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SCR Quarterly                                                 Academia

Term 2, 2008                                                                                       Volume 3, issue 2

A Message from the SCR President                                                              Inside this issue:

                              keep things rolling along       night or ask Pip before
                              we are holding a cocktail       hand), see how we can help
                              party on the 6th May.           with the 40th celebrations in   Albies Alumnus         2
                              Wonderful cocktails, beer       09 and have a quick look at
                              and wine will be on sale        using some of our funds to      New SCR in 2008        3
                              and the normal huge plates      support students and
                              of nibbles will be on offer.    maybe spruce up the SCR a       Student News           4
                              Please come along, catch        little.
Dr Paul Frazier               up with friends and support
2008 President                the SCR.                      Term 2 also signifies the         Academic Results       5
                                                            start of the rugby and
Welcome to term 2. I trust Immediately, prior to the        netball seasons. As usual
everyone is well and that      cocktail party (5.45-6.30 in our teams are looking             Parents Weekend        6
the students are getting       the SCR) we are holding a strong and are likely to
down to some serious           general meeting of the       perform well. Loud and
study at the pointy end of SCR, so I guess you can see biased support from SCR is             SCR Activities         7
the semester.                  that the party is a very     always welcome so turn up
                               lightly camouflaged bribe    and have a yell.                  College Matters        8
Firstly, I’d like to thank the to get you to come to the
SCR for raising $2200 in       first general meeting for    I am also very pleased to
the fundraising bucket for 2008.                            announce that we have 15          Albies Graduates       8
the two boys riding for                                     new members. Too many
charity. A good effort and Our agenda is simple and         to list here but if you see a
the boys send their sincere straightforward I’d like us new face at a function,
thanks.                        to have a look at the SCR    make sure to say g’day.
                               constitution (yes we have
Term 2 is a bit of a quiet     one in draft form, copies    All the best.
term for the SCR so to         will be available on the     Paul Frazier

Our Students in Print...
Dylan Duncan, Amy Watt and ex-Albies resident Kathleen Marshall travelled to the
US to attend the Meat Judging National American Competition held at the Denver
Stock Show, Colorado. Our students were among the only five students selected
nationwide to represent Australia in the USA. This is quite a coup for Albies as over 80
tertiary students from across Australia competed for a place in the Australian Team.
For the final cherry on top, Dylan took out the Junior Beef Judging Competition and
Amy & Kathleen finished in the top 20 overall.                                                    Kathleen Marshall,
                                                                                              Dylan Duncan & Amy Watt
Braeden Donnelly’s essay on comparative federalism took out 2nd place in the 2007
Governor-General’s Undergraduate Essay Competition. Over 700 undergraduate
students nationwide submitted essays choosing from a range of nine possible topics.
Braeden chose one that required him to analyse contrasting patterns in the
development of federalism in Canada and Australia, and suggest lessons that nations
like Iraq might draw from such an analysis when contemplating the introduction of a
federal system. Braeden accepted his award in March from the Governor-General,
                                                                                              Dr Jim Maher (Lecturer) &
Major Michael Jeffery at Admiralty House.
                                                                                                  Braeden Donnelly

Nat Groves & Matt Shepherd, residents of Albies between 2003 & 2006 recently
completed a mammoth charity bike ride across the Nullarbor to raise funds for
ParaQuad NSW. The two completed the trek on schedule departing from Fremantle
WA on 27 February and arriving in Bondi, NSW on 20 March. If that wasn’t enough
they then held a fundraising dinner that evening at St Ignatius College, Riverview.
Overall they raised over $35,000 and still counting. Both were inspired by two of their              Nat Groves &
mates that now face life-challenging hurdles due to spinal cord injury.                              Matt Shepherd
    SCR Quarterly                                                                                                           Page 2

Albies Alumnus—Greg Eddy (Student Years 1978-1981)
                    Greg Eddy was a student of St Albert’s College between 1978 and 1981 and was our Dean of Students between
                    1991 & 1995.

                    Here are some of Greg’s recollections of his time with us:

                    Funniest memory of College: Hosting on Top E what Fr Hallinan (Master at the time) called “the most
                    outrageous” party he had ever seen at Albies.

Best lesson learnt at College: Be careful when hosting outrageous parties.

