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					                                                                                                               VOLUME 2 — MAY 2008


•    Nurses: A
     poem                   ACU-My Home away from Home
•    Lock up your
                                                                        On my fourth day in Australia I      unit outline for me. After being
                                         Sharmalie Wihesinghe          went to ACU to start my course        one week in ACU I felt that there
•    Cultural Co-                        Nursing—Melbourne             which was “Foundation in Nurs-        ARE nice people in this world. I
     lumn                                                              ing”. At that time Nancy Reid (now    felt I had somebody to talk to. I felt
                                                                       working as an academic skill ad-      I had a family at ACU. I remember
•    Exam Tips                                                         viser) and Dr. Michael Groome         I used to stay in ACU from morn-
                            I have been waiting to get a
                            chance to thank ACU for being              were some of my lecturers. All the    ing till evening even when I did
•    Travel: Phillip                                                   lecturers and the tutors were very    not have lectures. I cannot explain
                            the first home for me in Australia.
     Island. Victoria                                                  helpful to me and talked to me        in words the way I was looked
                            I came to Australia in July 2004,          very nicely.                          after by ACU.
                            leaving my two little children and
                            my husband behind in Sri Lanka             They understood my situation and      After four months in Australia, my
                            for the first time in my life. I did not   gave me extra days for my as-         family came to stay with me. Even
INSIDE                      have any relations or friends in           signments till I got used to the      now after being here for nearly 4
                            Australia.                                 environment. I remember the           years, the support I am getting
THIS ISSUE                                                             support given by them when I was      from everybody at ACU is appre-
                            I arrived in Melbourne airport at          not sure of my work and when I        ciated.
ACU - My home 1             8.30 pm. unfortunately I had to            was emotionally down. When I
                            wait in the airport till 2.30 am, until                                          My sincere thanks to the Interna-
A poem                  1   I was picked up by a taxi driver to                                              tional Office, all the lecturers,
                            go to the place where I was going                                                academic skill advisers, counsel-
Lock up your            2   to stay. I was very stressed and                                                 ors, library staff, clinical educator
laptops                     emotionally I was not in a good                                                  ( 3rd floor) receptionists on each
                            condition.                                                                       floor and every body else at ACU
                                                                                                             for being a family to me. I will
Culture: Kore-          2                                                                                    never ever forget ACU being the
                            I felt I needed somebody to talk
an Clothes                  to, but I did not know to whom I                                                 first home to me in Australia.
                            should speak since everything                                                    Without ACU, I would not be here
Exam Tips               3   was strange to me. I felt I should         was not sure how to get the unit      where I am now.
                            go back to Sri Lanka. I did not feel       outline of a subject Michael took
Recipe: Kimchi 3            like eating or doing any thing, all I      me to his office and showed me
fried rice                  wanted was to talk to somebody.            how to get it and printed out the

Exchange ex-            4

Featured Stu-           5
                            You must have depth … to be a nurse: A Poem
                            Hoang Thi Hoai An - Melbourne              not necessarily beautiful eyes        If you know that everyone needs
                                                                       But the depth is imperative.          respect.
Cultural Diffe-         6   They say that studying Nursing is                                                And if you find out which culture
rences                      very hard, but it’s a good job;            Why? Don’t you know dear my           your patient comes from to make
                            encouragement.                             friend?                               them feel safe.
Cultural Show           6                                              Deep eyes can see through one’s       YOU HAVE DEEP EYES!
a hit                       Having a good job – is that all you        appearance,                           Otherwise you still have them if
                            want?                                      They will never judge somebody        you try
                            Or do you wish to be a shoulder            based on their clothes or jewellery
Improve your            7                                              Deep eyes penetrate the truth of      ‘Walking a mile in another per-
English                     on which patients can lean?
                                                                       differences                           son’s shoes’ Isn’t the truth that:
                            My dear nursing student friends,           If you can see under the skin         Nothing is impossible, as long as
Travel: Phillip         7   may I tell you this?                       colour that is human,                 you believe;
Island                                                                 If you know there are some differ-    So let’s wish from now to have
                            To be a nurse, you need to have            ent behaviours because of nation-     deep eyes! Because you’ll be a
What is coun-           8   depth in your eyes…                        ality and cultural uniqueness,        NURSE.
