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					                                                         Kangen Water Benefits

                                          Following are the four key benefits Kangen Water brings to us.

                                                                 1) Alkalize your body

When you eat, drink, or breathe, you are actually making our body toxic and acidic. If you want to make the environment of inner body more alkaline,

 you should first address these three forms of intakes. Actually, the real problem is that unless we are eating just organic fruits and vegetables mostly,

most of our food is extremely acidic. In the present time, the air we intake is highly polluted, which again results in polluting our environment. Finally,

the liquids we intake are the most acidic substances a human can take. These drinks include tap and bottled water, along with teas, coffees, and sodas. If

 we unite these acid diet, polluted air, and acidic water with anxiety and stress, you can imagine how stabilizing an alkaline body feels overwhelming.

  This fact has great importance that diseases and illnesses are unable to survive in an alkaline environment, but they flourish in an acid environment.

         The answer to the dilemma is “Drink Kangen Water”! This water alone is highly able to improve the ability to alkalize human body.

                                                     2) Micro Clusters equals Better Absorption

Most of the water we intake has clusters that are made with at least 12 water molecules. However, Kangen Water has smaller water clusters, comprising

only 5 or 6 molecules. It simply means that the human body will become able to absorb the water more efficiently. It also means that body will absorb

 water effectively even if you can drink less water. On the top of it this deep and quick absorption assists in absorbing other supplements and vitamins.

                                                    3) Kangen Water is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant

                     Anti-oxidants assist the body get rid of Free Radicals, which become the cause to several diseases and aging.

                   Have a look at this comparison of Anti-Oxidant potency. The lower the number, the MORE Anti-Oxidant Ability:

                                          ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Comparison of Anti-Oxidants

                                                             LIQUIDS pH ORP (milivolts)

                                                              Tap Water 6.5 +250 to +600

                                                             Bottled Water 4.5 +60 to +490
                                                              Pycnogenol (50 mg.) 4.20 +145

                                                              Green Tea (Tea Bag) 6.00 +86

                                                                 CoQ10 (30mg.) 6.20 +49

                                                               Vitamin C (500 mg.) 4.50 +47

                                                                   Wheat Grass 6.20 +36

                                                          Phycotene Microcluster (RBC) 9.00 -56

                                                                 Coral Calcium 10.30 -112

                                                               Natural Carrot Juice 6.56 -120

                                                             Kangen Water 9.50 -275 to -500

Food is a good source of providing Anti-Oxidants, but the effectiveness of these anti-oxidants mainly depends on the quality of digestion. Water is the

                                                most bio-available substance as compared to other things.

                                                             4) Kangen water emulsifies fat.

It is very common fact that oil and water do not mix together. You can see it yourself by pour water and oil together in a glass and you will see that the

 oil will separate from the water. But, when you mix Kangen water with oil, it emulsifies the oil I think, at this moment, it is clear that oil is similar to

               cholesterol in your bodies. Doesn’t it appeal to you if each glass of water is trimming down the cholesterol of your body?

                                       All of us should drink water, drink the water at its best! Kangen Water

                                          Powerful Anti-Oxidant

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