What did you learn at College that has served you through life? How important those years are for developing friendships
and experiences for later life.

Best advice you received from College: Fr Hallinan was an outstanding man (and still is). By his very example he taught me
many valuable lessons.

Are you still in contact with any of your old College friends: Yes – quite a few and I enjoy catching up with people when we
have our annual “reunion” in Brisbane at the end of a year. TD has done a great job getting that organized and it would be good if
more came along.

Favourite meal at College: Not a favourite but the funniest – In 1980, Dulcify was the favourite for the Melbourne Cup. In the
home stretch Dulcify broke down and later had to be shot on course. That evening’s dinner was impossible to describe and TD
(Tony Dennis), quick witted as always, christened it “Dulcify Pie”.

Favourite social activity: A night at the Grand Hotel

Extra curricular activities: Most PT sports and a very average Rugby player – great claim to fame was being “Vatican All Star”
of the year in my final year.

Life since Albies:

∗       1982-1990: I taught at St Stanislaus College . I was Head of History for the last four years, spent some time as Housemaster
        and coached swimming and the Ist XV (1987-1990) – I was a better coach than a player!! I completed a Masters degree
        externally through UNE and enjoyed calling in on the College while there for an external school.

∗       1990: Fr Kevin Sunders (Master at Albies) asked me if I would be interested in the Dean’s position. I started in May of that
        year and spent four years as Dean. It was the best decision I ever made. I soon met my wife (Thérèse Comerford had just
        returned to Armidale to teach at TAS). Terry, as she was better known, was at Mary White from 1979-1982 and while we
        had many friends in common we hadn’t met before). We were introduced by Peter Cunich at an Albies Reunion in
        September 1991 and were married in January 1993. Our three sons James (14), Nicholas (12) and Luke (10) were all born in
        Armidale and were all baptized by different Dominicans (Fathers Saunders, Mutlow and Foote).

∗       1995: I was appointed Master at Earle Page College and served on the University Council for a year in 1998-99.

∗       Towards the end of 1999, I was appointed Principal and CEO at Dunmore Lang College, an independent College within
        Macquarie University. During those years I completed a Company Directors’ Course and was elected a Fellow of the
        Australian Institute of Company Directors.

∗       Late 2004: I was appointed Master and Chief Executive at King’s College within The University of Queensland and have
        just commenced my fourth year in that role. Thérèse spends two days each week working for the College’s Foundation and
        our three sons are all at Marist College Ashgrove.

We wish Greg all the best and hope he returns once again to Albies for our 40 year reunion in 2009.

                                                  KINGS                COLLEGE
 Page 3                                                                                        Volume 3, issue 2

New SCR in 2008
Mr Charlie & Mrs Maria Allen
Charlie holds a B. Science, DipEd and GradCert in Religious Education and is a qualified teacher of high school Maths. Charlie is
married to Maria and they have 3 children, know grown.

Mr John & Mrs Janet Kauter
John & Janet have 3 children, daughter Patricia Kauter attended Albies in 1999, and they’re other daughter will be applying for Albies in
2009. He is currently the UNE Student Recruitment Manager and UNE Alumnus – MBA 2000, he is a member of the Pathways
Working Party and sits on the Online Courses Committee. Janet is a Registered Nurse specialising in Theatre, Gastroenterology and

Ms Jo McRae
Jo is an Albies alumnus an attended Albies in 1992. She graduated with a B. Social Science and has experience in project management,
management, service development & community development. She worked and lived in Western NSW for 10 years. Jo is married to
Lindsay and has 2 children. She is currently the Year 1 Manager at the School of Rural Medicine commencing in October 2007. Lindsay
works as an agronomist for Richardson’s Agricultural.

Mr Nick Flood
Nick is a recent Albies alumnus attending Albies between 2003 & 2006. He graduated with a B. Education (Primary) and is currently
completing a Masters of Business Administration. Nick works as a Schools Liaison Officer with Marketing and Public Affairs.