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           Lock up your laptops!
           Kunal Mehta                          wait for what would seem like       waiting for time to pass away,
           MBA (Accounting) Melbourne           forever to get a response from      I realized how important my
                                                the university to know if we had    laptop had become to me. A
           Let’s roll back a few years when     made it.                            thing I took for granted was
           computers were not such an                                               now the reason for my rest-
           integral part of our life. When      Sounds so much of an effort.        lessness.
           we did not sit in front of com-      Now let us take a moment to
           puters for hours at a stretch and    thank all the scientists and all    I managed to make a police
           surf endlessly through the vast      the software engineers in mak-      complaint with the help of my
           information of the internet.         ing our lives so easy! You may      housemates. They were quite
           When the concept of instant          be thinking why I am going on       helpful as well, unlike in my
           chatting and email were still        talking about life without com-     country where they would
           unknown to us. Now just imag-        puters. Well the real reason is,    lecture me for half an hour of
           ine if we had been international     in the last week of March, my       how irresponsible I was. They
           students at those times.             laptop was stolen. It was Easter    even let me know how the
                                                time and our library was closed.    entire process would go and
           Just try and think how easy it       Also the other shops in my area     how the detectives would
           was for us to get information        were closed for the same rea-       start looking for it.
           about ACU, get the application       son.
           form online and even submit it                                           So my advice to all my peers
           online, in just a matter of a few    Thus I was stuck for 3 days         is to take care of your laptop
           minutes or hours. Now think          without a computer, without         when bringing it to the univer-
           how much effort it would have        checking my emails, not being
                                                                                    sity or even when you have
           taken for us if computers were       able to speak online with either
           not as widely available as they      my family or friends in another     kept it in the safe environ-
           are nowadays. It would have          country. And the icing on the       ment of your home! Just
           taken days on end to receive         cake was I had lost some of my      make sure to keep it in a
           information and the admission        assignment preparation as I         secure place and not just take
           forms from our university. Then      had not made a back up copy         it for granted.
           we would have to apply and           of it! So, sitting in my room

           Traditional Clothing - The Hanbok (Korea)
           Gee Soun Ree– Melbourne              years with fluctuating fashion      had a significant impact on
                                                trends. Hanbok designs under-       the Korean fashion industry.
           The Hanbok is the traditional        went many changes along Ko-
           Korean outfit. It is often charac-   rea’s turbulent timeline – from     By combining traditional
           terized by rich and vibrant col-     revolving dynasties to foreign      dress with modern fashion,
           ours, and                                               culture ex-      fusion hanbok designs were
           simple lines                                            change. The      introduced. Designs and
           without                                                 hanbok we        patterns of the hanbok have
           pockets.                                                wear today is    even been applied to archi-
                                                                   reminiscent of   tecture and continue to
           Today the                                               the late         evolve as they are applied in
           hanbok has                                              Joseon Dy-       more and more fields.
           become the                                              nasty (early
           ritual dress                                            20th century).
           of choice
           worn on                                                In the han-
           traditional                                            bok, curved
           festivals or                                           features are
           some cele-                                             important. As
           brations.                                              they are not
           However,                                               meant to be
           only three                                             tight fitting,
           or four                                                the inherent
           decades ago, hanboks were            beauty of the hanbok is its ele-
           worn by Koreans everyday.            gance and style created by
                                                generous volume. The curves
           Like all clothing, the hanbok        and colourfulness of the hanbok
           has also changed over the
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10 Study tips for taking exams
Nancy Reid                                                                           anxiety. Believe in yourself and
Academic Skills Adviser - Melbourne        3: Be prepared – Prepare by prac-         don’t try to be perfect.
