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									GCSE Coursework      Food Technology



GCSE Coursework                                        Food Technology

Comment and record sheet- Hand your work in on the dates requested or more often if you
Date     Comments
GCSE Coursework    Food Technology

Date    Comments
    GCSE Coursework                                     Hints and tips                                  Food Technology
                                                        These will be in this font and you will find
                                                        them throughout the booklet.
                                                        Make sure you read them
    Objective 1 Analysis                                THEY WILL HELP

      HOW IMPORTANT IS IT?                                                        DESIGN TASK
      YOUR COURSEWORK IS WORTH 60% OF YOUR                                        The investigation you have chosen should be written on
                                                                                  the first page of your coursework with your name centre
                                                                                  number and candidate number

    Do a brainstorm                                                               Do some research
                                                                                  Your brainstorm should have brought to your attention some ideas
                             How many things can you think of
                                                                                  you may not be sure of.
                             About the design need and                            Now is your chance to collect the evidence you will need in order
                             the intended user
                                                                                  to justify your choice of design task.
                                                                                  You must find out who you will make your product for and what
                                                                                  the design need is for your product.
                                                                                                                         Newspaper articles and quotes are great
Reference any research information you use its easier now than doing                                                     you may also find it helpful to do a small
it all at the end                                                                                                        survey

        The writing bit                                                                                 Try and use ICT wherever possible
        Now you need to summarise all the information you have found out.
        Explain who you will be aiming your product at and why your product will be in demand justify your choice referring to evidence and using
        quote where appropriate.

        Design Brief
        In ONE clear sentence explain what type of product you will make(sweet/savoury/fruit/vegetable/dessert/novelty /ready
        meal etc) who you will be making it for (age group/male/female/special diets etc) and say that your product will be of
        marketable quality and suitable for Batch production
GCSE Coursework                                                                       Food Technology

  Objective 2 Research

Generate a survey                                                              Generate some graphs
You nee to find out what people want.                                              Put your results into charts using excel. One chart
Ask questions you need to know the answer to in order to design or                 for each question.
develop your product.
                                                                                                                  What veg?
Some important things to think about are:
                                                          The best charts are pie or bar                       What veg?
Portion size
Cooking method                                                                               30

                                                                                                     Number of people
Price                                                                                    25 25

                                                                                  Number of people
And specific questions about food groups (what veg/fruit/meat/
                                                                                         20 15
carbohydrate)                                                                                10
And anything else you feel is relevant.    Ask only people in the target market you have15
                                           chosen in your design brief.
ALWAYS USE CLOSED QUESTIONS                                                              10   0

This means you offer a selection of answers and the people you ask
                                                                                                       Carrots             peas
must choose from them.
Write your survey so everyone can answer on the same page-don’t                           0
                                                                                     Write about each chart
                                                                                                       Carrots                      peas
waste paper or time printing one for everyone.
                                                                                     Cut and paste your charts into word and comment
                                                                                     about the results each of them shows.

Ask people your questions                                                        Identified needs
The number of people you survey is important. Too few can give                   Make a list of the things your graphs tell
misleading results. You need enough people to give a range of answers            you this will help you with work later on
to base your conclusions on. ( What would be the point of ‘ask the
audience’ on millionaire if there were only 4 people in the audience.
     GCSE Coursework                                                                                Food Technology
                           Only choose products that fit with your design brief and the identified needs from your survey