Dr Darren Ryder
Darren holds a PhD in Natural Resouce Management and Aquatic Ecology. Is a Post Doctoral Fellow (ARC) at Charles Sturt Univers-
sity (Wagga) - worked as a Lecturer for UNE in 2003 and then Senior Lecturer in 2006. Darren grew up around Kalgoorlie (WA), went
to boarding school in Perth. Tried his hand at mining after leaving high school, driving trucks and shotfiring. Then went to college for 2
years doing forestry - became a forester in WA. Left that and went to ECU and became interested in freshwater. Did honours & PhD at
ECU, then off to CSU in Wagga for Postdoctoral work, then to UNE in 2003. As such, I have very diverse interest, expertise & skills.

Dr Karl Vernes
Karl is a Senior Lecturer in vertebrate ecology, scientific writing skills, data analysis and presentation skills and skills in experimental
design. Karl holds a B, Science, M. Science & PhD graduate from James Cook Uni, and completed a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship in
Canada before joining Ecosystem Management at UNE in 2003. Karl is married and has 3 children.

Mr Anthony & Mrs Suzanne Fern
Suzanne is the Principle of St Mary’s Primary School. She holds a B. Education and DipEd from the Catholic College of Education. She
also holds a M. Ed from Deakin University and M. Educational Leadership from ACU. She is married to Anthony who has also
completed a B. Education and DipEd through CCE and is currently working at St Mary of the Angels School, Guyra. Suzanne &
Anthony have three children and only moved to Armidale in 2008.

Ms Vicki Anderson
Vicki is currently the Director of Human Resource Services at UNE and is new to the Armidale region.

Mr Stuart & Mrs Katrina George
Stuart & Katrina manage Peterson’s Winery specialising in cool climate wines. They currently plant Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling,
Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Their first harvest was in 2002. The historic home 'Palmerston' built in 1911 was
restored in line with the architecture of the original home and transformed into Peterson’s Guesthouse, which Stuart and Katrina also
run in conjunction with the winery.

Mr Darren & Mrs Leanne Thomas
Darren & Leanne manage the Wicklow Hotel in Armidale. The Wicklow has been a part of Armidale since 1852 and is the New England
region’s oldest licensed establishment.

Mr Rob & Mrs Lou Tindale
Rob Tindale is a physiotherapist in Armidale and is also the New England Physiotherapist for NIAS (Northern Inland Academy of
Sport) and is married to Lou Tindale.

Dr Chris & Mrs Gennie Gittoes
Chris is a GP based in Tamworth and his wife Gennie is the Regional Service Manager for NSW Farmers Association
                          On behalf of the Senior Common Room and the students of St. Albert’s College,
                                we extend a very warm welcome to all our new members this year.
                                        We look forward to having you as part of our family.
             SCR Quarterly                                                                                                          Page 4

