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									                          2008 Data – Southern Christian College
As part of our reporting obligations to the Federal Government, Southern Christian College is required to
collate and present the following data to parents. This information is for the 2008 calendar year but where
appropriate, comparative data has been provided. This information will also be available on the College
website and will be published each year. If you have any queries about the data please direct your questions
to Mr. Ambrose.

Staff Attendance in 2008
a. Average sick days per staff member in 2008 were 4.5 days each
b. Average attendance for the year was 98%

Staff Retention
77% of teaching staff were retained from 2008 to 2009

Teacher Qualifications of 2008 teaching staff (13 teaching staff)
Bachelor Degrees: 15*
Graduate Diplomas: 1
Diplomas: 8
NB: some staff have more than 1 qualification

Expenditure and teacher participation in professional learning
Annual expenditure in this area was $11,649.14 excl GST. This was for the period 1/1/08 to 31/12/08.
Some or all teachers from the School participated in the following professional learning activities.
The selected programmes are a sample of our year’s Professional Development programme:
•	   C.S.A. School Leaders’ Conference - Melbourne
•	   C.S.A. Emergent Leader Programme - Melbourne
•	   ICT Training – SCC (weekly)
•	   Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Tasmania, State Conference – Hobart
•	   Red Cross Workplace Level 2 First Aid – S.C.C.
•	   Thinking Skills in the Curriculum
•	   Mathletics staff development – S.C.C.
•	   A.I.S.T. NAPLAN review meeting – Launceston
•	   Values Conference – Hobart
•	   Vocational Education & Training in Schools – Campbell Town
•	   Pre-Driver Training Professional Development - Hobart
                                             Southern Christian College 2008 Compliance Data            1
Student attendance in 2008
Average student attendance for 2008 was 152 days from a total of 172 school days or 88%

Proportion of years 3,5, 7 & 9 students at or above the National Minimum
Standard (NMS) for each of the areas assessed:
              Reading            Writing           Spelling            Grammar                 Numeracy
                                                                       & Punctuation
 Grade 3            90%              100%               100%                  100%                   100%
 Grade 5            80%              100%               100%                   80%                   80%
 Grade 7            75%              100%               100%                  100%                   88%
 Grade 9            90%               73%               73%                    73%                   73%
               (1 exempt shown   (1 exempt shown   (1 exempt shown        (1 exempt shown      (1 exempt shown
                as not at NMS)    as not at NMS)    as not at NMS)         as not at NMS)       as not at NMS)

Changes in benchmark results from the previous year (2007):
Note: Prior to 2008, grade 9 students did not sit the national tests
                    Reading                  Writing                                          Numeracy
 Grade 3            100%                     Steady (100%)                                    Steady (100%)
 Grade 5            100%                     Steady (100%)                                    100%
 Grade 7            100%                     Steady (100%)                                    Up from 50%

Value added
In 2008, Southern Christian College sought to add value to the education of our students in a number of
ways, a selection of which are presented below:
•	 The one-to-one laptop programme for students in years 5-10
•	 The development of teaching practices to effectively utilise the laptops
Music, Drama & Performing Arts
•	 School production – Annie Jr.
•	 Ongoing development of a performing arts programme that includes
   choral and instrumental music, drama and the arts.
•	 Primary school choir
•	 Music programme from prep to year 10
Health & Physical Education
•	 Participation in interschool and interhouse sports events: e.g. Huon and Channel events,
   interhouse cross-country, athletics, swimming, cricket, netball and indoor hockey.
•	 Jump Rope for Heart

                                            Southern Christian College 2008 Compliance Data                 2
•	   Epilepsy Awareness
•	   Autism Awareness
•	   Participation in the Primary Dance Event
•	   Outdoor Education including a secondary ski trip to Ben Lomond
     and a secondary camp to Bruny Island. School basketball and soccer teams
Leadership & Associated Extra-Curricular
Southern Christian College is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Registered Operating Group (ROG) offering this
challenging and rewarding programme to students aged 14 and above.
•	 Teacher and Student participation in regional leadership events:
   Victorian Youth Prayer Breakfast (Melbourne)
•	 ANZAC Day Wreath Laying
•	 World Vision Leadership Convention – Hobart
Careers & Futures Planning
•	   Grade 9/10 Work Studies programme
•	   Grade 10 Work Experience week.
•	   Careers & Employment Expo. for grade 9 and 10 students
•	   Participation in the ‘Try-a-Trade’ for students in grades 9
•	   Maritime Careers’ Training Days
General Curricular & Support
•	   Languages programme from prep to year 10 (Indonesian)
•	   Indonesian Culture Visit – Hobart City Council Chambers
•	   After school maths extension programme
•	   Premier’s Reading Challenge
•	   NAPLAN national assessments
•	   Provision of Learning Support resources
•	   Chaplaincy support for students, families and staff
Post-school destinations of year 10 leavers in 2008:
a. Full-time Education: 91%
b. Full-time Employment: 0%
c. Other/unknown: 9%

                                              Southern Christian College 2008 Compliance Data         3
2008 Satisfaction
A survey of parents, students and staff revealed the following information in response to 8 statements. The
figures below represent an average with potential responses ranging from 1-10.
More detailed responses (comments, standard deviation and comparative responses from
previous years) formed the basis of a review by staff and the principal.

 Statements                                                          2007                2008
 Statement 1:
                                                                     7.99                7.68
 SCC is good at developing students spiritually
 Statement 2:
                                                                     7.57                7.82
 SCC is good at developing students academically
 Statement 3:
                                                                     7.83                7.59
 SCC is good at developing students physically
 Statement 4:
                                                                     8.69                8.22
 SCC provides a safe and caring place to learn
 Statement 5:
                                                                     8.18                7.87
 SCC responds well to the needs of individual students
 Statement 6:                                                        8.47                7.85
 SCC provides opportunities for students to lead and serve
 Statement 7:                                                        8.07                7.68
 SCC responds well to concerns from parents
 Statement 8:                                                        8.00                7.94
 SCC treats all students in a just manner

                                            Southern Christian College 2008 Compliance Data               4

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