barrel                    Publix GreenWise Market
   Del Monte                                • Mushrooms / Artichoke                         Organic Sweet Peas
       Blue Lake – Cut, French Style, or                                             • Potatoes
                                                   Ready to Serve Dawn Fresh            Bruce
       Cut Golden Wax Beans
                                                   Mushroom Steak Sauce                     Cut Sweet Potatoes in Heavy
       Cut Green Beans
                                               Green Giant                                  Syrup
       Cut Green Beans & Fresh Cut
       Potatoes with Ham Style Flavor              Mushroom Pieces & Stems              Del Monte
       Cut Green Beans & Potatoes                  Sliced Mushrooms                         New Fresh Cut Potatoes – Diced
       Cut Italian Green Beans                     Whole Mushrooms                          or Whole
       Fresh Cut – Blue Lake Cut, Blue                                                      Whole New
                                               Pennsylvania Dutchman
       Lake French Style, French Style,            Chunky Style Portabello              Publix
       Green Beans & Potatoes with                 Mushrooms                                White Potatoes – Sliced or Whole
       Ham Style Flavor, No Salt Added,
       No Salt Added Blue Lake Cut,                No-Salt Mushroom Stems &          • Salad & Mixed Vegetables
       No Salt Added Blue Lake French                                                    Del Monte
       Style, Mixed Vegetables with                Mushroom Stems & Pieces
                                                                                            Fresh Cut Mixed Vegetables
       Potatoes, or Specialties Quality        Progresso                                    Mixed Vegetables
       Wax & Cut
                                                   Artichoke Hearts
       Golden Wax Cut Beans                                                             Green Giant
       New Fresh Cut Whole Potatoes            Publix                                       Three Bean Salad
       Seasoned Beans                              Mushroom Stems & Pieces
                                                                                        Margaret Holmes
                                                   Sliced Mushrooms
   Green Giant                                                                              Tomatoes Okra And Corn
                                                   Whole Mushrooms
       Green Beans – Cut, French Style,                                                 Publix
       or Kitchen Sliced                       Reese                                        Mixed Vegetables
                                                   Quartered Artichoke Hearts
   Publix                                                                               Read
       Green Beans – Cut, French Style,     • Peas
                                                                                            4 Bean Salad
       Italian Cut, or No Salt                  Del Monte
                                                                                            Heat & Serve German Potato
       Veggigreen – Cut, French Style,             Early Garden – Sweet or No Salt          Salad
       or Whole                                    Added Sweet
                                                                                     • Tomato / Sauce / Paste / Puree
   Publix GreenWise Market                         Fresh Cut – Sweet, No Salt
                                                   Added Sweet, or Very Young            Contadina
       Organic Cut Green Beans                                                              Tomato Paste
                                                   Small Sweet Specialties
• Greens                                           Peas & Carrots                           Tomato Paste Italian Seasonings
   Del Monte                                                                                Tomato Sauce
                                               Green Giant
       Fresh Cut Whole Spinach Leaf
                                                   Steam Sweet Peas                     Del Monte
       Whole Spinach Leaf
                                               Le Sueur                                     Tomato Sauce
       Zucchini with Italian Style Tomato
       Sauce                                       50% Less Sodium Early Peas           Goya
                                                   Early Peas                               Spanish Style Tomato Sauce
                                                   Early Peas with Mushrooms and            (Salsa Tomate)
       Spinach Leaf
                                                   Pearl Onions                         Hunt’s
• Kraut
                                               Publix                                       All Natural Tomato Puree
    Bush’s Best
                                                   Sweet Green Peas – No Salt               All Natural Tomato Sauce
       Bavarian                                    Added or Grade A Fancy                   Diced Tomatoes, Green Pepper,
                                                                                            Celery, and Onions