                               Student News
                               Resident Support Team (RST)
                               During the week prior to O’Week the RST set broad goals for the year ahead. The main goal is to
                               increase college spirit and participation in all facets of college life. During first term there have been
                               numerous MB and PT events, which is the inter-college sporting competition. These events have been
                               keenly attended by our students; however we will be aiming to improve on that again throughout the
                               year. We have also had two SFK events in first term with encouraging results. The College support and
                               support from SCR members at these events was extremely encouraging. We held a combined RST/SCR
                               BBQ at Paul & Cheryl Campbell’s woolshed, this allowed RST members to get to know the SCR
                               members, which was an enjoyable occasion and one that should be implemented annually.
                               On the whole, this term has been extremely hectic for the RST, nevertheless extremely rewarding. The
          Charlie Mill         RST are doing a fantastic job in leading by example and ensuring that the College runs efficiently and
    Senior Resident Advisor
                               smoothly. The RST has really worked well as a team and have had no trouble working on the same
                               wavelength on particular issues. As the term draws to a close and an important term ahead, we now shift
                               our focus to our academic endeavours.
                               Our Academic Advisors have spearheaded the academic support program in their relevant faculties, also
                               being greatly assisted by Charlie’s team of RAs. Through this academic program, the student body will
                               benefit from having a more cohesive and extensive academic support team to act as a supplement to up-
                               top tutorage. Introductory session have already been completed which has ensured that freshers know
                               who their relevant AA is and in what ways they can be of service to them. A number of subject specific
                               sessions have also been run especially in problem subjects and where we feel the freshers are struggling.
                               The AA team has also made themselves available for one on one support through their open door policy.
                               The AA’s have reported that freshers have been making valuable use of this policy and are continuing to
                               improve as they gain a better understanding of what is required of them at university.
         Luke Volker
   Senior Academic Advisor     In 2008, the academic support team are looking to become more involved with the SCR members who
                               are more than willing to volunteer to help out with academic tutorial sessions. The SCR members can
                               offer students a vast array of support thorugh their knowledge and experiences and this year AA team
                               plans to take advantage of that. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Dr John Flynn who is
                               currently meeting and working with the new medical students on a regular basis to ensure the medical
                               school’s success.
                               Sports Club
                               St. Albert’s College was successful in wining the annual rugby fresher match against Robb College for the
                               sixth consecutive year as well as winning the fresher netball match. On 29 March, Albies too on SCU
                               Bathurst in 3 grades and were victorious in colts and 2nd grade, however, were outclassed in first grade.
                               During the term the annual Southwell-Hannaford memorial rugby match was played against Narrabri,
                               which saw Albies narrowly defeated, the support from the students was outstanding.
         Dave Liuzzo           Junior Common Room
     Sports Club President     This year has started off well with a very enjoyable and successful O’Week. This week saw the JCR
                               executive and committees in full flight with helping freshers to settle in to organising a fun packed week
                               full of social functions. Parents commented on how well they were welcomed by the sea of JCR yellow
                               shirts and how it made them very happy. SFK started the year in excellent style with the Albies public
                               speaking competition going off with a bang thanks to Ollie Loveday. The theatre sports event came away
                               with a credible 2nd—thanks goes to Andrew Burke, Chris Monkton, Pip Henry, Jessi le Brocq, Dan
                               Stephen and Nicole Findlay. Albies had the largest crowds at both of these events demonstrating our
                               growing support for the SFK. The men’s and women’s PT/MB sporting competitions has seen a huge
                               involvement across the term. We have had some outstanding results in some of these events particularly
                               in the rugby 10s and the 3000m and 5000m.
                               St Albert’s College has decided to support the drought relief fund and we feel this charity is very relevant
                               for the area and its relation to the residents at College. Early next term the College will be involved in the
         Tom Cullen            Red Shield Door Knock Appeal where the money will go towards drought affected families. Albies
Junior Common Room President
                               students also attended the Campus to City Canter raising funds for the local SES. The College team in
                               2nd overall in the UNE division.
Page 5                                                                       Volume 3, issue 2

                Academic Results—S2 2007—We’ve done it again...
                                        5 HIGH DISTINCTION AVERAGES
                                          50 DISTINCTION AVERAGES
                                            111 CREDIT AVERAGES


                                          High Distinction Average

    Fiona Congdon       Aimee Grace    Sandra Huntly-Nott        Rebecca Parnell    Karina McCullough

                                             Distinction Average

   Sarah Abrahamse              Susannah Dillon             Fiona Jamieson             Jesse Smith
   Fiona Biddle                 Braeden Donnelly            Ashley Johnston            Michael Smith
   Andrew Brigden               Dan Drum                    Caroline Laurie            Kirby Stacey
   Gillian Burke                Rodney Dunlop               James Maltby               Megan Star
   Sarah-Jane Byrnes            Mishelle Fealy              Carla McBride              Dan Stephen
   Jacob Chandler               Nicole Findlay              Charlie Mill               Wendy Thomas
   Sarah Christianson           Amanda Gaukroger            Joseph Miller              Connor van den Berg
   Skye Cochrane                Jessica Gill                Dan Murphy                 Luke Volker
   Bradley Condon               Sally Hatton                Shelly Piper               Suz Walker
   Andrea Conn                  Casey Hazlewood             Michelle Rafferty          Dan Whale
   Philip Davis                 Sarah Heagney               Tim Salmon                 Sarah-Jane Wilkin
   Anna Dawson                  Jodie Ireland               Megan Sinderberry          Ella Williams

