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									                                                                                                                     May 2008
North NSW Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

                                                                                                          July 2008

  Advice for the Adventist Church from outside the denomination
  By Adam Johnstone

  The evangelistic heartbeat of the       seem to like me more when I’m not         not just for what you can do for the
  Adventist movement is still alive       part of your church so I’ll stay out-     church; a place where you feel part
  and well according to the research      side if that’s ok.”                       of a close caring family; a place
  of Natural Church Development                                                     where you are allowed to have
                                          Understanding evangelism and disci-
  (NCD). Compared to the 55,000                                                     problems and openly speak about
                                          pleship more as a journey than an
  churches surveyed around the                                                      them on your way to complete
                                          event or program will be very impor-
  world on all six continents, Advent-                                              transformation in Christ.
                                          tant in the next phase of the Advent-
  ist churches consistently score
                                                                                    Adventists have participated in the
  highly in the area NCD calls ‘Need-
  oriented Evangelism’. That is, evan-        “Understanding                        NCD process in 33 countries around
                                                                                    the world and are the second most
  gelism that speaks the Gospel of
  Jesus Christ into the lives of people
                                              evangelism and                        represented group out of the more
                                                                                    than 100 denominations and move-
  outside the church in ways that         discipleship more as a                    ments in the NCD international da-
  meet their unique needs.
  On the lower end of the scale for       journey than an event
  Adventist churches is the area of
  Wholistic Small Groups. This area
                                            or program will be
  relates to the deepening of relation-    very important in the
  ships on the discipleship journey. As
  it stands, people are likely to find       next phase of the
  their way into Adventist fellowships
  on the basis of strong ‘Need-           Adventist movement.“
  oriented Evangelism’ but will strug-
  gle to find the intimate community      ist movement internationally. The
  necessary for growth and spiritual      evangelistic heart must be recog-
  maturity. This serves to act as an      nised, validated and put to work. But
  incentive to remain on the fringe or    it will only be effective in as much as
  even outside the local Adventist        it is leads people into a fellowship
                                                                                    Adam Johnstone is the Director of
  fellowship. Some in the local com-      characterised by authentic intimate
                                                                                    NCD Australia and one of the Direc-
  munity could be heard saying,           community — a place where people
                                                                                    tors of NCD International.
  “Thanks for the invitation, but you     are genuinely concerned for you and
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Is Your Church Healthy?
By Pr Murray Chapman

Do you wonder sometimes about the         causes the seed to grow, but the           the degree to which these characteris-
health of your local church? Is your      blessing of God upon healthy condi-        tics are present correlates closely to the
church growing? Experience in my          tions.”                                    growth taking place in that church.
vegetable garden tells me that where
                                          Like plants, healthy churches will         In speaking of Natural Church Develop-
there is health there is also growth. I
                                          naturally grow and thrive when cer-        ment (NCD), Dr Burrill says, “This is the
am also reminded in my garden that a
                                          tain conditions are present. World-        best tool for church growth analysis
variety of factors contribute to health
                                          wide research in thousands of              that I have seen in 25 years.” He is a
and therefore growth. A similar situa-
                                          churches, including many Adventist         firm believer in NCD and the potential it
tion exists in the local church.
                                          churches, has identified eight quality     has for transforming Adventist churches
After quoting from Mark 4:26-29 in his    characteristics always present in          to maximize their health and grow as
book “Creating Healthy Adventist          healthy, growing churches. These           God designed that they should. NCD
Churches through Natural Church           characteristics are:                       also reflects the principles found in the
Development,” Dr Russell Burrill goes                                                Bible — principles which were used in
                                             1.   Empowering leadership
on to say, “The seed does not work at                                                the early Adventist church and written
growing. The farmer does not cause           2.   Gift-oriented ministry             about by Ellen White.
the seed to grow. All the farmer can         3.   Passionate spirituality
                                                                                     The NCD process gives the participating
do is to create healthy conditions for       4.   Functional structures
                                                                                     church a profile of itself which provides
the seed: good soil, plenty of water,        5.   Inspiring worship                  a base to work from, allowing the areas
and a weed-free environment. Add
                                             6.   Wholistic small groups             most needing attention to be addressed
sunshine and the seed sprouts and
                                             7.   Need-oriented evangelism           first. Experience shows that this proc-
produces crops for the farmer. How?
                                             8.   Loving relationships               ess works and churches are encouraged
No one knows. It happens all by itself.
                                                                                     to become involved.
It is not the work of the farmer that
                                          The quality of church life reflected in