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

• Tomato / Sauce / Paste / Puree          • Tomatoes (Cont’d)                     • Tomatoes (Cont’d)
  (Cont’d)                                    Hunt’s                                  Rotel
    Hunt’s                                       Diced Tomatoes in Sun-rich              Diced Tomatoes & Milder Green
       Italian Style Herbs Tomato Sauce          Tomato Juice                            Chiles
       No Salt Added Tomato Sauce                Diced Tomatoes with Sweet               Mexican Festival Diced Tomatoes
       Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce               Onions                                  with Lime Juice and Cilantro
       Tomato Sauce                              Organic Crushed Tomatoes            Tuttorosa
                                                 Organic Diced Tomatoes                  Crushed Tomatoes
   Muir Glen
                                                 Organic Diced Tomatoes with
       Premium Organic Fire Roasted              Basil, Garlic, & Oregano
       Diced Tomatoes                                                             CONDIMENTS
                                                 Organic Whole Tomatoes           • BBQ
   Publix                                        Whole Tomatoes
       Grade A Fancy Tomato Sauce
                                                                                     Bull’s Eye
                                             Margaret Holmes                             Original
       Tomato Puree
                                                 Southern Style Blend Tomatoes           Premium Sweet Hickory Smoked
       Tomato Sauce                              & Okra                                  Sizzlin’ Chipotle
   Publix GreenWise Market                   Pomi                                        Steakhouse with A-1
       Organic – Crushed in Organic              Chopped Tomatoes                        Sweet & Sticky Rib Sauce
       Tomato Puree, Diced in Organic
                                                 Strained Tomatoes                       Sweet Homestyle Blend
       Tomato Juice, or in Tomato Juice
                                             Progresso                                   Wild Buffalo
• Tomatoes
    Del Monte                                    Diced Tomatoes                      KC Masterpiece
       Diced Tomatoes with Green                 Diced Tomatoes with Italian             Hickory Brown Sugar Flavor
       Peppers & Onions                          Herbs                                   Honey
       Fresh Cut Diced Tomatoes                  Recipe Ready Crushed Tomatoes           Hot’n Spicy
       Fresh Cut Garlic & Onion Diced            Whole Peeled Italian Style              Original
       Tomatoes                                  Tomatoes with Basil
                                                                                         Original Squeezable
       Italian Recipe Stewed Tomatoes        Publix
       Mexican Recipe Stewed                     Crushed Tomatoes
                                                                                         Hickory Smoked
       Tomatoes                                  Diced Tomatoes
       Organic Diced Tomato Basil                Diced Tomatoes with Green
       Garlic Oregano                                                                    Honey Spicy
       Original Recipe Stewed                                                            Original
                                                 Diced Tomatoes with Roasted
       Tomatoes                                  Garlic & Onion                          Original Slow Simmered
       Petite Cut Diced Tomatoes                 Fancy Stewed Sliced Tomatoes            Sweet Recipes Brown Sugar
       Petite Cut Tomatoes                       Grade A Fancy Petite Diced              Thick ’n Spicy
       Petite Cut Tomatoes with Garlic           Tomatoes                            Pat’s
       & Olive Oil                               Italian Stewed Tomatoes                 Homemade
       Petite Cut Tomatoes with                  Italian Style Diced Tomatoes
       Jalapeño Peppers                                                              Stubb’s
                                                 Peeled Diced Tomatoes
       Seasoned Diced Tomatoes                                                           Mesquite Smokey
                                                 Peeled Whole Tomatoes
       Zesty Seasoned Diced Tomatoes                                                     Spicy
       with Basil, Garlic, & Oregano         Publix GreenWise Market
                                                                                     Sweet Baby Ray’s
                                                 Organic Diced Tomatoes
   Hunt’s                                        Seasoned with Basil, Garlic, &
                                                                                         Barbecue Sauce
       All Natural Whole Peeled                  Oregano                                 Hickory
       Tomatoes                                                                          Honey
       Crushed Tomatoes                                                                  Hot ’n Spicy
                                                 Diced Tomatoes & Extra Hot
       Cut Choice Diced Tomatoes                                                         Squeezable Gourmet
                                                 Chile Peppers
       Italian Style Herbs                                                               Squeezable Gourmet Honey
                                                 Diced Tomatoes & Green Chiles
       Diced Tomatoes

www.publix.com/rightfoods                                  Pg. 14 of 22                        Revised: 05/09/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