                                           tising essay style, multiple choice
Preparing for and taking exams can         and problem solving questions.            8: Memory Blocks – Don’t panic!
be a stressful time for all students but   Allow time for adequate sleep, exer-      Use mental associations. Think
by following these helpful study tips      cise and proper meals to maintain         back to lectures and notes to recall
from the ACU Academic Skills Unit,         your energy levels.                       facts and concepts associated with
you can reduce your anxiety and                                                      the blocked question. If all else fails,
increase your performance.                 4: Feel confident – Don’t talk to         proceed to another question. The
                                           other students just before an exam        information may return to you later
                                           – anxiety is contagious! Focus on         during the exam.
                                           what you know and feel confident
                                           because you are well prepared.            9: Don’t leave early – Make sure
                                                                                     you have attempted to answer all
                                           5: Be strategic – On the day of the       the questions and proofread every-
                                           test, use your preview time wisely.       thing for writing errors or careless
                                           Read the whole test carefully.            mistakes.
                                           Budget your time and start with
                                           easy questions to build your confi-       10: Finally – Reward yourself after
                                           dence.                                    the test and let go and move on. At
1:Know what needs to be studied –                                                    a later time, review your test taking
Find out all the information you can       6: Different types of tests – For         process and note what worked and
about the exam such as how long it         essay style exams, think before you       didn’t work. Concentrate on ways to
will be, what format it will take, how     write and analyse the question            improve in the future.
will marks be allocated, and will you      carefully. For multiple choice ex-
have a choice of topics. Find out          ams, try to recall the answer but
what needs to be studied. Make sure        know when to guess. For short             For more information on study tips
you have all the lecture notes, tutorial   answer, use terms the lecturer used       for exams attend the
notes, examples and handouts for           and know when to stop.                    Exam preparation workshop on May
each of your topics.                                                                 2nd from 3 – 5pm in room 2.80
                                           7: Dealing with test anxiety –            or view
2: Revise – Draw up a study timeta-        Stress is normal so expect a certain      student/support/academic_skills/
ble, review actively and avoid cram-       amount during exam periods. Re-           study_tips/resources_for_study/
ming at the last minute. Devise a          member the better prepared you            ten_tips_for_exam_taking/
method to help you remember infor-         are and the more you know, the
mation. Form a study group.                less likely you are to experience

Recipe: Kimchi Fried Rice (Korea)
Gee Soun Ree (Korea)                   Method:                                       brown onion and kimchi &
                                                                                     cook for 5 minutes
                                       •   sauté the pork with vegetable
Ingredients:                               oil in frying pan                     •   add steamed rice and green
2 cups of steamed rice                                                               onion and mix all ingredients
                                                                                     well in low temperature
½ cup of kimchi (do not rinse)
50g of minced pork or ground                                                     •   Cook a little more and turn
beef or a can tuna                                                                   off the heat

1 green onion                                                                    •   add ½ or 1 tbsp of sesame
                                                                                     oil if you like sesame oil
¼ brown onion
1 egg                                                                            •   cook an egg sunny-side up
vegetable oil                                                                    •   put kimchi fried rice on a dish
salt, pepper                                                                         & place a fried egg sunny
                                                                                     side up on top.
                                       •   when the pork is cooked, add
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           Experiences of an American Exchange Student
                  Nicole Badry-Exchange          out on her own into the city.         dents in there I didn’t really get
                  Strathfield Campus             After walking for a few minutes       the chance.” Katelyn said it
                                                 in what she thought was the           was stressful being new and
                                                 right direction, she stopped to       there’s more ACU could offer its
           “It’s the most spontaneous            ask a construction worker how         international students.
           things you do…those things            to get there. He suggested a
           you do on a whim. Those are           taxi, and so, only metres away        “Accommodation is a really
           the best things that you remem-       from what she later learned was       nerve-wracking thing because
           ber.” Katelyn Materson’s eyes         the train station entrance, Kate-     it’s hard to find,” says Katelyn.
           sparkle and her smile lights up       lyn hopped in a taxi for a three      She suggests that ACU provide
           her whole face as she sits on         minute ride that cost her $8.00.      better information for students
           the steps outside the ACU                                                   on areas to look for housing
           Strathfield chapel and talks          The only thing she says she           with more details about specific
           about her study abroad experi-        remembers from the first week         suburbs in the area and trans-
           ence.                                 of orientation is a video that        portation to and from campus.