                                                Credit Average

   Dave Allen                   Michael Doolan              Tahnee Laycock             Karly Rixon
   Samantha Allgood             Dylan Duncan                Pippie Lee                 Anna Robinson
   Bourtney atkins              Sarah Dutton                Sally Leedham              Prue Roddy
   Emma Baker                   Josh Easter                 Dave Liuzzo                Rebecca Ryan
   Emily banfield               Corrina Eyles               Abbey MacPherson           Zoe Saunders
   Kai Barnes                   Andrew Falk                 Chaddy Mardini             Will Schiller
   James Bartley                Alicia Fehily               Coreena Martin             Matthew Sharp
   Elyse Beck                   Tom Flynn                   Jason Martin               Carly Sims
   Jessica Beitz                Isaac Foley                 Rowena McDonald            Emily Southwell
   Nicholas Berry               Fiona Gill                  Belinda McGilchrist        Adam Stacey
   Kirra Bogan                  Emma Gillogly               Melanie McGilchrist        Lewis Sweet
   Jess Bower                   Luke Gleeson                Richard McGuire            Sandy Taylor
   Laura Boyle                  Lindsay Gunther             Jessica McMahon            Ben Thomas
   Michael Boyle                Melinda Gurd                Sam Montgomery             Chris Thomas
   Belinda Brien                Roxann Hall                 Scotney Moore              Erin Thompson
   Matt Browning                Georgina Hamilton           Amanda Morison             David Timmins
   Deirdre Burke                Merryn Hedditch             Jess Morris                Cara Tough
   Georgina Cameron             Simon Hegarty               Jess Naylor                Jenna Tritton
   Tina Cameron                 Nicole Hellyer              Jess Newton                Amber Wales
   Sarah Canham                 Rebecca Hindley             Kathleen O’Keefe           Daniel Walsh
   Trudy Carthew                Lisa Holder                 Chantelle Palmer           Katie-Anne Warren
   Samantha Clifton             Sarah Horsburgh             Kyrie Pattison             Jodie Watters
   Phoebe Connors               Sarah Howard                Tom Perry                  Sarah Webb
   Josh Coulthurst              Annabelle Johnstone         Tom Quigley                Amy Wells
   Jamie Cowell                 Megan Kirby                 Emma Remond                Erin Wilde
   Tamika Dawson                Laura Knight                Rebecca Richardson         Katrina Wynne
   Andrew Dickson               Lisa Kok                    Shane Rily
    SCR Quarterly                                                                                                      Page 6

Parents’ Weekend—17-18 May 2008
Saturday 19 May
9am – Midday:     NETBALL
                  Come and support our ten netball teams as they compete against other colleges.

                  BREAKFAST IS ALSO SERVED...

11:30am-5:30pm: RUGBY
                Enjoy an afternoon at the football as Albies takes on our rivals
        Robb College. Games begin with colts and finish with our
                premier 1st XV side.

                  LUNCH IS ALSO SERVED...

6:30pm            PARENTS WEEKEND BALL
for 7:30pm:       One of the most anticipated events of the year by our students

                  DINNER IS SERVED...

                  •      Full sized marquee located on the grounds of St. Albert’s College.
                  •      Fabulous meal by Chef
                  •      Full bar facilities
                  •      Live entertainment till late—for your pleasure

                  Cost will be $60.00pp

                  Expression of Interest from SCR members is respectfully requested.
                  If you wish to be placed on a list for seating
                  Please email Pip on pkneen3@une.edu.au

                  The College feels that it is incredibly important that parent’s also
                  have the opportunity to meet the people that host, mentor and guide
                  their children in their life journey.

Sunday 20 May
                                    KICK BACK AND RELAX...

                                    7.30am—10:00am:                 Breakfast

                                    10:00-11:00am:                  Dining Hall closes

                                    11:00am:                        Dining Hall reopens for tea & coffee

                                    11.30am:                        Mass in the College Chapel

                                    12.30pm:                        BBQ lunch for those parents that just can’t drag
                                                                    themselves away.
Page 7                                                                                           Volume 3, issue 2

SCR Activities—Term II
 Term II is the time where our students require focus on their academic responsibilities. However,                      Caught on
 there are a couple of functions that we warmly encourage SCR members to attend and we look
 forward to seeing you at these events.                                                                                  camera
                                                                                                                       Albies Graduates

 SCR General Meeting & Cocktail Function

                    Held:       Tuesday 6 May 2008

                    Time:       General Meeting:                    5.45pm-6.30pm
                                Cocktail Function:                  6.30pm-10.00pm                                            Sam Martel
                                                                                                                     B. AgEc (Honours First Class)
                    Venue: SCR