• Pickles                                  • Crackers (Cont’d)                        • Blends (Cont’d)
    Gundelsheim                                Breton                                     Crystal Light
       Barrel Pickles                             Low Salt                                    Sweetened with Splenda
                                                  Sesame Snack                                Beverages – Lemonade or
   Talk of Texas
                                                                                              Raspberry Ice
       Okra – Mild or Hot                     Dare
                                                  Vinta                                  Ocean Spray
• Specialty Sauces
                                                                                              Diet Spray Cranberry
    Crouse & Blackwell                        Kashi
                                                                                              Premium 100% Cranberry
       Seafood Cocktail Sauce                     Ranch                                       Concord Grape
       Shrimp Sauce                               Original 7 Grain Tasty Little TLC           Premium 100% Cranberry &
                                                  Crackers                                    Pacific Raspberry
   Jim Bean
       Wing Sauce                             Pepperidge Farm                            V8
                                                  Goldfish Pretzels Snack                      Splash Juice Blend – Berry, Diet
   KC Masterpiece
       Marinades – Garlic & Herb,             RY Krisp                                        Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, or Tropical
       Honey Teriyaki with Sesame, or             Seasoned                                    Vegetable & Fruit VFusion 100%
       Lemon Pepper                                                                           Juice – Peach Mango, Strawberry
       Premium Marinades                                                                      Banana, or Tropical Orange
       – Fajita, Ginger Teriyaki, Spiced   • Apple                                       Welch’s
       Caribbean Jerk, or Steakhouse                                                          Fruit Punch
                                              Apple & Eve
   McIlhenny Bull                                 100% Organic – Apple, Fruit                 Grape Cocktail Fruit
       Hot Sauce                                  Punch, or Grape                             Mountain Berry Cocktail
                                                                                              Orange Pineapple & Apple
COOKIES / CRACKERS                                Pomegranate
                                                                                              Cocktail Fruit
• Cookies                                                                             • Boxed Juices / Juice Drinks
   Archway                                    Martinelli                                 Capri Sun
       Fat Free Oatmeal Raisin                    Apple
                                                                                              All Natural Drinks – Fruit Punch,
       Soft Iced Molasses                     Minute Maid                                     Grape, Piña Mango, Lemonade,
                                                  Apple To Go                                 Mountain Cooler, Orange, Pacific
   Health Valley                                                                              Cooler, or Red Berry
       Cobbler Cereal Bars – Apple,               Mixed Berry
                                                                                              All Natural Berry Ice Sport
       Blueberry, or Strawberry               Publix                                          Pouches Sports Drinks
   Newman’s Own                                   100% Pure Apple                             All Natural Sport Pouches Drinks
       Organic Newman’s Fig – Fat Free            Apple Cider                                 – Lightspeed Lemon, Strawberry
       or Low Fat Fruit Filled                    Apple Juice with Vitamin C                  Banana, Strawberry Cooler,
                                                                                              Strawberry Kiwi, Surfer Cooler,
   Pepperidge Farm                            Publix GreenWise Market                         Thunder Punch, Tropical Punch,
       Raspberry Chantilly Distinctive            Organic 100% Pasteurized                    or Wild Cherry
                                                  Concentrate Apple                           Roarin’ Waters Water Beverages
                                              White House                                     – Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Fruit,
       Fig Fruit Bars – Regular or Fat
                                                                                              or Wild Cherry
       Free                                       No Sugar Added 100% Apple
• Crackers                                        100% Apple                             Hi C
    Ak Mak                                        Premium Apple                               Fruit Drink – Flashin’ Fruit Punch
                                                                                              or Orange Lavaburst
       Sesame Cracker                      • Blends
                                               Crystal Light                             Kool-Aid
   Blue Diamond
                                                  Sunrise Beverages – Classic                 Juice Drink Pouches – Blue
       Nut Cracker & Almond Rice
                                                  Orange with Splenda or Sugar                Raspberry Jammers, Grape
       Natural Nut Thins Snacks
                                                  Free Classic Orange                         Jammers, Tropical Punch, or
   Breton                                                                                     Only 10 Calories Tropical Punch
                                                  Sugar Free Tea Drinks – Lemon,
       Crackers                                                                               Jammers
                                                  Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, or
                                                  Raspberry Ice

www.publix.com/rightfoods                                      Pg. 15 of 22                         Revised: 05/09/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                  Food & Nutrition Center

• Boxed Juices / Juice Drinks               • Cranberry (Cont’d)                      • Grape (Cont’d)
  (Cont’d)                                      Ocean Spray                              Publix
    Minute Maid                                    100% Organic Cranberry                     Grape
       100% Juice – Apple, Fruit Punch,            Blueberry Flavored                         Purple Grape
       Grape, Mixed Berry, or Orange               100% Premium Cranberry Blend               White Grape
       All Natural Coolers – Lemonade,             100% Pure Cranberry
       Berry Punch, Fruit Punch, Pink                                                    Publix GreenWise Market
       Lemonade, or Tropical Punch                                                            Organic Grape
                                                   Cran-Raspberry Juice Blend
       Just 10 Fruit Punch Flavored Fruit          with Two Other Juices, From           Welch’s
       Drink                                       Concentrate                                100% Juice – Grape, Purple
• Citrus                                           Juice Cocktail – Calcium                   Grape with Calcium, or Red
    Dole                                           Cranberry, Cran-Apple,                     Grape
                                                   Cranberry, Cran-Cherry, Cran-              100% White Grape – Grape,
       100% Pure from Concentrate
                                                   Grape, Cran-Raspberry, Cran-               Grape Cherry, Grape Peach, or
       Unsweetened Pineapple
                                                   Raspberry From Concentrate,                Grape Juice with Calcium
       Not from Concentrate 100%                   Cran-Strawberry, or White
       Pineapple                                                                              Grape
                                                                                              Light Grape Cocktail Juice with
   Ocean Spray                                     Light Juice Cocktail – Cran-
                                                                                              Calcium, From Concentrate
       100% Ruby Red Grapefruit Blend              Apple, Cranberry, Cranberry
                                                   Sweetened with Splenda,                    Light White Grape Cocktail Juice
       100% Unsweetened White                                                                 with Calcium, From Concentrate
                                                   Cranberry Peach, Cran-Grape,
       Grapefruit                                                                             Sparkling Red Grape
                                                   Cranberry Strawberry, or Cran-
       From Concentrate Ruby                       Raspberry                                  Strawberry / Kiwi
       Grapefruit Juice Drink
                                               Publix                                         White Grape
       Light Ruby Red Grapefruit &
       Tangerine                                   Cranberry Juice Cocktail                   White Grape Peach
       Ruby Red Grapefruit                         – Regular, Apple, Grape,           • Nectars
                                                   Raspberry, or With Calcium            Looza
       Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangerine
                                               Publix GreenWise Market                        Mango Nectar
                                                   Organic – Cranberry or                     Pear Nectar
       100% Pure Pineapple
                                                   Lemonade                           • Vegetable
       Ruby Red Grapefruit Cocktail
                                            • Freeze Pops                                 Campbell’s
       Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangerine
       Cocktail                                 Flavor-Ice                                    Low Sodium Tomato
       White Grapefruit                            Giant Pops Six Flavors 10% Fruit           Organic Tomato, From
• Cranberry                                    Kool-Aid                                       Concentrate

