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The AFM gave a voice to an angry_ Musicians of the Richardson


									Vol. 13, No.1                   The Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association •                     Jan., Feb., March 2004

Citizens Broadcast Frustration to FCC
        he AFM gave a voice to an angry,             Chairman Michael Powell said the

T        frustrated public on Wednesday,
         January 28, 2004 in a packed
San Antonio City Council chamber at one
                                                 purpose of the hearings was to judge how
                                                 well local radio and TV broadcasters are
                                                 serving the public’s interests, and to
                                                                                                  Many said that deregulation of media
                                                                                                  ownership has led to more corporate
                                                                                                  control of the airwaves.
                                                                                                     The January 28 hearing date coincided
of six Federal Communications                    decide whether a station should have its         with the AFL-CIO’s Cornell University
Commission hearings on broadcast                 license renewed.                                 study on Clear Channel Communications,
localism being held around the nation.               An intense, standing-room only crowd         one of the nation’s top ten international
   Local 72-147 President and AFM                often expressed its anger toward the FCC,        media conglomerates, based in San
Executive Officer Ray Hair was one of            telling commissioners that broadcasters          Antonio. The study was commissioned on
twelve panelists invited to testify by the       aren’t always serving the community, and         b e h a l f o f A F L- C I O m e d i a a n d
FCC’s Localism Task Force.                       that the airwaves belong to the people.          entertainment Unions, which includes the
                                                                                                  AFM. In 1996, Clear Channel owned just
                                                                                                  43 radio stations. Today the company is
RSO Musicians Withstand Attack,                                                                                                   (See FCC on page Three)

But Future is Uncertain                                                                                   2004 DUES REMINDER
            usicians of the Richardson Symphony Orchestra have survived a massive

M            attack that began on January 12 when the RSO players’ committee and
             Local 72-147 attorney Bill Baab attended a hastily called emergency
meeting and received an RSO Executive Committee request for $60,000 in givebacks
                                                                                                          SEMI-ANNUAL DUES
                                                                                                     $53.00 if paid in July
                                                                                                     $58.00 if paid in August
                                                                                                     $63.00 if paid in September
“to assure the completion of the 2003-2004 season.”                                                  Help your Union achieve its legislative goals by including a
   During the meeting, called with just three days notice, RSO management declared                   $5 TEMPO contribution when paying your dues. TEMPO
                                                                                                     assists deserving political candidates running for the U.S.
they could not sign and return the collective bargaining agreement reached on October                Senate and House of Representatives who are sympathic
                                                                                                     to the needs of musicians and the AFM.
22 and ratified by the orchestra on November 7, 2003.                                                     DUES ARE PAYABLE TO AFM LOCAL 72-147.
   “How can we sign it?” said RSO Board member John McCracken. “We can’t live                                 PAYMENTS MAY BE MAILED TO:
                                                                                                             1939 Stadium Oaks Court, Ste. 110
up to it,” he told Union Secretary-Treasurer Ken Krause at the meeting. McCracken                                  Arlington, Texas 76011
went on to suggest the musicians help the RSO raise money by selling tickets.
                                                                        (See RSO on page Three)

THE MARS HILL BAND will perform on Saturday, April 17 at 3:30 PM on the Convention Center Stage for the 19th edition of the Fort Worth Main Street
Arts Festival. Shown left to right are Dave Barnett, Wayne DeLano, Linda Stoll, and Sean McCurley.
2                                                             The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                                          Jan., Feb., March 2004

              THE PRESIDENT’S MES
       Testimony Broadcast Localism…
My FCC Testimony on Br
    Reprinted below in its entirety is the testimony I presented to     genre in all types of venues, large and small. As the
    the Federal Communications Commission at its field hearing          President of Local 72-147, I work hard to improve
    held in San Antonio on January 28. I want to thank AFM              opportunities for live performing musicians in my service
    President Tom Lee for allowing me to speak for the AFM on           area, which includes 100 counties in Texas and eight
    these matters. The FCC has failed or refused to post my testimony   counties in Oklahoma. The union is directly involved in
    at its website,, but has included the testimony of its  arranging free concerts that reach over 500,000 local
    industry witnesses.                                                 attendees a year. These concerts are funded by the Music
                                                                        Performance Trust Funds, which was created by the
             y name is Ray Hair. I want to thank the members            recording industry and the AFM in collective bargaining. The