My Journey from Mormonism to Adventism
By Shelia Pratt

My spiritual journey began as a 10        Christ and the Bible. I asked that I be    drawn to the Adventist church because
year old, when my mother gave me a        allowed to attend services, assuring       of its Bible-based truths, and yet loving
pocket New Testament. I would read a      the pastor that I would never join the     the Mormon church that I had been
chapter of it every day.                  church.                                    blessed by and belonged to for 10
As a teenager I moved to Kenya with       The first time I went I felt the Holy
my parents. It was here that I met my     Spirit very strongly, and I was so over-   Finally, after much prayer and fasting,
husband and emigrated to Australia in     whelmed by my love for Jesus that I        my Heavenly Father made His will very
1960. After my marriage ended over                                                   clear to me; that I should join the Ad-
10 years later, I became depressed
and searched for answers in the Bap-
                                           “For many months I                        ventist church where I would find many
                                                                                     opportunities to serve Him. A tremen-
tist and Uniting churches as well as
Buddhism and the New Age move-
                                             was in torment,                         dous peace and joy has filled my whole
                                                                                     being since I made that decision.
ment. I found nothing satisfying any-
                                              drawn to the
Praying for answers to my depression        Adventist church
as my children started leaving home,
two Mormon missionaries knocked on         because of its Bible-
my door. I joined the church within
four weeks and spent three and a half
years on mission trips spreading the
                                             based truths...”
Mormon message. Returning from
                                          could hardly keep back the tears. I
one of those trips I again found myself
                                          attended a Revelation seminar and
unfulfilled and lonely.
                                          learned things from the Bible that I
I started attending vegetarian cooking    had never known. Almost immediately
classes at Lismore Seventh-day Ad-        I realised that Saturday, not Sunday,
ventist church and instantly sensed in    was the true Sabbath.
the people I met a deep love for Jesus
                                          For many months I was in torment,                        Sheila Pratt
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         Local Church Evangelism News
         120 People Being Trained in Lay                taken to the hospital and given to eld-                     the prophecy seminar. Five people
         Evangelism                                     erly ladies in the town.                                    attended church the following Sabbath.
         Central Coast Community Church is cur-                                                                     Tamworth ‘Kids Spot’ a Success
                                                        Geoff Youlden at Raymond Terrace
         rently running ‘Just Walk Across the
         Room’, a training program that seeks to        On 23 May, 45 people enjoyed an eve-                        Tamworth church has developed ‘Kids
         teach the laity how to make friends with       ning with Geoff Youlden that kicked off                     Spot’, to encourage more children to
         the unchurched and share their faith           an eight night evangelistic program. For                    attend church. This is a Sabbath School
         with them in a natural way. There are          the first two weekends of the program                       program that runs from 9:00am to
         currently 120 people, which includes           there was an attendance of 12–14 peo-                       10:30am each Sabbath morning. It is
         non-Adventist and unchurched people,           ple. These visitors came in response to                     aimed at 6–12 year olds and includes
         involved in this four week training pro-       personal invitations, letterboxing and                      singing, Bible stories, quizzes, health
         gram. Each week the worship service            newspaper advertisements. The final                         spots and crafts. Up to 25 community
         and sermon focus around this theme.            two programs were held at church with                       kids have regularly attended for the
         During the week the 120 people join            seven visitors attending and most stay-                     past two years. One lady has been bap-
         together in small groups to study the          ing for lunch. Seven people signed up for                   tized as a result of the program.
         ‘Just Walk Across the Room’ curriculum.
         Wayne Krause, pastor of Central Coast
         Community Church, says that the aim of
         the program is to let church members
         know that they can share their faith with
         the unchurched in a natural way.                            For Those
         Lakeside to Run In the Footsteps of Paul                    who want
                                                                      to serve
         Commencing Thursday 17 July, 7:30 pm,
         Pastor Clive Nash will conduct a public                       Jesus
         seminar two nights per week for 10
         weeks at the Bonnells Bay Youth and                        and be more
         Community Centre, Fishery Point Road,
         Bonnells Bay. This program will run                        effective in
         every Sunday and Thursday evening.
         From Thursday 31 July, the program will
                                                                   their witness
         be held at the Lakeside Adventist Church
         Hall. This series features the pro-
         grams hosted by Tony Moore as seen on
         Hope Channel and 3ABN.