    Apple & Eve                                    Variety Kool Pops                     Publix
       No Sugar Added 100% Juice            • Fruit Drink                                     Tomato Juice from Concentrate
       – Cranberry Grape, Cranberry             Knudsen                                  Publix GreenWise Market
       Raspberry, Cranberry Wild Berry,            Just Black Cherry                          Organic, Pasteurized Tomato
       or Naturally Cranberry
                                               Publix                                         Juice from Concentrate
       Organics Lemonade Juice
       Organics Vintage Concord Juice              Fruit Punch                           V8
                                                   Lemon Drink                                100% Juice – Calcium Enriched,
   Knudsen                                                                                    Lemon Twist, Low Salt, Low
                                                   Orange Drink
       Cranberry                                                                              Sodium Tomato, Spicy Hot, or
                                            • Grape                                           Vegetable
                                               Ocean Spray
       No Sugar Added Juice –
                                                   Cocktail Juice – Cranberry or
       Cranberry, Cranberry Blackberry,
                                                   Light Cranberry
       Cranberry Blueberry, Cranberry
       Grape, Cranberry Pomegranate,               Cran-Grape Juice Drink
       or Cranberry Raspberry

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                    Food & Nutrition Center

MEAT AND SEAFOOD                            • Shrimp / Clam / Oyster / Caviar /         • Packaged Pasta (Cont’d)
• Hash / Chili / Stew                         Anchovies (Cont’d)                            Tinkyada
   Campbell’s                                   Orleans Crab                                   Brown Rice Pasta – Elbows,
       Sizzlin’ Grilled Steak Chili with            Fancy Crab Meat Lump                       Penne, or Spirals
       Beans Chunky Chili with Beans                Fancy White Crab Meat               • Spaghetti
   Del Monte                                        Medium Deveined Shrimp                  Alma’s
       Original Recipe Sloppy Joe                   Select Tiny Cocktail Shrimp                Angel Pasta Hair
       Sauce                                   Vigo                                            Elbow Macaroni Product
   Hormel                                           Flat Anchovies                             Linguine
       Chili with Turkey Beans              • Tuna                                         Alma’s
   Hunt’s                                       Bumble Bee                                     Regular
       Original Manwich Sloppy Joe                  Chunk Light Tuna – in Water,               Thin
       Sauce                                        Dolphin-Safe in Water, or              Gia Russa
                                                    Premium in Water
• Poultry                                                                                      Whole Wheat – Regular, Angel
                                                    Chunk White Albacore Tuna in
   Hormel                                                                                      Hair, Linguine, Penne Rigate,
       95% Fat Free Turkey Chunk                                                               Roman Rigatoni, Rotini, or Thin
                                               Bumble Bee                                  Hodgson Mill
       Breast of Chicken Chunks – 96%
       Fat Free, No Salt, or Premium in             Lightly Marinated Prime Albacore           Whole Wheat
       Water with Rib Meat                          Steak Fillet – with Lemon &
                                                    Cracked Pepper or with Mesquite        Mueller’s
   Swanson                                          Grilled Flavor                             Angel Hair Pasta
       Premium White Chicken Chunk                  Prime Pink Salmon Steak Teriyaki           Fettuccine
       in Water                                     Fillet                                     Linguine
   Sweet Sue                                        Prime Solid White Albacore                 Multigrain, Made with Whole
       98% Fat Free Premium Chicken                 – Fillet in Water or Gourmet Wild          Grains
       Breast                                       Tuna Fillet in Water
       No Drain Package Premium                     Seasoned Tuna Medley
                                                                                               Thin Spaghetti Pasta
       Chicken Breast in Water                      Sensations with Lemon & Pepper
                                                    Crackers                                   Vermicelli Pasta
• Salmon
                                                    Solid White Albacore Tuna in           Publix
    Bumble Bee                                      Water                                      Angel Hair
       Premium Atlantic Salmon Fillet               Solid White Tuna – in Vegetable            Linguine
       Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon              Oil or in Water
                                                                                               Regular Spaghetti
   Chicken of the Sea                          Chicken of the Sea                              Spaghetti
       Ahi Tuna Steak – in a Grilled Herb           Chunk Light Tuna in Water                  Thin Spaghetti
       Marinade or in a Teriyaki Sauce              Fancy Solid White Albacore Tuna            Vermicelli
       Premium Skinless & Boneless                  in Spring Water
       Pink Salmon Pouch                                                                   Ronzoni
                                                    Solid White Albacore Tuna in
       Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon              Water                                      Angel Hair Pasta
       in Spring Water                              Solid White Tuna in Water                  Florentine Fettuccine
• Shrimp / Clam / Oyster / Caviar /                                                            Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat
  Anchovies                                                                                    Pasta Blend – Spaghetti Style or
                                            PASTA                                              Thin Spaghetti
    Borden Doxsee                           • Packaged Pasta
                                                                                               Linguine Pasta
       Clams – Chopped or Minced                Bio Nature
                                                                                               Spaghetti Pasta
       Clam Juice                                   Gluten Free Fusili
                                                                                        • Macaroni
   Chicken of the Sea                          Gia Russa                                   Alma’s
       Premium Crab                                 Gnocchi Shipp
                                                                                               Bow Ties
                                                    Potato Gnocchi
                                                                                               Cut Ziti