     More research
                                                       Evaluating existing products
Detailed Evaluation of Existing products                                      Table of existing products            (write an aim)
You need to carry out a detailed evaluation of 2 existing                     You need to evaluate 10 existing products relevant to your
products. These must fit your brief and identified needs.                     design brief.
You could generate a table to look at the products together.                  You need to generate a table so that you can compare
Write an aim saying why you need to do this.                                  information about the different products.
                                                                              Choose the information you compare carefully.
                                       Conclusion                             Eg if your topic is to reduce fat you must compare how
Product 1        Product 2
                                       You must now summarise                 much fat is in each product. You will also need to look at
                                       the information you                    ingredients so you can suggest improvements to lower fat.
You must evaluate the following        have.
on each product                        Explain in detail how                 Name     ingredients   Vit   fat   What    How     cost   weight   Portion   Cooking
    Name                              each of these products                                       c           fruit   much                    size      instructions/
                                                                                                                        fruit                             time
    Description                       would fit the design
    Cost                              need, target market and
    Shape/size of package             identified needs and any                 Conclusion
    Weight of product                 aspects would not fit.                   Summarise your findings.
    Ingredients                       How could you                            What does the information tell you?
    Nutrition                         develop/change the                       Which products suit your target market? Why?
    Target market                     products to fit more                     Which products meet the identified needs of the survey? How?
    Portion size                      closely.                                 Which products meet the design need? How?
    Packaging materials               What ideas does this                     Choose 2 products and explain how you could develop them to
    Method of cooking                 give you for your                        make them more appropriate for your product.
    Method of preservation            product?                                 What ideas does this give you for your product?
    Location of information
      on packaging
   GCSE Coursework                                                                   Food Technology

   Research continued

Packaging                                                                                             Preservation
What choices of packaging are there?                                     What choices of preservation methods are
What are the benefits and limitations of                                                                   there?
each?                                                                     What are the benefits and limitations of
Which will you choose for your product?                                                                     each?
Why?                                                                      Which will you choose for your product?
Perhaps you could do a table                      You must always explain why
                                                                                             Perhaps you could do a mind map
                                                  you are carrying out each piece
                                                  of research and at the end say
                                                  what decisions you have made
                                                  about your product now you
Labelling                                         have done the research                                   Production
What are the legal requirements for                                          What choices of production methods are
labelling? Stick a package in and highlight or draw                                                            there?
arrows to the legally required labels                                        What are the benefits and limitations of
What other information would be a good                                                                           each?
idea to include?                                                             You will be using Batch production. Why?
What will you use this information for in the
development of your product?
Will you need to weigh your final product so you can include
this when you design your packaging.
GCSE Coursework                                                                                        Food Technology

Design specification                                                                  Quality Control
 This will be one of the most important things you do in your coursework all of your practical will be focused on the things you write in your design specification.
 All of the information in this specification should come from the research u have already done and must reflect this. Make it clear and specific.

 This is a list of criteria that your product will have to meet                         In order to produce a quality product you will have to check
 based on the research you have done so far. It must contain                            lots of things throughout the practical this is called quality
 all of the points you have researched and should start with                            control.
 the key points identified in the design brief. Points should                           You need to start by saying your product will be suitable for
 also be taken from your list of identified needs from the                              batch production so you will need to develop a system to
 survey.                                                                                control its quality you will do this by (bullet points again)
 Use bullet points eg                                                                       Generating a system for making the product that
     My product will be/contain:                                                               includes quality checks and feedback.
          aimed at teenagers                                                               Using tolerance levels
          Sweet                                                                           Then points specific to your products
          strawberries or apples                                                           Weighing and measuring ingredients accurately
          Pastry or sponge                                                                 Slicing fruit evenly or using a food processor
          Served with cream or ice cream                                                   Checking oven temperatures
          Vitamin c                                                                        Checking oven timings
          Calcium                                                                          Checking personal and environmental hygiene
          Iron                                                                             Carrying out safety checks
          £2 or less                                                                       Ensuring correct storage and preservation of
          Feed 3-4 people                                                                     ingredients and products
          Packaged in plastic and cardboard                                                Etc
          Decorated to appeal to teenagers                                                Giving examples for each would be a great idea.
          Preserved in the fridge or freezer
          Labelled to meet the legal requirements
 You could explain or give reasons for your points to earn
 extra brownie point
GCSE Coursework                                                                    Food Technology

