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					                                   A Different Approach...
  The Newsletter of District 73
   Toastmasters International

The Passion to Succeed

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                                                         Edition 52 • November 2008
From the Editor’s desk...
It’s November! Many Areas are holding their interclub
                                                                                    In this Issue...
competitions. Take this opportunity to go an hear experienced
speakers who have proven they are the best of their clubs. Area
winners will compete at the higher Division level early next
year before going on to the District finals at the convention in                           Click on an item below to go to that page
Hahndorf, South Australia, in May.
Amity Toastmasters has proven there’s nothing like the personal
approach. Sometimes all we need to do is ask and the answer will
be Yes. See how easy it was on page 3.                                                       3     Amity Toastmasters – Window Display
Ballarat Toastmasters are celebrating their 30th birthday in

December. The article on page 5 highlights how much they have
done for their local community and other parts of Victoria over that
                                                                                                   The Toastmasters International Website
All of us need a little extra help on hitting the mark. The article on
page 6 has valuable tips for all speakers.
Southern Cross is your newsletter. Remember, contributions
                                                                                             4     Lilydale Toastmasters on the Trail
are required by the last day of each month for publication the
following month. Text should not include pictures or graphics and
should be unformatted. Photographs and graphics can be supplied
as jpeg, eps or tiff format files and be no larger that 1MB.
                                                                                             5     Reminiscing, Yet Forward Looking
Until next month, happy Toastmastering!
                                                                                             6     3 Reasons Speakers Fail to Hit the Mark
                                                                                             7     Watch Those Deadlines
The views expressed in Southern Cross are not necessarily those of the Editor,
the District Executive, District 73 or Toastmasters International.
Editor: Michelle Monaghan DTM
PO Box 115, Sandringham, Victoria 3191
                                                                                             7     Toastmasters Organisation Service Chart
(03) 9533 1206

Publisher: Bernard Marmion
(03) 9877 4825
                                                                                             8     Welcome to Toastmasters

Contributions are required by the last day of each month for
publication in the following month’s edition. Text should not include
                                                                                             9     Congratulations
pictures or graphics and should be unformatted. Photographs and graphics
can be supplied as jpeg, eps or tiff format and be no larger than 1 megabyte.

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                                                                                            Edition 52 • November 2008
Amity Toastmasters – Window Display                                                                                       Did you know?
by Linda Barton                                                                                                 In 1919 a tanker of molasses burst and the syrup
As Vice President, Public Relations, it was suggested to                                                        killed 21 people and injured 150 in Boston.
me that I approach local book stores, library etc, with
regard to having a window display to promote Amity                                                              “Race Car” spelt backwards is “Race Car”.
The first place I went to was the Angus & Robertson                                                             Apple seeds contain cyanide.
Book Store in York Street, Albany (the centre of town).
They were very happy to accommodate us and the                                                                  Only one U.S. President has been a bachelor
date of 13 October 2008 (Toastmasters International                                                             – James Buchanan.
Day) was agreed upon, with our wares to be on display
for a full week.
                                                                                                                The average smell weighs 760 nanograms.
I collected up our banner, trophies, posters,
photographs (I stuck the latter two items onto two
large sheets of card) and Toastmaster magazines and                                                             There are over half a million feral camels in
went along to the store on the day, where Hayley set it                                                         Australia.
all up for us. I took photos so everyone could see how
good it looked.                                                                                                 “Deeded” is the only English word that uses two
When I went back on the following Monday to collect                                                             letters three times each.
our goods, I asked Hayley if she had noticed many
people looking at the display and she said that each                                                            Extremely loud noises when properly directed
time she came to the front of the store to put out new                                                          can actually bore holes through concrete.
books, there were people stopped and having a good
look. So here’s hoping for some new members in the                                                              A U.K. man with artificial legs is furious after his
very near future.                                                                                               budget airline charged him an excess baggage
I have kept all our goods together and am planning                                                              fee for them.
to do another display, at another venue, early in the
New Year.                                                                                                       A local council threatened to fine a pub for
n Linda Barton is Vice President Public Relations at Amity Toastmasters                                         hosting a poetry group because the pub had a
                                                                                                                licence for singing, not speaking. So the pub has
                                                                                                                banned the group.