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

• Macaroni (Cont’d)                     • Macaroni (Cont’d)                         • Pasta Sauce (Cont’d)
   Alma’s                                  Ronzoni                                      L.E. Roselli
       Fusilli                                 Ziti Pasta                                  Meat
       Penne Rigate                            Ziti Rigati Pasta                           Pizza Sauce
       Rigatoni                         • Noodles                                          Tomato
   Mueller’s                               Light’n Fluffy                              Newman’s Own
       Bow Ties Pasta                          Noodles – Wide or Extra Wide                Marinara – Cabernet, Organic, or
       Corkscrews Pasta                                                                    Spaghetti
       Elbow Macaroni Pasta                                                                Sockarooni Spaghetti Sauce
                                               Noodles – Medium, Fine, Wide,
       Jumbo Shells Pasta                      or Extra Wide                           Prego
       Multigrain Penne Rigate, Made           Lasagne Pasta                               Three Cheese
       with Whole Grains
                                           Publix                                      Publix
       Penne Rigate Pasta
                                               Extra Wide Pasta Ribbons                    Garden Style
       Ready Cut Pasta
                                               Lasagne                                     Parmesan & Romano
       Sea Shells Pasta
                                               Noodles – Medium, Fine, or                  Traditional Meat Flavored
       Tri Color Twists Pasta                  Wide                                        Super Chunky Mushroom
       Ziti Pasta
                                           Ronzoni                                         Tomato Garlic Onion
   Publix                                      Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat                 Traditional
       Alphabets Pasta                         Pasta Blend, Noodle Style – Wide
       Bow Ties Pasta                          or Extra Wide
                                                                                           Chunky Garden Style
       Elbow Macaroni                          Lasagna Pasta – Curly Edge or
                                                                                           – Combination Garden; Garlic
       Fettuccine                              Oven Ready
                                                                                           & Onions; Green Peppers &
       Macaroni Elbows                                                                     Mushrooms; Super Mushroom;
       Medium Shells                    PASTA SAUCE                                        Super Vegetable Primavera;
       Mostaccioli Rigate
                                        • Pasta Sauce                                      Tomato, Garlic & Onion; or
                                            Alessi                                         Tomato, Basil, & Italian Cheese
       Orzo Pasta
                                               Tomato                                      Fat Free Light Tomato & Basil
                                                                                           Hearty – 7 Herb Tomato or
       Rotini                              Bertolli                                        Parmesan
       Small Shells                            Pasta Sauce – Five Cheese, Italian          Old World Style – Traditional,
       Tricolor Rotini                         Sausage, Marinara with Burgundy             Mushroom, or Sauce with Meat
       Ziti                                    Wine, Olive Oil & Garlic Made
                                               With Fresh Tomatoes, Tomato                 Organic 100% Natural Cheese
   Ronzoni                                     Basil, or Vidalia                           Traditional Recipe Pasta Sauce
       Bow Tie Pasta                                                                       Organic Traditional Recipe Pasta
                                           Emeril’s                                        Sauce
       Elbow Pasta                             Kicked Tomato                               Traditional – Regular, with Meat,
       Extra Fancy Jumbo Pasta Shells          Roasted Garlic                              or Spaghetti
       Extra Fancy Manicotti                   Roasted Red Pepper
       Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat
       Pasta Blend – Penne Rigate or       Healthy Choice                                  Roselli
       Rotini                                  Garlic & Herb                           Timpone’s Mom’s
       Mostaccioli Pasta Rigata                Traditional Spaghetti                       Spaghetti Sauce
       Orzo Pasta                          Hunt’s                                   • Pizza / Clam Sauces
       Pastina Pasta                           Spaghetti Sauce – Original Style         Boboli
       Penne Pasta Rigate                      Traditional, Original Style Meat
                                                                                           Tomato Pizza Sauce
       Rigatoni Pasta                          Flavored, Classic Italian Four
       Rotelle Pasta                           Cheese, Classic Italian Garlic &        Cento
                                               Herb, or with Italian Sausage               Red Clam Sauce
       Rotini Pasta