M            of the Commission and the Localism Task Force
             for the opportunity to discuss how big radio as it
exists today hurts the interests of local
                                                                        MPTF performances provide paying work for talented local
                                                                        musicians and expose audiences to all types of live music at
                                                                                                                                    arts and music
communities in enjoying and fostering                                                                                               festivals and in their
the growth of local musical talent and                                                                                              local communities.
entertainment. I care deeply about                                                                                                  Local 72-147 also has
local music and I care deeply about                                                                                                 an impressive track
live music. I believe that the                                                                                                      record of booking
Commission and the Task Force                                                                                                       local and regional
should care, too, because only when                                                                                                 musicians as
a full range of young and old artists                                                                                               headliner acts in all
and musicians playing many genres                                                                                                   sorts of concert
and styles of music have a shot at                                                                                                  venues and music
reaching audiences – both live and on                                                                                               and arts events in our
the air – will our local cultures and                                                                                               area. We work hard to
local entertainment industries thrive.                                                                                              enhance the
The health of local entertainment                                                                                                   opportunities of
matters for the whole country,                                                                                                      talented musicians
because our local music scenes are                                                                                                  with small local
what provide the rich mix from which                                                                                                followings to reach
new music, new stars and new                                                                                                        larger audiences, as
additions to American musical culture                                                                                               well as to ensure that
are grown.                                                                                                                          great musicians like
   I have been a professional                                                                                                       Ray Benson and
musician for forty years, a union                                                              Copyright San Antonio Express-News.
                                                                                                                                    Asleep at the Wheel
leader for twenty years, a university       LOCAL 72-147 PRESIDENT RAY HAIR smiles as the crowd cheers his can keep connecting
instructor in percussion for ten years      criticism of media conglomerates. Clear Channel Vice President Tom Glade to audiences and
and a Texas resident for 29 years.          looks on.                                                                               bringing their musical
One way or another, music has been                                                                                                  vision into the lives of
a core focus of my entire adult life. I played my first                 more and more people.
professional gig in 1964 and since then I have performed all                In short, Local 72-147 works for more and better
over the United States. I currently am an International                 employment for musicians – both unknown and well-known –
Executive Officer of the American Federation of Musicians of            in our community. It’s obvious that the musicians’ union
the United States and Canada. In that role I help to advance            would care about jobs for musicians. But perhaps it isn’t so
the interests of the AFM’s 100,000 professional musician                                                                      (See TESTIMONY on page Four)
members through the union’s collective bargaining with the
recording, motion picture, television, radio, advertising and
traveling theater industries, assistance to our Locals that
represent musicians in major and regional symphony, opera                 THE DALLAS/FORT WORTH MUSICIAN is published quarterly by the Dallas/Fort
                                                                          Worth Professional Musicians Association, Local 72-147 American Federation of
and ballet orchestras, and through education and lobbying in              Musicians, located at 1939 Stadium Oaks Court, Arlington, Texas 76011. For newsletter
Washington and throughout the nation.                                     inquiries and submissions, please call 817-469-6040. Fax 817-469-1448. All rights
                                                                          reserved. Reproduction use of contents without written permission from the publisher
   I also am the President of the Dallas-Fort Worth                       is prohibited.
Professional Musicians Association, which is the AFM’s                    RAY HAIR, President and Publisher JAMES SIMS, Assistant to the President
affiliated Local 72-147. Local 72-147 has 1,800 musician                  KEN KRAUSE, Secretary/Treasurer CHRISTY PRICE, Receptionist
                                                                          MIKE KENNEDY, Casual/Club Date Organizer       
members who record music and play live music of every
Jan., Feb., March 2004                                            The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                                                     3

                    NOTES FROM KEN . . .
Membership Directory to go Online
        ome of you have been asking          degree obsolete by the time it is printed.                   place for most everyone within our