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                                                                                         Edition 52 • November 2008
The Toastmasters International Website by Karen Mok
                                                        the information). Once you are logged in, you can There is much more valuable information on the
                                                        change your personal details. You can also view your TMI website. Enjoy discovering it at your leisure!
                                                        membership history including previous awards and n Karen Mok is the Vice President Public Relations
                                                        offices held.                                         of Whitehorse Toastmasters

                                                        3. Find Meeting Locations: Fancy visiting a club
                                                        interstate or overseas? You can find the full list of                           IMPORTANT
                                                        clubs and their details with the search function.                  The new membership coordinator is receiving a number
                                                                                                                           of new members kits back from the post office saying
                                                        Before you next travel, have a look here to locate
                                                                                                                           “undeliverable”. This is very costly and time wasting
                                                        a club at your destination. It’s a great experience                for all concerned. Could the club membership person
                                                        visiting a club with a different culture!                          who is sending the details to Toastmasters International
                                                                                                                           (TI) please make sure the information is correct. Please
                                                        If you wish to explore something specific, use the
                                                                                                                           check the TI website to confirm the details have been
                                                        Site Map to help you locate the required                           entered correctly. This will enable our new members to
                                                        information.                                                       receive their new members kit and the TI magazine.
When you first look at the official Toastmasters
International (TMI) website at,
you may be overwhelmed by the massive amount
of information available. Let us focus on 3 useful      Lilydale Toastmasters On the Trail
sections of the website to start with:                  by Jan Burford
1. Free Resources: In this section, you can watch       A group from Lilydale Toastmasters and their
the “Welcome to Toastmasters” DVD Clip plus other       families recently spent half a day planting 200 trees
testimonial videos. You can also read the past issues   and shrubs along a section of the Warburton Rail
of the Toastmaster magazine dating back to 2002.        Trail which they became the adoptive carers of
                                                        a few years ago. The area is located at the end of
2. Members Site: To access the restricted area you      Summit Road, opposite Queen Road, and has been
will need your TMI login ID and password (Note:         greatly enhanced by the attention received from
these are different to those for logging onto your      this group of happy workers. The Working Bee,
own club’s website. To obtain your TMI login ID         which finished with a barbecue, was thoroughly
or password, follow the link provided on the login      enjoyed by everyone who took part.
page and enter your e-mail address to retrieve          n Jan Burford is the editor of Lilydale Toastmasters’ newsletter
                                                          The Raconteur

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                                                                                                    Edition 52 • November 2008
Reminiscing, Yet Forward Looking by Wayne-Rex Brereton
Ballarat Toastmasters: 1978 – 2008                    belong to if you want to blossom in the domain of             From time to time, Speechcraft workshop programs
Ballarat Toastmasters reached the milestone of 700 leadership and public speaking.                                  are run within the community and for various
meetings in September, and on 3 December 2008, One of the members, Ed Daly has even progressed                      professional groups. This is done by the more
guests are invited from far and wide to celebrate the to the World Championships of Public Speaking                 experienced Toastmaster members over about six
thirty year milestone of Toastmasters International in the United States for three consecutive years.               to eight sessions.
in Ballarat.                                          In past years, Mavis O’Flynn and Andy Dunwoodie               One thing is for sure, Toastmasters Ballarat is fulfilling
In 1977, eight people gathered in Mavis O’Flynn’s have won District 73 Humorous competitions. This                  a need within the community with a dynamic
kitchen to discuss the formation of a Toastmasters has involved competing against three other states                positive approach.
Club. Little did these people know that thirty within Australia.                                                    The 30th Birthday Celebration will be held at the
years on, Ballarat Toastmasters would grow into a          Since 2001, an award has been given for the most         Wendouree Bowling Clubhouse at 7:20pm for
vibrant club with 36 members that it is today. The         inspirational speech and it was named in memory          7:30pm start on Wednesday 3 December 2008
experience demonstrated by the more established            of Peter Tobin OAM. The inaugural award was won          with supper being provided free of charge. Phone
members is profound, with the 10 longest serving           by Rheta Lette with an interesting speech titled, “I’m   Lynette Horrigan on 0419 826 425 or Greg Burgess
members contributing 150 years in collective               a £10 Pom.”This year’s recipient was Mark Thompson       on 0428 561 872 if you would like an invitation to
service. On the other hand, there are five new             who inspired the club with his remarkable story of       this special event.
members that have joined since July. This is surely        survival after becoming trapped underneath his           n Wayne-Rex Brereton is the Vice President Public Relations
a reflective barometer of the club’s health and an         yacht whilst sailing across Bass Strait in 2005.           of Ballarat Toastmasters
indicator of the value of ‘Toastmastering’ as seen         Five current members have been Area Governors
by the general Ballarat community. Surveying the           and two, Alan Hood and Lynette Horrigan, have
various characters within the club, one observes a         been Division Governors. Lynette has even been
richness and diversity in the personalities that are       awarded Division Governor of the Year in 2004 for
drawn to Ballarat Toastmasters.                            outstanding organisational attributes; for assisting
What is Toastmasters? It is an international               area governors to encourage and look after the
organisation that helps people to listen, think, speak     welfare of their clubs.
and build vital skills in self-confidence. The tone of     Members of the Ballarat Club frequently give up
meetings is set to create an extremely supportive          their own time to visit and encourage other less
and encouraging culture to help people achieve                                                                      back row:
                                                           developed clubs within the region such as those in       Lynette Horrigan (25 years service), Neil Sinclair (17 years service)
their full potential. It is certainly an organisation to   Geelong, Colac and Sunbury to name a few.                front row:
                                                                                                                    Alan Hood (16 years service), Geoff Dodds (17 years service)