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

• Pizza / Clam Sauces (Cont’d)           • Gravy (Cont’d)                        • Rice (Cont’d)
    Flora                                   Franco-American                          Uncle Ben’s
       Tomato                                   Slow Roast Beef                         Converted Long Grain Enriched
                                                Slow Roast Turkey                       Original Parboiled
                                         • Instant Potatoes                             Fast Cooking Whole Grain Brown
       Red Clam Spaghetti Sauce
                                             Betty Crocker                       • Rice Side Dishes
                                                Russet Potatoes Mashed 100%          Campbell’s
       Natural Pizza Sauce
                                                Potato Buds                             Supper Bakes – Garlic Chicken
       Quick Traditional Pizza Sauce                                                    with Pasta, Herb Chicken with
                                                Hash Brown
                                                                                        Rice, Lemon Chicken with Herb
RICE AND STUFFING                                                                       Rice, Southwestern Style Chicken
                                                Roasted Garlic Mashed                   with Rice, or Traditional Roast
• Crumbs/Breading
                                            Idahoan                                     Chicken with Stuffing
       Plain                                    Mashed – Baby Reds Flavored or      Lipton
                                                Roasted Garlic                          Asian Sides – Chicken Fried Rice
                                         • Rice                                         or Teriyaki
                                             Jasmati                                    Beef Rice Sides
       Panko – Original or Whole Wheat
                                                Indian Style Rice                       Cajun Sides – Dirty Rice or Red
   Progresso                                    Long Grain Rice                         Beans & Rice
       Italian Style                                                                    Cheddar Broccoli
                                            Minute Rice
       Plain                                                                            Chicken
                                                Instant – White, Premium Long
• Dry Beans                                     Grain, or Brown Whole Grain             Chicken Broccoli
   Goya                                                                                 Chicken Broccoli Whole Grain!
       Black Beans                                                                      Creamy Chicken
                                                Boiling Bag
                                                                                        Fiesta Sides – Mexican, Spanish,
   Publix                                       Extra Long Grain Enriched               or Taco
       Baby Lima                                Instant – Brown or White                Mushroom
       Black                                    Long Grain – Brown or Enriched          Rice Pilaf
       Great Northern                           Precooked Enriched Long Grain
       Pinto                                    Boiling Bag                         Near East
       Small Red                                                                        Couscous – Original, Herbed
                                            Rice Select                                 Chicken, Parmesan Mix, Roasted
       Black (Negros)                           Select 100% Organic Whole               Garlic & Olive Oil, Toasted Pine
       Blackeye Peas                            Wheat Couscous                          Nut Mix, or Wild Mushroom &
       Garbanzo                                 Select Rice Sushi                       Herb
       Split Green Peas                                                                 Couscous Blends, Whole Wheat
       Large Lima                                                                       Whole Grains – Original Plain or
                                                Medium Grain                            Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil
                                                Medium Grain Enriched                   Rice Pilaf – Original Mix, Garlic &
       Light Red Kidney
                                            Texmati                                     Herb, Roasted Chicken & Garlic,
       Navy                                                                             or Toasted Almond
       Small Red (Rojos Pequeños)
                                                Long Grain                          Nueva Cocina
   Quaker Scotch Brand                          Organic                                 Arroz con Pollo Rice Mix for
       Quick Barley                                                                     Chicken
                                                Organic Brown
• Gravy                                                                                 Gallo Pinto Red Beans and Rice
                                            Uncle Ben’s
   Campbell’s                                                                           Mexican Rice Mix Arroz a la
                                                Boil in Bag                             Mexicana
                                                Brown                                   Moros y Cristianos Black Beans
                                                Converted Long Grain                    and Rice
                                                                                        Paella Rice Mix for Seafood

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                   Food & Nutrition Center

