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   Game Testing: Introduction

It is the process of software testing for video games.

It is a formal process, performed by professional game testers.

May involve general playtesting.

Methodologies are refined from time to time and differ for different
types of games.
       Game Testing: Features
Areas of testing includes:
        - Functionality.
        - Compliance.
        - Compatibility.
        - Localization.
        - Soaking.

Console hardware are tested by special kits like Test Kits and Dev

Follows a set of methodologies:
        - Identification.
        - Reporting.
        - Analysis.
        - Verification.
        - Regression Testing.
        - Standard Testing.
         Our Testing Strategies


Game play experience.

Load testing for multi-player games.

Compatibility and Compliance testing.

Localization testing.

Online and Network testing.

Console certification testing.
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