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									Tinnitus Retraining Therapy-Stop Your Tinnitus Forever

Tinnitus is a disorder in which the patient tends to hear sounds which seem to be coming from the
head. Unlike normal sounds, these sounds are not produced by any external source. Neither is
there any vibratory cochlear activity which happens in case the sound is produced by some
external source.

It goes without saying that such a noise can disturb the affected person who may get distracted
from his daily work which requires concentration.

The therapeutic treatment which involves medications is insufficient in curing the problem
completely. It may only curb the stress levels which arise as an aftermath.

Surgery has also not proved to be the ultimate cure for this problem.

It was found that the maximum number of people who faced this problem did not let the sounds
affect them adversely. Hence, such people experienced tinnitus where as the rest suffered from

This observation was helpful in the emergence of TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy.

This new model had its roots embedded in the neuro-physiological and psychological principles.

The major principle of this model is that the limbic system which controls emotions and the
autonomic nervous system which controls the body functions are linked to the tinnitus problem.

 According to the TRT model it is the limbic and the autonomic nervous system which determines
the level of annoyance caused by tinnitus.

When there is no positive or negative response to the tinnitus sounds, habituation or filtering out
of the unnecessary sound takes place.

On the contrary where the tinnitus noise is associated with some negative emotion then the
people tend to focus on that sound. This can be the result of wrong counseling in which the
doctors tell the patients that the problem may be due to a brain tumor. Or else they may
dishearten the patients by saying discouraging things like tinnitus is incurable. This may evoke a
negative response and can aggravate the problem.

As a rule, our brain does not pay any attention to those sounds which it considers to be of no
significance. Such sounds eventually get filtered out. Habituating or filtering out of the tinnitus
sounds is the goal of the tinnitus retraining therapy. This can be achieved by training the brain
into filtering out the tinnitus sounds.

The tinnitus retraining therapy comprises of a sound therapy as well as the much needed direct
counseling and guidance, throughout the treatment.

The sound therapy aims at manipulating the surrounding sounds in such a way that they become
less evident. At times when there is silence, the tinnitus sounds becomes quite clear and
disturbing. This problem is rectified by the use of the following devices:

       Noisy fans, ticking clocks, the sound of running water or tuning the radio in between two
        stations help in getting one’s mind off the tinnitus noise.
       Hearing aids can help in masking the tinnitus sounds if the hearing loss is in the
        frequency range of the tinnitus.
       Tinnitus masks produce external sounds like the synthetic white noise or the pink noise.
        They pleasant external sound thus produced helps in masking the tinnitus sound.
       Cochlear implants provide the much needed electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve.

Along with these aids, the patients are counseled to reduce the negativity associated with the
tinnitus sounds. The patients are educated about the auditory system and the human brain along
with their role in tinnitus. The idea behind educating is that the known perils do not evoke a strong

Once the aim of habituation is fulfilled, then the TRT can be discontinued.

TRT has proved to be one of the most effective and safe treatments for tinnitus and has shown
great results.

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