Objective 3 The Fun Practical bit
 Mood Board
 Get on the internet, get some magazines and get some great pictures of food that nearly fit your design
 specification cut them out and stick them on a piece of A3 paper. Leave some space there is some
 writing. You must answer these two questions about each product.
      1. Why have you chosen it? (refer to your design specification)
      2. How will you develop/change it to make it fit exactly your design specification
                                                                                  Choose wisely remember the skills , that you will be
 show a number of skills look at the list Recipe planning sheet
 During your practical you will need to                                           working in metric and that you only have one hour
 to give you some ideas                   Write down the main points of your design specification.
       Bread dough-sweet/savoury
       Pastry-making & handling          Find 5 recipes to trial write these at the top. Get ideas from your mood board
       Rubbing in-scones                 Write under each one how the product meets the specification
       Batter- sweet/savoury
                                          points(a tick or cross will do in some cases)
       Cakes-rubbing in
                  Melted/Creamed          Underneath show the changes you will make to the recipe so that it
       Meringue
                                          fits your design specification. Explain how they will be done
       Sauces                            (perhaps a sketch would be good)
       Shaping- biscuits
                                          Then write the skills down you’ll use (don’t be modest write
       Preparing fruit and vegetables
       Piping                            anything down you will be doing).
       Decoration
       Use of equipment- Whisk
                  Food processor    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THESE CHECKED
       Handling meat                     Doing a pointless practical is like not doing one at all.
 GCSE Coursework             Make sure in every practical you do you are organised,              Food Technology
                             safe, hygienic, confident and keep to time. You’ll have
                             to be super planned to do it but the marks are worth it.

 Objective 3 The trials

Complete the recipe sheet for each of the 5 trials or type out your own. You MUST complete all of the details on the sheet.

Carry out the practical and make it a good one. USE YOUR RECIPE SHEET NOT THE TEACHER If you can, practice at home first

Nutritional analysis                                                                                                       Evaluation     Be critical when
You will be shown how to use the computer programme for this. You need one for each trial.                                 you evaluate each practical the
                                                                                                                           purpose of the trials is that you
Taste Tests                                                                                                                learn something from them.
Generate a taste test table for each practical trial. Ask at least 4 people to rate your product.                          Refer to your recipe, practical,
Don’t forget the key and always ask specific questions about your product.                                                 nutritional analysis, taste tests
Record any comments they make. Only ask people in your target market.                                                      and product. Suggest how you
                                                                                                                           could make it better.

Choice of development          Which two of your trials will you develop and why? Why have you rejected the others?
What changes will you make? Why?            Make sure you refer to the design specification, your taste test results and your evaluations.

 Objective 4 The developments                     Do the same for the developments as you did for the trials showing any changes

 The differences                                What will your final product be?                     Explain clearly which of your developments
 Ask at least 5 people to taste it and          will be your final practical. What changes will you make? Why? Why have you rejected
 refer to the original product in your          the other. Make sure you refer to the design specification, your taste test results and your evaluations
GCSE Coursework                                                                    Food Technology

Objective 4 The industrial bit
 Ingredients and equipment used in Industry                   Tolerance levels
 This is where you get the chance to investigate what the     What are tolerance levels?
 differences are between the ingredients and equipment        What tolerance levels will you use for the production of your
 you use and that used in commercial production.              product? Why?
                                                              Perhaps something about health and safety in the food industry and the
 You can also use this as a way of showing why you chose to   environmental impact of farming/food production would fit in here. It is important
 use certain ingredients and equipment.
 Tables are a good idea.                                      HACCP
                                                              What is HACCP?
 Ingredients Function of ingredient    What would be          Why is it used for the production of food?
             – reason for choice       used n industry?       Draw a table like the one below showing the hazards risks and
                                                              control measures for your product.
                                                              Process            Hazard     Risk           Control
 Equipment    Reasons for choice       What would be                                                       measures
                                       used in industry?      An action which is       What can go   How likely is the    How can you control
                                                              carried out in the       wrong         hazard to happen     the hazard.
                                                              production of your                     (low/medium/high)
                                                              product (get this from
                                                              your flow chart)
                                                              How will it help when producing your food product?