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                                                                                                   Edition 52 • November 2008
3 Reasons Speakers Fail to Hit the Mark by Patricia Fripp and Jeff Davidson
There are many ways to successfully deliver a          2 Failing to Know Your Audience                       don’t accept the presentation. Without this
presentation and many more to fail at it. Here         Beyond understanding the setting and why you are information, your presentation may hit the mark if
are three common mistakes that speakers make,          invited to speak, knowing the audience is itself an you are incredibly lucky, but chances are that you
professional speakers included; all three have to do   art and a science.                                    will simply dance around the periphery of what you
with a lack of adequate preparation.                                                                         need to do and say to be successful. If it’s a one-time
                                                       • Who are they?                                       presentation, and you don’t intend to do much more
1 Not Understanding the Assignment
                                                       • What is their age range?                            speaking, you’ll probably be able to get away with
Before ever leaving your own office, it is critical to                                                       this. If you want to speak professionally, however,
understand why you have been scheduled to speak • What is their educational background?                      there is no effective substitute for “knowing the
to this group at this time. Such understanding • How long have they been with the organisation? audience.”
necessitates that you read about the organisation,
get information about the audience’s current • What is this particular meeting designed to do?               3 Not Arriving With Sufficient Clearance Time
challenges and hot buttons, and learn what the Probe even further. How far have they come? Do Whether your presentation is across the world,
meeting planner has in mind for the presentation.      they know each other or are they assembling for across the country, or across town, increase your
Five-minute conversations over the phone with a the first time? What will they hear before and after probability of success by arriving in plenty of time.
meeting planner do not tend to supply you with all the presentation? What did they hear last year or This may require coming in the night before you’re
you need to know in that area.                         at a similar meeting? How would they like to feel scheduled to present.
                                                       and what would they like to “get” as a result of your
If you’re a celebrity speaker, you are brought in so presentation -- when they leave the room, how will When you arrive early, you gain a considerable
that people in the audience can go home and say they be changed?                                             advantage which can often be the make-or-break
“I saw so and so.” It barely matters what you speak                                                          factor in the success of your presentation. You get
about as long as you are semi-coherent and don’t As you can quickly surmise, the answers to these to settle in, calm down, check out the facilities, walk
offend the group. From the rest of us, however, the questions are not ones that you can intuit. You have the room, talk to people, check out equipment, and
people in the seats desire to hear ideas and concepts to ask the meeting professional who hired you, the arrange things. In doing so, you give yourself the
that directly relate to the professional and personal movers and shakers who will be in attendance, edge over the speaker who arrives “just in time.”
challenges they face. Or, they want to hear about and other key operatives of the organisation. This These days, with affordable mobile technology, you
issues of universal importance, i.e. affecting their usually requires an email or fax request, sometimes can be productive all day long wherever you are, so
communities, state, nation, or the planet. The only reviewing the questions by phone since your arrive early!
way to come armed with the proper information contacts will be very busy.
                                                                                                             n Submitted by District 73 Governor Bernard Marmion
about the scenario and setting is to spend at least Unless you find answers to these types of questions,
an hour researching the group and the situation.       and there isn’t much more that you could know,