                                                 was shown about homesick-
           At nineteen years of age, Kate-       ness. “Oh my God, I need to           “I’ve had to be really independ-
           lyn decided to leave her family       go home. This is going to be          ent in order to do something
           and home in Rochester, New            me,“ Katelyn now laughs as she        like this,” states Katelyn.
           York and travel nearly sixteen        recalls that moment as she sat        Learning to balance finances,
           thousand kilometres to Sydney,        alone, wondering what she was         school, and a social life in a
           Australia for a an academic           going to do. She returned back        new country is quite an accom-
           exchange experience. Never            to her hostel in Kirribilli via an-   plishment for this young
           having lived away from home           other taxi and tried to sleep off     woman. She also took a spon-
           before, Katelyn admits it was a       her jetlag.                           taneous trip with another Ameri-
           big and difficult decision to                                               can friend during mid-semester
           make. “This is the farthest                                                 break. And though they didn’t
           away from home I could ever                                                 know what they were doing or
           possibly be,” she says. “At                                                 where’d they be staying, she
           home you think, ’the land down                                              says it was one of her most
           under’ and everyone wants to                                                memorable adventures during
           do it, but no one does.” Katelyn                                            this whole experience.
           did it and has no regrets.
                                                                                       When asked about advice to
           “I was really nervous,” she con-                                            give to future potential ex-
           fesses. On the plane she says                                               change students, Katelyn had
           she couldn’t sleep and had no                                               no hesitation in answering,
           appetite. Two months before                                                 “Plan ahead!“ Also, “Don’t be
           her scheduled departure, Kate-        Eventually Katelyn says, she          afraid because in the end
           lyn found out she had been            started to make friends and feel      something good is going to
           accepted and confirmed she            more comfortable. “[Other             come out of everything…”
           was indeed making the trip.           students] make you feel like a
           She had to organize all her           part of the campus pretty
           travel plans and school informa-      quickly.” She says it was her
           tion in less than sixty days be-      fellow classmates, rather than        Editors Note: The International
           fore leaving. With only a small       the International Student Office      Office in North Sydney now
           map for details, she made her         that helped her adjust.               have a new International Stu-
           way to the North Sydney cam-                                                dent Adviser. It is assumed that
           pus for 8:00 a.m., the start of       “[The International Student           this new appointment will help
           International Student Orienta-        Office] definitely needs some         ease the problems spoken
           tion the morning after her arri-      work,” says Katelyn. When she         about in this story. The Interna-
           val.                                  went to the office on the North       tional Student Adviser for North
                                                 Sydney campus, Katelyn says           Sydney and Strathfield cam-
           “I had no idea how to get there,”     things were a little chaotic. “I      puses is Ms Emily Leite.
           she recalls. Without any prepa-       had some questions at the time,
           ration or tour books, she struck      but there were so many stu-

                    What is love?                                          it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices
                                                                           with the truth.
                    Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous,      It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all
                    (love) is not pompous, it is not proud,                things, endures all things.
                    it is not rude, it does not seek its own inter-        Love never fails.
                    ests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not            The Bible
                    brood over injury,                                     1 Corinthians 13:4-8
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Featured Student-Kathleen Fong (Malaysia)
      Mary Hemant                        2) Do you remember anyone who inspired you to           how easily and how well we sing. Sing-
      Grad.Dip. (Ed.)                    sing?                                                   ing is a very physical activity hence the
                                         My parents are my greatest inspiration. They've         need for good stamina. Adequate rest
At the last meeting the ISV team had     always been supportive of my love for singing. My       is important too. Plenty of water would
with John Crowder, I volunteered to      Dad always encouraged us to do whatever we are          be the one thing no singer should do
interview a person from the Interna-     good at and have a passion for. When I was 13 the       without. When I'm not doing any per-
tional Talent Show at ACU and write      Choir Mistress of my Church in Malaysia asked me        formances, I pretty much eat anything
about him/her in the Featured Stu-       to sing a solo song for the Christmas Choir. I would    and everything my heart desires. But I
dent column of The Voice. Well, I        say that was the start of a series of solo perform-     do cut down on dairy products and
was pleasantly surprised to find that    ances which led to even more involvement with           caffeine, especially on the day of my
there was so much talent right here      singing.                                                performance.
