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									                                               Horniman News
                 Issue 107                   www.horniman.lewisham.sch.uk                                                    06/11/2009
                        Horniman Drive, London SE23 3BP Tel: 020 8699 3190 Fax: 020 8699 9911
                          To receive this letter by email please send a request to admin@horniman.lewisham.sch.uk

IMPACT WORKSHOPS                                                     PTA NEWS
IMPACT (Involving More Children and Parents Together)                Bring and Buy Sale - Tomorrow
Workshops are taking place next week for YR3 (Tuesday)               You are all invited to the first ever Horniman bring and buy
and YR4 (Wednesday). We hope that all YR3 and YR4 par-               sale - Saturday November 7th, 1pm - 4pm in the school hall.
ents and carers will be able to attend these workshops.              The aim is to raise lots of money for school and for you to
                                                                     empty out your home of unwanted things. Donations can be
ANTI-BULLYING WEEK (16th - 20th November)                            brought to school today or tomorrow morning. The ONLY
The theme for National Anti-Bullying week this year is ‘Cyber        donations we are looking for are GOOD QUALITY:
Bullying’. Each year children take part in activities which          1.       Cakes and biscuit (no nuts)
focus on different aspects of bullying and friendship issues.        2.       Kids toys
In addition to the National theme we will also be focusing on        3.       Baby clothes
peer mediators and strategies for resolving situations.              4.       DVDs and CDs
There are several ways parents and carers can get involved           5.       Kids and adult clothes
in the week -                                                        6.       Books
‘Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet’                            7.       'Bric a brac' - e.g.: ornaments/kitchen utensils (no elec-
Andrew Pickering will be leading a parent/carer workshop at          trical items)
9.30am on Friday 20th November in the ICT suite to look at           Christmas Trees
safe Internet use and cyber bullying. More information to            The PTA will soon be taking bookings at the Bring and Buy
follow.                                                              sale for your order for good quality drop and non drop Christ-
                                                                     mas trees. We have set the prices slightly below those set by
ROAD SAFETY PLAY                                                     local suppliers to help you make the right choice.
Today the MOMO Theatre Group gave a performance to all               Winter Wonderland Ball
children about road safety, sustainable transport and jour-          Friday 11th December, 6pm - 9pm at school
neys to school. The children really enjoyed the performance          We have named the date for the biggest event of the Autumn
and had fun joining in with the performers.                          term - the end of term ball. Entertainment has been booked.
                                                                     Put the date in your diary now. Tickets will go on sale soon
                                                                     Last Choir Standing
India and Tyra in YR5 have asked to organise a cake sale to
                                                                     Do you like singing? Would you like to join a choir? The PTA
support Children in Need. They have also suggested a pic-
                                                                     are putting together a choir. It will rehearse on Monday eve-
ture competition - ‘Pudsey in the Kitchen’. The pictures will
                                                                     nings at school. Its first concert will be at the end of the Win-
be judged by Margaret, our school cook. Please see India
                                                                     ter Wonderland Ball - a sing off against the staff to be 'the last
and Tyra’s poster over leaf. More information will follow
                                                                     choir standing'. Interested? Fill in the slip (below) and return
next week.
                                                                     it to the school office.
The best class at getting to school on time this week was                         Horniman Community Notice board
YR6 with only 2 lates. Well done YR6!                                        To place a free item on the notice board, email waymanjc@gmail.com
                                                                                          or hand a note to Jo (Benjamin's mum, YR2)
STAFF NEWS                                                                                           Events
Classes requiring cover next week are as follows:                       Reminder... this weekend… Twisted-Vintage Jewellery
Wednesday (AM) YR6              TBC                                     Sale. Fri. 6th November from 9-2pm; Sat. 7th November from
                                                                        11-2pm at 75 Horniman Drive. We recycle, customize and
Thursday            REC         TBC
                                                                        revive vintage jewellery, creating bespoke & unique pieces.
                                                                        Come and have a look at our new autumn/winter collection
                                                                        and pick up that special gift…. Contact Brigitte & Caroline on
IMPACT Workshop (YR3)      Tues 10th Nov at 9.00am
IMPACT Workshop (YR4)      Wed 11th Nov at 9.00am                                                   Services
Anti-Bullying Assembly     Fri 20th Nov at 10.30am                      Fairlawn Mum makes a variety of novelty cakes,
Children in Need Cake Sale Fri 20th Nov                                 cupcakes and biscuits for your little angel’s special day
KS1 Christmas Performance  Tues 15th Dec 2.00pm                         (Birthday, Christening, Baby shower). All personalised with
KS2 Christmas Performance  Wed 16th Dec 9.30am                          child’s name/age. A portfolio of my cakes can be seen.
KS1 Christmas Party        Wed 16th Dec (PM)                            Contact Selena on 07943 329924.
KS2 Christmas Party        Thurs 17th Dec (PM)

                                          Horniman Primary School PTA Choir

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I would like to join the PTA choir                 (please tick)

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