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                                                                                         Edition 52 • November 2008
Watch those
Deadline Dates!
by Damian Chong DTM
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training
Effective 1 July, Toastmasters has changed policy to
keep up with the times – and it will affect your club
or district. In the past, submissions were considered
on time for credit in the distinguished programs if
they were postmarked by 30 June or 31 December,
and received at World Headquarters by 7 July or 7
January depending on the time of year.
The reason for this was fairness. A club located close
to World Headquarters could hand-carry in some
paperwork on 30 June, while a club located farther
away had to take mailing delays into account. Now,
technology allows any club in the world to send
in forms in a variety of ways that allows any club
or district from around the world to submit items
on time.
So, there is no longer a need for a grace period for
on time credit. While we must all be more mindful of
the calendar, every Toastmaster can also be happy
about the fact that these new, solid deadlines will
result in speedier recognition results at year-end.
                                                                                                                  n Submitted by Bruce Hill DTM

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                                                                    Edition 52 • November 2008
Welcome to Toastmasters...
Club                      New Member                Club                New Member              Club                    New Member
AIAWA Club                Cathy Warburton           City of Perth       Jeradine K Sein         National Aust Bank      Sid Gupta
Alfred Hospital           Michael C Warmington      Coomes              Christopher Mahon       Nillumbik               Ron Prasad
Amity                     Pamela K Wignall          Curtin GSB          James A Pederick        Nillumbik               Mahroof M Noor
ANZ Talk of the Town      Thuy Tram Tao             Curtin GSB          Kenneth Hammat          Nillumbik               Mazeena Mahroof
Balaclava                 Clothilde Yip-Tong        Curtin GSB          Gareth R Evans          Nine-90                 Kelly Walker
Balaclava                 Peter G Waddell           Dandenong Ranges    Adrian S Maraspin       Nine-90                 Betty Minglis
Balaclava                 Allan Nganga              Dandenong Ranges    John L Stares           Nine-90                 Ildiko Nagy
Boroondara                Kaye Paton                Dandenong Ranges    Farha Momandwall        Nine-90                 Natvar Bilimoria
Boroondara                Srilal Manatunga          Dandenong Ranges    Shapur Momandwall       Nine-90                 Claudia Ho
Box Hill                  Shaun Gabrielle           Diamond Valley      Frances M McDonald      Northbridge             Maria E Kubik
Box Hill                  Eliza M Oakley            Diamond Valley      Cameron Kerr Lockhart   Northbridge             Deanna A Francke
Business Talk             Raymond Wang              Docklands           Gavin Tan               Northern Exposure       Anne M Maher
Business Talk             Nadia Hassan              Docklands           Chindar Teo             Northern Exposure       Timothy J Cochrane
Business Talk             Jo Stephenson             East Gippsland      Sheila Cross            Northern Exposure       Colin Standing
Business Talk             Joanna Gazzi              East Gippsland      Sandi J Anderson        Northern Lights         Charlene E Barnard
Business Talk             Alessio Bresciani         Eastern Shore       Mark Divin              Northern Lights         Charles A Barnard
Business Talk             Jose Yanes                Electric Toasters   Murali Mahendran        Prospeak                Rowan D Beh
Business Talk             Alicia McAllister         Electric Toasters   Michelle Woon           Prospeak                Vicki Thiel
Business Talk             Nirpal Singh              Essendon            Malinda M Radford       Pushing the Envelope    Bobbie Matthews
Business Talk             Suman Kathimanda          Essendon            Anton Mihoc             Ringwood                Glenn Morrow
Business Talk             Katherine A Cunningham    Essendon            Carolyn S Layton        Rising Stars            Pauline J Baltov
Business Talk             Luke W Maguire            Footscray Skyline   Melanie Pollock         Rising Stars            Chittaranjan Pathak
Canning Vale              Steven A Minderman        Geelong             Stephanie Beard         Rowville                Rob A Cherubin
Chesterville Chatterers   Michael Nguyen            Geelong             Carol O’Loughlin        Sandgroper              Browen Jones
Chesterville Chatterers   Fariz I Rahmansyah        Geelong             Robert Hindell          Shepparton              Helen Tricarico
Chesterville Chatterers   Johanes Astra             Glen Waverley       Andrew M James          South Melbourne         Kirsty B MacCulloch
Chesterville Chatterers   Ram Balasubramanian       Hawthorn            Chaoping Tong           Southsiders             John Bradley
City Centre               Yumi Ishikawa             Kingston            Gabriele Y M Kwan       Speak Easy              Julie Green
City Centre               Darryn J Sim              Maccabi             Janice Iloni            Speak Easy              Robert Hynes
City Centre               Karl Stoltz               Macedon Ranges      Shirley P Myers         St Georges              Rebecca Collins
City Of Perth             Kelly D Meyn              Monash              Travis K McKay          St Georges              Jim Eriyagama
City of Perth             Meghann Roberts           Monash              Ender Baynazoglu                                          continued next page