in my own class, Graduate Diploma
in Secondary Education. And I didn't                                                             6) What advice would you give to
even know it all along!                                                                          someone who'd like to take up music
                                                                                                 lessons? Go for it!! You'll never know if
Before she could come onstage,                                                                   it's your thing until you've tried it.
John introduced her as Kathleen
Fong from Malaysia, the land of the                                                              7) Any visions for the future in terms of
most beautiful women in the world.                                                               your singing? Is your course in ACU
Sure enough, when the curtain rose,                                                              helping you to achieve your dreams?
she stunned us with her striking                                                                 I love being able to teach and help
presence. An endearingly charming,                                                               others with their singing, so my course
young lady with an even more stun-                                                               at ACU is a definite step to my teach-
ning voice, she kept us glued to our                                                             ing in Australia. For the moment
seats but tapping our toes and sway-                                                             though, I'm quite happy singing in
ing to the melody of her sweet voice.                                                            church. I used to perform at secular
I had found my Featured Student for      3) Have you developed a favourite style of singing?     events back in Malaysia and at some
the month!                               I am a trained Classical singer from The Sydney         point might want to get back into Musi-
                                         Conservatorium of Music, but sing a lot more 'pop'      cal Theatre work here.
I talked to Kathie and congratulated     numbers these days. This is due to my singing in
her for her excellent performance.       church and performing at secular events. Musical        8) A line of inspiration to all the Interna-
                                         Theatre is a fun genre too. But I'm quite happy as      tional students at ACU ...
                                         long as it involves some form of music.                 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
1) You were simply amazing, Kathie,                                                              Lean not on your own understanding.
especially with that beautiful Italian                                                           In all your ways acknowledge Him and
number. It is said that most people      4) Who is your favourite singer/musician?               He will make your paths
have an inborn talent of some kind.      Julie Andrews, without a doubt -- a beautiful, ex-      straight" (Proverbs 3: 5-6).
When did you realize about your          pressive face and voice. But there are many others
talent? How long have you been           that I am very impressed with.                          On behalf of all those representing the
singing?                                                                                         International community of ACU, may
Kathleen: I've been singing for as       5) How do you keep yourself fit? Any exercise rou-      God bless you and bring your dreams
long as I can remember. My dad           tines for your throat? Any foods you avoid or insist    to fulfilment.
used to play the guitar for me when I    on taking?
was about 4 or 5 years old. I'd sing     I try to keep a regular excercise routine. At the
my nursery rhymes to death!!             moment I attend Dance classes and will be joining
                                         a gym soon. The level of our fitness directly affects
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Cultural Differences at Uni.
                                                                                                tance of socially acceptable behaviour in
                                                                                                the Korean culture.

                                                                                                A final major difference I noticed between
Park Sejin - Nursing - Brisbane                ships, I found it intriguing that the ap-        university in Australia and Korea concerns
                                               proaches are so different. It is very uncom-     the prominence of students from different
If one were to look at university life         mon for students to get to know each other       cultural backgrounds. Australia has a large
from a general perspective, it is well         in such an informal manner in Korea. How-        number of international students, which is to
known that students attend university          ever, in Australia, individuals can start at a   be expected given that English is the
as a means of furthering knowledge             party having acquaintances and by the            “lingua franca” in most areas of today’s
and as a stepping-stone to their career.       end have friends.                                society. In comparison, one will not find
However, despite this broad similarity,                                                         many international students in Korean uni-
it is interesting to bring to light the sub-   Another major difference is the notion of        versity. Being exposed to such cultural
tle and more apparent differences in           independence. Whereas Australians are            diversity has been a rewarding and eye-
university life between two culturally         classed as an adult at the age of 18, Kore-      opening experience that has given me the
different nations. Australia and Korea.        ans usually stay dependent upon their            opportunity to learn many new things.