 General Meeting: Examination of the SCR Constitution currently in draft form.
                   (If you require a copy prior to the meeting please contact Pip on pkneen3@une.edu.au)
                   St. Albert’s College 40th celebrations in 2009
                   Distribution of available funds.                                                                        Chaddy Mardini
                                                                                                                          BA/LLB (Honours)
 Cocktail Function: Immediately following the General Meeting—there will be cocktails, beer and
                   wine on sale and complimentary platters. In Paul’s words, please come along,
                   catch up with friends and support the SCR. .

                                                                                                                            Bec Richardson
                                                                                                                           B. Communication
 Parents Weekend Ball

                     Held:      Saturday 17 May 2008
                     Time:      6.30pm for 7.30pm
                     Venue: Marquee, lawns of St. Albert’s College
                     Dress:     Black Tie
                     Cost:      $60pp
                                                                                                                            Ian Horsburgh
                                                                                                                     B. AgEc (Honours, First Class)
 Please email Pip on pkneen3@une.edu.au. We warmly encourage all SCR members to attend. As
 with previous years, we cannot guarantee seating due to the interest generated by parents but
 would love to include you as seating becomes available.

                                                                                                                               Nick Flood
 Coming up in Term III                                                                                                        B. Education
 Albies Week—SCR evening                  Wednesday 6 August 2008
 Founders Dinner                          Thursday 14 August 2008 (TBC)
 Cultural Dinner                          Thursday 27 August 2008 (TBC)
 Open Day                                 Friday 5 September 2008

                                                                                                                     Brooke Smoothy, Shanna Baker
                                                                                                                          & Rachael Watkins
                                                                                                                             B. Education
St. Albert’s College                                                                                              Page 8
     University of          College Matters
    New England
  Armidale NSW 2351         Marketing—School Visits
                            This year will see the beginning of the College’s Marketing program in action. Kathie is
Phone: 02 6773 6004         currently liaising with UNE Marketing & Public Affairs, School Liaison Officer Unit and
                            with private schools not currently targeted by UNE to get us out on the road once again.
Fax:      02 6773 6399
                            Work has been done to identify those schools that we need to reconnect with and continue
          E-mail:           to build close relationships and those that are looking to be new feeder schools for the
  stalberts@une.edu.au      College.
                            Office Space
                            With the expansion of our office staff to now include a College Assistant and the Marketing
                            & Alumni Officer we now have an issue with office space.
                            An architect will be engaged to develop an options paper on rearranging/expanding the
                            administration area. This will look at the reception area, creating a new office and
                            expanding the space of the Bursar, Master and Secretarial offices.
                            Internet Connections for Students
                            We have experience great problems getting our students connected this year due to a
                            combination of obtaining IP addresses especially if the students are running Vista on their
                            The information sheet provided to the office and the students from UNE IT is poorly
                            constructed and leads to confusion for many.
                            This has resulted in increased workload for the secretarial office as many computers have
                            had to be registered multiple times.
                            The College is continuing to work towards an easier solution to this problem so that it does
                            not arise in 2009 and communication has already been made with UNE IT to assist in
                            streamlining and making this process more transparent for both students and office.

Celebrating Our Graduates—2007
Earlier this month, 91 current and past Albies students graduated from UNE. They were treated to beautiful Autumn
weather and from what we’ve heard, a very social weekend.

Our students traditionally maintain a high level of academic excellence and this was highlighted by Brendan Williamson
receiving the University Medal for his studies in a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics with First Class Honours.
Brendan returned from Western Australia to receive his award.

Other Albies students to receive First Class Honours were: Sam Clark (Bachelor of Rural Science), Ian Horsburgh
(Bachelor of Agricultural Economics) and Grant Parnell (Bachelor of Science).

Three of our Alumni graduated with Masters Degrees: Matthew Brown (2001), Amanda Macalpine (2003 – 2005) and
Sharon Pettiford (1993).
                                 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR GRADUATES!

                                             Brendan Williamson (Blue Rock, WA)
                         Receiving his university medal from Dr James Harris, Deputy Chancellor UNE.

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