S       when the next Membership             And invariably, no matter how hard we
        Directory is due to be printed and try, there are mistakes in a printed
mailed out to the membership. The            directory that are there to stay for the
                                                                                                          society to be carrying some sort of
                                                                                                          handheld device that allows for access
                                                                                                          to, and downloading from, the Internet.
                                                                                                          Some are already utilizing this
answer to when it is due: now.                                      next two years, or
The answer to when it will                                          until we can print a                  technology, thus making it possible for
happen: possibly never                                              correction in an                      them to view, or download, the contents
again. Now, please finish                                           upcoming                              of our entire directory (once online) on
reading this column before you                                      newsletter. Neither                   their handheld device, not to mention
reach for the telephone in                                          one of those                          lap top or desk top computers.
order to place a call to the                                        corrective options is                    We realize that not everyone is yet
Union office and start giving us                                    ideal.                                equipped to make use of an online
a piece of your mind. Because,                                          An online                         directory. Therefore, it is within our plans
our reason for not issuing                                          directory would not                   to make available a printed version of
another directory, as we have                                       only allow for the                    some kind to those who require one.
in the past (every two years), is                                    immediate                               We are excited about this possibility
that we think we have a better                                       correction of                        and will notify the entire membership
idea.                                                                mistakes, but it                     once an online directory is up and
    We are seriously looking                                         would allow the                      operational. So, stay tuned.
into the possibility of going                                        membership to
online with the Membership                 KEN KRAUSE                have accurate, up-
Directory. The initial start up                                      to-date information
costs wouldn’t be nearly as great as what regarding addresses and phone
                                                                                                          RSO – from Page One)
it costs the Local to print a directory. The numbers. In fact, it is within our plans to                      “You don’t think that all you have to do
costs associated with maintaining an         have a pass code protected entry                             is show up and play, do you?” McCracken
online directory would be even less. Our system that would even allow for                                 told the players’ committee on January 12.
goal is to have it in place by the summer. members to make their own changes,                                 Management’s bizarre actions that
We are confident enough at this point to     with regard to address, phone numbers,                       evening toward the orchestra prompted
have designed this year’s (2004) budget and instrument listings. A pass code                              an ultimatum from Union President Ray
with an online directory in mind.            protected directory also prevents                            Hair to RSO Executive Director Wade
    Not only would this result in a          anyone who is not a member of the                            Kelley, which resulted in the RSO’s signing
tremendous cost savings for the Local,       Local from gaining access to directory                       of its CBA and the scheduling of two
but it would also enable us to keep our      information.                                                 sessions hosted by federal mediator Dave
directory more current. With each printed       It is quite easy to imagine that the                      Renfro where the Union carefully
directory we prepare, it is to some          day is coming when it will be common                         considered the RSO’s request for
                                                                                                              A Union offer of concessions made
FCC – from Page One)                                         During the FCC hearing, Clear                during federal mediation on January 22
  (Continued                                              Channel’s supporters in the crowd were          worth approximately $60,000 covering the
the largest radio owner in the country with               outnumbered by critics who berated the          current season contingent upon snap-
1,239 radio stations.                                     company for what they said was                  back and wage progression the following
   Fo r l o c a l r e c o r d i n g a r t i s t s a n d   homogenized music and information over          season was rejected by management.
musicians, Clear Channel control creates                  the airwaves. In open microphone                    A grievance concerning the RSO’s
insurmountable obstacles. Because of its                  comments, citizens repeatedly said that         failure to pay certain principal players
dominance in concert venue ownership,                     the company has become too powerful             according to their seasonal individual
concert promotion and ticket sales, the                   and doesn’t promote local news, music           contracts is still pending.
company serves as “gate-keeper and                        and views.                                          The current collective bargaining
controls the gates that artists have to pass              Ray Benson of Austin Local 433, who             agreement guarantees a 62 member core
through to have a career in their industry,”              founded the band Asleep at the Wheel,           orchestra 30 services each season. Wage
said Ray Hair. “Control of concert tours                  said at the hearing that today’s radio is       minimums per-service are $90 section,
and radio playlists prevents local artists                the same in San Antonio as it is in             $108 principal, plus a 4% AFM–EP Fund
who may have a local following from                       Cleveland, eliminating true diversity. “A lot   contribution.
getting the opportunity to be heard on the                of great music is not being heard,” Benson          The agreement expires on August 31,
airwaves,” he said.                                       said.                                           2004.
4                                                      The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                                 Jan., Feb., March 2004