                                               families for a much longer time. It was
University students in Korea partake in        surprising to come to university in Austra-      Cultural differences exist in every country
an event called Membership Training,           lia and find so many students living com-        and as such it is not surprising there are
where new students share accommo-              pletely independently of their parents. It is    many differences in campus life between
dation for two days and enjoy recrea-          not uncommon for students here to be             Australia and Korea. In my experience of
tional activities together before the          living in share accommodation and paying         university in Australia so far, I have become
commencement of the semester. Con-             for their university fees with part time jobs.   aware of distinctions in the way students
trastingly, in Australia it is far more        This would be a very rare occurrence in          socialize, the degree of independence of
common for new students to party               Korea, with most students being supported        students and the cultural diversity present
together in the week leading up to uni-        by their parents all through university and      on campus. Admittedly, I find western cam-
versity. Although both of these ap-            usually until marriage. This is especially       pus life to be much more appealing com-
proaches are aimed at easing students          the case for women, where living alone           pared Korea and would like to see some
into campus life and building relation-        would be frowned upon, given the impor-          Western ideals embraced in Asian cultures.

                          Cultural show a hit!
                                       Vanjitha Chantera-          Clad in traditional costumes             Nepal.
                                       kumar                       from China, a Malay costume
                                       Social Science              called a Baju Malayu and an              The best part of the cultural
                                                                   Indian costume called a Kurta,           show for me was the Nepalese
                                                                   John acted as M.C. for the               dance performed by Sonia Gu-
                          On the 4th of April, John                                                         rung and Parbati Gurung. Danc-
                          Crowder from the International                                                    ing to a famous Nepalese song,
                          Students Office organized ACU                                                     the two graceful dancers not
                          St Patrick’s Campus’ first ever                                                   only smiled throughout the
                          international students’ talent                                                    dance, they also danced in per-
                          show.                                                                             fect unison with each other,
                                                                                                            something I’m sure must have
                          Held in Central Hall, the event                                                   taken hours of practice and hard
                          was attended by students,                                                         work!
                          staff, family and friends of                                                      The final performance of the day
                          performing students, as well as                                                   was a vibrant Punjabi dance that
                          special guests including Mr              show which featured student              even had the audience cheering
                          Sushil Sharma, Community                 performers from 7 of the many            and clapping to the beat of the
                          Services Director of the Fed-            nationalities of International           song! One of the dancers was
                          eration of Indian Associations           students studying here, at St            so excited about performing that
                          of Victoria, Mr Peter Arantes            Patrick’s campus.                        she included her 7 year old
                          from the Commonwealth Bank                                                        daughter in the Dance!
                          (St Vincent’s Branch) and Mr             The show began with an awe-
                          Geoffrey Ogge and his wife               inspiring Japanese dance that            The whole event drew to a close
                          Fran from Cambridge Court                had the audience spellbound              with the presentation of certifi-
                          student accommodation. The               and was followed by a Chinese            cates to participants and door
                          special V.I.P guest was the Pro          Tai Chi performance, and vari-           prizes to 5 lucky draw winners…
                          -Vice-Chancellor (Academic               ous entertaining songs and               and I was the first lucky winner
                          Affairs), Professor Gabrielle            musical presentations by stu-            to score myself a movie ticket! I
                          McMullen.                                dents from Mauritius, Singa-             really enjoyed myself that day
                                                                   pore, India, Italy, Malaysia and         and can’t wait for the next one.
 VOLUME          2                                                                                                                      PAGE   7

Tips for Improving English                       Travel– Phillip Island Victoria
           Hao Hongqiu
                                                             Guo Deying                      9.5. Therefore, it may not expensive to
           Nursing– Melbourne
                                                             Nursing - Melbourne             travel there.