• Rice Side Dishes (Cont’d)                • Specialty Rice (Cont’d)                  • Dips (Cont’d)
    Publix                                     Uncle Ben’s                                Pace
       Beef Flavored Rice                         Grain & Wild Long Grain Rice                Salsa – Mild or Medium
       Chicken Flavored Rice                      – Original Recipe, Butter & Herb,
                                                  Fast Cook Recipe, Roasted
       Spanish Rice                                                                           All Natural Salsa – Mild, Medium,
                                                  Garlic, or Vegetable & Herb
   Rice a Roni                                                                                or Hot
                                           • Stuffing
       1/3 Less Salt Chicken Flavor                                                           All Natural, Think & Chunky Salsa
                                               Pepperidge Farm                                – Mild, Medium, or Hot
       Beef Flavored Rice
                                                  Corn Bread                                  Medium Black Bean Dip
       Chicken & Broccoli
                                                  Herb Seasoned
       Chicken Flavor                                                                     Publix GreenWise Market
                                                  Herb Seasoned Cubed
       Chicken Teriyaki                                                                       Organic Salsa, Mild or Medium
       Long Grain & Wild Rice                                                             Zapata
                                           SALAD DRESSING
       Rice Pilaf Rice Sides               • Pourable                                         Fire Roasted Red Salsa – Mild or
       Spanish Rice                                                                           Medium
                                              Hidden Valley
       Whole Grains Chicken & Herbs                                                   • Popcorn
                                                  Fat Free Ranch Original Ranch
       Whole Grains Roasted Chicken               Dressing                               Jolly Time
   Uncle Ben’s                                Ken’s                                           Healthy Pop 94% Fat Free
       Country Inn – Broccoli Rice Au                                                         Microwave Popcorn – Butter of
                                                  Fat Free Steak House Dressing
       Gratin, Homestyle Chicken &                                                            Kettle Flavors
                                                  – Raspberry Pecan or Sun-Dried
       Vegetables, Mexican Fiesta, or             Tomato Vinaigrette                          Mini Kettle Health Pop
       Wild Rice & Chicken
                                              Kraft                                       Orville Redenbacher’s
       Natural Whole Grain Brown
                                                  Classic Caesar Free Dressing                Smart Pop! Butter Popping Corn
       Ready Rice Microwaveable
                                                  Italian Dressing – Caesar Free or           Smart Pop! Fat Free Gourmet
                                                  Zesty Reduced Fat Light Done                Popping Corn – Butter or Movie
   Zatarain’s                                     Right!                                      Theater Butter
       New Orleans Style Rice – Black             Light Done Right! Thousand                  Smart Pop! Gourmet Popping
       Beans and Rice, Caribbean, Dirty           Island Dressing                             Corn Kettle Korn – Microwave or
       Rice, Jambalaya, Red Beans and                                                         Mini Bags
                                                  Roasted Red Pepper with Italian
       Rice, Ready to Serve! Red Beans
                                                  Parmesan Special Collection             Pop-Secret
       & Rice, Rice Pilaf, Spanish, or
                                                  Dressing                                    94% Fat Free Premium Popcorn
                                              Newman’s Own                                    – Butter, Old Fashioned Kettle
• Specialty Rice                                                                              Korn, or Snack Size
                                                  Low Fat Ginger Sesame Lighten
    Alessi                                                                            • Tortilla Chips
                                                  Up! Dressing
       Alla Milanese Arbotio Rice
                                              Wishbone                                    Guiltless
       Risotto Milanese Style with
       Saffron                                                                                Gourmet Baked Tortilla Chips
                                                  Fat Free! Dressing – Italian or
                                                                                              – Chilli & Lime or Original Blue
   Near East                                                                                  Corn
                                                  Just 2 Good! Dressing – Blue
       Brown Rice Pilaf                                                               • Pretzels
                                                  Cheese, Country Italian, Creamy
   Publix                                         Caesar, Honey Dijon, Italian, Low       Snyder’s of Hanover
       Spanish Flavor Yellow Rice Dinner          Fat Peppercorn Parmesan Ranch,              Organic Pretzels – Honey
       with Safron (Arroz Amarillo)               Ranch, or Sweet N’ Spicy French             Wheat, Honey Wheat Sticks with
       Yellow                                                                                 Sesame Seeds, Oat Bran, or

   Uncle Ben’s
                                           SALTY SNACKS                                       Pumpernickel & Onion Sticks
                                           • Dips                                             Pretzels – Butter Snaps, Fat Free
       Brown & Wild Rice Mushroom                                                             Hard Sourdough, Honey Mustard
       Recipe                                  Don Pablos
                                                                                              & Onion Sourdough Nibblers,
                                                  Restaurant Style Salsa – Dip con            Mini Unsalted, or Rods
                                                  Queso, Hot, or Medium

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The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

• Pretzels (Cont’d)                      • Broth (Cont’d)                         • Condensed Soup (Cont’d)
    Snyder’s of Hanover                      Swanson                                 Campbell’s
       Sticks – Multigrain, Old                 Clear Chicken                            Old Fashioned Vegetable with
       Fashioned Dipping, or                    Fat Free Lower Sodium Beef               Beef Stock
       Pumpernickel & Onion                                                              Souper Shapes
                                                Lower Sodium Beef
       The Pounder, All Natural – Fat                                                    Tomato
                                                Natural Chicken
       Free Sourdough Nibblers, Fat
                                                Natural Goodness 100% Fat Free           Vegetable Beef
       Free Mini, Pretzel Snaps, or
       Pretzel Sticks                           Chicken Broth                            Vegetable with Beef Stock
       The Pounder Low Fat Olde Tyme            Vegetable                                Vegetarian Vegetable
                                         • Condensed Soup                            Publix
SOUP                                        Campbell’s                                   Chicken Noodle
• Bouillon                                      25% Less Sodium – Chicken                Condensed Tomato
   Broth                                        Noodle or Tomato                  • Dry Soup Mix
       Beef                                     98% Fat Free – Broccoli Cheese,
                                                Cream of Broccoli, Cream of
       Chicken                                                                           Traditional – Lenticchie, Pasta
                                                Celery, Cream of Chicken, or
   Herb Ox                                      Cream of Mushroom                        Fazool, Toscana Zuppa, or Sicilian
                                                                                         Spaccarelli Split Pea
       Low Sodium – Beef or Chicken             Beef Broth
                                                Beef Consomme Beef with              Bear Creek
                                                Vegetables and Barley                    Country Kitchens Chili Mix
       Mix – Beef or Chicken
                                                Beefy Mushroom                           Chicken Noodle
                                                Chicken & Stars                          Minestrone Mix
   Maggi                                        Chicken Broth                        MS Grass
       Beef                                     Chicken Gumbo                            Chicken Homestyle
       Chicken                                  Chicken Noodle
                                                                                  • Ready-to-Serve
                                                Chicken Noodle O’s
   Wyler’s                                      Chicken with White & Wild Rice
                                                                                         Chunky – Honey Roasted Ham
       Cubes – Beef or Chicken Flavors          Chicken Won Ton                          with Potatoes, Old Fashioned
• Broth                                         Cream of Mushroom with                   Vegetable Beef, Savory Chicken
                                                Roasted Garlic                           with White & Wild Rice, Savory
                                                Cream of Potato                          Pot Roast, Savory Vegetable,
       99% Fat Free Swanson Beef
                                                Double Noodle                            Slow Roasted Beef with
   College Inn                                  French Onion
                                                                                         Mushrooms, or Steak & Potato
       Low Sodium Chicken                                                                Chunky Beef with Country
                                                Goldfish in Chicken Broth
   Emeril’s                                     Green Pea
                                                                                         Chunky Chicken Fajita with Rice
       Stock – Beef or Chicken                  Healthy Request – Chicken                & Beans Soup
                                                Noodle, Chicken with Rice,
   Kitchen Basics                                                                        Classic Chunky Chicken Noodle
                                                Cream of Celery, Cream of
       Stock – Beef or Chicken                  Chicken, Cream of Mushroom,              Grilled Chunky – Chicken &
   Publix                                       Homestyle Chicken Noodle,                Sausage Gumbo or Chicken with
                                                Minestrone, or Tomato                    Vegetables & Pasta
                                                Homestyle Chicken Noodle                 Healthy Request Chunky
       Chicken                                                                           – Chicken Noodle, Grilled
                                                Kid’s Shapes
   Swanson                                                                               Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Old
                                                Low Sodium Chicken Broth                 Fashioned Vegetable Beef, or
       99% Fat Free – Chicken or
                                                Manhattan Clam Chowder                   Vegetable
       Seasoned Roasted Garlic Chicken
                                                Meatball Goldfish                         Hearty Chunky – Bean & Ham or
       Certified Organic – Beef,
       Chicken, or Vegetable                    Mega Noodle                              Beef & Barley
       Clear Beef                               Minestrone                               Ready to Serve – Chicken Noodle
                                                New England Clam Chowder                 or Tomato