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                                                                                Edition 48 • July 2008
Welcome to Toastmasters...
continued from previous page
Club                           New Member             The following people have achieved Educational
Stirling                       Nicola A Smith         Awards during the month of October.
Stirling                       Mel Trifiletti
Swan                           Buddy Khouri           Advanced Leader Silver                           Competent Communicator
Swan                           Lyndsey Orchard        Rob Boykett               DSTO Melbourne         Brett Dallas Arnold      Pushing The Envelope
Talking Blue                   Sundar Soundararajan   Mark A Richards           Canning Vale           Barbara Wiltrude
Talking Blue                   Kiia Liind                                                                         Carol Baldwin Champion
Talking Blue                   Paul Winters
                                                      Competent Leader                                 Mridula Madhava Bhat     Champion
Telstra Exhibition             Jarrod Roberts                                                          Marlena Brabant          Durack
                                                      Neil M Brandis            Northern Lights
Telstra Exhibition             Kamal K Salwan                                                          Maria Angeline Budianto  City Centre
Telstra Exhibition             Robert Vasak                                                            Mark Chenoweth           Mandjar Speakers
The Dynamos                    Amy J Prendergast      Advanced Communicator Gold
                                                      Ted F Billson          Sinclair Knight Merz      Val Delvescovo           Brimbank
The Gavellers                  Mirna Saad
                                                      Bernard M Marmion      Whitehorse                Clive Jackson            The Gavellers
The Gavellers                  Sunita Kadambi
Touch of Gold                  Linda R Parker         Mark A Richards        Canning Vale              David A Lyons            Five-O-Five
Trackside                      Khoa D Bui                                                              Irene Lu                 Five-O-Five
UWA                            Kai Peng Chong                                                          Rene William Priest      Foothills
                                                      Advanced Communicator Silver
UWA                            Bevan R Harris                                                          Brian Rankin             RMIT
                                                      Lea D Fernance         Jetty Toastmasters
Valewood                       Shiby A Marattukalam                                                    Pietro Spadafora         Moonee Ponds
                                                      Bert H Naik            Pushing The Envelope
Victoria Quay                  Frank Lindsay                                                           Vivienne Kay Triplett    Northern Exposure
Victoria Quay                  David Raftery
Whitehorse                     Raymond Indrawan       Advanced Communicator Bronze
Whitehorse                     Greer McGearey         Amelia L Anderson      Glen Waverley
Williamstown                   Adrian M Borsi         Darin Bice             Sinclair Knight Merz
Williamstown                   Dita Georgiadis
Williamstown                   Richard C McPherson
Yarra Valley Water             Virginia Collins
Yarra Valley Water             Belinda Maxwell             “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug
Yarra Valley Water             Maarten De Beurrs
Yarra Valley Water
Yarra Valley Water
                               Michael Dunlevie
                               Winnie So
                                                                       used by mankind.”
                                                                                                                               Use QR Codes with your Mobile
Yarra Valley Water             Truc Tran                                        – Rudyard Kipling                                   Phone to connect with us
Young Guns                     Ivan Kusnadi

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                                                                               Edition 52 • November 2008

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