                                                                                             If you want to find more information,
                                                                                             you also can enter this website (http:/
  •   Be confident, be interested, be pa-        Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, is
      tient. "Rome was not built in a day."      only 140 kilometres south-east of           Finally, safety is the most important
      You cannot expect to improve your          Melbourne. The route is simple and          point wherever you travel.
      English overnight. Cultivate your          direct with no difficult turns or small
      confidence and interest in English         streets. If you                                             There are some tips
                                                 drive a car by                                              that may be useful
  •   Watch movies, watch the TV news,           yourself, it may                                            during your travelling.
      listen to music, or listen to the radio.   only take around
      Select one that you would like to do       2 hours to arrive                                           •      Read and obey
      and you can insist doing regularly         there.                                                        warning    signs    on
      and constantly. Imitate what you                                                                         beaches and park
      heard and be used to the way the           There are many                                                access.
                                                 attractions      on
      native speaker using English.
                                                 Phillip Island. One                                           • Do not near the
                                                                                                               sea too closely when
  •   Read more, and read aloud. The
                                                 is the Penguin
                                                 Parade which lies                                             you are taking photos.
      materials can be magazines, news-
                                                 in Phillip Island                                             • Always remem-
      papers, or fictions. No matter what it
                                                 National      Park,                                           ber to wear sun-
      is, be sure that they use correct
                                                 where you can                                                 glasses,         wide-
      grammar. Read aloud can help you
                                                 watch little pen-                                             brimmed hat, and long
      to improve your pronunciation and
                                                 guins’       nightly                                          -sleeved shirt and
      strength your mouth muscles that
                                                 return from the                                               coat sunscreen, be-
      you use when you speak English.
                                                 sea. It is one of few areas in the world         cause the sun is very strong in
                                                 where this species can be seen. An-              Australia.
  •   Make friends who are from other            other attraction is the Seal Rocks          •    Safe drinking and eating. Stay
      countries. It is a good way to force       where there are up to 16,000 fur                 away uncooked or undercooked
      yourself to speak English because          seals.                                           food.
      they will not understand you if you
      speak your own language.                   The Koala Conservation Centre is            •    Avoid taking expensive jewellery
                                                 also an interesting place in which you           and wearing an obvious ‘tourist’
  •   Go out and encourage yourself to           can see many koalas in there. Maybe              outfit like a shirt with a camera
                                                                                                  slung in your neck.
      chat with the strangers. Do not be         most of them are sleeping when you
      shy. Most of the people here are           see them, but they are really lovely.       •    Keep your important identity
      friendly and warmhearted and they                                                           safely, such as passport.
      like to talk people from other coun-       On the other hand, many extravagant
      tries especially the older people.         sporting events are held in the island.     Travelling can make you relax, but you
                                                 It already has held various surf events     still keep your eyes to your safety!
  •   Join a club or a group. Take your-
                                                 in the past. Additionally, other events
                                                 include Pyramid Rock Festival and
      self into English speaking environ-
                                                 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. If you
                                                 are a sport enthusiast, there should be
                                                 a perfect place.
  •   Use voice messengers via internet
      to chat with others in English such        When you arrive there, you need go to
      as MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo mes-            customer services firstly where you
      senger.                                    can get an island map and more infor-
                                                 mation. For example, you can buy a
  •   Go to English language school              ticket from there. There are several
      regularly. Teachers there have ex-         different kinds of tickets. The ticket
      perience to help you improve your          price to penguin parade ranges from
      English.                                   $10-$65 for per adult. If you only want
                                                 to watch penguins, you can choose
  •   Try to think in English.