GCSE Coursework                                                               Food Technology

Objective 4 The product specification –this is the exact details of your product and MUST have

 Clearly annotated(labelled) diagram of your product                                The name of your product

                                                                                    A brief description of the product

                                                                                    Target group

                                                                                    Portion size

                                                                                    Selling price

                                                                                    Production method

                                                                                    Storage/preservation information

                                                                                    Any special dietary claims

                                                                                    Any nutritional claims

 Specific descriptions of      How it is to be         Finishing techniques     Sensory qualities of    Preparation and
 ingredients                   assembled, or the       Eg     brushed with      the final product.      serving details
 Eg Flaked/ground almonds      shape and size eg              an egg glaze      What will it taste,
       Block/soft margarine          Layers of…               before baking     smell, look like and
       Diced/sliced carrot           Round shape                                what will its texture
GCSE Coursework                                                               Food Technology

Objective 5 The final product
                                                                Generating a net for your packaging
How do you make it?
                                                                Draw a scale or true size net of your packaging.
This is where we use systems in Food. You need to generate
                                                                                          The shape must be accurate
a flow chart to use when your final product is made.
                                                                                          Include the inner packaging
Its not as complicated as it looks its just your recipe
presented in a different way with a few extra bits.
THE SHAPES This is a process it should show what you do

                                                                                           What is it made of?
This is a quality check it shows what you should check after
the process to ensure a quality product.
                                                                Information on the packaging must include:
                                                                    A picture of your product (this can be hand drawn,
                                                                      computer generated or a photograph of your final
This feedback it shows you what to do if something is
wrong when you carry out the quality check.
                                                                    Product name
                                                                    Product description                 If you don’t know
Here’s and example
                                                                    Use by date                         all of these details
                                                                                                         it is important that
  Fold in the flour                                                 Storage instructions
                                              If you’re not                                              you use the
                                                                    Cooking instructions                practical to find
                                Continue      sure about
                                              anything ask          Ingredients (largest first)         them out the
                                              You must make         Nutrition table                     information on this
                                fold                                                                     packaging design is
                                              sure you              Special/allergy information
Is the flour all folded in                    include all the                                            essential.
                                                                    Weight
                                              processes in
                                              your method           Portion size
  Pour carefully into                         for making            Bar code
  baking tin                                  your product.     The packaging must be in colour
GCSE Coursework                                                             Food Technology

Some more objective 5 and objective 6 – the last page
 The Final practical
 Use your flow chart. Do a nutritional analysis (print a label for your packaging)
 Do a taste test but ask more questions and more people record what you have found out.
 Work out how much the product would cost to make.

 Evaluation against the product specification                   Scaling up
 Draw a table to compare the points from your product           Draw a table to show how what quantity of ingredients
 specification with your actual product.                        you would need to make a batch of 50 products.
 Product specification             Product                      Ingredients for 1      Ingredients for 50
                                                                product                products
 You must explain, ticks and crosses wont cut it.
                                                                What might influence the costs when producing food
                                                                products in quantity in industry?
The final evaluation
 I am expecting a lot from this.
 Please remember this is not an evaluation of the whole project just of your design idea and the product you have made.
 It must be detailed and critical.
 Things to think about:
     The control system you used (flow chart) Was it good? how could it be improved?
     Your HACCP Did you include everything you should? Did your control measures work?
     The practical process. Was it efficient? Well ordered? Could it be adapted to quantity production? How?
     The taste test results. What do they show?
     The requirements of design need and target market. Will it sell to them? Who else might buy it?
     Product range. What other products would there be if you were to offer a product range?
     Where would you go next? If you were to continue with this project what developments/changes would you make
       to the product

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