TESTIMONYfrom Page Two)
                 –                                                        Killing the Music
obvious that we don’t just care about it out of narrow self-                                By DON HENLEY
interest. Sure, we want to work and be able to support our
families. But we also want our children and our music                  PUBLISHERS NOTE: Local 72-147 member Don Henley is a
students to grow into a thriving local music scene that will           founding member, drummer and vocalist with The Eagles, and
inspire them and offer them a chance to hear and to make               is a world renowned hit singer/songwriter/recording artist in
music. We want a music scene where new ideas, new styles               his own right. This article first appeared in the Washington Post.
and new creativity have a chance to reach audiences, and
where diverse music is fostered and not squashed. That’s not               hen I started in the music business, music was important
just good for the local community. It enhances the whole
American cultural experience.
                                                                       W    and vital to our culture. Artists connected with their fans.
                                                                                             Record labels signed cutting-edge artists,
   Unfortunately, the way big radio                                                          and FM radio offered an incredible variety
operates in the contemporary music          Less than a week later, her agent called of music. Music touched fans in a unique
environment does not help the growth        to cancel. Clear Channel had insisted            and personal way. Our culture was
of lively and diverse local music scenes. that she not come to Forth Worth in                enriched and the music business was
Instead, it gets in the way. One way this   April because it wanted her to appear at healthy and strong. That’s all changed.
happens is when radio owners also           an event promoted by Clear Channel in                Today the music business is in crisis.
own live entertainment businesses like      Addison in May. The agent made clear             Sales have decreased between 20 and
concert venues and promoters, and           to me that the artist had no alternative         30 percent over the past three years.
then leverage their position to control     but to do as Clear Channel asked –               Record labels are suing children for using
local events or artists’ choices. I will    even though she would earn more                  unauthorized peer-to-peer (P2P) file-
give you an example from my                 money in Forth Worth – because she               sharing systems. Only a few artists ever
experience in Dallas. For a number of       was dependent upon Clear Channel to              hear their music on the radio, yet radio
years, Local 72-147 served an               broadcast her recordings. That kind of           networks are battling Congress over
important role in booking musical           control isn’t good for music, artists or         ownership restrictions. Independent
performances for a three day festival       communities. In fact, it highlights a            music stores are closing at an
called “Taste of Dallas.” Through MPTF      huge problem – the fact that new and             unprecedented pace.
co-sponsorships, we were able to            local artists are becoming dependent                 And the artists seem to be at odds with
increase the number of music                on big radio owners not just for radio           just about everyone — even the fans.
performances that were given free to        airplay, but also for live engagement            Contrary to conventional wisdom, the root
the public during the daylight hours.       opportunities. Where a national                  problem is not the artists, the fans or even
And, in booking the evening headliner       corporation controls the local headliner         new Internet technology. The problem is
acts, we were able to place talented        venues and concert promoters as well             the music industry itself. It’s systemic. The
artists with local and regional fans into a as the radio playlists, local artists can        industry, which was once composed of
position of reaching greater audiences.     find themselves shut out from both               hundreds of big and small record labels,
That changed in 2001, when the local        ways of reaching an audience. I urge             is now controlled by just a handful of
Clear Channel stations made their radio the Commission and the Task Force to                 unregulated, multinational corporations
promotion of the festival contingent        read the Cornell University study                determined to continue their mad rush
upon the festival booking the evening       entitled “The Clear Picture on Clear             toward further consolidation and merger.
headliner acts exclusively through          Channel”, which was released by the              Sony and BMG announced their
another Clear Channel business, Clear       AFL-CIO today, and which I am                    agreement to merge in November, and
Channel Entertainment. The festival told submitting to the Commission tonight                EMI and Time Warner may not be far
me it had no alternative but to accede      and ask that its submission be made a            behind. The industry may soon be
to Clear Channel’s demand. The result       part of the record of these proceedings. dominated by only three multinational
was that local musicians lost their role    Leveraging of business ownership is              corporations.
in helping to create that local three-day   not the only problem affecting local                 The executives who run these
music event. And what is more, local        communities. My experience is that               corporations believe that music is solely
and regional musicians lost a lot of        radio today is more likely to play a             a commodity. Unlike their predecessors,
gigs, as Clear Channel brought in the       homogeneous list of nationally-aired             they fail to recognize that music is as
non-local acts they wanted to promote.      tunes, and much less likely to give              much a vital art form and social barometer
And perhaps what is worst of all, the       airplay to local music. I’ll give you a          as it is a way to make a profit. At one time
community lost a chance to hear a           terribly sad example. Back in 1985, the          artists actually developed meaningful,
more diverse range of music from their      union began helping with the Denton              even if strained, relationships with their
own talented base.                          Jazz Fest, a local music event. By 1987, record labels. This was possible because
   When a radio owner also owns live        attendance at the event was around               labels were relatively small and
entertainment businesses, it also can       2,000, and a local radio program                 accessible, and they had an incentive to
exert a lot of control over the artist’s    director at KKDA-FM was sufficiently             join with the artists in marketing their
options and choices. For example, I         intrigued to come in and do a live 8-            music. Today such a relationship is
once booked a well-known artist for the     hour broadcast of the festival on                practically impossible for most artists.
Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival.                       (See TESTIMONY on page Five)                          (See KILLING on page Five)
Jan., Feb., March 2004                                The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                                                     5