                                                 the $ 17.9 ticket. Moreover, the ticket
                                                 of the Koala Conservation Centre is $
                                                                 WHAT’S ON IN MAY

                                                                 Friday May 2          - Polish National Day
                                                                 Friday May 9          - DIAC session (Melbourne)
The Voice - Your Team

                                                                 Monday 12 May - International Nurses Day
Editor                                                           Saturday 17 May - Norway Constitution Day
John Crowder
                                                                 May 19 - 23 -          Non teaching Week
Graphic Design                                                   Tuesday 20 May - East Timor National Day
Andres Junca-1st Year Diploma in Visual Arts and Design
                                                                 Sunday 25 May - Africa Day (All African Nations)
Student Reporters
Nicole Badry - Candian Exchange Student (Strathfield)
                                                                 Sunday 25 May - Argentina National Day
Vanjitha Chanterakumar– 2nd year Social Science                  Sunday 25 May - Jordan National Day
Guo Deying- 1st Year Nursing
Mary Hemant- 1st Year Education                                  Friday 30 May - Croatia National Day
Hao Hongqiu- 1st Year Nursing
Kunal Mehta- 1st Year MBA Accounting
                                                                 Friday 30 May - Israel National Day
Sejin Park - Diploma of Nursing (Brisbane)
Geesoun Ree- 3rd Year Nursing
Sharmalie Wijesinghe-3rd Year Nursing                            May 26 - June 14 Semester 1 exams
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What is Counselling?
            ‘They find a comrade,              view the world through the student’s eyes.       for permanent residence if they have a
    Now they beat the drum, now they stop.     Counsellors encourage students to articu-        history of attending the counselling
        Now they sob, now they sing.’          late their experiences without censure, so       service. Both these fears are com-
                    I Ching
                                               that insights emerge, which can help them        pletely unfounded.
                                               in their lives now and in the future. Rabin-
 Counselling is a conversation in which        dranath Tagore, (1861-1941), the Indian          Counselling is free, voluntary, confi-
 students, male and female, talk over          poet, wrote ‘of Life’s liturgy in all its pain   dential and non-judgemental. No one
 with a counsellor, past and present           and elation / Gloom and light’ (Recovery–        can compel you to see a counsellor -
 events and relationships, as well as          10). The paradox of counselling - as of life     compulsory counselling does not work.
 symptoms, feelings and thoughts,              - is that by acknowledging and owning our        Nor are counsellors interested in point-
 which worry them. Freud called it the         suffering, we can move beyond it towards         ing out whether you are right or wrong;
                                               the light.                                       good or bad; moral or immoral. It is
 ‘talking cure’. Most of us - but not all of
                                                                                                simply not the function of a counselling
 us - need, sometime, a companion, a           Counsellors understand that students may         service to make moral judgements
 comrade, a guide, to help us explore          come from countries in which disclosure of       about a student. Some commentators
 the complexities and nuances of the           emotional pain is considered a weakness          have worried that counselling may lead
 pain we bear in being human.                  or a sign of mental illness. Attitudes to        students into self-indulgence. But, one
 Students bring to counselling the             counselling are culturally-based. When I         more paradox of counselling is that, in
 myths, rituals, and corporate legends         was in Chicago, USA, in the 1980s, every-        students becoming more truly them-
 of their own culture compounded with          one I met there was either in therapy, a         selves, they are more able to encoun-
 the epic of their own personal history.       therapist or a therapist seeing a therapist!     ter the other. The British playwright,
 These are the cornerstones that direct        Australians are not quite as eager about         William Shakespeare, (1564-1616),
 the relationship in the counselling           counselling as Americans, but acceptance         knew this dynamic well:
 room, along with recognition of our           is growing and, in Australian universities,
 basic human need to be understood,            counselling services are an integral part of      ‘This above all – to thine own self be true,
                                               university life.                                   And it must follow, as the night the day,
 and, to understand ourselves and                                                               Thou canst not then be false to any man or
 others. Was it Socrates who said: ‘The                                                                      woman’ (Hamlet).
 unexamined life is not worth living’?         Counsellors realise that some interna-
                                               tional students are concerned that they
                                                                                                Rosemary Williams
 Counsellors listen closely to students,       will be sent home if they are seen as not
                                                                                                Counselling Psychologist
 developing an appreciation of what it is      being able to cope, or, that they might
                                                                                                Counselling Service
 like to be in the student’s shoes and to      face increased difficulties when applying

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