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					Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is a Boom in the Field of Medicine

As the most advanced approach hitherto, neuromonics tinnitus treatment has proven to be
the most suitable treatment of Tinnitus. This article explains how the specialized
audiologists and Neuromonics clinicians treat this disorder step by step and also the
difference between going in for a general treatment such as TRT and a custom-made one
such as neuromonics tinnitus treatment.

Neuromonics tinnitus treatment is a major breakthrough in the field of medicine which has
been developed meticulously over a span of 10 years with clinical research. Unlike TRT,
neuromonics tinnitus treatment does not use general noise generators for all the patients.
Instead, they use a much advanced and rational approach of customization. The non- customized
generators seem out dated if compared to this latest technology of customization as used in
neuromonics tinnitus treatment. A complete customized .assessment helps the audiologist
check the Tinnitus and the hearing of the patients. Depending on this evaluation, a suitable
customized treatment is suggested.

The neuromonics tinnitus treatment comprises of an auditory therapy and a psychological
counseling. The objective of this treatment is to produce habituation by diminishing the
awareness and disturbance caused by the Tinnitus noise, by retraining the auditory neuro-paths.

It uses Oasis™ a lightweight and small device with a headphone which delivers specially
designed music with a pleasurable audio neural stimulus set in.

Though a complete treatment may last up to 6 months, but the patients have reported to have got
immediate relief. The well trained clinicians provide with info and support to the patients
throughout the treatment.

The treatment begins after the audiologists perform a complete evaluation of the hearing and the

The first stage of the treatment lasts for 2 months or so with the patients wearing the Oasis™
device till a specified time. This stage helps a person get control over their disorder.

The second stage lasts up to 4 months and it helps the brain to produce the neural links which
help it in ignoring or filtering out the Tinnitus noise.

The Neuromonics audiologist chalks out a maintenance program after the successful completion
of the treatment. A number of patients do not need the device after the treatment. However, some
may continue using it for some more time in order to maintain the benefits they have

The neuromonics tinnitus treatment is not a simple TRT or a masker or hearing aid but an
advanced and effective method with a whole lot of unprecedented benefits such as:

       It gives immediate relief
       It treats the underlying cause to cure the problem from its roots
       The relief does not last as long as the treatment but is a long lasting one.
       It does not involve any painful surgery or medicines. Instead it uses the body’s own
        system to get rid of Tinnitus
       15 years of clinical practice has proven this treatment to be effective in 90% of suitable
        Tinnitus cases.
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