KILLING – Four)                                                                              department stores that traditionally have
                                                                                             no connection whatsoever with artists.
   (Continued from Page
                                                                                                 Piracy is perhaps the most emotionally
Labels no longer take risks by signing
                                                                                             gut-wrenching problem facing artists.
unique and important new artists, nor do
                                                                                             Artists like the idea of a new and better
they become partners with artists in the
                                                                                             business model for the industry, but they
creation and promotion of the music. After
                                                                                             cannot accept a business model that uses
                                                                                             their music without authority or

TESTIMONY –                                                                                  compensation. Suing kids is not what
                                                                                             artists want, but many of them feel
  (Continued from Page Four)
                                                                                             betrayed by fans who claim to love artists
Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.. KKDA-FM                                                          but still want their music free.
continued to air live, full-day broadcasts                                                       The music industry must also take a
of the Denton Jazz Festival for some six                                                     large amount of blame for this piracy. Not
years, until 1992 or so. During that time,                                                   only did the industry not address the issue
festival attendance grew to 10,000, and                                                      sooner, it provided the P2P users with a
hundreds of wonderfully talented local
                                                                                             convenient scapegoat. Many kids
artists were able to perform and reach
                                                                                             rationalize their P2P habit by pointing out
thousands of people in person and on
the air. It was a great thing for local                                                      that only record labels are hurt - that the
                                                             DON HENLEY                      labels don’t pay the artists anyway. This
music. I don’t know of anything like it in
Texas anymore. There just isn’t that                                                         is clearly wrong, because artists are at
kind of local programming commitment.          the music is created, the artist’s            the bottom of the food chain. They are
Our Tejano musicians in Texas have             connection with it is minimized and in        the ones hit hardest when sales take a
also experienced the way in which an           some instances is nonexistent. In their       nosedive and when the labels cut back
important local genre of music can be          world, music is generic. A major record       on promotion, on signing new artists and
marginalized by the preponderance of           label president confirmed this recently       on keeping artists with potential. Artists
homogenous nationalized playlists over         when he referred to artists as “content       are clearly affected, yet because many
locally important music. Tejano music          providers.” Would a major label sign          perceive the music business as being
exploded in the early 1990’s, and              Johnny Cash today? I doubt it.                dominated by rich multinational
audiences for the Tejano music awards             Radio stations used to be local and        corporations, the pain felt by the artist has
numbered 32,000. But the radio
                                               diverse. Deejays programmed their own         no public face.
stations do not foster or encourage
                                               shows and developed close relationships           Artists are finally realizing their
Tejano music with much airplay. At
most, they will give time to a more            with artists. Today radio stations are        predicament is no different from that of
homogenized “Mexican regional”                 centrally programmed by their corporate       any other group with common economic
format that focuses on Latino urban hip        owners, and airplay is essentially bought     and political interests. They can no longer
hop and Norteno selections. The                rather than earned. The floodgates have       just hope for change; they must fight for
interesting – and sad – thing is that as a     opened for corporations to buy an almost      it. Washington is where artists must go to
result, our young musicians coming up          unlimited number of radio stations, as well   plead their case and find answers. So
are less inclined to see Tejano music as       as concert venues and agencies. The           whether they are fighting against media
worth their involvement. They want to          delicate balance between artists and          and radio consolidation, fighting for fair
play what is being promoted on the             radio networks has been dramatically          recording contracts and corporate
radio, so they focus on hip hop or             altered; networks can now, and often do,      responsibility, or demanding that labels
Norteno. The momentum is draining out
                                               exert unprecedented pressure on artists.      treat artists as partners and not as
of Tejano music, and its live audiences
                                                  Whatever connection the artists had        employees, the core message is the
are much smaller now. It is a frightening
lesson. Unless radio includes a lively         with their music on the airwaves is almost    same: The artist must be allowed to join
local programming presence, we as a            totally gone. Music stores used to be         with the labels and must be treated in a
culture can lose entire genres of music        magical places offering wide variety.         fair and respectful manner. If the labels
that don’t fit in to the national vanilla of   Today the three largest music retailers are   are not willing to voluntarily implement
the dominant music culture.                    Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target. In those       these changes, then the artists have no
   Radio stations can foster, or strangle,     stores shelf space is limited, making it      choice but to seek legislative and judicial
a strong and diverse musical culture. On       harder for new artists to emerge. Even        solutions. Simply put, artists must regain
behalf of professional musicians, I urge       established artists are troubled by stores    control, as much as possible, over their
the Task Force to recognize the                using music as a loss leader. Smaller,        music.
importance of local radio programming          more personalized record stores are
and strong local music communities so
                                               closing all over the country - some
that new artists and styles of music have
                                               because of rampant P2P piracy but many
a chance to grow and enrich us all.
                                               others because of competition from
6                                                         The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                            Jan., Feb., March 2004

