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									                                                                         Office for Early Childhood Education and Care

                                                  Fact sheet
A kindergarten program for every child

A flying start for                                          Providing kindergarten programs
                                                           for all
Queensland children                                        The Queensland Government has looked beyond
                                                           a one-size-fits-all approach to achieve access to
                                                           kindergarten for all Queensland children.
A child’s participation in a quality early childhood
education program lays the foundation for their future     An additional 240 kindergarten services will be
success in learning and life.                              provided in areas where they are needed most.

Around 15 000 of Queensland’s 53 000 kindy-age             In order to meet the needs of children from
children participate in an approved kindergarten           working families and their parents, the Queensland
program.                                                   Government will support long day care providers to
                                                           include approved kindergarten programs as part of
The Queensland Government is working to ensure
                                                           their service.
all children can enjoy the lifelong benefits that
kindergarten provides.                                     Around 29 000 kindy-age children currently attend a
                                                           Queensland long day care service, but less than seven
By 2014, all Queensland children will have access to
                                                           per cent of these have access to an education program
a high quality early education program, delivered by a
                                                           delivered by a qualified teacher.
qualified teacher, in the year before they start Prep.
To achieve this, the capacity of Queensland’s existing
kindergarten services will double and approved
kindergarten programs will be introduced into long day
care services.
The quality of kindergarten programs delivered in
Queensland will also be assured under new state
guidelines ensuring children have access to a high
quality early childhood education program no matter
where they live.
The Queensland and Australian governments will
invest up to $889 million to deliver universal access to
kindergarten and an extra 240 kindergarten services
around the state, marking the single largest investment
in kindergarten ever made in Queensland’s history.
Importantly, it is a strong investment in Queensland’s
                                                               Making kindergarten for everyone
                                                               Children’s educational opportunities should not
                                                               be limited by where they live or their personal
                                                               circumstances. That is why the Queensland
                                                               Government is exploring innovative delivery models,
                                                               including mobile and outreach kindergarten programs
                                                               for children living in regional and remote areas.
                                                               Consultation is also underway with key stakeholders
                                                               to better plan for the inclusion of children with
                                                               additional needs. The Queensland Government will
                                                               work with families and industry stakeholders to ensure
                                                               kindergarten services are better placed to meet the
                                                               needs of children with additional needs and continue to
                                                               complement existing government support.

                                                               Creating a skilled workforce
                                                               The delivery of high quality early childhood education
                                                               and care depends on a diverse and highly skilled
                                                               A core element of the government’s reforms is that
                                                               kindergarten programs will be delivered by registered
                                                               teachers with early childhood qualifications, or four-
                                                               year qualified early childhood teachers.
                                                               A workforce strategy to build the capacity of the early
                                                               childhood workforce, including up-skilling existing early
                                                               childhood professionals and attracting new entrants to
                                                               the early childhood education and care sector, will be

                                                               When will my child be eligible to
                                                               attend kindergarten?
                                                               Child born                          2010 2011 2012 2013
                                                               1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006          ✔
                                                               1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007                  ✔
                                                               1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008                        ✔
                                                               1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009                               ✔

For further information
The Office for Early Childhood Education and Care has been      recognised early education programs, and will provide extra
created to bring together responsibility for early childhood   support where needed to ensure children can access early
education and care services in one agency in Queensland.       education services.
The Office is leading the roll-out of universal access to       For more information, visit our website at
kindergarten and supporting long day care services to offer    www.education.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood

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