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					Pros and Cons of Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

Neuromonics tinnitus treatment is the latest breakthrough in tinnitus treatment .It uses a special
high quality ear phone with a specially tailored music embedded with white noise in it. This article
discusses the various pros and cons of the treatment and shows how it has proved to be more
scientific than the other hitherto used treatments.

Neuromonics tinnitus treatment is a major breakthrough in eliminating the unpleasant and
disturbing sound produced in Tinnitus.

An Oasis™ device is used to deliver the goods in this treatment. It is a light weight device with
head phones attached to it which produces modified music. It is specially designed according to
the patient’s audiologist report. These sounds stimulate the auditory channels and train the brain
in ignoring the tinnitus sounds.

The main reasons which give it an edge over other treatments available are:

    1. Music therapy is used as against white noise, which the patients find more alluring.
    2. A wide range of frequency is specifically developed to provide stimulation.
    3. Besides the use of an electrical devise, the neuromonics tinnitus treatment also
       includes personalized counseling and awareness program.
    4. An alternating exposure to the tinnitus signals which aim to engage the limbic system in a
       positive way and induce relaxation.

 Neuromonics tinnitus treatment lasts for about 6 months which combines an acoustic based
cure along with close monitoring.

Some of the cases in which the patients should prefer neuromonics tinnitus treatment to TRT
are as follows:

    1. This treatment aptly suits those people whose hearing is either normal or a little affected.
       For those who face a major hearing loss, the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) is ideal
       with its hearing aids fitted along with the white noise
    2. It is more suitable for those people who have at least a few hours all for themselves. This
       is because this treatment aims to slow down ones heart beat for relaxation. But in case a
       tinnitus patient cannot spare some time due to a hectic schedule or a stressful job, then it
       is better to opt for TRT.
    3. The patients should be interested in music in the first place. If not, then it would be wiser
       to choose the white noise of TRT.

However this treatment has shown better results than others because people tend to stick to this
treatment. So the success rate is higher.

Music is used in this treatment because of its therapeutic properties and pleasantness. Moreover,
music with its dynamic nature provides the much needed intermittent stimulation.

This form of treatment has an edge over others such as TRT .This is because it uses masking in
its initial stages, bringing quick relief to the already upset patients. Secondly, its use of music
instead of white noise makes it popular amongst the patients. Due to the music angle, the
patients tend to complete the therapy with success. Thirdly what makes it more convenient is the
fact that its sound generator has to be worn just for 2-4 hours every day. This is not the case with
TRT in which the Tinnitus masker has to be worn throughout the waking period.

The neuromonics treatment includes 5 stages. These are as follows:

    1. An examination of the degree of Tinnitus as well as hearing.
    2. The audiologist then configures the sound processor.
    3. This is the pre conditioning stage which involves listening sessions. The music therapy
       along with embedded white noise helps in training the brain to take the mind off the
       Tinnitus noise. This is important as it is usually the response to Tinnitus which worsens
       the disorder.
    4. In the active treatment stage, the mind gets trained to such an extent that the tinnitus
       noise gets less disturbing. The patients notice that the disturbance reduces even when
       they are not wearing the neuromonics sound generator.
    5. The last stage is regarding the maintenance which has to be done to fortify the treatment
       of around 6 months. There is usually very little need to put on the generator.

Some people tend to overlook the need for a counseling session. However, it is as essential as
the treatment because it helps the patients understand that Tinnitus has to be controlled by
keeping in check one’s emotional response to it also. The physical electrical device alone cannot
help one alleviate the pain. This is because the Tinnitus is also closely linked with the patients
limbic and nervous system.

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