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Home Workout Upper Body and Core Exercise Target Muscle Proper by housework


									                                        Home Workout
                                     Upper Body and Core
     Exercise       Target Muscle                             Proper Technique
Push up           Bicep

Reverse Push up   Tricep

Sit up            Abs

Lower leg lift    Lower Abs

                                                       Keep your back flat against the ground. If it
                                    becomes to hard, try not to raise your legs as high as the picture.
Plank             Entire Core

                                                        Hold for at least 15 seconds.
                                              Lower Body
     Exercise       Target Muscle                                   Proper Technique
Swats             Glutos, hamstring
                  and quads

                                                                 Be sure your knees don’t go over your toes
Walking Lunges    Hamstrings and

                                                                 Walk the length of any room dipping each leg
Calf Raises       Calves

                                                           Drop the heel of your foot lower than the step and
                                           raise up onto your toes
Leg raises (x2)   Abductors, adductors              Outside
                  (inside and outside of
                  your legs)

Remember to do some Cardio before you work out to get your heart rate higher.
This can include: running (both around the block or on the spot), skipping, jumping jacks, etc.
Also, Make sure to do each repetition and set for EACH leg when the workout requires it (ie. Walking lunges,
calf raises and Leg raises).
Always, Rest for at least 45 seconds in between each set.
Rotate days when you do Upper Body and Core & Lower Body. Try to work out 3-4 times a week.
Finally, record what you are able to do. In the chart is a suggested amount of times that I ENCOURAGE you to
do all of. If the repetitions are too high, lower them, but always try to do 3 sets.
If it helps, try to make your own chart with dates and how many repetitions you were able to do, then see if
you can do more the next time! Goodluck!

                                                            Suggested                  Actual
                                                Reps                    Set   Reps          Sets

                         Push Up                            10            3                        3
   Upper Body and Core

                         Reverse Push up                    10            3                        3

                         Sit Up                             15            3                        3

                         Lower Leg Lift                     12            3                        3

                         Plank                         15-20 seconds      3                        3

                         Swats                              12            3                        3

                         Walking Lunges                     10            3                        3
   Lower Body

                         Calf Raises                        10            3                        3

                         Leg Raises (outside)               15            3                        3

                         Leg Raises (inside)                15            3                        3

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