         Special Events Evangelism Success at
                                                          Empower the People
         Lightning Ridge                                                               Yarrahapinni
         Lightning Ridge Church has found they
         have the greatest success with ‘one-off’                                    6 to 9 March 2009
         special occasions offered as evangelistic
         efforts.                                                                                    Speakers
         On 15 March, a church service celebrat-        Dr Russell Burrill                         Johnny Wong                           Dr Allan Lindsay
         ing the life and teachings of St. Patrick of
         Ireland was held to which the public
         were invited. Using his own poetry and
         music, it was revealed from his Lorica
         how his beliefs were in complete har-
         mony with the teachings of Scripture.
         The town looks forward to the National
                                                          Dr Russell Burrill has worked as a   Johnny Wong is Elder of Gateway            Dr Allan Lindsay lectured at
         Day of Thanksgiving and Lightning Ridge          pastor, evangelist, Professor at     Adventist Centre, a new outreach           Avondale College for many
         Adventist Church is the only church that         Andrews University, Director of      centre located in Melbourne City.          years and worked as the
                                                          the North American Division          Gateway has been blessed with 58           Director of the Ellen G White/
         offers a special celebration on that day.        Evangelism Institute and Minis-      baptisms in five years. He has been        SDA Research Centre for the
         As it was also Mothers' Day all the ladies       terial Association Secretary at      involved in three church plants since      South Pacific Division. He is well
                                                          the North American Division. He      his university years then recently         known as the author/presenter
         were given white chrysanthemum cor-              has authored many books              planted Gateway City (2003) and            of the Keepers of the Flame
         sages. In the afternoon corsages were            including    Revolution in the       Gateway Hawthorn (May 2008). He is         series.
                                                          Church and Wake the Dead.            now coaching several churches in
                                                                                               Australia and Asia in urban evangelism.
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                                       What’s On                                       Church Plant 2008
                                          2008                                         Thank you for your response to the ap-
                                                                                       peal for a church plant in Newcastle.
          30 June - 28 July       Bridging the Gap, Avondale Memorial
                                                                                       Donations are coming in and prayers are
                                  Church                                               being sent up. Praise the Lord! The chal-
          8 - 29 July             Bridging the Gap, Erina Church                       lenge is great but our God is far greater.
                                                                                       His vision for reaching Newcastle is much
          Commencing 17 July In the Footsteps of Paul, Bonnells Bay                    larger than we dare to dream.
                             Youth & Community Centre                                  What is our vision?
          11 - 16 Aug             Family Matters with Mike Tucker,                     We want a pastoral team in place by 31
                                  Avondale Memorial Church                             October this year. During 2009 we want
                                                                                       this team to establish evangelistic small
          30 Aug - 6 Sep          Dr Hyveth Williams at Avondale Memorial              groups based in homes and build a strong
                                  Church                                               core group through prayer and Bible
          3 - 11 Oct              NNSW Conference Big Camp
                                                                                       We are planning a city-wide crusade in
                                          2009                                         2010 and by the grace of God hope to
                                                                                       establish a new congregation in Austra-
          18 - 22 Jan             Islamic Conference, Avondale College,
                                                                                       lia’s largest non-capital city.
                                  Dr Jon Paulein & Dr William Johnsson
                                                                                       Can you help? Has God blessed you finan-
          6 - 9 Mar               Empower the People, Yarrahapinni                     cially or given you the burden to pray for
                                                                                       a lost city?
                                                                                       If you would like to make a donation to
                                                                                       this project please contact the NNSW

              Bridging the Gap                                                         Conference Office.
                                                                                       Phone: (02) 4951 8088

            How to                                                                     E-mail:

          reach your
          friends for

                                                            Erina Church                         North NSW Conference of the
                                                                                                 Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                                    Commencing Tuesday 8 July
                                                 Each Tuesday Night for Four Weeks               Articles for the next edition of
                                                     Concludes Tuesday 29 July                  Reach can be forwarded to Libby
         North NSW Con-                             Presenter: Pr Justin Lawman                     Hergenhan at the NNSW
                                                                                                       Conference Office.

         Reach Fourfold Purpose                                                                         112 Lake Road
                                                                                                           (PO Box 7)
         The purpose of Reach is to:                                                                  Wallsend NSW 2287
         1.     Inform the members of the NNSW Conference about the channels through
                which the Holy Spirit is working to reach souls in our Conference                    Phone: (02) 4951 8088
                                                                                                      Fax: (02) 4950 1102
         2.     Inspire members with what God is doing in our Conference
         3.     Motivate members and churches into evangelistic action                                     E-mail:
         4.     Generate funding toward specific evangelistic projects in our Conference.

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