Local 802 Pulls Plug on
Virtual Orchestra Machine
             n February 9, 2004, New York          foresight of the musicians that stood up    by Sinfonia, either on the present show

O            City Local 802 announced an
             historic joint agreement with
the Opera Company of Brooklyn banning
                                                   to OCB’s use of the virtual orchestra
                                                   machine,” said Local 802 AFM President
                                                   David Lennon.
                                                      The agreement also gives union
                                                                                               or on a subsequent show, as they had
                                                                                               been after the 2000 season.”
                                                                                                  “We are pleased that the NLRB
                                                                                               dismissed this frivolous and unwarranted
the use of the virtual orchestra
m a c h i n e i n a l l f u t u r e productions.   recognition to OCB musicians and            charge and agreed with us that the
    On February 6th, Local 802 protested           requires the employer to negotiate for a    machine does indeed pose a threat to live
the company’s opening performance of               collective bargaining agreement by          music. The only purpose of any virtual
Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro that                     March 1st.                                orchestra machine is to eliminate live
replaced musicians with a virtual                          In related activity, the National   music in order to reap profit. Realtime’s
orchestra machine called                                      Labor Relations Board (NLRB)     true objective is to make a buck by
RealTime Symphonia. This is                                        has dismissed a charge      destroying a cherished art form.
the same machine that is                                              by Realtime Music        Audiences expect a living, breathing
currently being used to                                                                        orchestra in live quality productions and
threaten the replacement of                                                                    should have those expectations met.
musicians in the Les Miserables                                                                Local 802 will continue to fight any
production in London’s West End.                                                               attempts to cheapen live productions in
    According to the terms of                                                                  New York City, the live music capital of
the agreement, the employer                                                                    the world,” said Local 802 President
agrees to use only live musicians                                                              David Lennon.
for all of its productions,
p e r f o r m a n c e s a n d rehearsals
and will not employ a virtual
orchestra, or any other mechanical                 Solutions that an agreement to ban the       CLASSIFIED
synthetic or technological means to                use of the virtual orchestra machine by
reproduce music, except upon the
express written consent of the union.
                                                   Local 802 of the American Federation of
                                                   Musicians and the Opera Company of
    “This is the first agreement that we           Brooklyn was unlawful.
know of that bans the use of the virtual             The NLRB investigation found that the               FOR SALE
orchestra machine. I want to thank the             agreement signed by both Local 802 and      WM. Haynes solid silver flute,
Opera Company of Brooklyn for their                OCB “…contained a lawful work               covered holes, C foot. $2500.
commitment to live music and their                 preservation objective concerning the       Flute, Model 3SS, open holes, B
cooperation in severing their partnership          OCB’s use of the Sinfonia orchestra
                                                                                               foot, $1800. Both flutes used
with RealTime Symphonia. Local 802’s               machine.” The ruling stated that “…the
main priority is to keep music live and will       Union has a legitimate concern that unit    professionally, retired now. Call
continue to aggressively fight the                 employees could be replaced once again      817-926-3216
displacement of live musicians with the
virtual orchestra machine. Local 802 has
great appreciation for the courage and                              NEW DIRECTIONS
                                                                           HELPS PERFORMERS
                                                                              DEAL WITH
     PLEASE NOTE                                                         PERFORMANCE ANXIETY
                                                      Do you deal with these symptoms?
    new email addresses:                                 · Nervousness/Difficult breathing (Ray Hair)                        · Problem sleeping at night (Ken Krause)                    · Pounding heart/Cold hands (Mike Kennedy)                 · Profuse sweating/Dizziness (James Sims)                   See how easy you can overcome this talent stealing
                                                      phenomena. (Rose Mathews)                                                 Call (214) 724-9213
                                                         · Believe in yourself (Christy Price)                                                     and set up a
                                                         · Invest in yourself (general information)                                        FREE Personal Consultation.
                                                         · Change your life
Jan., Feb., March 2004                                The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                                                         7