www.publix.com/rightfoods                                   Pg. 21 of 22                        Revised: 05/09/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                         Food & Nutrition Center

• Ready-to-Serve (Cont’d)                     • Ready-to-Serve
   Campbell’s                                    Progresso
       Select – Beefy with Roasted                   Classic Vegetable – French
       Barley, Chicken with Egg                      Onion, Garden Vegetable, Green
       Noodles, Herbed Chicken with                  Split Pea with Bacon, Hearty
       Roasted Vegetables, Italian Style             Tomato, Lentil, Minestrone
       Wedding, Mexican Style Chicken                Authentic Recipe, Tomato Basil,
       Tortilla, Minestrone, or Traditional          or Vegetable
       Italian Style Wedding                         Rich & Hearty – Beef Pot Roast
       Select 98% Fat Free New                       with Country Vegetables,
       England Clam Chowder                          Chicken & Homestyle Noodles,
       Select Gold Label – Golden                    Savory Beef Barley Vegetable,
       Butternut Squash or Italian                   Sirloin Steak & Vegetables, Slow
       Tomato with Basil & Garlic                    Cooked Beef Vegetable, or Steak
                                                     & Homestyle Noodles
       Select Healthy Request – Italian
       Style Wedding, Mexican Style                  Traditional – Chicken & Herb
       Chicken Tortilla, or Savory                   Dumpling, Chicken & Wild
       Chicken and Long Grain Rice                   Rice, Chicken Noodle with
                                                     White Meat, Chicken Rice with
       Soup at Hand – Chicken & Stars,
                                                     Vegetables, Hearty Chicken &
       Chicken with Mini Noodles, or
                                                     Rotini, Manhattan Clam Chowder,
       Classic Tomato
                                                     Roasted Chicken Rotini,
   Healthy Choice                                    Southwestern Style Chicken, Split
       Beef Pot Roast                                Pea with Ham, or Turkey Noodle
       Chicken & Dumplings                           with White Meat
       Chicken with Rice                             Vegetable
       Country Vegetable                         Publix
       Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle                  Chunky – Beef, Chicken, or
       Zesty Gumbo with Chicken &                    Minestrone
       Sausage                                   Wolfgang Puck’s
   Muir Glen                                         Organic French Onion Soup
       Organic – Garden Vegetable,
       Hearty Tomato, Minestrone,             VINEGARS
       Savory Lentil, or Split Pea            • Vinegar
   Progresso                                      Gia Russa
       50% Less Sodium – Chicken                     Imported from Italy – Aged in
       Gumbo, Chicken Noodle, Garden                 Wood Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic
       Vegetable, or Minestrone                      Glaze, or White Wine Vinegar
       99% Fat Free, Traditional –
       Chicken Noodle or New England
       Clam Chowder
       99% Fat Free Lentil Classics
       Vegetable Soup
       99% Fat Free Minestrone Classics
       Vegetable Soup
       99% Fat Free Vegetable Classics
       – Lentil or Minestrone
       Beef & Vegetable
       Chicken & Wild Rice
       Chicken Noodle with Roasted
       White Chicken Meat

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