                                                 LIFE LINES
                                                 LIFE LINES
             MILESTONES                      bass. He was a life member of Local 72- Joe C. Vaughn, 52, of Natural causes
Marvin Stamm, former member of Local         147, having joined Fort Worth Local 72    February 28, 2004 in Jacksonville,
  72 and current member of Local 802,        in June, 1939.                            Florida. Joe was a trumpet player and
  will receive the Distinguished Alumnus                     •••                       had recently relocated from Azle, Texas
  Award from the University of North Soko Richardson, 64, of a heart attack            to Jacksonville, Florida. He joined Local
  Texas in Denton on Friday, April 16.       January 28, 2004 in Los Angeles. Born     72 in 1977.
  Marv is the first “horn player” and is the in New Iberia, Louisiana to a family of                    •••
  second jazz musician to ever receive       musicians, Soko left home at the age of Raymond W. Hurst, 84, of heart disease
  the award.                                 16 in the 1950’s to tour the South with   March 1, 2004 in Dallas. A native of
                 DEATHS                      local bands and eventually became one     Middlesboro, Kentucky, Ray served in the
David A. Ribble, 93, of cancer December          of R&B’s great drummers. While touring             Army during World War II and eventually
   26, 2003 in Lewisville. David was a steel     with Cookie and the Cupcakes, Ike                  settled in Dallas where he enjoyed a long
   guitarist and former owner of Ribble          Turner heard Soko and hired him on the             career in music. He was a staff musician
   Music in Irving. He was a life member,        spot as the drummer for his band, The              at WFAA Radio in the 1940’s and later at
   having joined Dallas Local 147 in             Kings of Rhythm. He stayed for 10 years,           WFAA-TV. He played guitar and vibes
   December 1959.                                and arranged Ike and Tina’s hit version            with many groups around town including
                    •••                          of “Proud Mary”. Soko’s career spawned             the house band at The Cipango Club,
Robert N. (Bobby) Burns, 80, of Natural          five decades and five continents, touring          and the Chalet. Ray later joined the staff
   causes December 28, 2003 in Amarillo.         with Albert Collins, John Mayall, Bobby            at PAMS, Inc., where he wrote, produced
   From trumpeter to record producer to          Womack and Pee Wee Crayton. He                     and performed over hundreds of jingles
   bandleader, Amarilloans knew Bobby            performed until the end, playing and               for two decades. He was a life member
   from his 17-piece orchestra that packed       recording with English guitar great, Terry         of Local 72-147, having joined Dallas
   the Nat Ballroom nightly in the 1950’s.       Reid.                                              Local 147 in July, 1945.
   He spent his entire life in the music                          •••                                                 •••
   business, performing and booking bands
   through the Bobby Burns Agency.
     Bobby lived much of his early life in
   Pampa. He become a professional
   musician at the age of 14, dropped out
   of school and hit the road where he sat
   in the trumpet section of many big bands,
                                                              CREDIT UNION LOAN SPECIAL
   including those of Bobby Sherwood,            Tax time is just around the corner.
   Herbie Kay and Dick Morton.                   Whether you need help to pay taxes or
     He eventually returned to Amarillo,         you want to pay off some of those                UNSECURED SIGNATURE LOAN
   graduated from High School and                “Holiday” credit card debts, our loan
                                                                                                  • Up to $5,000. (must qualify)
   attended the University of Texas at Austin.   special is hee just in time. This offer is for
   He served with the Army Air Corps during
                                                 both current and new credit union                • APR* – 10.0% (simple interest)
                                                 members who qualify.                               *Annual Percentage Rate
   World War II and toured with Frank
   Sinatra. He was a member of a Masonic                                                          • Term – 36 months
   Lodge and Kiva Shrine Temple in               Promotion starts April 1, 2004 and ends          • Current or New credit union
   Amarillo.                                     August 31, 2004. Call Rose Mathews at              member
                    •••                          the credit union for loan application and
Blythe W. Harrison, 87, of heart disease         new account info if not already a
   January 13, 2004 in Fort Worth. Blythe        member.
   was a retired farmer as well as an
   accomplished music teacher, arranger
   and band director. He was a charter
   member of the Fort Worth Symphony and                          MUSICIANS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION
   Opera orchestras, and taught in the Fort                                OPEN: TUES., WEDS., & THURS.
   Worth Independent School District. He                                         12:00 NOON TO 5:00 PM
   was proficient in both clarinet and double                              PHONE: 817-469-6040

  MEMBERSHIP MEETING                             If you don’t need that extra cash right now, don’t forget that your credit union
                                                    has competitive rates for that instrument you might be looking at. We also
        May 15, 2004                                     have money for that new (or used) vehicle. Just give us a call.
          1:30 pm
     Union Headquarters
8                                                    The Dallas/Fort Worth Musician                              Jan., Feb., March 2004

Cliburn Medalist Cancels, LPO Shuts Doors
         he Lawton Philharmonic Society voted to close its office       LPO musicians were locked out on August 27, 2003 and

T         on February 29, 2004 and terminate the position of its
          office manager.
   The decision came less than 30 days after Cliburn medalist
                                                                     their seasonal employment canceled after refusing to agree to
                                                                     a 9% pay cut. Management imposed its lockout after receiving
                                                                     a union offer to work for $1 more per service for the 2003-2004
Antonio Pompa-Baldi refused to perform a January 17 concert          season.
in Lawton because of the LPO’s placement on the AFM’s                   Local 72-147 threatened to picket and leaflet the January 17
International Unfair List.                                           Lawton recital appearance of Pompa-Baldi, who was originally
                                                                     booked to appear in concert with the Lawton Philharmonic.
                                                                        “It is not our policy to perform behind a Musicians’ Union
                                                                     picket line,” said Van Cliburn Foundation Executive Director
                                                                     Richard Rodzinski.
    NEGOTIATIONS ROUNDUP                                                “If the Union is powerful enough o intimidate non-union
         A capsule view of talks in progress                         soloists, and bitter enough to picket a non-union concert, Then
                                                                     I don’t see any future whatsoever for our organization,” Lawton
Garland/ Las Colinas/ Arlington Orchestras: A five-year              Philharmonic Society President Jeanne Webb told the Lawton
  agreement was reached on January 9 boosting pay to $65             Constitution.
  per service for section players, $75 per service for principals.
  Wages will increase by a minimum of 4% each successive                              PHYLLIS G. RICHMOND, M.A., MSTAT
  season. Pension contribution will increase to 3% of scale                                                       Certified Teacher
  effective September 1, 2004.
Dallas Symphony Orchestra: Talks opened for a successor
  agreement on April 2 with the Union seeking wage, pension,
  health benefit and work rule improvements. A one-year                  The Alexander Technique
  contract reached in 2003 froze wages at current minimums
  of $80,860 per season, and maintained current health
  benefits. The current contract expires August 31, 2004. The                                     Offices in Dallas, Denton, Arlington
  DSA’s endowment reached $95 million in 2003, Gene                                               E-mail:
  Bonelli’s first year as President. That year, Bonnelli received                                Fax 817-261-6293 Tel 817-275-1697
  more than $600,00 for his services, higher than any other
  manager of a major U.S. symphony orchestra.                          The Alexander Technique teaches you how to
                              •••                                      change habits of poor body use, reduce
Dallas Bach Society: The Union will soon meet and bargain              unnecessary tension and effort, and improve
  toward a successor agreement covering the services of the            posture, coordination, and breathing. Lessons
  DBS baroque orchestra. The current agreement was the first
  of its kind in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and expires August        are now available at Performing Artists Health
  31, 2004.                                                            Center in Arlington, next to the Union office!

                                                                                                                       Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                       Fort Worth, TX
 Dallas-Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association                                                                   Permit 2589
 Local 72-147 American Federation of Musicians
 1939 Stadium Oaks Court, Suite 110
 Arlington, Texas 76011


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